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Heavy steps followed the marked path up into the holy relic.

They always did but the owner of those feet stopped this time to look over a city, built of metal. Lightgames crisscrossed over buildings, were full of life, when this place was dead and empty so many years ago. But this was different now. Everything had changed and even the balance, which seemed to fluctuate more often in the beginning, was alright now. Yes, both groups sat around a table with Energon in their hands, laughing and joking about old battles, which were only good war stories by now. It was an impossibility for most to overcome the resentment and many did not. However, there was new life, new faces and new stories that were written. Peaceful stories without war and destruction.

For Megatron it was all unbearable.

Indeed, contrary to Cybertron he had not changed. He was still the old warrior, who want to do nothing but tear Optimus Prime to shreds. Where were the good old days? Now he had to talk to his enemy as if they were allies, a life of reservation , and slowly but surely a resignation had taken over his innermost feelings. The lust for war wrapped in the choice, which he had not, was nothing more than a dead dream.

He grudgingly went further. On his daily walk no one met him and there probably was no one who would dare to. Because if there was one thing he hated more than the situation on Cybertron, it was this ritual. This farce, which he maintained. But it was his duty as co-regent, in addition to Optimus Prime. It was his condemned duty.

Big doors, decorated with symbols gave a hint what he would soon have to face. A shining hall with a dome, which seemed to range very far upward. Almost as if to reach for the stars. Megatron asked himself if this started the war. Was the want wrong to open up new ways and possibility for Cybertron? They were a superior race and they should act like it. But, as always, there had been oponents. And then there was war. Because of methods and disagreements. And Megatron was not a warrior one should engage in a war. As he demonstrated on the basis of many murders, commited on his brothers.

A faint laugh filled to his audio receptors.

Megatron put his claw on the doors leading to his destination.

Are you nostalgic again? Come on in!

If anyone else would give Megatron orders like that he would have pulled out his Spark long ago. But he only growled angrily and pushed open the door.

Before him was the object of his long search, his dreams. The artifact, which could give him great power, enough to dominate the universe. But its was unattainable for Megatron.

The Allspark.

Here it stood before him, radiated greatness and energy. And yet he was as small as the time when they had searched for it on the planet earth. But that did not matter. Allsparks power was still the same.

Megatron knelt down and bowed his head.

"Greetings, Allspark. I'm serving the people of Cybertron in the name of Primus."

Megatron,would obviously much prefer to say I rule over the people of Cybertron, but this was only a half truth.

Good, because you know the consequences if not.

These words brought Megatron to tremble inwardly. It was not often that his Opposite was that strict. Therefore the giant was sure that his thoughts had been read.

Megatron looked up the same time a figure materialized beside the Allspark. Like a television picture that received again the face of a young man came to life. Hands in his pockets and sitting on the cube he stared in Megatron's face.

But even then lay an almost gentle smile on the lips of the other.

"How was your day?"

Megatron stood to his full size and wanted to look down on that person, like he did it before. But now they were at the same eye height.

Before him was no longer Allspark.

"Go away, fleshling. Why do you always have to show yourself to me?"

The young man before him was none other than Samuel Witwicky ... with a huge grin on his face. Cheeky and unaffected by the harsh words. After all they were standard and they usually turned out worse.

"Because it's annoying you, quite simply. But you ...."

"Why don't you annoy Prime?", said Megatron and cut him off. He started to make his weird howling noises again, a sign that he was extremely outraged.

The grin vanished.

"... Are there any new Sparklingwishes? I have heard that Starscream want an offspring with Mistfire."

Megatron was taken by surprise from the abrupt change of topic so he needed some time to find an answer.

"Yes, that's right. But they want to take it slowly because of the new project ...?"

Sam nodded. His eyes were not on Megatron but his shoes.

"You can go. That was all."

Megatron was getting increasingly irritated. Otherwise, it took forever until he escaped from Sam's probing questions, limited in scope to his thoughts or his everyday life. He began once again to go through the course of the conversation but came to no conclusion.

"What are you waiting for?"

But Megatron did not move.

"Boy ...?"

Sam sighed. This expression was almost like a nickname. Back in the ruins of Mission City he had called him like this. When he walked in with big steps behind him. And now this was the last remnant that was left of his old self. Because Megatron and Sam - they both lived in the past.

The present was too terrible for them.


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