Background Info: While watching the episode of TSL On Deck, Maddie On Deck, I was thinking about the relationship between Cody and Maddie. It always seemed more likely to me that Cody and Maddie could end up together more so than Zack and Maddie. It just seemed that Zack and Maddie were just really good friends, but it would never get passed that. Even after Maddie kissed him in the TSL on deck MOD episode, I don't believe that it was an oh-I-love-you type kiss, but just a friendly kiss that Maddie knew would give Zack confidence to keep her from being married to an 8 year old. When she smirked after kissing him, it just made sense.
This story will focus on mostly Maddie's and Cody's thoughts when Maddie arrives and interacts with everyone on the S.S. Tipton. It will take place with some of the scenes that occurred in the episode but will have alterations and additions for the sake of my story.

This was originally going to be a one-shot, but it ended up being 7,500+ words so I decided to split it up... now it's a two-shot! Enjoy!

Copy right infringement not intended for any characters, tv show situations and ideas that belong to Disney. I do not own Disney's TSL/TSLOD nor any Disney character or Disney affiliates.

Everything else related to the plot is from my own imagination.

~ You Were Always There ~

The S.S. Tipton cruise ship was abuzz with movement, as it is everyday, with workers shuttling back and forth and passengers lounging in and around the pool area. Today was different though, because London Tipton was not lounging in one of the many chaises, but trying to put up a large banner to welcome her best friend from Boston. She turns around from putting the finishing touches on her sign and faces Cody who just walked up to her with a confused expression written on his face.

"Look! I made a welcome back sign!" London exclaimed in a high pitch, excited voice to Cody while pointing to her sign that showed her name 'London Tipton' in big block letters.

Trying to humor the naive heiress, Cody answered sarcastically looking from the banner to London, "Oh yeah, I guess I do see Maddie's name," Cody bends over to look at the small words 'Welcomes Maddie' beneath London's name, "if I squint really hard." "Typical London. This is no way to welcome Maddie back. I guess we shouldn't have really expected anything more since this is London. I hope Maddie arrives soon. She'll get to see the new and improved Cody... without the restrictions of a sweater vest!" Cody thought to himself as London made a face at his comment.

A few feet away, Bailey was starting to walk in front of one of the hot tubs, being greeted by an anxious Zack.

"Is Maddie here yet?" Zack approached Bailey wearing a clean shirt and wringing his hands while anxiously looking around the ship for any sign of Maddie. He had been excited as everyone, or more so, that Maddie would be coming on the cruise ship for a few days, after all, she is the girl he has had a crush on since the very first day he, Cody, and his mom arrived at the Tipton.

"No she's not," Bailey answered slightly frustrated for she had been bombarded with Zack's frequent questioning of Maddie's whereabouts. Zack groaned slightly, getting frustrated with having to wait.

Cody, trying to find any excuse to get out of talking with London and listening to some convoluted reason as to why her sign was so great, noticed Zack talking with Bailey and began to walk over to them.

As he got closer he heard Zack answer a question that Bailey had asked him with an accomplished look on his face.

"Soap," Zack said, "That stuff actually works. Now Maddie will never let go of me when she arrives." He pulled out a foul smelling sandwich from his pocket and started eating while Cody winkled his nose in disgust.

"Ugh," Cody exclaimed holding his hand against his nose as he, along with Bailey, backed a couple steps away from Zack, "That depends on what you put in that sandwich!"

Shrugging his shoulders, Zack answered, "who knows? I just pulled it out of my underwear drawer." Cody, Bailey, and London, who had just come over from her banner, all let out a disgusted chorus of "ew" as they followed Bailey to a nearby table where she put her purse down.

"You know, I'm surprised Maddie could afford a vacation like this," Bailey said facing Cody to her left with Zack on her right, "London's always telling me how tragically poor she is."

"Well, she saved up her baby sitting money," Cody said with a smile remembering how she used to look after him and Zack in their suite to try and keep them out of trouble.

"And her candy counter tips," Zack added with a complacent look, thinking of how he would always greet her with a 'sweet thang' everyday

"And all the change from between her couch cushions," Cody finished and excitedly added, "and finally had enough money---"

"--for the bus ticket to the airport," Zack concluded with his hand moving from one place to another.

"So I paid for her flight to get here!" London exclaimed then added with a sweep of her hand and naive smile on her face reminding everyone that she's an heiress, "Coach of course, wouldn't want her to feel left out."

"I really hope Maddie gets here soon," Cody thought, "I want to take her to the ship's planetarium. It will be so much fun viewing it with her. The only other time I went was with my entire class and Zack was burping every few seconds and Bailey and I were in constant competition of who knows more. I like Bailey, but I just wish I can hang out with her without always comparing our knowledge. I love being with Maddie since we both don't have to prove to the other that we know stuff, we can just... hang out. Maddie was such a good friend. I wonder when she'll arrive?" Cody finished his thoughts just as Moseby approached the group and they all gave him a weird look by the way he was descending down one of the ship's outdoor staircases in an elated state and dance.

Shaking his head to clear the awkwardness of the group stare down, Mr. Moseby addressed the teens, "I have just gotten word that Madeline is on the gang plank as we speak."

"ooh!" London exclaimed excitedly as soon as Moseby finished speaking, "I'm going to take her shopping right away!"

"No you're not," Zack interrupted her happy dance and pointed to himself, "I'm going to take her to dinner--"

Cody spoke up receiving a scoff from Zack, "After I take her to the ship's planetarium!" "Just because Zack has had a crush on her since the day we met her does not give him the right to hog all of her time. I deserve some time with Maddie too!" Cody thought as everyone began to argue and talk over everyone else.

Little did they know that Maddie was starting to walk down the main stairs located behind where they were standing. Being preoccupied with trying to voice what they wanted, no one heard Maddie announce her presence on the boat as she descended the stairs and onto the floor.


Maddie was so excited to finally be going on a cruise. Since her family was not very financially wealthy, she had been denied many a luxurious vacation. As she approached the group consisting of Mr. Moseby, London, Zack, Cody, and Bailey, she could not help but notice how tall the twins had gotten. Before they left, she was about the same height as Cody (since he is taller than Zack) if not a little bit taller. Now, both Zack and Cody seemed to be taller than her. She tried to gain the attention of Mr. Moseby since she was closest to where he was standing,

"Hellooo?" Maddie asked as she walked around cruise ship manager trying to make her presence known. "Okay... that worked well..." Maddie thought to herself sarcastically, "I'll go around the other side..."

Maddie was in back of London and tried to get her's or Cody's attention, "guys?" she said frowning as she made her way around the whole group. "I'll try getting Zack's attention. His little crush on me is probably still eminent..."

"Zack?" Maddie asked hopefully as she tried to poke his shoulder, only to be met with a brush of Zack's arm, who was too engrossed in the heated argument. "hmph. Okay that didn't work. I guess Zack has changed since he left the Tipton. I'll walk back around the other side."

As Maddie turned around and began to walk back towards the other side of the group, she heard some of the arguing going on between the group.

"Why don't we give her a chance to relax and unpack?!" Mr. Moseby exclaimed getting frustrated. "oh! They're talking about me! They do care!" Maddie thought as she smiled wide, only to be brought out of her reverie,

"Unpack what? She doesn't have any luggage!" London answered dismissively, as this was common behavior for her. Hearing this, Maddie looked toward London from previously looking straight ahead, with a bemused expression... however it's not like any one noticed though, as they were still busy proving their point.

As Maddie stopped walking and faced the group on the other side of Mr. Moseby, which was where she had started before, Bailey spoke up above the rest, "Why don't we just flip a coin!?" She clapped her hands once with a large smile, knowing it was a good idea.

"Good idea!" Moseby exclaimed then gave an exasperated sigh when London asked if anyone had a coin.

"Oh, this will be fun," Maddie thought smiling and said while holding up a coin in her right hand, "I do!"

"Thank you Maddie," Moseby said taking the coin from her and turning around, then noticing with everyone else what he just said,

"Maddie!" they all exclaimed and rushed to greet her, London pushing her way forward to get to Maddie first as Mr. Moseby got out the way and to the other side.

"London, so good to see you!" Maddie exclaimed as she hugged her best friend, as she was genuinely excited to see London since they have had fun times together in Boston.

Still smiling, Maddie turned around and greeted Mr. Moseby, her former boss when she worked at the candy counter, "Mr. Moseby, rockin' the knee socks," Maddie said looking down at the the bright, white socks Moseby was wearing with his spotless, white shorts.

"And I've got a crest!" Mr. Moseby responded proudly showing off the emblem on his management jacket.

"I see," Maddie answered, humoring him with an excited voice. She had to keep herself from rolling her eyes, Mr. Moseby tends to get a little over excited over small things in his life.

Seeing Cody waiting a few steps away, Maddie made her way over to him with a smile on her face. "wow, Cody's not wearing a sweater vest? I remember he wore one practically everyday back in Boston. He looks good without it. He looks so much like a teenager now. He's not the little kid who jumped into my arms in Suite 613 anymore." Maddie thought.

"Hey Cody!" Maddie greeted with a smile as Cody returned one of his own, "No sweater vest?" she asked surprisingly moving her head back a bit to get a better look at Cody and what he was wearing.

"Nope!" Cody answered proudly then added with a sweep of his hand in a typical cool fashion, "That was the old Cody, this is the new, cool Cody." Maddie giggled and got ready to give him a hug. "I can't believe how much Cody's changed. He's probably---" "Ow," Maddie exclaimed as she and Cody tried to hug. Confused on what it was that hurt her, Maddie was wondering what was in Cody's pocket.

Laughing a little, "Oh, sorry, Maddie," Cody said apologetically showing an innocent smile and taking out a pen from his shirt pocket, "It was my new astronaut pen. Isn't it cool?" Cody started moving the pen in a wave like motion.

Maddie gave an amused smile, giggling a little at how Cody was still the nerdy little kid at heart, "Nice," Maddie added as she turned her head and took a step in advancement toward the others. She turned her head back around with another smile.

"And you must be Bailey," Maddie said as she approached the brown-haired girl next to London, who nodded enthusiastically, "London's new roommate. Has she given you any space for your clothes?" She added jokingly, knowing how London can be about closet space.

"I just got upgraded from a nail to a hook," Bailey answered in the same fashion, catching on to Maddie's sarcasm and laughing along.

"Nice," Maddie added as she continued to laugh, "That's London for you." Stepping away she noticed Zack waiting anxiously to greet her.

"Hey there, sweet thang," Zack greeted Maddie happily, as he looked at his crush of about 5 years, "Give me some sugar?" he asked with his arms wide for a hug

Maddie giggled, remembering all the times Zack would try to win her heart back in Boston. "Aww, I missed Zack. He always knew how to brighten my day. Although, his crush on my was annoying, it was nice to know that someone thought of me as attractive. A nice confidence booster. I should give him something back in return for being my friend through all the trials and tribulations that occurred at the Tipton," Maddie thought as she opened her arms wide in response with a warming smile, "Come here."

Zack's eyes lit up for a moment, but quickly faded away as his underwear-drawer-sandwich moved up from his stomach and his hand quickly covered his mouth, making a slight gurgling noise.

Maddie brought her arms down, contorting her smile to a confused look on her face. "Is he now repulsed by... oh! he's just throwing up in the hot tub... wait, why is he throwing up in the hot tub?" Maddie thought as Zack came back over arms outstretched and heaving a sign of relief on his nervous smile.

"I think I'll pass," Maddie said pointing her finger in the air with a disgusted look on her face. Before Zack could say anything in response, Cody gently put his arm on Maddie's shoulder, moving her slightly to the right so he can be closer to his brother.

"For future reference, you probably shouldn't store food with underpants," Cody stated matter of factly turning then turned his head, rolling his eyes at how unhygienic his brother can be. His eye rolling did not go unnoticed by Maddie who giggled at the sight, thinking about how some things will never change between the twins.

"Now that we have all said our 'Hellos' to Madeline," Mr. Moseby said after being silent after his greeting and watching Maddie greet everyone else, turned to London and Bailey, "London, why don't you and Bailey take Maddie to your room and help her get settled, and you two," he said now looking at the boys with a warning glare, "I don't want to see any mishaps when we go visit Lichtenstamp castle, understood?"

They nodded as Maddie, London, and Bailey departed for the stage floor in which their room was located.


"I'm so excited to be on this cruise ship with you guys! This is going to be so much fun!" Maddie exclaimed excitedly as the three of them walked into the dorm-like room.

"It will be just like old times!" London added, "I ask you to do something, then you do everything I say!" She ended with a big, innocent smile and her typical giggle.

"London! That is no way to treat your best friend!" Bailey scolded, shocked at London's behavior.

"Thank you," Maddie said to Bailey, "But London usually feels guilty about what she's done... eventually. Plus, she usually pays me if I don't agree the first or second time she asks. We have a very odd friendship."

"Okay. So.. where are you going to sleep?" Bailey asked Maddie, looking around her room with a contemplating look.

"Well here's my big, beautiful, bed!" London exclaimed, extending her arms in the direction of her bed then pointed to Bailey's bed, "You can sleep there."

Maddie shrugged, knowing that the bed London was pointing to was Bailey's, and opened up her bag that she had placed on the bed to get out her own inflatable bed. "Bailey," Maddie said understandingly, "I know that's your bed. I brought a bed from home, don't worry."

Seeing a deflated, green plastic thing in Maddie's hand, London looked disgustedly at it and said to Bailey in an overtly excited tone, "See, she's so poor, she sleeps on a raft!"

"London!" Bailey said in a tone that she noticed she used a lot with London these days, "They happen to make very comfortable inflatable mattresses these days."

"They do," Maddie said with a bemused expression, "But this happens to be raft." She finished, laughing at the fact that what London had said was actually correct.

After inflating Maddie's raft-bed, the three girls got to talking; Maddie and London catching up, and Bailey and Maddie finding out they share similar experiences within their families. London, having gotten extremely bored with trying to keep up with the conversation, decided to announce that she was going to the ship's spa as it was only 10:30 in the morning and they had an hour before they were going to Lichtenstamp Castle.

"Well, I'm going to get pampered, like I even need it, but I'm rich, yay me!" London said as she skipped out of the door and into the hallway.

"She must go to that spa at least once a day," Bailey commented from her spot on her bed

"Only once? Wow, she really cut down from when she lived in Boston," Maddie added, laughing as she moved over to sit on London's bed. As soon as she got comfortable, she asked,

"So, what's the school like on the ship? Do you get a lot of work or projects to do?"

Having closed her eyes to relax for a bit, Bailey snapped her eyes open, remembering something that she had to do today. She hit her forehead with her hand, "Oh my gosh! I totally forgot I was supposed to go pick up a form that my teacher had to sign for me! I'll be right back, Maddie, I just need to run down to the classroom."

Bailey hastily jumped off her bed and walked out the door of her room in the direction of the semester-at-sea classroom in search of Ms. Tutweiler. (A/N: Sorry if I spelled that wrong). Maddie was left alone in the room wondering what she should do to occupy her time for the hour before departing for Lichtenstamp Castle. She can just stay in the room and wait for Bailey to return, but that would mean sitting around doing nothing by herself, so Maddie decided to wander around the ship and explore all of what the cruise had to offer. Maybe she could find the twins and do something with them. She climbed off of the bed and made sure to grab her purse before leaving the room, she didn't expect to be coming back before going to the castle.

Maddie turned and headed down the hallway. Since she had not been on the ship for very long, she didn't know exactly where the connecting hallway was that held the elevators. Looking down the first intersection point, cautiously to make sure she would see what was down the hall, Maddie saw that there were just other rooms. Just then, she noticed a tall, slim, male who was probably a teenager, heading toward the door at the very end of the hall leading out to the bow of the ship and Maddie, wondering who it was and also what it would be like to stand at the very front of the ship, started to make her way down, forgetting momentarily about finding the elevators. The end of the hallway was a bit dark, so the guy's figure was a little silhouetted, but Maddie was still taken with his appearance of what she could see.

"That guy looked like someone around my age. His silhouette looked cute, yet familiar..." Maddie thought as she made her way down to door.

Pushing the door open, Maddie was greeted with a gust of wind, blowing a few strands of her hair over her face, and flying behind her. The view was breathtaking, looking over water and seeing the castle towering over the shoreline. As she climbed the three steps to get to the very front of the bow, she cursed herself for leaving her camera packed in her bag in the room.

The boy that she had seen in the hallway was leaning his arms on the railing looking out at the view. His hair was a nice length, a dirty blond color, and long enough to be blown back by the wind, but it was still short enough that it was a guy's haircut. Unlike Maddie, he had his camera in his hand to take pictures.

Looking at the boy, Maddie decided to make her way over and introduce herself, maybe in the traditional Maddie fashion: with a sarcastic comment to break the ice, or just a 'hi' would suffice. Since the sun was currently in front them, Maddie could not make out all of the features of the male standing a few feet away, as the sun was in her eyes and she had to constantly squint to even see in front of her. Had the sun not been there, she probably would have recognized him right away. He looked very contemplative and studious as he gazed at the castle on the shore as Maddie approached the railing. As she was about to open her mouth with a greeting, the boy turned his head around and getting a glimpse of his face, Maddie gasped softly.

"Cody?" Maddie asked thinking about how much he has grown since the last time she saw him at the Tipton hotel. "That can't be... it's Cody?... I just thought that Cody was h--?" her thoughts were interrupted by Cody

"Oh, hey Maddie," Cody said smiling after he had turned around and saw her standing there. He then noticed Maddie's eyes wide and mouth slightly agape, "Who were you expecting to see here, prince charming?" Cody asked jokingly, while still wondering why she was so shocked to see him here.

"Wh-what? oh, of course not!" Maddie responded laughing, "Do you remember when I found that cell phone at the Tipton?" Cody nodded. "Well, I've given up on finding a prince charming since then," Maddie finished in a jokingly, yet sort of serious manner.

"You must not think like that, Maddie," Cody said encouragingly as he placed his arm around her shoulders. Maddie subconsciously moved closer. "You may not be able to find a prince charming, but I think, no, I know that you will find the right guy out there for you that will fit into your permeable mold of who you want to be with." Cody ended his short speech with a wide smile showing all his pearly whites.

Returning his smile, Maddie answered with a slight chuckle, "You are such a nerd, Cody, yet so sweet. What am I going to do with you?"

"At the risk of being too... educationally gifted," Cody said sardonically of himself, receiving a look from Maddie, "I would like you to accompany me to the ship's planetarium tonight after we get back from Lichtenstamp."

"I would be honored, good sir," Maddie replied in the same fashion that she was addressed, having a hard time keeping a straight face.

"Excellent, we shall depart at 19:00 hours and--"

"Ok, Cody, now you're going a little overboard with the nerd," Maddie interrupted with her hand our in front her.

"Sorry, I'll try to tone it down. I still have the tendency to be a know-it-all," Cody apologized with an innocent smile as Maddie began talking again.

"Well, don't get rid of all your nerdiness, then you wouldn't be the same old Cody. You're one of kind," Maddie complemented pulling Cody in for a friendly hug, which didn't hurt this time as Cody had left his astronaut pen in his room, after pinching his cheek jokingly.

Both teens (Maddie is still a teen at 19 years old), feeling comfortable in the friendly embrace, held the hug for a few minutes before finally pulling away, knowing that the other will always be there when needed. For the next ten minutes, Cody and Maddie were just talking about little things from school to living on the ship, food, friends, and anything they could think of, after all they did have an hour to kill before seeing the castle. They had not seen each other in months from when Zack and Cody left to Semester at Sea at the end of the August and now, it was the end of the May and they had much to catch up on. After learning of many of the changes the other had gone through over the past eight months, Maddie and Cody settled on watching the waves from the sea wash up on the shore underneath the castle, leaving smooth shells behind as it receded as the sun continued to rise in the sky. It was all very relaxing for the two; Cody had placed his arm lightly around Maddie's shoulders again, holding his compact digital camera in the other ready to capture any picture-perfect moment that came their way. Maddie, surprised at first by this gesture which she did not see coming like the one before, smiled lightly and leaned her head down on top of Cody's shoulder in the space next to his neck. He leaned his head down as well. It was not awkward as Maddie first expected, but nice, each fitting perfectly, two friends just having fun being in the presence of the other.

"I think this deserves to be documented," Cody said holding his camera out in front of them, ready to take a picture, "Smile!" He said happily as Maddie as rolled her eyes, yet happily obliged.

Smirking for a second, Maddie thought of smiling, but didn't want to be too ordinary, so in the last second before Cody pressed down on the button of his camera, she stuck her tongue out, mocking his giddy actions in a joking response as the shutter clicked. Pulling the camera back into him, Cody pressed a button next to the screen and glanced quickly at the picture just taken.

"Maddie!" Cody exclaimed pretending to be upset

"yes?" Maddie responded opening her eyes wide and giving a sweet smile

"You did that on purpose!" Cody exclaimed in a hyperbole, laughing at the silliness of the picture, "we'll just have to take it over."

"Cody," Maddie looked at Cody, eyes challenging his over dramatics.

Shooting an innocent smile, Cody tilted his head up, and then looked at the picture in his camera and started to turn it to Maddie. "I guess it is a good picture... if you look at it at an angle, like this!" Cody tilted the camera at a forty-five degree angle, "See, now it looks like you're..." Cody began then accidentally pressed a button, changing the picture to one that he had taken a few weeks ago. Cody angled the camera screen away from Maddie, his smile growing larger, "oops... hehe, classic. You've never looked better."

"Oh thank you..." Maddie started, genuinely touched, then noticed the smirk playing on his face, "Cody, what's wrong with the picture? What did you do? " Maddie asked, staring Cody down, but Cody just shook his head with teasing smile.

"Nothin," Cody tried his innocent smile technique

"Show me that picture!" Maddie exclaimed reaching for the camera. Cody held it away from her in attempts to grab it, holding his hand way above his head which was now slightly higher than the highest point that Maddie can reach with her arm. Although Cody was evading Maddie quite well, Maddie was not giving up anytime soon, using any advantage that came her way. In their rambunctious behavior, Cody's feet became unbalanced, causing him to teeter a little in his effort to keep the camera away. Sensing a moment of weakness, Maddie put her arm around Cody, supporting herself as she leaned in and upwards with her arm, however, now they were both unbalanced, Cody tilting backward, Maddie falling with him.


"Hey, Zack! Do you know where Maddie went? When I left my room she was there, but I was just back there and she isn't there anymore," Bailey asked Zack just outside Zack's room as Zack closed his door.

"No clue, and trust me, I would know," Zack responded bluntly, before turning his lips in a confused expression, "I haven't seen Cody anywhere either, do you think he's in his room?" Zack pointed to the door across from where he and Bailey were standing.

"Hmm, that is curious. Let's check, but do you think they're together?" Bailey asked as she knocked on the door to the room Cody shared with Woody (AN: #1).

"I don't think so," Zack retorted immediately without giving a second thought, "Maddie wouldn't spend her time with Cody when she could spending it with me" Zack added a bit arrogantly as the door still remained closed, "Come on, Cody! Open the door!" He knocked forcefully on the door a few times, getting so impatient that he didn't notice when the door opened, revealing a tired looking, nose snot dripping, Woody, who was trying his best to stay awake... and upright.

"Wha-- what... is it... guys? I'm... achoo!... sick," Woody tried to say, albeit slowly due to his sickness.

"Woah! Dude, you look horrible!" Zack exclaimed earning a slap on the arm from Bailey, "Hey! You know it's true!"

Bailey glared at him before rolling her eyes. "Woody, go back to bed, but you wouldn't happen to know where Cody is, would you?"

Woody sniffed to prevent his nose from running any further, "Not a clue... achoo!... but I think Cody said something about... achoo!... taking pictures or something. I've got to go back to sleep. See you guys... achoo!" Woody gave one last sneeze before closing the door.

"Where would be a good place to take pictures?" Bailey asked Zack after a moment of silence between the two. She knew that Cody had his digital camera, as they had used it during one of the projects that they worked on together, but she didn't know where he would have gone to take pictures. He wouldn't have gone to the main deck, it was too crowded to find a good spot at this hour and it was not at the right angle to see the castle of Lichtenstamp anyway. He wouldn't have gone on the upper decks, because the best place for pictures on those decks were in the stern of the ship, away from anything worth documenting. So what did that leave... the bow? That was on this floor. Bailey smacked her forehead with her hand, gaining Zack's attention.

"Why didn't I think of that before? He's at the bow of the ship over there!" Bailey pointed in the direction of the door Maddie and Cody had entered just moments before. "It's the only logical place that he would go to take any good pictures of the castle."

Zack looked at Bailey with confusion written all over his face. "How did she come up with that?" He thought before he said, "Alright, let's go there and get him so we can get ready to leave. If I have to hear another one of Moseby's lectures on what not to do in the castle, I think I'll go insane!"

Zack and Bailey walked the few steps to the door at the end of the hallway. They pulled the door open and were temporarily blinded by the bright sun. Shielding their eyes, they each walked closer climbing the steps to get the front. Stepping a bit closer to the deck in front of the railing, Bailey and Zack removed their hands from their eyes to get a better view. And what they saw left them with mouths agape.


"woah!" Maddie exclaimed toppling over on an equally unbalanced Cody, who quickly met with the hard surface of the ship's bow deck. Maddie's face was hovering only a few centimeters above Cody's. She used her arms to push her self up a little bit, locking her eyes with those of Cody.

For the next minute, they were just staring at each other. Maddie's breath hitched in her throat and she couldn't seem to move. They were so into each other's gaze neither one noticed the two people open the door from which they had come and start walking up the steps to be closer to where the railing was located.

"What are you guys doing?!" Zack exclaimed loudly, waking the two on the ground from their trance. Maddie scrambled to get off of Cody as Cody tried to quickly sit up, each of their cheeks on fire from their previous position.

"uh, we were just..." Maddie started as she fixed invisible wrinkles on her dress, "...just chillin..." She finished, smiling warmly.

Cody watched Maddie respond with his eyebrows raised. Just chillin? Since when does Maddie say expressions like that? It's not like we were doing anything promiscuous. Who is this 'just-chillin-Maddie' and what has she done with the sarcastic, quick-witted, Maddie that I know and love? Cody thought. A few seconds passed before he reflected on what he thought.

Smirking, Maddie nodded once, then shook her head as she playfully nudged Cody's shoulder and they looked each other in the eye. Maddie winked one eye while opening her mouth to tell Cody to play along before addressing Zack and Bailey again,

"What did you think we were doing?" Maddie looked pointedly at them, her head tilted downwards, eyes looking up.

Zack was flabbergasted. He just saw them on top of each other! They shouldn't be asking him that question! "What? I just saw you on the floor... you were.... and you were... uh..what were you doing!?" Zack pointed at Cody and Maddie as he spoke before asking his question again.

Maddie turned her head to look at Cody who had rotated to face her as well. They shared a secret smile as they communicated silently in their heads (smart-people-speak as London would call it). Cody nodded in agreement and turned back to Zack, not doing well to hide his smirk as Maddie spoke again.

"What does it matter what we were doing, Zack?" Maddie stated confidently, she smirked, thinking of more to say, "We were just hanging out." That is the truth. We were just hanging out... after I realized it was Cody... but I'm sure I had more fun now than I would have with a stranger. Cody has always been fun to be with.

"Alright, I believe you, Maddie," Zack said with the same cutesy smile he had been using since he was 12 years old, although now his teeth were straighter. "So, do you guys want to head down to--"

And right as Zack started, he was interrupted by the voice of the ship's captain over the intercom with impeccable timing,

"All passengers heading ashore, you may now leave the ship. Have a nice day!"


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So what did you think of this plot around the episode? I thought of this idea while trying to complete a next chapter in A New Beginning, so I decided to write something that would not need any updates except for the split that I mentioned in aforementioned AN: pre-story.

I think this turned out pretty well. My writing seems better, however I know I have a tendency to just state what is going on in a scene instead of portraying a description for the reader to visualize it themselves. Is it alright so far?

I'm glad I wrote this as Cody/Maddie. There are not that many stories on here with this pairing so I thought I would add to the few that were there. I do not problem with Zack/Maddie (I liked the Maddie/Zack interactions in the episode/show as much as the next person) but I like Cody/Maddie so much more. Aren't we glad there is fandom to improve the canon? =D

Your reviews are always welcome as they make me very happy. I know I'm probably saying this a lot, but your reviews, whether they are just comments on what was written or criticism, help me for writing future stories, so please take the time to review. It is much appreciated. XD. (I think I say that a lot too... I've got to come up with a better line... =D)


P.S. Go listen to Ashley Tisdale's song, Masquerade! It's very catchy! (And almost all of the other songs on her album) Oh, and after that put on Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus because that song just makes you want to get up and dance.