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Risa sat at the top of a hill in the middle of Hyrule field. She had long, brown hair and a pair of shining, ice blue eyes. She watched as the sun began to sink beneath the horizon, turning the sky into an array of colors. She smiled contently and looked at the letter she held in her lap. It was an old letter; she had received it about six weeks ago from her best friend, Link. The letter told her about his adventures in the desert.

He told her about the Gerudo tribe, a race of female thieves, and the Spirit Temple, hidden away in the shifting sands of a vast desert. She sighed when she finished reading the letter and looked up at the sky. 'He gets to have all the fun.' Risa thought as she removed the twin blades on her back so she could lean back comfortably on the tree behind her. Having your best friend be the Hero of Time was interesting. Risa loved to hear about his adventures in his quest to defeat Ganondorf, the King of Darkness. She had even been able to help him out in a few battles. Risa closed her eyes and smiled as she remembered her mini-adventures with Link.

Risa was so lost in thought, she didn't hear the approach of another person.


Risa's eyes snapped open and she put a hand on the hilt of one of her blades. She looked around for the source of the voice. At the bottom of the hill she spotted a young man in his late teens, maybe 19, a year older than her. He had blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He wore a green tunic and a matching hat. He smiled at her.

"Link?" Risa smiled. "What are you doing out here?" She gestured for him to sit next to her. He sat and smiled at her.

"I'm hunting a Big Poe for a friend. Says he needs it for some potion or some such." He shrugged. "What are you doing out here?"

Risa's face took on a far away look. She smiled and looked back at the sky. "Just thinking."

"Oh? Anything interesting?"

Risa laughed. "Probably not to you."

"Try me."

She sighed. "I was just thinking about your quest. All the places you get to see, the people you get to meet."

Link frowned slightly. "Not all of them are friendly. The Gerudo females threw me into a pit, ya know."

"But they accepted you in the end."


Risa sighed. "It's not fair. You get to have all the fun."

Link laughed. "You think so, huh?"

"Yes, I do. But it's not just that." Risa's gaze became distant again. "You actually get to do something."

Link looked at her. Risa sighed and fell back against the tree. "You're able to do something, able to make a difference. You have the Triforce of Courage. You can stand up to Ganondorf. I feel like I have the ability to fight, but at the same time, I feel helpless against Ganondorf's evil."

"Being destined to banish the darkness is not an easy burden to bear." Link said softly. "I want no such burden for you."

Risa smiled. "I suppose it is a hard destiny. Since it will never come to pass." Link shot her a surprised look. She laughed. "Don't get me wrong. I think you are fully capable of defeating Ganondorf. But as long as light exists, the darkness must exist as well. However, I believe that darkness does not have to be evil in nature, for even the smallest light can shine in the dark."

Link stared at her, taking in her words. "That's quite a bit of thinking."

Risa smiled. "I suppose." She glanced over at him. "Never thought of it that way, huh?"

Link shook his head. Risa smiled and a comfortable silence stretched between them as they watched the sky. Risa glanced over at Link, taking in his appearance. 'Still handsome, even after months of fighting.' She remembered her old crush on Link. She still had some feelings for him, but she saw him more as a brother now. She knew that he loved Princess Zelda, and she had accepted that and moved on. She wondered how often the hero got to see his love and sighed. 'It must be hard…to be separated from the one you love…'

Link heard her sigh and turned to see Risa looking at him. "What?"

"It's nothing." Risa paused. "Have you seen Zelda recently?"

"No." He responded tonelessly.

Risa raised an eyebrow. "You don't care?" Link shrugged and looked away. "What's wrong?" He didn't answer. Risa reached over and cupped his cheek, forcing him to look at her. "Link," she said seriously, "What's the matter?" Link stared at her for a moment before reaching up to grab her wrist. He quickly leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

Risa's eyes widened in shock. She didn't understand. Why was Link kissing her? When Link pulled back, both of them were panting slightly. "…Link? …What…" Before Risa could even finish, Link crashed his lips down onto hers again. Risa was pushed back onto the ground, Link on top of her. He gripped her wrists and pinned her to the ground, not once breaking their kiss. Risa was shocked, she didn't know how to react. She had loved Link in the past, but had accepted the fact that he loved Zelda. She had moved on. What was going on? She grew concerned. What would make Link do this? Risa then realized that her body had started reacting without the permission of her brain; she was kissing him back.

When the need for air became apparent, they broke apart and Link began trailing kisses down her neck. Risa gasped. "Link?" Link didn't answer but continued kissing her neck. "What…are you…" She gasped as Link kissed up her jaw line. He pulled back to look at her. "I love you…" he whispered before claiming her lips again. Risa's eyes widened. He what? Link had loved Zelda, and one doesn't fall out of love so easily, she would know. That's when it hit her; she understood what was going on. Risa freed herself from Link's grip and sat up slowly, still kissing him. When she was sitting up straight, she broke the kiss.

"What are you doing..." She whispered, trailing off. Link looked at her, a little confused at her behavior. Before he could respond, she pressed her lips to his. When she felt him kiss back she smirked and pulled away again, teasing him. "…Dark?" she finished.

Link frowned at her. After a moment, his appearance changed. The deep, blue color of his eyes melted into a glowing crimson. His blonde hair faded into a silvery white and his tunic darkened to pure black. His appearance brought back a memory of when she had helped Link in the Water Temple.

Link sheathed his sword as his dark half collapsed on the ground. Dark glared at him, his eyes full of hate.

The bars on the door slid back and the door opened. The small island with the tree faded as if it had never existed. Link turned to Risa. "Lets go." Risa nodded. Link turned and entered the new room.

When she was sure he was gone, Risa knelt by Dark and reached into her pocket. Dark glared at her, his eyes cold. "What do you want?" he said. Though she knew it was meant to sound threatening, it came out weak, as he was dying. Risa chose not to answer. Instead, she pulled a bottle out of her pocket and released the fairy trapped inside. The fairy fluttered its wings and glanced at Risa. She motioned toward Dark. The fairy flew toward him and began her work.

When she finished, she left, leaving behind a fully healed Dark. He sat up, still glaring at Risa. "Why?" He asked. "I'm just a shadow. The dark side of your precious hero. Why would you help me?"

Risa simply smiled and brushed a few locks of hair out of his face. He caught her hand, his gaze boring into her. She looked at him kindly. "You can leave now." He stared at her blankly. He hadn't expected this, nor was it the answer to his question. Catching his look, Risa continued. "You don't have to wait here anymore. Your trial with the hero has passed. Your task is complete. You are free to leave and do as you please."

At this point, Dark's icy glare had melted into a look of surprise. Risa smiled at him and pulled her hand from his grasp. She stood and pulled Dark up with her. Dark was confused beyond reason. Why was this girl, the hero's ally, helping him? He was snapped out of his thoughts when her hand, soft and warm, reached up to cup his cheek. He focused on her face.

"Go with a blessing. May you find yourself…" She whispered. She leaned forward and kissed his other cheek. Dark's eyes widened. She pulled away. "…and your light."

And with that she turned and entered the door Link had left through.

Risa smiled at the memory. She hadn't seen Dark since that day, she didn't even know if he had listened and left the temple. But here he was, sitting right in front of her. Dark glared at her. "How did you know?"

Risa sighed, unfazed by the glare. "You and Link may be two halves of the same whole, but you are two different people."

Dark sat back and stared at her. Risa pulled herself out from under him and met his gaze. They stared at each other in silence until Risa reached over and teasingly tapped the underside of Dark's jaw. "So Mr. I'm here to catch a Big Poe," Risa said lightly, resting her head in her hands, "What are you really doing?"

Dark watched her in silence a few minutes before answering. "I'm…under orders…"

Risa's playful manor disappeared in an instant. She looked at him sadly. "When I wished for you to find yourself, I didn't mean for you to go back to Ganondorf."

Dark snorted. "He's not the easiest man to escape."

"Because you choose to believe so."

Dark froze and stared at her. Risa kept her face blank. "What are your orders?" She asked softly. He sat, thinking about what she had just said. He answered slowly. "Ganondorf knows…how you feel about Link…"

Risa frowned. "How I feel?"

Dark paused. "He knows you…love him." Risa smiled sadly and motioned for him to continue. "I was supposed to…use those feelings to manipulate you into…carrying out his wishes."

Risa sighed. "How sad." Dark glanced at her, confusion etched in his features. "Ganondorf seems to be horribly misinformed…"

"What do you mean?"

Risa turned to him and smiled sadly. "It is possible for one to fall out of love." She saw the look on Dark's face. "There is also more than one kind of love." She added. Dark's eyes widened slightly in surprise. "It's true that I once loved Link in a romantic sense. However, the love I hold for him now is a different kind. I knew he loved another, and I accepted that. My feelings have changed."

"Why would you tell me that?"

She shrugged. "Why would you tell me your orders?" Dark fell silent. They sat quietly, Risa watching the sun sink further into the horizon.

She stood and strapped her swords to her back. She grabbed her pack and started down the hill. About halfway down she stopped and turned to Dark. "Are you coming?"

Dark looked at her in confusion. She sighed and walked back up to him. "Well?" Dark just stared at her. Risa sighed again and pulled him to his feet. She took his hand and began guiding him down the hill. "There's a town close by. We'll stay at an inn for the night."

Dark was shocked and confused. "Why would you…" He stopped when Risa turned and smiled at him. He looked away as he felt heat rise in his cheeks. What was going on?


Risa and Dark had reached the town and gotten a room at an inn close to the edge of town. The innkeeper had eyed Dark suspiciously, but Risa's angelic manor convinced him they meant no harm.

Their room was small, a decent size for two people. There was a large window on the far wall that showed the last of the fading twilight and the rising moon. A bed was positioned against one of the side walls and a couch on the other. A small nightstand was on either side of the bed. Risa wasted no time settling in.

She threw her pack in the corner and removed her boots. She carefully unhooked her swords and set them against the wall, stretching her back and her shoulders now that they were free of the burden. Dark just stood by the door and watched her, bewildered. Risa looked over and saw that he hadn't moved. She walked up to him and said, "You're allowed to move, you know. The room is yours too. You can come in and relax."

Dark looked at her blankly. "Relax?"

Risa sighed. She pulled him further into the room, next to the bed. She reached up and snatched the cap off his head and placed it on the nightstand next to her. Next, she began to undo the straps that held his sword and shield in place. Dark watched her work.

"I don't understand."



Risa removed his sword and shield from his back and set them up against the wall. "Why, what?" she asked as she sat him down on the bed. She knelt down and began to remove his boots.

"Why are you being this way? After what I've done, shouldn't you be furious with me?"

Risa put his boots next to his sword and shield by the wall. She walked back over and sat next to him. "Why should I be furious?"

Dark shrugged. "I don't know. I just don't understand why you're acting this way."

"What way?" Risa said innocently. Dark glared at her coldly, slightly annoyed.

"Why are you being so…kind to me?"

Risa smiled and placed her hand over one of his. "Because I choose to be." She stated simply.

"But I am darkness. And you are an ally of the light."

Risa sighed. "Did you not pay any attention to our conversation on the hill?" Dark shrugged and Risa rolled her eyes. "Light and dark do not always mean good and evil. Even the smallest of lights will shine in the dark."

Risa got up and walked over to the window, gazing up at the night sky. "If the moon is the dark side of the sun," she said softly, "then why does it so readily accept the sun's light?" Dark watched her silently, absorbing her words. He couldn't help but notice how, in the moonlight, Risa's eyes seemed brighter, and how her skin seemed to glow. A soft smile appeared on her face as she watched the moon and the stars. 'She's beautiful…' he thought as he watched her. He didn't understand what was happening, or why he felt this way. He stood and walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against his chest. She stiffened, surprised, but then closed her eyes and relaxed into his hold. When she didn't pull away, Dark brought his head down to rest on her shoulder. He took in her sent and found that he liked it. They stayed like that in silence.

"I don't know why," Dark whispered, "but, I like this."

Risa opened her eyes and looked down at him. For the first time since she met him, he looked content, peaceful. His eyes were closed, a small smile on his face. "It feels…warm." He said.

Risa gave a small smile. "Where?" she asked. Dark took one of his hands and placed it over her heart. "Here." He answered. Risa put one of her hands over his and intertwined their fingers. She leaned over and kissed his temple.

Dark's eyes shot open as he felt a jolt of electricity pass through him. He pulled away and put a hand to his temple. Risa turned. She frowned slightly, hurt flashing across her features. "What's wrong?"

"It feels like I've been struck by lighting…but…in a good way."

Risa's expression changed and she laughed. Dark looked at her, confused. She smiled at him and pulled him back over to the bed. "We should go to sleep. You can have the bed, I'll take the couch." As she turned to leave, Dark felt a sudden loneliness creep into his heart. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into an embrace. She gasped, surprised, but allowed him to pull her to his chest. "Don't leave." He whispered.

Risa pulled back to look at his face. "Dark…?"

He reached up tentatively and cupped her cheek. Risa's eyes widened as his lips met hers. Electricity shot through her veins. When she felt him start to pull back, she reached up to cup his cheek to keep his lips on hers. Dark was surprised by her reaction, but pleasantly so. He pushed her down onto the bed and deepened the kiss. Risa wrapped her arms around his neck and tangled one of her hands in his hair. One of Dark's hands was playing with her hair, while the other was around her waist. When the need for air became clear, the two broke apart and stared into each other's eyes, their breathing raged.

Dark's eyes searched hers. "That was…"

"…amazing." Risa finished breathlessly.

Dark nodded slowly. He didn't understand why, but when he kissed Risa now, he actually enjoyed it. Maybe it was because she was kissing him and not his other half. But Dark was not given time to think about this, as Risa pressed her lips to his again. This time, his hands roamed her body, stroking her sides and slipping underneath her tunic. She gasped against his mouth and squirmed underneath him. Soon, Dark felt her hands underneath his tunic, roaming across his chest and down his stomach. He smiled against her lips.

It was going to be a long night.

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