"So, uh…" Dean trailed looking at the girl in front of him, a girl he just spent the night with.

He was leaning against the impala; Sam had offered to go check them out of the motel, something that right then Dean wished he was doing so he could avoid all the morning after awkwardness.

She gave him a small smile, "This is where we say goodbye-" she grinned at him, "It was an interesting experience Dean."

He gave her his cocky grin, most of the awkwardness fading. "Interesting? I figured you'd say mind blowing-"

She punched him in the arm, laughing. "I don't think you're ego needs all that stroking"

"Your good at stroking, can't blame a guy for trying" Stephanie opened her mouth to make a snaky comment, but the sound of Sam clearing his throat interrupted her.

Dean turned towards his brother- "We're all set?"

Sam nodded uncomfortably, not making eye contact with Stephanie. After all, what he walked in on the other night was something he couldn't really forget. Just thinking about it made his cheeks rise with color.

Dean tapped the roof of the impala, "I guess I'll see you around?" he asked, knowing full well it's most likely an empty question.

Stephanie nodded, smiling. "You boys stay outta trouble." she turned to Sam and winked, "Later Sammy," his blush increased.

Dean laughed getting into the impala, Sam following behind his brother, mumbling a goodbye.

"Shut up." Sam said when he realized Dean was still laughing at him.

"You act like you've never seen sex before little brother," Sam rolled his eyes at Dean's comment. "That wasn't sex- That was something …" He trailed of not knowing a word to describe what he saw.

Noticing his brother wasn't saying anything back he looked at him, and frowned. Dean was staring out the rearview mirror watching the girl they just left.

"Second thoughts about leaving?"

"What?" Dean said glancing away, "No. no way."

Sam raised his eye brow, Dean continued. "Just…" he sighed, "She took me leaving to easily."

Sam barked out laughter, "Dean, come on man, you're not really that arrogant are you?"

"No," he growled sending a nasty look to his brother, "That's not what I meant. She just doesn't seem like the love em' and leave em' type." he sighed, turning the impala out of view.

Sam smiled, "After one night with girl and you think you know her inside and out"

Dean smiled, "Oh trust me, I know her inside and out" he joked before turning on the radio ending the conversation with Sam.

Dean couldn't explain it, not really. All he knew was that there was something about her despite the way she carried that made him believe that last night wasn't just about sex and forgetting the bullshit of the world. It was more then that. And that girl he said goodbye to so carelessly wasn't the girl he spent the with.


Sawyer tapped the quarter on the jukebox scanning the empty bar, smiling when her eyes landed on the owner of the bar. He was an old man named Doc- because he was a medic in the army, around fifty with a tough smile but a good heart.

He reminded her of her father, which is why she began to find herself back at this bar every chance she got. It was why after two weeks she asked if he had any rooms to rent. It was a fact she knew was wrong, but she couldn't help it, something pulled her to this bar. And like her calling Dean the day before, she wasn't able to stop it.

Sawyer sighed, making her music selection. Maybe calling them wasn't such a good idea, she thought. Wondering if there was time to call them and tell them she didn't need their help.

She was over thinking the situation, she needed help on this case- and they were the only hunters she could call with out blowing her cover. So who cares if she hadn't stopped thinking about Dean and the way it felt when he touched her or the way his lips felt against her. How he fit perfectly in her, as if he was meant to be there forever.

The music started, and the one thing Stephanie and Sawyer had in common was their love for music. All music; Swaying her hips to the music, she lost herself it the haunting melody, forgetting all about the men she was expecting to meet her, or the old man that was so much like her dad.

Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty

Sounds of their breath fades with the light

I think about- the loveless fascination

Under the Milky Way tonight.

She turned around, her eyes closed but body still moving to the music, swaying.

I lower the curtains down in Memphis

Lower the curtains down all right

I- got no time for private consultation

Under the Milky Way tonight

She began to sing the lyrics, her arms up in the air, her body free of worries her mind completely lost in the sensation of the music.

I wish I knew what you were looking for

I might have known what you would find

She smiled lightly before starting to sing softly to the part of the song that always seemed to strike a cord with her. It was something that she could fall into, even if it was just words, they were words that touched her soul.

And it's something quite peculiar

Something shimmering and white

It leads you here despite your destination

Under the Milky Way tonight

The sound of a male clearing his throat startled her, dropping her arms to her sides her body frozen in place she opened her eyes to find an amused Dean Winchester watching her. Her heart jumped a moment, seeing him leaning against the small round table, his arms crossed over his chest.

I wish I knew what you were looking for

I might have known what you would find

"Having a good time?" He grinned broadly at her, looking at her from head to toe, then toe to head. She wasn't wearing her 'rocker' outfit like he was used to her wearing and looking hot in. No this was different, she was- beautiful. With a white cotton skirt that showed her long tan legs, and her white cotton tank that left little to the imagination.

How could someone look so innocent and angelic yet also devilishly hot; he wondered.

She grinned at him, thinking to herself; Be calm, be cool, be Stephanie, and whatever you do don't smile at him like you can't stop thinking about him. Don't blush, be nonchalant. "I was until you ruined it."

Dean waved his hand, "Well I can wait, You go on dancing" he winked at her.

She tried her hardest not to blush to giggle, instead she rolled her eyes, "I'm not in the mood now," channeling Stephanie she smiled naughtily at him, "Maybe later I'll give you a private show, if you're a good."

"Sweetheart, I'm always good."

Sam sighed walking into the bar, rolling his eyes at his brother. Not that Dean would admit it but from the moment they got Stephanie's phone call he had a little extra light in his eyes. Admittedly he'd never say so, but Dean Winchester felt something for the girl in front of him. What that something was, it wasn't known. But ever since the Jinn put him in that dream and Stephanie was there- he couldn't stop thinking about her.

The three stood there- with Dean and Stephanie smiling at each other and Sam standing there awkwardly. It was Sam to break the silence, "So, Uh, You got a case?"

Stephanie nodded, remembering why they were here. "I've come to dead end-" She walked towards her table grabbing her file and handing it to Sam who she was closest to at the moment. "No pun intended. Figured I needed some fresh eyes, maybe your computer skills Sam. See if you can heads from tails of this thing."

He flicked through the pages, Dean coming to stand behind him. "Nineteen murders… all brutally tortured." He raised his eyebrow.. "Only to have their bodies found in rivers beds..." He let out a low whistle, looking at Stephanie. "No idea what this thing is?"

She sighed shrugged her shoulders, "At first I thought vengeful spirit- But I can't find anything that connects the victims. expect their roughly the same age and same gender and curiously enough they were all beautiful dark hair ladies"

Dean nodded looking at the pictures in the files, raising his head he looked into Stephanie's eyes. "Basically the same profile as you." She smiled, "I tried myself as bait. Showing up alone at all the places the victims were taken and area's like it. Nothing, nada Guess I'm not hot enough for the thing."

"You went as bait?" Dean asked his voice suddenly harsh. Ignoring his suddenly flare of protectiveness she turned to Sam, "I did a sweep of all the areas talked to most of the victims families. I can't find a damn thing on what this thing is."

"You didn't talk to all the families?" Dean asked, She shook her head. "There's one more family, but they moved away"

"Too?" Sam asked pulling the chair out and sitting down, his eyes still glued to the file in front of him.

"Alaska," She shrugged, "I tried reaching them by phone…" she trailed off.

"You mind keepin' an eye on the place darlin'" Doc said throwing the rag he had back in the bucket under the bar. Stephanie looked up, "No problem." she smiled, "you got yourself a hot date tonight?"

The old man blushed and put his head down, "Naw, a few of us guys are heading to triple rives to go fishing." She frown scrunching her nose, "In heat like this?"

"Rain or shine darlin' those fishies don't wait." She smiled, "I'll keep an eye on things Doc," Doc nodded his head in thanks, giving the two boys in front of him a warning glare then he was out the door.

Dean and Sam looked at each other silently communicating. "You come here a lot?" Dean asked looking at the girl in front of him. She turned to him and shrugged nonchalantly, "I'm staying in the apartment above here." She stood up and walked towards the bar, "You guys want a beer?"

Both the boys nodded, still wondering about the mystery of the girl in front of him. She wasn't one too be friendly, yet she seemed oddly caring about the old man. It was contradiction that made something in pull in Deans gut.

"Ready to work?" she asked the brothers putting the beer down in front of them smiling.


Eight uncomfortable hours later, they sat still going through everything they could find, finding noting in return. Finally, Sam's eye widen turning his laptop around to face Dean and Stephanie. "I think I found something."

Dean smirked raising his eyebrow at his brother. "A sperm bank? I didn't think we're that hard up for cash Sammy." Stephanie couldn't help but join in, "Really Sam, I could always loan you some money with out the need of your babies."

Sam grunted, "Take a look at the list of names."

Dean and Stephanie looked closer at the list Sam highlighted. "Well look at that…"

"All the girls were sperm donor babies"

"Think it means something?"

Stephanie shrugged, "I think it means everything." She turned to Sam, "Is there any way to find out who the sperm belonged too?"

Sam turned the laptop back around, his fingers hitting the keys at a crazy speed before sighing. "Nothing. We'd have to get to the archives…that's in the building."

She looked at the clock and frowned. "It's already late…. It's a six hour drive. By the time we get there the sun will be coming up. Not really a good time to break in. So I say, we get some sleep tonight and go tomorrow?"

They nodded in agreement. "Know of any motels around here?" Dean asked. They were going to check in after talking to Stephanie.

She frowned, "One, but it's about a forty minute drive" she sighed, "You can stay at my place for the night."

"Are you sure?" Sam asked hesitantly. She laughed, "Yeah, there's a pull out couch." She walked behind the bar and picked up her keys and tossed them to Sam. "Let yourself in and Make yourself at home." Then she frowned. "But if you touch my chocolate you wont be able to donate any sperm ever- hear me?"

Sam smiled, "I hear you," he picked up his laptop and started towards the door, having to go outside to get to the apartment above the bar. Dean stood up a moment later, "Aren't you coming?" he asked, she shook her head. "I have to close up here." He frowned. "How does he keep this place going? There was maybe… ten people that came in all night."

She shrugged, "Not sure…" She making her way towards the jukebox, needing music while she's cleaning. "I never really asked." He nodded his head accepting her answer. Dean looked around, Sam having already gone outside. "I guess I should get some sleep." he said stretching. "Big day tomorrow."

She smiled, "Yup." She put in a few quarters making her selections.

"Or I could stay…" He trailed smirking looking at the jukebox. "You did say something about a private dance earlier." She paused mid-sweep before letting the broom rest against the wall, she turned to Dean, eyebrow raised licking her lips. "Did I?"

He nodded his head grinning, she walked towards him slowly until she was only inches away, "Cause," she walked her fingers up his chest smiling, "I kind of remember saying only if you were good."

Dean smirked bringing his hand up to her face letting his fingers gently brush her cheek. "So tell me, was I good?" His voice was more husky then normal and it did things to her that she wasn't proud of.

"Very, very, good." She whispered breathlessly as his hand made its way through her hair before finding a resting place on the back of her head, bringer her closer for him to kiss.

A small moan escaped her mouth, her head fell back as he began to kiss her neck. She wasn't sure how he did it, or if he was even aware of the fact that he picked her up and brought her over to the pool table, not once letting his lips gets far from her skin or lips. As he sat her down on the edge of the pool table he stood between her legs, her arms wrapped around his neck.

the sky is burnin'

I believe my soul's on fire

You are, I'm learning they key to my desire

She didn't even give second though as his hands traveled up the back of her leg, sending shivers though her body.

He didn't think twice when her hands find themselves unzipping his jeans.

They didn't think twice as they fell into each other with the world vanishing around them.


Sawyer sat in the back of the impala dozing off to the sound of Dean's singing when he suddenly turned the radio down, "I'm hungry."

"You just ate-" she looked at her phone and frowned, "A hour ago."

Sam smiled, "Get use to it."

Dean rolled his eyes turning down a long dirt road, having seen a sign for a café. "I'm still hungry" he grumbled.

Sawyer sighed, "Well if you didn't get us lost-"

"I didn't get us lost,"

"Oh, that's fight I forgot we're just taking the five hour scenic route in the opposite direction."

Dean grumbled something under his breath, "What was that?" She asked grinning. "Did you want anything to eat?" he snapped, she smiled brightly knowing that wasn't what he said. "No thanks,"

The café was small, almost box like. It couldn't hold more then fifteen people she guessed. Dean pulled in handing Sam money, "Hey, Don't forget the extra onions this time, huh?"

"Dude, we're the ones whose gonna have to ride in the car with your extra onions." Dean just grinned, ignoring Sam "Hey, see if they've got any pie" Sam sighed, slamming the door.

"Bring me some pie! I love me some pie." he yelled out the window.

A giggle snaps Dean's attention to the back seat, "One day your going to wake up and he's going to nail you with a pie in the face."

Dean smiled shrugging, "As long as it taste good," She was about to comment, when the radio suddenly became filled with static. She frowned watching as Dean fiddled with it, not getting anything then turns it off. "Weird." She muttered.

Dean glances back up then freezes, "Shit…" he was out of the car before Sawyer knew what was going on. She followed his retrieving body her eyes landing on the now empty café. "Oh god," She jumped out the car, walking into the café her gun drawn.

"Sam?" She said quietly, her gun in her hand already aimed and ready fire if necessary. The stench of death and blood was almost to much to ignore. She was about to walk towards Dean when something grabbed her attention. Stopping suddenly, noticing something on the floor near the backdoor, she walked towards it slowly..

"Dean?" Thinking to herself that this can't be happening. "Dean come here." she said quickly, He was at her side in a second bending down touching the substance on the floor. "Sulfur." His face and voice held tons of unreadable emotion she looked up not knowing what to say.

"Sam! Sammy!" he was running out the backdoor, only to stand in the parking lot shouting "Sam? Sammy!"

She walked slowly behind Dean not wanting to startle him, putting a hand on his tension filled shoulder she looked out into the night. "We'll find him." her voice was soft and sad.

She didn't know Sam Winchester, not like she knew Dean- Not that you could say she knew ether one really. But there was something about Sam that had always made her feel distant from him. Almost as if something subconsciously was telling her to stay away.

Dean looked at Stephanie before glancing away, "We have to go," he started walking towards the Impala. "Where are we going?" she asked following him "To get help."

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