Hey! I changed my pen name from Krissy Loves EVERYONE to this one. Sorry I was in Europe for a bit and couldnt write. But! I did write this except on paper! Hope you like it! This takes place right after Edward left and Bella is still in the forest, lost!

Chapter 1

He left.

Those two words came crashing down on me, causing violent tears to run down my face as the memories returned.

He left.

I grabbed my head, rocking back and forth on the forest floor,wishing, that somehow, the memories would disappear.

He left.

I felt a whole open in my heart, tearing me apart. I found it harder to breathe, to move, to forget. It was impossible for me to forget. The love of my life left me here, heartbroken

He left.

He told me he didn't love me all along. He wanted a distraction, to forget who he was, but he found it boring and useless. He also told me what his family thought of me.

"Alice just wanted a barbie, Jasper wanted a toy so he could mess around with their emotions, Emmett wanted entertainment. Rose thought it would be fun to tease a human about her beauty, Carlisle just wanted to experiment. And Esme... she just wanted to feel like she had a daughter. No one loved you, Bella. No one wanted you. No one ever will." and with that he ran off.

He left. They Left.

More tears streaked down my face while I remembered them. They all seemed so loving, so caring. But they had over a century to be the perfect actors. They tricked you, Bella.

I wrapped my arms around my stomach, trying to keep as one. All the pieces of my heart, of me, trying to scatter, yet they couldn't. I ha.d to keep strong for..for Charlie. But another memory came up.

"Charlie was in on this Bella. He didnt love you either. He thought it would be fun to break you. Dont even ask about the Blacks, too. Especially Jake." he said emotionless.

I let out a cry with so much sorrow and pain in it, it seemed to call the rain forth. At first, it started lightly, slowly gaining its strength to full out pour.I was soaked in a matter of minutes. My clothes clung to my skin, making me shiver violently. I closed my eyes, letting myself become colder and colder.

Maybe this is how I die....I thought carelessly. I was already dead on the inside, why not be completley dead?

I thought about this for a couple of minutes, hoping I would die, but sleep rushed over me, pulling me into its darkness.