Chapter one making a mockery of a mocking crescent

Remus P.O.V.

I stood gazing out of the second story bedroom window. I did this every night looking for some sign of him. Tonight was no different. The land was just completely white hiding all traces of the green grass I knew that was there. The dark night sky was nearly gray from the heavily falling snow.

It was freezing outside. Having just hit the first real snow storm of the season. It was a bitter time of year for Sirius and me. Twenty years ago was the first time Sirius and James had saved me from a gang of Slytherins. And in three days it would be one year since Harry Potter had disappeared.

Sirius had sent many owls after him but they turned up dead or not at all. After a while Sirius had stopped sending letters to spare the poor creatures. Everyone had pretty much given up hope by now. After Voldemort had been defeated nearly four years ago it had been an unspoken agreement for Harry to check in once a week, if not more.

Every time the owls came back it let us know that Harry was still somehow alive, being held captive, more than likely.

I had recently upped the wards around our home to keep out unwanted visitors. We had been attacked and followed yesterday when we had gone to Diagon Alley for something. Nowhere was really safe anymore.

The only way you could get in was if I had allowed you on the list. Every single on of the Order was on the list, along with the Malfoy's and Severus. They were currently trying to help locate Harry.

Harry was also on that list. We didn't know how or when he would be able to come back to us so I had made sure that if it was needed he would be able to get here.

That was also one of the many reasons I had fought Sirius not to move away from the people who did not like me living here.

"Remus?" I heard Sirius whimper in his sleep.

Sighing I turned my back to the window and went to my mate. This had been rather hard on the both of us. But Sirius had started to refer Harry to me out loud as his son not his godson.

Lying on the bed Sirius automatically wrapped himself snuggly around my middle. I turned on the dim bedside lamp and picked up the book I had been trying to read for a week now. After I read and reread the same page for an hour I closed it and turned off the light to go to sleep.

Harry P.O.V.

My body hurt. Every where felt like I had been doused in acid. But I guessed that was the after effects of being Crucio'ed for hours on end and being turned into a werewolf for the past three nights.

I was exhausted… so tired I didn't want to move from the sore position that they had left me in.

I had a migraine. One that was currently residing behind one of my eyes.

I was starving. My stomach was so empty that I could feel either side of my internal organ sticking to themselves. It hurt. I couldn't remember the last time I had eaten. I knew it was before I had been captured.

I was thirsty. My tongue felt fuzzy yet like sandpaper. And tasted like stale spit mingled with vomit and blood.

And I needed a shower… badly.

My muscles groaned in protest as I slowly moved.

Sore didn't even begin to explicate it.

I winced as I rolled over onto my back.

I had been lying on the hard floor for what felt like hours. My eyes hurt too much to open them. My nose itched to sneeze as I took a deep breath. I nearly cried out in pain as my lungs constricted on me. I couldn't remember when I had last been able to breath properly.

Taking a few short gasps of air to get my lungs to agree with the action again.

When I felt a little better I took a deep lungful of air and coughed. I slowly raised my hand to just above my right eye, where I assumed my migraine was currently residing. I flinched as I touched the tender spot. Yeap it was there. And it hurt like a bitch. I could feel my pulse under my sticky and grimy skin as I began to softly rub.

I sighed in relief as I opened my eyes slowly, for they were still sore.

Everything was a blur. I felt around for my glasses and found that they were miraculously in one piece.

Such an amazing feat for the deatheaters but I assumed they wanted me to watch the torture that they put me through.

I picked the up and put them on. They had locked me in a cell again for the night. I glanced up at the sky through the barred window. The waning crescent mocked me terribly.

Greyback had thought it fun to bite me at the full moon. Unconsciously I touched the bite mark on the back on my neck. I still hurt like the dickens.

I missed home.

My family and friends. I knew they were trying to find me. That had given me hope in the first month or so. With Hermione and Remus working on finding me I didn't think I would be here as long as I had been.

Sirius had sent me a lot of letters. Saying everyone was looking for me. Greyback didn't believe they would and thought the letters were a game. And made it into such. They would read the letters out loud for me giving me false hope. Making me want to kill them even more so than I already did for mocking my godfather. Then they would torture the owls until they died and sent them back… if the poor creature did not turn into dinner for them.

The last owl Sirius had sent said he wasn't going to send any more owls after me. And that he and Remus would never stop looking for me. And that the entire Order was looking as well. That they were going to an old friend to ask for help. I was glad that they wisely did not mention the name of the friend.

But that had been six and a half months ago.

I had not shed a single tear the entire time I had been here until after Greyback had bit me. It was horrible. After my first transformation I felt horrid, wicked, dirty. And I had cried. Hard. They laughed and cheered at me breaking finally. Greyback said that if he knew that was all it took for me to beak he would have done it sooner.

After that I knew I had to get out. I had been working for the last month to channel my magic sitting in my cell with nothing but a pair of old cut off sweats on.

My body was scarred. More so than those from the war, those were lost in the others. I didn't think that there was a stretch of more than three inches of skin on my body that wasn't marred with a scar.

My only salvation was that they did not seem to want to kill me. Even when I wished it after being Crucio'ed for a good eight hours.

"we've got a surprise for the chosen one…" I heard one of the goons say in a singsong voice as they stopped in front of my cell.

I never spoke to them. I wouldn't give them the pleasure. I was half afraid that when I got out of here I would become a mute.

"aw… no guessing?" he asked in mock hurt before thrusting the paper through the bars.

I recognized it. It was the evening edition of the Daily Prophet. It had landed in front of me and Remus and Sirius were on the front page.

Dangerous werewolf and mate attacked after full moon by mob. The headline read.

I felt anger join the magic coarsening through my veins and the next thing I knew my cell door was open and every single one of the goons were on the floor unconscious.

Silently in called to every wand in the room and about thirty or so ands wand flying in my direction along with my wand. Sighing with relief at the sight of my wand I grabbed on of the cloaks and stashed the other wands into the inside pocket. I noticed that it was rather heavy after being used to not wearing anything on my shoulders for almost a year. I scanned the room once and saw a pair of work boots next to the door to the other room in the far corner. Once they were on I realized they were a size or two too big. I didn't really care. As long as they kept me from getting frostbite or anything I didn't care if they were Hagrid's.

I just prayed to Merlin that Remus and Sirius still lived in their quaint little country home.

Opening the door I was met with a gust of freezing air. With a smirk to the mocking moon I Apparated away.