Chapter 1:Found.

Diana POV

As I walked down to the station, everyone looked at me ackwardly. They could not even tell if I was a female trying to pass as a male, a male who has some femine features, or I am a homosexual.

The train stopped. A huge boat recruiting men to come and fight in the war. I quickly climbed into the boat and walked in my cabin.

My cabin number was 501A. I knew I would have to share a cabin with a male. I don't know how I would be able to keep my identy a secert.

I found my cabin and carefully opened my door slowly with electric shots filling my body of being nervous. I needed to find him.

Lo and behold, I saw my roomate. My draw dropped slightly of who it was.

Henry sat on the bed looking at me with such sorrow in his eyes.

"Diana is that you?" Henry said getting up to stand right in front of me.

I turned quickly to shut the door so no one could hear my confession to my love.

"Yes, Henry, it is I Diana Holland."

Henry's eyes started to dance and sparkle. His face litten up but it quickly fell.

"Diana you can't be here, its do dangerous."

"Well its to dangerous for you also. I can not live without you. On the next stop me and you should get off and get married and hide for a while and after the war is over we can head back to New York!"

"I don't know Diana."