*IMPORTANT* In this version Katniss CANNOT volunteer to save Prim. It's against the law. This also means no Careers so *YAY* But booo because Prim's in. Read and find out what happens!

Katniss P.O.V

"And may the odds ever be in your favor," Effie Trinket, our districts representative, says in an overly chipper tone. My anger at the capital and fear of someone I love being chosen is mixes together into an indescribable feeling. "Ladies first!" she says. She reaches her hand into the glass bowl holding the names of every female in the district between the ages of 12 and 18. I bit my lip so hard it started bleeding. My hands gripped my dress fiercely. Effie pulled out a thin piece of paper with the name of the female District 12 tribute.

"Prim Everdeen!" she says cheerfully. My heart dropped to the ground. The world was spinning.

"NO!" I screamed. Every head turned in my direction. My heart was pounding in my chest. I looked up and met what looked like a million eyes. I paid no attention to anyone and quickly broke out of the ranks of the rest of the 16 year old girls. "Please, there has to be a way to save her," I said desperately. I had done everything to keep her safe. I had signed up for teserae and refused to let her. My name was in the ball 20 times. Hers was in once. The odds were in her favor. How could this happen? I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Gale, my best friend and hunting partner. He shook his head. I must be breaking so many laws, I thought to myself. Effie looked at me, her brightly colored hair stirred by the light wind. Gale pulled me away. "Please," I said. "Can you please let me go in instead of her. I'll do anything." Effie just stared at me. I don't think she understood. She was from the capital. There's no way she could.

"I'm sorry miss, but that's against the rules." I tried to hold back the tears that threatened to pour out of my eyes. I had to be strong. For Prim's sake. I let Gale drag me back to my age group and I reluctantly stayed put. Prim was already standing on the stage. I looked up and caught her eye. There were tears running down her cheeks. She stared at me with her frightened eyes. My ears were buzzing so it took me a minute to realize Effie was about to announce the male tribute, the guy who was going to be fighting to kill my sister.

"Peeta Mellark!" Effie said. My head whipped around. He was the other tribute? I saw him walk up to the stage wide eyed. Oh no. Not him. The boy who saved my sisters life was now going to be forced to kill her.