A/N: Shibuki is the leader of Waterfall in the second OAV and Fuu is the Nanabi jinchuuriki (from Waterfall).


She pauses at the door.

"You sure you don't want to come, Shibuki?"

He tries not to look like he's scared of the storm outside. Waterfall doesn't get them often so she seizes every chance she can get and always asks him to join her.

"I have paperwork to catch up on."

She eyes him knowingly.

"You have no idea what you're missing."

And then she goes out into the storm.

He tries to read a stack of papers concerning some new houses that are being built for ten minutes before giving up.

The rain isn't heavy enough that he has trouble making out her form through the window. She's standing in the rain, head tilted towards the sky.

In the distance, there's a crack of thunder. He counts the seconds before the next one and realises that the storm is almost on top of them.

Lightning flashes suddenly and he sighs. He knows what's coming next and really wishes she wouldn't do this because it nearly gives him a heart attack every time. She holds her arms up to the sky and lightning dances along them. A nearby tree smoulders from a strike and there's a smile on her face.

He turns back to his paperwork, this time on the Academy supplies of practice kunai, as she starts splashing about in a puddle.

There's a knock on the door and he fetches a towel before answering it. She's soaked to the skin and her short hair is plastered against her head but her grin is bright as she accepts the towel.

"You know, you don't have to look away every time."


Is she teasing him? More importantly, does she have any idea how much he'd see? Her outfit is revealing enough as it is but when it's soaked...
There's a reason why 'just a friend' is his mantra even though she's really quite pretty and they have lived together for a while... He tries to focus on what she's saying.

"So then I said we should really teach the Academy students how to prank their teachers on the first day back..."

She looks at him as she trails off.

"I was listening. Really."

"No, you weren't. You would have been spluttering more if you had."

She smiles.

"I'll forgive you though if..."

"If what?"

Her ifs are never good for him.

She winks. Definitely not good for him.

"If you stand still for a moment."

She leans forward, having managed to invade his personal space suddenly, and presses her lips against his briefly.



"I can be really oblivious sometimes, can't I?"

"Even the Academy students noticed."

He looks at her, horrified.


She's leaning over a stack of papers. He gives her a second towel hurriedly and she wraps it around her head.

"Hmm? Did you want help with that paperwork?"

"You can have all of it, and my position, any day."

He sighs, glancing at the piles which seem to multiply every time he takes his eyes off them, and picks a sheet at random.

"You'd have a revolt on your hands if I became leader."

"It wouldn't be on my hands though."


She glances out the window.

"The storm's gone."

"There'll be another one."


She smiles and he returns it.

Just a bit of pointless fluff.

The lightning thing comes from the fact the Nanabi is a kabutomushi (Japanese rhinoceros beetle). They're often linked to lightning because their horns resemble a lightning rod a bit. Bizarrely, my original (when her appearance was the only thing known about her) idea for Fuu's abilities also involved lightning.