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Confidence and Cancer

Haruhi Fujioka walked awkwardly towards class. Her peers were staring as she passed, even some teachers. She felt her face flame red. She had on a purple knit hat to hide her head. Tamaki's father had allowed her to wear the hat just for today. Once she made it past all the people, she ran towards music room three. She opened the door, and rose petals floated out. "How do they do that?" She thought to herself as she walked inside. The first thing she saw was the Host Club dressed as Kabuki Dolls.

They all had white face makeup with pulled back pony tails. The twins were wearing matching blue and white uniform that was traditional for Kabuki. Honey-Sempai was wearing a dark red one, with one little pony tail sticking out right on top of his head. Mori and Kyouya had on opposite colors, purple and yellow, and finally, Tamaki wearing all white. She stared. "Kabuki, Really?" She added some sarcasm to her voice. But no one answered. They were all trying to stifle laughs from staring at Haruhi's hat. "Quit Laughing!" She yelled at them, her tone serious now. They all stopped, and really looked at her. Her face was pale, and sunken in.

They couldn't see any tendrils of hair peeking out. Honey walked up to her. "Are you alright Haru-Chan?" He asked innocently, holding out his bunny to her. She smiled half heartedly at him and turned to face the others. "..Guys, over summer vacation, I got sick, so my dad took me to the doctor, who then referred me to the hospital for some tests. It turns out I have.."

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