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Meghan, Bethany and Lucy Hampton were three sisters. They lived with their mom in a small town in England called Worthing, as their father had died when they were young. The Hamptons were a very close family and there was not a secret in the house... well, sometimes there was...

Meghan Hampton was the eldest, aged eighteen. Meghan had her father's light brown hair with green eyes. She was the smallest out of the girls, but she was little and good; yes, Meghan was fairly innocent, and was always complimenting her family and friends. Despite being the oldest, it was usually Lucy she would go to for advice.

Meghan had been bullied in the past, which she kept from her family. It knocked her self-esteem, but a new start was seeming like an ideal place to find herself again. Especially with her newly-found singing voice...

Lucy Hampton was seventeen, born just eleven months after Meghan. Lucy also had her father's hair, but her eyes, like her grandfather's had done, changed colour from blue, to green, to blue with a hint of brown. She was fairly tall, with incredibly long legs, which didn't really come from either parents.

Lucy was the boy expert. She had never understood why a few boys at once were after her, especially as they were never really her taste; well there was one boy she had loved, but she had been left with her heart in two, and put on a brave face for her sisters. Her secret was her feelings. She found them hard to let out, so she wrote songs about experiences and kept them hidden in a songbook under her pillow...

Bethany Hampton was sixteen, born a year after Lucy. She had her mother's long, blonde curls and sparkling blue eyes. Beth, despite being the youngest, was also the tallest, which made it difficult for her to find clothes and boyfriends.

Although she was confident, her height seemed to knock her down a little, especially as she was still looking for a boyfriend. A few boys had shown interest, but these boys she only saw as friends, so she was still awaiting for her first kiss; not that her sisters knew that of course. She just nodded along when they spoke about boys, like she knew all about it. She was just waiting for the right guy... preferably a musician that she could show off her amazing voice to...

The girls all loved fashion, and music was their life. In fact, their favourite band was called JONAS. They had seen them perform in concert in London twice, once in front of a crowd of three thousand, being eleven rows away from the stage, and the second at a venue for twenty thousand, where the girls had sneakily snuck to the front of the stadium, against the barriers, thanks to Meghan's flirting skills.

The second concert, despite being bigger, was definitely their favourite, as they girls were sure the boys had sung to them. But then again, the rest of the crowd were probably thinking the same thing. Though they had touched Joe and surely that meant something, right?

These boys were their idols. Their inspirations. Bethany desperately wanted to sing with Nick, Meghan wanted to get onstage and rock out and Lucy wanted them to see her songs; of course, they never told each other that. They only discussed the music, the fashion and the talent.

Now, the girls were one step closer to the boys, but they had no idea. They were moving to New Jersey, into Jersey cottage with their mom's fiance. The house was a beautiful cream colour with brown wooden shutters surrounding every window. There were flowers everywhere, and there was a balcony, which each of the girls' rooms led onto.

But this is only one-side of the story...


So who were JONAS?

JONAS were a boy-band from New Jersey, made up of Kevin (18), Joe (18) and Nick (16). Their best friend, Stella, was their fashionista and childhood friend, who had always felt something more for Joe, not that he knew it. They all attended high-school together, when they weren't on tour or recording songs in their home, an old fire station.

So far the boys had taken on the USA, and recently, England too, but they were destined to go far. Just, once they had all graduated their high school.

"No tours until you're finished! You need an education!" Their mother had told them.


"First day of school, girls, get up!" Their mom's fiance, Mark, yelled from the corridor.

There was a groan from each of the rooms.

Meghan was the first to get up. She put on her version of the school uniform; the mandatory blue plaid skirt, a white short-sleeved blouse with grey waistcoat, the school tie, white long socks with a blue stripe around the top, black court shoes, a black belt and her jewellery; yes, Meghan loved to accessorise, but one accessory she was never without was her small, silver purity ring.

Lucy woke up next, falling out of her bed as she tried to get up, but this was nothing new for the clumsy girl. She sighed and put on her school uniform; the blue plaid skirt, a white short-sleeved ruffle blouse, grey knee-high socks, her pale blue tie and grey cardigan (which had the school crest on it), her black boots and a silver bracelet with a heart charm from her ex-boyfriend.

Bethany finally got up and put on her uniform; high-waisted navy skirt with braces, white shirt, the school tie, a purple blazer with the school crest, black leather shoes, her bracelet and her 'love' ring.

The girls all grabbed their school bags and hurried downstairs.

"I made you girls toast." Their mom smiled, walking over with a plate.

They each grabbed a slice, and headed for the door.

"Aren't you gonna sit and eat?" Mark frowned.

"No time." Meghan replied.

"Have a good day." Their mom waved as they hurried out of the frontdoor and climbed into Meghan's car.

"Lucy, seriously, when are you gonna learn to drive?" Beth asked from the back.

Lucy rolled her eyes. "When God stops turning on me."

"He isn't turning on you, Lu. You need faith is yourself." Meghan replied.

"I fell out of bed this morning and whilst packing my satchel, I got a papercut." She pointed at the plaster on her finger.

"Well, we don't call you Falling Danger for nothing." Beth giggled.

"Here we are. Horace Mantis Academy." Meghan said, pulling up into a parking lot.

Lucy choked on her toast. "Woah, this place is cool!"

"Not really.. in England, we'd be at college." Beth pouted, finishing her breakfast.

Meghan brushed the crumbs off her skirt and climbed out of the car.

Lucy smiled as some boys went past. "Hellooooo American boys!"