Olivia locked the driver's side door and looked at Casey. "Now for your punishment."

Casey strained against the handcuffs that bound her to the seat. If it weren't for the tape across her mouth, she would be unleashing a string of profanity against the detective.

"Aww come on baby. It won't be that bad."

"Yes it will," Casey thought. It was always bad. Olivia would find a reason to punish Casey, no matter how punitive the crime. Casey could look at her cross eyed, and as punishment, would be gagged and cuffed while she endured whatever her lover was in the mood for. Tonight, she seemed to want a playtoy.

Olivia roughly grabbed ahold of Casey's breasts and pinched her nipple. "What shall I do to you tonight?"

Casey choked on her whimper of protest. There was no resisting a drunken Olivia Benson.

"Hmmm," Olivia teased/ She released Casey's breast and punished her hand into Casey's skirt. "Such a beautiful skirt. I will enjoy ripping it off of you."

Casey bit the inside of her cheek as Olivia tore the skirt off of her lean body.

Olivia pinned her redheaded sex-toy against the door and easily slid two fingers into her. She started pumping gently.

Casey closed her eyes and moved against the brunette. She hit her head on the door and winced in pain. As Olivia added a third finger, Casey moaned. She licked the tape until it was not sticky anymore. Using her teeth, she pulled it into her mouth and spit it out. Now she was able to moan freely.

"How did you get that off?"

"I have my ways," Casey chirped.

Olivia rolled her eyes and thrusted deeper into her.


"Jesus Christ Casey, keep it down." Olivia pulled out of her and trailed her tongue down Casey's tiny frame. She plunged her tongue deep inside, causing the redhead to scream. Olivia pushed further into her, and with her free hand, massaged Casey's breast.

"Mmmm Olivia," Casey moaned.

Olivia rolled her tongue in gentle circles. When Casey reached breaking point, she hit her head against the door as she screamed. It was loud and felt amazing. When she tried to sit up, she accidentally turned the siren on.

Olivia shut it off. "Smart move Case."

Casey kissed her. "Will I be punished for that too?"

"Hell yes Miss Novak."