Royal Flush…


Life is a gamble…like a game of cards.

Sometimes you are handed a deck where you never had a chance at winning

Sometimes no matter how dismal your hand may seem, there is the slim possibility that you could win

Sometimes you have no one to play with, therefore no chance of winning

Sometimes you play too much, think maybe next time you'll win, but you don't and yet you keep trying to win

Sometimes you had it all, all the cards were in your favor, victory was at your fingertips, but then by some cruel twist of fate you didn't win

LIFE doesn't play fair.

LIFE always has the winning hand…

(A Royal Flush)

This is the story of five people

Who gambled (willingly or not)

Against life & fate…and lost.

Fate handed them a pretty shitty deck. This is the story of how they deal with it.

[A/N: A huge thanks to my once beta Skyler-A-Teloiv and my new beta audi katia!]

[A/N 2: Rated M for intense description, drug use, sexual tension, and language.]

[DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, not even the chapter titles haha.]