After a while, Haruhi decided to attend school. After she came back, the days at Ouran were awkward, to say the least. Haruhi wanted to avoid the host club as much as possible, until she decided to tell them the news. She planned intricate, but true, excuses to get her out of club activities. Doctor appointments took up most of her time after school, and the hosts weren't about to make her skip one. Her father had been taking off work to spend more time with her. He even got paid leave, since they knew how hard it was for them financially. But today, Haruhi was going to tell them. She had too. Every day, she was feeling more and more run down, and knew that in a week or two, she'd be stuck in the Hospital until her bone marrow transplant. Until a donor came along. She wouldn't be able to stay at school. And if the transplant didn't happen, she'd die. That would be it.

The last bell snapped her out of the morbid thoughts, only to be filled with the looks of sadness that would fill the hosts' faces after they learned her news. Telling them how she wouldn't be here for munch longer if the transplant didn't happen. She knew she didn't even have to tell them. They could be left in the dark. But sooner or later, they'd probably hire an investigator to check up on her. Haruhi shook her head. Honey senpai would probably stop them though. He knew what it was like to have a sick relative. One of his Aunts had been ill a few years ago, and Honey thought she wouldn't make it. She made a miraculous recovery. He had mentioned this to Haruhi when she first told the hosts about her Leukemia, as an encouragement for her to get better. Haruhi, though, didn't think she'd fair as well as the aunt. Even if she did make it to the Surgery, every preparation for the surgery could kill her. She'd need radiation to wipe out the cancerous cells in her marrow, and kill the healthy ones to allow the new marrow to grow. With no bone marrow until the operation, she'd have an increased risk of infection. With no bone marrow, she could die of a simple infection. She wouldn't be allowed visitors, since she'd be in isolation. Alone, besides special nurses and doctors allowed in the room.

As these new thoughts swirled around in Haruhi's head, she realized she'd reached Music Room 3. The shiny brass handle made her nervous, but she grabbed it anyways. Quietly, and slowly, she pushed the door open, relieved to find the hosts going about normal business. There were no guests today. Probably just business stuff. Hikaru and Kaoru were playing a game in the corner, while Mori and Honey Senpai sat at a table, eating sweets. Kyoya Senpai was busy at his computer while Tamaki spouted out rambling thoughts. She quietly walked to the couch, and placed her bag down. She took a deep breath, and let herself be known.

"Guys? Can I call a quick meeting?" Haruhi twiddled her thumbs in front of her, as the other members made their way over, sitting down. Worried looks were already on their faces, and Haruhi didn't know if she could do it. Tears started to form, and Tamaki was the first to jump. "Are you alright?" He asked, placing his hand on her shoulder. She shoved him off. "No! I'm not! I'm..I'm going to die if I don't get the transplant! Our insurance doesn't cover it, and they haven't found a donor." She plopped on the couch, covering her face. 'I shouldn't have told them..' She thought, as she felt the arms of the guys wrap around her, save for Kyoya. He wasn't too keen on touchy feely things. Honey's little face scrunched up into her shoulder, and Tamaki pulled her close. "We'll help you. We are always here to help." He said quietly, but Haruhi shook her head no, and pulled away again. "No, it's too much! After adding up pre-transplant, the procedure, and afterward, it's over two hundred thousand dollars." She explained. "I can't let you guys pay for that!" She knew they had the money. She knew anyone of them would have it in their pockets. But she couldn't ask for anything else. They'd all helped her at some point, but this, this was too much. She grabbed her bag, and ran out of the room. Hikaru was the first to react, and went after her. The other hosts sat there, in disbelief. "Why doesn't Haru-chan want our help?" Honey asked. Kyoya gave him his answer. "She thinks we're going to add it to her debt." He said, crossing his arms. "And she's too proud to accept that kind of help."

"Haruhi! Haruhi, wait!" Hikaru cried out, chasing Haruhi down the halls. She stopped before she got to the stairs, and slid to the floor, crying. He came up, and grabbed her in a hug. "Ssh.." He whispered, trying to calm her down, but she pushed against him. "You guys can't help on this.."

"Yes, we can. We can!" He assured her.

Haruhi looked at him, exasperated. "It's not even about the money anymore! If I don't find a donor in a few weeks, there won't be any time left to do the transplant! I'll be in the hospital, probably by next week! There aren't any matched donors!" She started to cry again, but Hikaru wouldn't have it. "Haruhi, We aren't...I'm not going to let you die. We'll find somebody. I promise." He gave her the most serious look he could, and she sunk into his arms, believing him.

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