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Risa looked up at the sky, taking a deep breath of the fresh, morning air, her swords strapped to her back and her bag at her feet. She stretched, trying to get the stiffness out of her body, wincing when she felt the movement pull at her wounds. She stood straight as she felt someone come up behind her.

"You ready to go?"

Risa turned to see Link standing behind her. She nodded. Link scanned the clearing, looking for something. "Where's Dark?" he asked. Risa looked around for a moment before pointing to a cluster of trees. At that moment, Dark walked into the clearing, coming from the direction Risa had pointed, a soft glow coming from his hand. Dark paused when he saw the pair looking at him and raised and eyebrow questioningly.

"What?" he asked.

Link shook his head and turned to Risa. "How do you do that?"

The young woman shrugged. "It's a gift." She turned to face Dark. "What's in your hand, Dark?" she asked, gesturing toward the soft glow coming from his hand. Dark looked away as if embarrassed. He walked over to her, took one of her hands, and placed the source of the glow in her palm. He pulled his hand away, revealing a fairy. Risa's eyes widened and a sound of surprise came from Link. The fairy turned to Dark, who nodded, and set off to work healing Risa's wounds.

Risa smiled as the fairy finished, thanking her before she flew away. She turned to Dark who she found leaning against a tree, arm crossed over his chest, eyes on her. "How do you feel?" he asked.

Risa smiled childishly. "All better!" she exclaimed in a sing-song voice, rotating her once injured shoulder and balancing on her once injured leg. Link poked her head and watched, amused, as she lost her balance. She flailed her arms, trying to steady herself and stumbled forward a few steps. She turned to Link pouting. "Why would you do something so cruel?" she asked, fake tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

"Cause it's fun." Link said nonchalantly, putting his hands behind his head. Risa walked over to him and jabbed him in the side. "OW! What was that for?"

Risa turned away from him and crossed her arms over her chest. "Now we're even."

Dark watched this exchange with fascination. He had never seen two people interact this way before; then again, he didn't really spend that much time with people. He continued to observe the two until he felt something small collide with his back. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Theo had jumped onto him. That was another thing he didn't understand; the three weren't afraid of him. They were never afraid of him. When he met them, they didn't cower in fear, but rather cocked their heads to the side in curiosity. It confused him…but, it felt kind of…nice not to be feared.

"Are you guys leaving now?" Theo asked from his perch on Dark's back. Adin and Aaron had each gone up to Link and Risa, tugging at their hands.

Risa smiled at them and Dark found his eyes fixed on her. "Yeah. It's time for us to go." She said softly.

"But…we gonna miss you Risa." Adin said sadly. Risa put a hand on his head and knelt down to his level. Even though skull kids were technically ageless, Risa always saw Adin as the youngest. "Don't worry, Adin. I'll come back and visit soon."


"I promise." Risa said, holding out her pinky finger for Adin to shake with his. When he did so he seemed satisfied and gave Risa a quick hug. Risa gestured to Aaron and Theo. "Come here, you two. I mad you guys something to play with while we were gone." Instantly, the other two skull kids were standing in front of her.

Link sighed as Dark came over to stand next to him. "You spoil them, Risa."

Risa stuck her tongue out childishly, before digging into her bag. She brought out three wooden carvings: a dragon, a phoenix, and a griffin. Link and Dark recognized the dragon as the one they had seen her working on.

The skull kids squealed in delight as Risa handed them each a toy. "Now you have to promise to take good care of these, okay?" The trio nodded vigorously before tackling her to the ground. Risa laughed hugging them back. "Thank you, Risa!" the trio exclaimed in unison as they got up.

Risa stood and walked over to Link and Dark. "You ready?" asked Link. Risa nodded and turned back to the skull kid trio one last time. "Bye, you guys!" she called, waving.

They waved back enthusiastically. "Bye, Risa! Bye, Link! Bye, Dark! Come and play with us soon!" With that, the trio vanished into the trees.

Risa smiled. "They're always so energetic."

"Yeah." Link said. "Makes you wonder where it all comes from."

"They're kids." Dark said. "Aren't they supposed to be energetic?"

Risa chuckled. "True enough." Link said.

The three began there hike through the forest, mostly quiet, but occasionally speaking a few words to each other. Risa stuck close to Dark most of the time, brushing her hand against his as they walked. It seemed to be her way of trying to ease his nerves. She watched, amused at his amazement at everything; from the way she and Link interacted to the small flowers and animals he had never paid attention to before. It was almost like he was a child seeing the world for the first time.

Risa smiled at the comparison; it really was accurate. He really was childish, she thought as she watched Link teach Dark how to fish; he was completely entrapped in what Link was saying to him. She chuckled. Her thoughts drifted to their destination.

We're on our way, Kiri. I'll see you soon.

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