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Two years later…

Elizabeth had become a fine, beautiful of twenty in the two years her squire was gone. She had been given many accounts of men who wished to marry her, but so far, her defenses remained firm. No one but Daniel was to have her, and she was about to break that unwritten promise.

But still, her father insisted on her marrying his older brother, Sir Aiden, who she had grown to dislike even more over the years. Father and daughter constantly bickered, often with her winning in the end. She wasn't about to let that snarling wolf of a night take what wasn't his. Like said, she wasn't a prize to be won.

So one day, Elizabeth snuck out of her family's palace down to the market, where many rumors started about a certain knight growing in popularity and greatness.

"They say he can take on any monster, any villain. I wonder if he'll be interested in taking on Zarok".

Elizabeth cringed slightly. Zarok was a sorcerer who was plaguing her father's realm and he was proving to be a major problem. He had once been invited to court once, and King Peregrin had the impression that he was a great man, but Elizabeth was ever suspicious of him. Regardless, the princess in disguise continued to listen to the beggar's talk, trying to figure out who it was they spoke of.

"He has to come back. This is home land. It'd be almost treacherous if he didn't".

"Excuse me…what is the name of this knight you speak of?" Elizabeth asked.

The beggars faced her, but didn't recognize her. "Don't you know you silly girl? Well…I suppose not. The knight goes by the name of Fortesque, he's the brother of our current champion, you know".

"So he is…" Elizabeth maintained her composure, but her heart was racing. Her beloved knight was coming back to her.

"Well…we hope he decides to come back. Gallowmere needs a hero like him nowadays, wouldn't you say?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Oh, most definitely".

She couldn't stay long. Her father would wonder where she was. "I must go. Thank you for telling me".

"Oh no need to thank us. Say, you look a bit like Princess Elizabeth. Has anyone ever told you that?"

"Several people actually. Good bye now".

Elizabeth left back to the palace, heart skipping as she went along. She couldn't believe it.

"Dear god, if it by thy will, bring me my knight back…please"…

"Why must you be so stubborn, child?!" King Peregrin asked again, like he had done almost every night for two years, "What's so wrong with Sir Aiden?"

"I don't love him, father! I keep telling you that and you don't seem to understand!"

"He's our country's champion! What isn't there to love?! He has nothing but love for you!"

"I feel only for one man…and that man left two years ago and I said I'd wait for him. I will wait until the end of time if it be necessary!"

"Daniel left two years ago! What makes you so sure he's coming back?"

"I know he will! He has to! His homeland is in danger of being conquered by some madman! To not come back would be treason!"

"What if he's dead?! Hm…what if he is?!"

Elizabeth went pale with anger. "Don't you ever say that…DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT!"

"You little, disobedient girl!" Peregrin knocked her to the floor, "You dare yell at your father and king?! Do you not understand that I have the powers of life and death over you?!"

"If you order me dead, what will you have then?! I know Daniel's coming back! There's no doubt in mind or in my heart! He will return and I will marry him!"

Furious, the king left his daughter alone. Though she had sounded strong before, she knew that there was a possibility that he wouldn't be able to come back. If Daniel was now as great as the commoners said he was Zarok would undoubtedly try to kill him on his way to Gallowmere. If he died…then what would SHE have? Nothing…nothing but emptiness.

"I will die if he does and that will be the end of it"…

About a week after the rumors of Daniel started, the king held a feast in honor of the older Fortesque brother. But this was the night of fate, the one true fate of a princess and her knight.

As the celebrations were at the highest point of merriment, a shadowy figure appeared in the palace against the doors. It was a man, Elizabeth could tell, but she couldn't see his face. The figure removed his hood as he kneeled before Elizabeth and Peregrin.

"My king and princess…I have returned after two long years of training to become a knight. I have returned back to a different Gallowmere, one shadowed by pain and death. I know the cause of your country's misery and I'm here to put an end to it".

"And who might you be, sir?" Peregrin asked.

"Permission to rise, your majesty?"

"Permission granted".

The man stood and everyone could see him a lot more clearly. He had dark chocolate colored hair, like her, lively brown eyes that glowed softly. He looked kind for a knight, almost like…

"But it couldn't be…could it?" Elizabeth wondered.

"Impossible!" Aiden rose from his seat, "How dare you show your face around here again!"

"Peace, Sir Aiden. And your name, sir?" Peregrin asked.

"I am…Sir Daniel Fortesque and I've come to save my homeland from Zarok".

Elizabeth stood. "Sir Daniel?" she asked almost desperately.

"Yes, my princess?"

"Is it really you?" Elizabeth asked as she walked over to him. She touched his face ever so gently; as if afraid she was only seeing things.

He grabbed her hand and put it to his lips. "Yes, it is".

Elizabeth couldn't help it. She let the joyous tears fall and let her dearest love embrace her, much to the dislike of Aiden. But he was far from her mind right now. Right now, the only man for her was her knight, and he had finally returned to her after two long years…

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