Marriage idea from NCISFanTiva4ever

"Look what I got from a toy machine!" Kate called, running in.

"Kate, it's not a show-and-tell day." Gibbs said. "Any toys have to stay in your cubby, or on my desk."

"Please?" She pouted.

"Those are the rules, kiddo. Sorry."

"Fine, I'll put it in my cubby." She folded her arms and marched to put her toy away.

"Mister Teacher, when's the next show-n-tell day?" She called from across the room.

"Come over here and I'll tell you." She sighed and walked to his desk.

"When's the next show-n-tell day?"


"When's that?"


"Okay." The rest of the day went smoothly, besides Kate being over-protective of her cubby.

"Look what I got from a toy machine!" Kate called, running in.

"What is it?" The kids gathered around.

"I got a wedding ring!" She announced.

"Can you get it out?"

"No, but grown-ups can. Let's ask Mister Teacher." The group ran over to his desk, faces eager. Grinning, he held out his hand. Kate passed him the plastic capsule and he popped it open. Inside was a gold plastic ring with a pink plastic heart on top. He passed it to Kate and everyone peered at it closely. Tony quickly wrote off a wedding ring as being a 'stupid girl toy' and began playing with the blocks. Ziva joined him, followed by Jimmy and Timmy. Abby and Kate realized they were the only ones still looking at it.

"I have some toy rings at my house, I could bring 'em and we could play wedding." Abby offered.

"Okay!" Kate agreed. "Who's gonna marry?"

"I dunno. Do you want to marry?"

"Nuh-uh. Do you want to marry?"


"Hey, you guys!" Kate yelled. "Who wants ta' marry Abby?" The boys looked at each other.

"I will." Timmy said, being uncharacteristically brave.

"Yay!" Abby cried. "I get ta' marry Timmy!" She ran and hugged him, falling to the floor. "I'm sorry, Timmy!" She helped the boy up. "Do you still wanta marry me?"

"Yeah." He grinned.

"Who's gonna be the marry-er?"

"My brother prob'ly can." Said Ziva. "He's in 3rd Grade."

"Nuh-uh." Jimmy replied nervously. "Big kids are scary."

"I'll tell him to be nice."

"Can we do it tomorrow at recess?"

"Sure." Ziva shrugged.

The kids came in the next day very excited. Abby and Kate were especially giggly, and Tim seemed more shy than usual. They coloured paper snowflakes to hang in the hallway for the morning, then lunch and naptime. During recess, Gibbs saw them all crowded around the swings with a child decidedly older than them. Gibbs ambled closer and overheard some of their conversation.

"Do you, Abby, take this boy, to have and to hold, for sickness and health, till death do you part?"

"I do."

"Okay, put the rings on."

"Which finger?"

"I don't care, wherever they fit. Ready?"



"You may now kiss the bride." Gibbs watched them lean close.

"EW! You actually kissed!" Tony shouted. "That's gross!" The older boy ran off to play with his friends and Gibbs returned to his spot watching the playground with Ducky.