Chapter 11


I stayed in my room for over a week.

When the Merchant had finally gotten us to the castle, Dragon was the first to react. He grabbed me, and put me on my bed in my room. Gunther quickly found my mother, and she got Pepper and they went to check on me. I was completely out, though.

I slept for three days. On the third day, my fever broke. I awoke to find Pepper near my bed, stitching.

"Pepper?" I whispered.

She looked up and dropped the her needlework, and she ran over to me, throwing her arms around my neck and nearly crushing me. She fed me some soup, and then got my mother. She told me what had happened.

I sat up, getting ready to jump out of bed.

"No, no, my dear!" Mother said, and she laid me back down. "You need more rest! I do not want the slightest chance of you falling ill again!

"You know," she added, "you are a very lucky young lady. You could have easily died out there."

I had to stay in my room for six more days. On the last day, mother had gone to do a quick errand. I no longer could stand another minute in that room. I quickly dressed out of my nightgown and into my day clothes. I walked out of the room, taking a deep breath of the cool, crisp air.

I felt so much better! My fever had left me, and all I had was a small headache. I was sure it would leave by the night's end.

I began walking when I saw Gunther. He was getting ready to leave towards the village for the night.

"Gunther!" I called. He turned around and looked at me. He seemed surprised to see me up and about. I walked as quickly as I could without causing my head more pain.

"Well, well, well," he said, "Good to see you up and about. Hope to see you at tomorrow's practice!"

He was gloating. I bit my tongue hard to keep myself from retorting.

"Although," he added, avoiding my gaze, "I am glad to see that you are feeling better, Jane."

I nodded.

Awkward silence followed.

"Well," he said, "I should be going now."

"Right," I said, "I will see you tomorrow then."

He nodded. He began walking away.

My mother's words suddenly rung through my head, "you are a very lucky young lady. You could have easily died out there."

"Gunther, wait!" I called.

He stopped and turned to look at me. I walked over to him. I clutched my hands tightly together.

I tried my best to swallow my pride. But, of course, it is so much easier to say than to do.

"I just," I paused, "I just want to say thank you. Thank you for…helping me. I would not be alive if it had not been for you."

Perhaps it was because I wanted to prove to him my thanks. Perhaps it was because there was still a refined lady locked inside me. Or, perhaps, it was because of my so called feelings for my so called rival. Either way, I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

It was quick, and when I began to bring back my head, I felt myself blushing. I had just kissed Gunther Breech!

But what happened next shocked my even more. Our faces were still so close. Our breathes intermingled, and I could feel my heart racing.

He started leaning towards me. I did the same. Before I knew it, our lips were touching.

I quickly shut my eyes, figuring that was what you did when you were being kissed.

The kiss was soft and sweet. Simple, because of our ages, but endearing.

When we pulled away, I felt like I could smile forever. He smirked at me, and then turned to leave. "Goodbye, Jane."

"Goodbye, Gunther." I said, smiling.

I still have not told anyone. And, as much as I hate to keep secrets, I do not think I will. I was looking at Gunther will new eyes now.

However, he was still a complete mystery.

Ahh, well. I do like mysteries.

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