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"I SHALL NOT MARRY HIM!" Elizabeth, princess of Gallowmere, yelled at her father.

"He'll be a great provider, Elizabeth. He's a prince, you know I can only marry you off to princes" King Peregrin tried telling his daughter.

"I don't want a provider or a prince! I want a man, a good man! Someone who loves me for me, not my power!" Elizabeth threw her pillow at her door.

Her father gave her a disapproving look. "You are your mother's child".

With that he walked out, not sure what to do with the stubborn young woman.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth sat at her mirror and brushed her dark brown hair, trying to clear her head. Her father just didn't seem to understand, she hated princes. She hated royalty. All they wanted was her power and her body, as she was quite beautiful.

Her hair was dark chocolate colored, and her eyes reflected the finest emeralds. Her complexion was pale, as all royalty usually was, and her body itself was supple like that of a willow. All in all, she was just beautiful.

But Elizabeth was also aware that she had a strong mind and a will to match. Her mother, the late queen of Gallowmere (May God rest her soul) was the exact same way, and had taught her to be that way from a young age. The girl learned quick to keep herself strong and smart. She would not be traded like a cow for a man's benefit. She wasn't an animal or prize to be won, but it seemed as if her father didn't care. Too bad she was right about that. Her happiness never mattered to her father…not since her mother died.

She barely got to sleep that night. Her anger at her father kept her awake, but in the morning, things seemed better to her. King Peregrin had called off the engage to yet another prince. But not for her. It turned out that the people did not want a foreigner to rule as her king. It was to be this ruling that would bring her one true love to her.

So once again, the young woman was dressed nicely in a dress that highly resembled her eyes and made them stand out. She was to be presented to knights and nobles and lords today, so she had to look pleasing.

"And now her royal highness, Princess Elizabeth" the herald announced the girl's arrival.

She walked gracefully to her throne, which was next to that of her father, ready for another boring match making session. While her father wasn't looking or paying attention to her, Elizabeth rolled her eyes and sighed in annoyance.

After several made their appearances before the royals, a family of three men approached the thrones, looking humble and loyal. One was a middle aged man with graying brown hair and dark blue eyes. Next to him was a young man who resembled him, but was also a little older than Elizabeth. She couldn't see the other man, who stood behind the oldest of the three.

"Your Majesty" the old man looked to her father, "Your Highness" he looked to Elizabeth, "May I present my son, Aiden Fortesque. He's my oldest and bound to be most successful. As you know, he's a part of your guard, your majesty".

"It's an honor to know you, Aiden. Elizabeth, don't be so…well, don't ignore the man. This one actually appears to be well fit to be your king".

Elizabeth looked at Aiden, who bowed gracefully at the waist.

"It's an honor to be in your presence, my princess" Aiden said.

"The honor is mine, Sir Aiden. I shall take you into high regards, but now I fear I grow weary of this. Father, must I see anymore? I've grown tired of this".


"Please, father. I will decide in time. But to make my choice, my mind must be clear".

"Oh…well…of course then, dear daughter. Like she said, she will take your son into high regards. Well, off you go then".

The oldest Fortesque bowed with his son and turned to walk away, but Elizabeth didn't. It was then that she got a good look at the young man who was originally behind him.

His hair was also dark, like hers, and his eyes a lovely brown. They had a special type of warmth to her, something she hadn't seen in Aiden. He looked strong, but not too strong. No, he wasn't brutish. He looked…kind, in fact.

"Wait!" Elizabeth called.

"Yes, princess?" Aiden and his father turned.

Elizabeth looked over the father's shoulder, to the other man, the youngest in the group.

"Who…who are you?" she asked him.

He looked around. "Me?" he asked modestly.

Elizabeth smiled. "Yes you. I have yet to meet you".


"Are you always this shy?".

"Daniel…my name is Daniel".

"Daniel…I like it. Please, tell me, are you here with the same ambitions as your brother?".

"I was actually kinda dragged here".

"You idiot boy! You know better, show manners to your princess. Bow to her!" his father yelled at him.

"Enough!" Elizabeth yelled, "Let the boy speak. Formalities are really not that important right now" she turned to her father, "May he stay here for now, father?".

"Well…" the king looked to his daughter and then at the family, "I guess he can for another hour. But then he shall return home".

Elizabeth smiled. "Come to the gardens with me, Daniel. We'll talk there".

She stood, approached Daniel, took his hand, and led him outside, and thus was the beginning of a love story that would last beyond time…

A/N: This isn't the end. I originally meant this to be a one shot, but I'll make it a short story, how's that? See ya later!