She walked towards the grave slowly, almost as if she was stalking an invisible force. With sunglasses covering her red puffy eyes, you couldn't tell that she had been crying for days.

She crouched in front of the tombstone, laying down fresh flowers. "Hey daddy," her chin trembled with emotion, tears began to fall. "I know I was just here-" She choked on emotion, fighting back everything she was feeling. "I don't know what to do here dad. Mom says go back to school, to leave this alone." Her voice showed her disbelief in what her mother was saying. "Uncle Dave says he' has it covered, that its too dangerous for me." She paused, knowing that her father would agree with his brother.

"I can't daddy. Someone killed you. Something killed you." Her face turned to stone thinking about the thing that did this her father. "I can't let them get away with it." She bit the inside of her cheek, looking passed the tombstone to the man standing beside her car. "Rick is still here. He's being good to me daddy, better then I deserve. He say's he can help figure out who did this," She let a small sad smile grace her features. "You really riled up the henchmen. Hunters from every corner are ready with their guns, ready to go after the son of a bitch that did this too you."

She stood up, staring longingly at her fathers tombstone wishing he was here with her. "I promise I'm going to find whoever did this too you and make them pay." she wiped her eyes quickly. "I don't know when I'll be back. If I'll be backā€¦" with eyes shut she took a deep breath. "I love you daddy." She walked away knowing that if she did come back, it would be in a body bag.

"Sawyer," Rick's voice was soft, caring. It did little to comfort her. "I need answers Rick. They longer we wait, the colder the trail gets." Whatever tenderness that had been in her voice while she talked to her fathers grave was completely gone, replaced by anger and hatred.

Rick's baby blues met her cold covered green eyes one. "We can head to the roadhouse, Ellen might have heard somethin'."

"To the roadhouse it is," She took another glance at the cemetery before getting inside the car.

"I can't believe your mom wouldn't give him the proper hunters burial." Rick said as she started the car, her voice still void of emotions. "She doesn't understand hunters"

I didn't understand.

It was only going to be a short amount of time till Sawyer Wandell world collided with the Winchester boys sending them on a journey that could be both deadly and promising.

Incase you wondering' why Wandell sounds so darn familiar, Steve Wandell was the hunter that possessed Sam killed in born under a bad sign.

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