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Warning: AU-ish. ZeroLulu twincest. Yes….twincest. Twincest with a capital T (in bold)! …did I mention twincest? :D Did I mention twincest lime? I did? Wonderful. X3

Summary: His desire was as forbidden as the devilish red fruit thriving in the Garden of Eden. And yet, he could not stop himself from biting into the fruit's skin and eternally sealing his sin in markings that should have never painted such ethereal beauty.

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass. Zero's name is just something I found while searching for possible alternate names for him. After all, his "real" name can't be Zero when he is also the terrorist known as Zero.


It was at that point when he felt that second problem occurring that he realized that their current position was all wrong. With he down on one knee and his brother slumped against the wall, it was hardly a comfortable position for either of them.

A little voice nestled within the back of his mind whispered a devilish idea, however.

"You're in the perfect position to use that mouth for another purpose. Just move a little lower."

He promptly ordered it into silence. He would not do such a thing…at least, not in this position. As previously mentioned, their current position was not right. He wanted Lelouch to be comfortable while he…touched him inappropriately.

Lelouch wasn't some cheap whore that he intended to violate in secret and then push away after he was done. Lelouch was a sweet little angel who deserved to be treated with the utmost care and he would do his best to tend to his brother in the most loving way possible.

Never mind that he was tainting Lelouch in the worst of ways. (What sort of monster tore away an angel's purity like this?)

'I must be the devil incarnate.'

And yet, he persisted in his actions. If he knew it was so wrong, then why was he doing this? Why was he persisting?

Or better yet, why wasn't Lelouch stopping him?

All the little angel had to do was tell him to stop. Just one little word was all it would take. (If his brother truly was considering it, he hoped that Lelouch would tell him to stop soon. Any longer and he would become too engrossed in his sick little incestuous fantasy and wouldn't be able to stop at all.)

He wouldn't lie to himself. He didn't want to stop, but at the same time, he did. It was a complicated feeling that he had no idea how to explain in just a few words.

He didn't want to stop because he could not hold in his wicked desires any longer. He had fallen for his twin, his own flesh and blood. It was a sin and he knew that, but he could not deny what he felt and trying to hide his feelings was taking its toll on him both mentally and physically. (So much time was wasted in the shower. But he had learned to deal with his problem before actually bathing, otherwise, he would have to wash himself again.)

He did want to stop because he didn't want to let his sick mind infect his brother's. He would have rather just suffered in silence and never have uttered one word of his true feelings for Lelouch to anyone. (It was a bit too late for that now as Lelouch already knew how he really felt, but still. It probably would have been best. Either way, even if he had not…jumped…Lelouch and spilled his secret to him, someone else already knew.)

(C.C. knew; however, it wasn't because he told her. She found out on her own.)

(It was unbelievably hard to keep things from her and in any case, it's somewhat hard to hide a dirty deed when someone walks in on you doing it. A flitter of what may have been a blush had spread across her porcelain skin, but that could have been due to the way the light hit her. After all, a girl with no heart would not have any reason to blush. That was a human characteristic and C.C. herself had said that she wasn't human. She was a pizza-devouring, credit card-stealing witch and nothing more. But even a witch could laugh and laugh she did.)

He had acted on selfish impulse, resulting in pinning his sweet brother against the wall and smothering Lelouch with an invasive kiss filled with all the love and lust that he had kept locked up inside.

This sudden ambush had actually been the result of Lelouch himself.

The younger twin had sauntered into the room dressed in an oversized, white button-up shirt and a pair of checkered pajama slacks--all of which were clinging to Lelouch's slender body in damp patches. Multiple water droplets had been dripping off the silky ends of his hair and his face had a slight pinkish tint to it from the steamy heat that his shower had produced.

All that combined with the pleasant smile that had adorned his brother's face…just damn.

The overwhelming urge to reach out and touch him was just too strong to fight back. (But perhaps he wasn't trying hard enough to resist. Maybe he didn't want to.)

'He's so…oh, God, he's gorgeous.' he mused, his eyes unashamedly roaming up and down Lelouch's figure.

He must have been staring at Lelouch for a bit longer than necessary because Lelouch's cheeks reddened further and he looked away, seemingly embarrassed.

"Y-You're staring at me." Lelouch stuttered, his embarrassment only seeming to heighten at his own stutter.

Rien's lips turned upward into an amused smile and he slipped a hand up to gently take hold of Lelouch's chin.

"Why wouldn't I stare?" he asked as he made Lelouch face him. "You're beautiful."

If such a thing were even possible, the blush adorning Lelouch's face darkened and his eyes grew to comically large proportions.


Rien noted with increasing amusement that Lelouch's stutter was becoming more prominent the more embarrassed he became.

He chuckled.

Lelouch was so damn adorable sometimes.

"I said" he began, leaning in to brush his lips against Lelouch's parted ones. "you're beautiful."

Lelouch seemed flustered, unnerved almost by that action and those words. His fingers were fidgeting with the school shirt Rien still wore--because he claimed to be too lazy to change into something else--and couldn't seem to look into Rien's eyes for more than a few seconds at a time.

"…y-you…you shouldn't tease me like that." Lelouch muttered at last, his eyebrows knitting together as his eyes formed a small glare.

Rien just chuckled again.

Lelouch had never been fond of being teased. If you ruffled his hair or tried to carry him somewhere, he hissed at you like a cat whose fur had been rubbed the wrong way. If you tried to tickle him or--as Milly was fond of doing--tried to force him into figure-complimenting women's attire, he gave you the cold shoulder for the rest of the day--or, depending on how much "damage" either one did, days.

"Lelouch, I'm not teasing you." Rien said, speaking in a reassuring tone that he hope would soothe his brother's fears. "I'm completely serious. You're beautiful and I love you. I would never lie to you, Lelouch. Nor would I joke about something so serious."

Lelouch's half-hearted glared morphed into an unreadable look. (Rien prided himself in knowing how to read Lelouch's moods. Lelouch tended to keep metaphorical masks in place nearly all hours of the day, but Rien was always able to tell how Lelouch was really feeling. However, there were some occasions--like now--where he was unable to see through those masks…and it worried him.)

"…it…was never my intention to frighten you." Rien continued after a moment, his own self-loathing kicking in at Lelouch's silence. "…I never wanted to hurt you…"

'…I should have held back. What was I thinking?!'

He should not have given in so easily, but he did and he couldn't take it back. The damage had already been done. He had crossed onto the path of no return and no brilliant strategies or well-planned ideas would allow him to go back.

(Except for one.)

He felt a tingling in his left eye and immediately turned away from his still staring brother.

"It's not too late." that demonic voice living within his mind began. "Finish what you started and then use it on him. He won't remember a thing and you'll still have his love."

Even if he wasn't the devil, surely one was living inside of him. Because a good older brother did not have such thoughts. (But a good older brother never had arousing fantasies about his twin, either.)

'Be silent.' he ordered, thinking that he must be losing his mind because he was speaking to an imaginary voice. 'I will not use it on him. Ever.'

"I was merely making a suggestion. A good one, mind you."

He was definitely losing his mind. An imaginary voice was not supposed to answer back, right?

'I said shut up!!' he ordered once again.

The voice did not speak up again.

"…then…what was your intention?" Lelouch finally asked.

He faced his brother once more. Lelouch still had that same unreadable expression upon his face, but it seemed almost…curious now.

"…why…are you doing this?" Lelouch continued. "You say that you love me, but…I'm your brother. No one would understand it and I highly doubt that anyone would approve of it. Aren't you bothered by that at all? …doesn't it worry you?"

Lelouch just wanted answers, it seemed. But that was understandable. After all, this wasn't something that was socially acceptable. Churches condemned it and most people shivered in disgust from the mere thought of it.


Lelouch just wanted answers and as his older brother, he would give Lelouch what he wanted. (And if one of those wants were for him to stop his actions and stay away…then that was okay. It was only fair.)

He smiled as lovingly as he could and tried to keep the sadness that was threatening to creep into his voice at bay.

"As I said before, you're beautiful and I love you." he began. "I swear to you that I was not lying and I was not trying to tease you. You really are beautiful, very angelic in your own unique way. You are also my brother, my twin. I know that others would only see the surface. They would see a terrible man who lusted after his own sibling's beauty and took advantage of him for his own sick desires. Perhaps that's what you see as well. I cannot be certain."

He sighed and brushed his fingers against Lelouch's cheek affectionately.

"But I do not love you just because your physical appearance is breathtakingly gorgeous. I also am not lusting after you because I want to satisfy my curiosity about…what it would feel like. I love you for you, Lelouch. You're highly intelligent, adorable despite not realizing it, easy to talk to, a pleasure to be around, and based on what Suzaku has told me, you're also a wonderful friend."

He noted with a bit of relief that Lelouch's unreadable expression had completely disappeared. In its place was an adorable pinkish blush and whenever Rien tried to look into Lelouch's eyes, the younger twin would quickly look away in embarrassment. (So these compliments were making him self-conscious, were they? As perfect an opportunity as this would have been to tease his little brother, the current situation was all wrong--just like their positions.)

"I just wanted to show you exactly how much I care about you." he continued, his smile coming more naturally now that whatever tension had been present was gone. "I know it might seem a bit strange, but I couldn't hold myself back any longer and I…well, I jumped you. Sorry for the sudden attack."

"…sudden is exactly the word that I would use." Lelouch mumbled, a frown on his lips. "A little warning would be appreciated next time."

Rien had to blink at his twin's choice of words.

"Next time?" he repeated, as if the concept of a "next time" was too outrageous to be real.

Lelouch just gave him a little shrug and continued to avoid eye contact.

"You love me, don't you?" the younger twin asked needlessly, continuing to frown in a nervous manner. "And you basically said that you're doing this out of love, right? So…I don't really see a problem with that."

Lelouch hesitantly turned his eyes back up to Rien's and immediately looked away again. Rien's expression was one of awe and Lelouch must have felt too self-conscious to look at him.

"I-I mean…you still pretty much want to screw your own brother, wh-which is kind of disgusting a-and--"

"--you're okay with that?"

The young prince's babbling was cut short at the question and all he could do was blush at the pleased tone in which Rien spoke. (Lelouch knew his twin well and he was able to tell, without even looking, that his twin had a smug smirk spread across his face.)

When Lelouch would offer him no verbal response--though he doubted that one was needed anyway--, Rien took it upon himself to coax a reaction out of him.

In one swift motion, he had Lelouch swept up into his arms and was heading in the bed's general direction. (Lelouch made an indignant little noise at this, but portrayed no further protest at the sudden change in position.)

Since his soul was already damned to rot in a fiery pit for all eternity, he figured he might as well damn it fully. (Besides, there was no sense in leaving a job unfinished, right?)


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