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~ You Were Always There ~

Cody and Maddie

*scrolls by quickly*
and Zack, Bailey, Woody, Moseby, and London too.

Last Part



They had all entered the grand foyer of the castle once again. Maddie entered following the the sound of trumpets and everyone awed at her entrance. She was the center of attention... and it felt good, until Harold presented the prince himself. Smiling in anticipation for the Prince's entrance, Maddie positively glowed as she gazed toward the entry. She smiled broadly, envisioning dancing with her handsome prince, the prince dipping her smoothly and leaning in for a kiss and finally riding off gallantly on his white horse as the red hues from the sunset illuminated their path.

"Hey, sweet cheeks!"

Maddie's day dream was suddenly interrupted by a loud, prepubescent voice. She looked down at the source of the sound and her whole fantasy world dissipated when she saw a small boy with dark hair, who couldn't be more than 8, looking up at her longingly. Oh no! That can't be the prince! I have the most rotten luck ever!

"Uh... hi there," Maddie said skeptically to try to prove herself wrong, "Who are you?" Maddie bit the inside of her cheek. She knew the inevitable was coming.

"I'm Prince Jeffrey!" the little boy said puffing out his chest to appear larger and more powerful. Maddie winced before gazing at the young prince again.

Maddie stained a smile at the young boy before lifting her head to look around at her friends. She panned over London, who was examining her nails, then Zack, Moseby, and Bailey. They all were giving her pitiful looks, acting so uncomfortable like they wanted to be anywhere but here. Thanks guys, you. are. awesome. When she looked over at Cody, however, she received an 'I'm sorry, but you can get through this' smile. He looked as though he understood what she was going through since they were talking earlier. Maddie had told him she didn't want any cause for embarrassment, so he changed his clothes into something more presentable - a nice, black suit, not as formal as Zack's tux, but still appropriate as he was wearing a tie - to help Maddie out the best he can. This cannot end well for Maddie. She's going to be so disappointed... another dream gone wrong. I should do something to help later.

Maddie gave Cody an appreciative smile. She sighed, letting a long breath escape through her nose. This is going to be a lo-ong night.


"Cody! What am I supposed to do?" Maddie exclaimed on the main deck of the ship, early the next morning. Maddie had gotten up before London and Bailey so instead of trying to find a comfortable spot on her turtle raft bed, she decided to get up and ready for the day and head up to the main deck and relax in the chaise, which oddly enough, was more comfortable than the bed she brought from home. It came as a surprise, however, although she wasn't all that surprised, when she saw Cody already awake and on the main deck as well. Cody was in one of chaises as well to escape the toxic fumes from his room. When Woody is not sick, the stink he produced from the bathroom was barely tolerable, but when he is sick? Oh boy, it's hardly livable; Cody spent as little time as possible in his room before he went to sleep and got up early than normal to save his poor nose. After closing his eyes for a few minutes, he was delighted when he reopened them and saw he had company. He had smiled at Maddie and they had started chatting about the previous days events.

"I can't get married to an eight-year-old! This is insane!" Maddie shouted practically loud enough to be heard on the whole deck. She threw her arms in the air as she sat up before falling back down into the lounge chair just as quickly.

"It's okay, Maddie," Cody tried to say comfortingly, "We'll figure something out." He knew how Maddie thought. She would get all worked up about a problem, sometimes so much that she would not be able to think clearly to figure out a solution. Maddie was not stupid, not by any means, but when she is upset or frustrated with what is going on in her life her decisions are not the greatest. Maddie needed someone to keep her head clear. Cody can do just that. For the four years they got to know each other, Cody and Maddie bonded over their shared intellect and joined forces to do what is right even when everyone else was against them. This was no different. Cody always wanted Maddie to have her happily ever after.

Maddie sighed, resting her her head on her hand as she leaned her elbow on her knee looking at Cody. "How? I accepted the bouncy ball so apparently that means I'm to be wed," Maddie said emphasizing 'apparently' with her typical sarcastic tone. She started to roll her eyes, but stopped as her eyes brightened and she sat up straighter, "Cody! Can you look in the toilet paper about marriages in Lichtenstamp? In all of the books I have read and the movies I have seen, there is always a loophole in situations like this!"

Smiling, Cody reached over the side of his chaise to pick up the scroll from where he had placed it on the floor. His smile stayed in place as he lifted the scroll and began to roll it open to scan each perforated section. Before he got a chance to read it, however, London and Bailey arrived on the deck; Bailey a little behind London looking like she was trying to catch up to stop her from proceeding forward.

"Maddie! We need you come with us to our room right away!" London exclaimed as Bailey reached her side, looking quite indifferent. When did they wake up? was the first thought running through Maddie's head. "We need to discuss your marriage between the Prince!" London grabbed Maddie's arm pulling her upwards as she began to drag Maddie away.

What? Maddie contorted her face as she looked at Cody who shrugged in response as he was just as confused before looking at Bailey who mouthed a quick 'sorry, I tried to stop her.'

Cody shook his head with smile lighting up his face. Maddie and London have the weirdest friendship. I think I'll go back to my room and enlist Zack's help in finding a solution. I know he doesn't want Maddie to get married to the prince too. Cody got up from his seat and made the walk back to the rooms.


Back in London and Bailey's room, Maddie lay lounged across her turtle raft as London sat on her bed and Bailey stood off to the side near the closet door. After assuring London (and a part of Bailey) that she was not in fact getting married to the rambunctious eight year old, they set out in finding a solution to the problem.

"I'm not getting married here, people!" Maddie had exclaimed, annoyed with everyone's plans on her so-called wedding. London and Bailey immediately quieted.

Before anything else was discussed among the three of them, Zack and Cody made their entrance into the girls' room.

"Hello, ladies!" Zack exclaimed as he and Cody entered spreading his arms wide. He looked at Maddie with excitement, "Maddie, we've solved the marriage problem! You should be very proud of me-" Cody glared at him with a knowing look, "-well, us. You should be very proud of us!" Zack stated before turning to Cody and whispering, "There, now ya happy?" Cody nodded while thinking of shaking his head in his head. Once again, Zack likes taking all of the credit...

Cody cleared his throat and began to read the three by three inch, perforated section, "According to section XVIII of the official Lictenstampian court, a girl is to be married to the prince when she accepts the gift of The Sphere of Eternal Commitment, AKA the Bouncy Ball. But, we knew that already, so I'll skip down a few lines."

"However any other suitor, even a worthless peasant-" Cody continued, emphasizing the latter words before Zack intruded.

"That would be me!" Zack stepped forward pointing to himself with a smug look on his face. Maddie and Bailey each sporting an amused smile while London was also surprisingly paying attention.

Cody glared at his brother for interrupting his explanation and continued, "Can challenge the Prince to a duel for his betrothed. The woman goes to the winner." Cody finished reading his and Zack's toilet paper discovery and began to roll it back up.

Maddie stood up suddenly outraged, "The woman goes to the winner?" She put her hands on her hips, "How sexist! I am not some prize to be won or lost."

"Well your only other option is to marry the royal runt," Zack stated bluntly.

Maddie frowned. Ugh. Why do I always get put into these situations? Hmm.. what can I do? What does Cody think of this? He's all for equality too... She would wonder why she thought of Cody's opinion on the issue later, but now Maddie turned her head to look at Cody, who gave a small nod of encouragement for her to get out of this mess. Maddie responded confidently,

"I'm down with the duel."


At the wedding, Maddie stood in front of the many seats in her white gown next to Prince Jeffrey. When Harold asked for any objections and he immediately shot her down when she raised her hand, Zack stood up to commence with the operation - Save Maddie from the royal runt - and proceed as planned.

Zack stood confidently next to Maddie as he spoke and pointed to the Prince, "I challenge thee to a duel for the maiden's heart!"

Maddie smirked down at the eight-year-old, Ha! You're not going to marry me if I have anything to do about it.

"...and the rest of her," Zack concluded his statement causing Maddie to chuckle and the Prince began to whine about the current situation turning out of his favor.

Interrupting the Prince before he can say anything else, Cody stood up next to Zack.

"You have to duel. It's written in the toilet paper," he stated matter of factly.

Maddie gave Cody a grateful smile and patted Zack on the back. The twins come to my rescue once again... I really should do something show my immense gratification for everything they have done for me.

The dueling room consisted of a blue gymnastics mat positioned in the center of the floor. Everyone gathered around, hoping to have a good spot to see the two battle it out. After learning that the duel was on bouncy balls with pool noodles, Zack's confidence increased tenfold, however short lived as he quickly realized the prince, although small, was much better at this game than he let on and quickly took the lead.

When Zack and Maddie tried (and failed) to escape the premises, Harold called an intermission to allow everyone (the losers) to reconvene and come up with a new strategy.

"On account of the losing peasant," Harold said with disdain as he glanced at Zack and then perused over his friends, "I call an intermission. May you not lose as sorely." With an indifferent expression, Harold walked away to get a glass of water.

Maddie turned to back to Zack and grabbed his arm after listening to the herald, "Zack, what's going on? I need you to win this for me, please?"

"I'm sorry, Maddie. But that little pipsqueak is better than he looks! I just want to squash him for taking away my girl," Zack clenched his fists as he glanced over at where Jeffrey was taking his break.

Maddie sighed, "I don't know what else to do to motivate you to duel better. So, Zack, please, try to get it together, for me?" Maddie walked off into the hallway and to the bathroom. Might as well freshen up a bit since it seemed like she would be getting married to the little prince. As she walked out of the bathroom when she was finished, she spotted Cody leaning up against the wall across the doors to the dueling room. He was concentrating intently on pictures in his camera, most likely deleting the ones that he had since uploaded to his computer.

"Hey Cody," Maddie said unenthusiastically, though she couldn't help the small smile that graced her lips.

He looked up at Maddie as he placed his camera back in his pocket, "Hey, don't look so down. You should be excited. It's not everyday that you see Zack battling it out for you..." Cody noticed Maddie raising her eyebrows, "..with pool noodles!" That got her to laugh, but she quickly subsided and let out long sigh.

"I don't think he's going to win. With the prince already beating him, Zack's confidence is decreasing alarmingly fast," Maddie said coming to terms with the reality of the situation, "I don't know what I'm going to do! I can't get married to an eight year old!"

"We'll figure something out. I'm sure Moseby will talk some sense into the embassy if, when Zack does lose," Cody said calmly trying to ease Maddie's nerves. Honestly, he didn't know what to do, everything seemed out of their control, but he needed to be there Maddie. She would do the same for him if the positions were reversed.

"Thanks, Cody," Maddie quipped sarcastically, "Now I know he's going to lose if you think that way too. What can we do in the next five minutes of the intermission? We don't have to time to think of anything!"

"Well," Cody trailed off, lengthening the word, "There is one thing you can do, but you're not going to like it." He finished as he looked down at her, giving her shit-eating grin.

Maddie's eyes brightened, "What is it? I'll do anything!"

Practically jumping up and down, bubbling with anticipation, Maddie looked at Cody for his only solution. He took a short breath and let out his plan, short and sweet,

"Kiss him."

"What?" Maddie stopped bubbling, her smile decreasing. She stared at Cody with her eyes wide.

"On the lips," Cody finished logically, "It's the only way that he'll gain his confidence back and win for sure."

"I guess you're right." She sighed, then let out a laugh, "Well, he has been asking for one since the day I got here."

"Since the day we met you, don't you mean?" Cody added with a small laugh as well.

"Yeah. Well, get ready, Zack, today's going to be your lucky day!" Maddie smiled, "Thanks, Cody. I don't know what I would do without you." She opened her arms wide and pulled him into a hug.

Cody smiled, "I'll always be there for you, Maddie."

As they shared their hug, one of the doors to the dueling room opened and Bailey stepped out. Upon seeing the two together, she smiled to herself before breaking the silence,

"Cody, Maddie, the duel is about to start up again. You're going to want to come inside now... unless you need to take care of more business out here.."

They pulled out of the hug, sharing a look of confusion as they looked at Bailey then at each other.

"No, we're fine," Maddie tilted her head to the side for a second, "Let's go, Cody." She proceeded to walk past Bailey, Cody following a few steps behind.

Just he made it to the doorway, he was stopped by the look Bailey was throwing at him. He looked at her, eyebrow raised, wondering what she could possibly be thinking about.

"You have something you want to share with me, Cody?" Bailey asked.

"No... do you have something to share with me?" Cody responded, just as confused as before.

"No, carry on," Bailey answered. He shrugged in response and they continued walking to their positions around the blue mat.


The duel commences.

After a long water break, Zack was ready to go. He had to win this. It was his destiny. This was his only chance to prove to Maddie that he was the guy of her dreams. She didn't need a prince, he would treat her like a princess anyway... well, as much he could without having any income of his own to purchase all the things that princesses had. He took his position on the bouncy ball, holding his his noodle in his right hand, left hand on the bouncy ball handle. Taking his stance, he clenched his teeth and narrowed his eyes at his opponent to psych him out, but the prince was trying just as hard to be intimidating before the flag is drawn.

As Harold waves the flag down, Zack and Jeffrey begin to hop circles around each other. When Jeffrey swings his noodle, Zack responds quickly to block his attempt at knocking him off his "horse." He takes a few more swings, trying to use his taller stature to his advantage. He was going strong when he lifted himself up above his bouncy ball for second and Jeffrey took his shot at whacking the ball with his noodle. Zack's bouncy ball shifted causing him to fall off, giving the next point to Prince Jeffrey.

Maddie groaned. She was going to have to go through with it. As Zack sulked over to where she was standing, she realized she needed to this now. Zack was fading and if this was the only way to increase is self-esteem then so be it! He needed this. She needed this. She was not going to be married to an eight year old if it was the last thing she did.

"I don't know if I can do this," Zack said depressingly, "He's killing me out there."

"Zack!" Maddie exclaimed placing her hands on each of his shoulders, "I believe in you!" She took a quick, split-second glance at Cody to her right, who gave her short nod of affirmation, before she moved her hands to Zack's cheeks and pressed her lips to his, giving him the best kiss that he received in his life. Zack's eyes widened as he realized what was happening and his heart rate quickened with adrenaline.

As Maddie pulled her head away, he couldn't help the giant smile that spread across his face. He could do this. For Maddie.

"Go get 'em, tiger," Maddie smirked as she leaned back from Zack, amused with the goofy smile he was now portraying on his face and the excited shaking of his head before he turned around to finish the duel.

With Zack's new-found confidence, he was able to finally beat Prince Jeffrey at his own game (until he literally ran off crying since, after all, he is only eight years old). He approached Maddie and invited her to ride piggyback on his makeshift horse when Harold came up to them with an announcement.

"Madeline, I am pleased to inform you that the prince's brother has noticed you from afar and is astounded by your beauty as well. Would you like to meet him?"

Maddie's eyes widened. No way am I falling for that again! Since she was already on the bouncy ball with Zack, she wrapped her arms around his torso, unaware of the cheesy grin taking over Zack's face as she did so.

"Giddy-up, horsey!" Maddie ordered to Zack and he quickly complied, hopping the two of them out of there, leaving the smiles and laughter of the others behind them as they watched them hop into the horizon.


Having "hopped off into the sunset" with Zack, Maddie returned to her - London and Bailey's - room on the ship. She was sitting comfortably on the desk chair as London crossed her legs from her seated position at the end of her bed and Bailey stood against the wall, arms folded lightly across her body, next to her closet, listening intently to the conversation the two girls were having. London was looking at Maddie with a smirk etched on her face,

"Ah ha! So you have liked Zack and his crush on you all this time!" London exclaimed proudly

Maddie sat up straighter in her chair, "What? I don't have a crush on Zack! Why would you even say that? I only kissed him because-" Maddie refuted but was cut short by London.

"Ha!" London interrupted, "You admit that you kissed him! You looove him!"

"Not necessarily, London," Maddie responded in a knowing, slightly teaching tone, "Did you happen to see the 8 year old that I was going to marry? I was not going to get married to someone who does the pee-pee dance!" Maddie finished forcefully.

At a loss for a comeback, London retorted, "Well-well... then why did you kiss him if you don't like him?"

Maddie smacked her forehead with her hand, London can be so clueless at times...well, all the time. Didn't I just answer that? Maddie thought, Does London ever listen to what I have to say? Wait... of course not, only when what I say has to do with her or backs up whatever she says. "I have kissed people I haven't exactly liked, London," Maddie said after taking her hand from her head, "Don't you remember Trevor? We hated each other!" That's not really same thing, but London doesn't have to know that.

At this time, Maddie and London were both standing up, Maddie's back toward the door as they faced each other. They were so absorbed in their argument that they did not hear the knock on the door and Bailey letting the people in the hallway into the room. After a few more quips back and forth as Bailey led the two people into the room, London was heard again.

"You were acting like me! You kissed him so you can have what you want," London said after another one of Maddie's responses, then had a London-revelation, "gasp! I'm so happy for you Maddie! I've taught you well! Yay you!" London jumped up and clapped her hands.

Rolling her eyes, Maddie responded calmly, "Look, London, I was smirking the whole time after the kiss. I knew that I could give Zack the confidence he needed to beat the prince by kissing him, after all he had been asking for one the entire day."

"So you don't like Zack at all or want to run off with him, even after he rescued you from marrying that little kid?," Bailey asked, albeit sarcastically, as she took a step forward from where she was standing, trying to guide Maddie's response to what she wanted. Bailey was not stupid, and was pretty observant to people around her. She had an uncanny ability to read people's emotions and actions toward each other and saw opportunities in two people that she knew.

Exasperated from being asked the same question over again, Maddie replied sardonically, "Yes, that has always been my life long dream." One of the boys that had entered the room, smiled in spite of himself for second before hearing more.

"Really? that's your dream?" London asked, thinking she was being serious, "Stupid dream."

"No, not really!" Maddie replied getting tired of all these questions, "Why would I say that I like Zack when I like Co-!" Seeing the expression that was forming on London's face as Bailey had a satisfying smirk, Maddie realized what she almost said and quickly tried to cover it up, "-nfusing everyone and... not giving a straight answer," Maddie tried to cover up with a roll of her eyes, her cheeks burning from her almost-slip. She started to turn herself around so she was facing the same way as London.

Bailey let out disgusted scoff. "Come on, Maddie! How stupid do you think we are?" Bailey looked at London who was smiling naively, and quickly added "Not counting London. What were you really going to say?" Bailey bore her own brown eyes into Maddie's lighter shade, challenging her every move.

Maddie fidgeted under her glare, realizing that Bailey knew. She knows. She knows! And Cody and Zack are... standing right there! oh god!


Maddie gulped. "Well, I..." Maddie started, biting her lip unsure, while looking at the group standing in front of her, eyes trying not to linger on any one person. She straightened up, "I could possibly..." Maddie trailed off, moving farther away as her face red shifted even more. (AN: #3)

"You know what?" Bailey spoke up sensing some alone time was needed to straighten things out and looked over at Zack and London, "Why don't we step outside for a bit and relax on the lido deck." Bailey clapped her hands together and started to turn around. Zack didn't budge.

"Come on, Zack! I know you're hungry right now," Bailey pulled on his arm dragging him out of the room. After successfully getting Zack into the hallway, pulling him away from staring wide-eyed at Maddie (even Zack wasn't that slow), Bailey stuck her head back in the room and stared at London who was day dreaming in her own little world, "London!"

"Oh, you want me to come to?" London's head snapped up, "oh, fine!" and she strolled out of the room in her heiress fashion. Only Cody and Maddie were left in the room once the door clicked shut. Silence hung between them for a few seconds that felt like minutes before someone spoke.

"So..." Cody said as he exhaled, "how was the hopping into the sunset on Zack's 'noble steed?'" Cody tried to lighten the tension that had begun to hang in the air by air-quoting 'noble steed.' He knew why she kissed Zack, after all he was the one who suggested it, so he basked in the glory of knowing more about the situation than everyone else did. He never basked in his glory, although at times he thought he did deserve to, so he decided to do it just this once.

Maddie smiled, "Well," she paused for a moment, "I didn't have to worry about smelling like horse's shit-"

"Maddie!" Cody interrupted, laughing at how casually Maddie was saying that sentence. He tsked three times as he wagged his index finger lightly. "I never knew you were one to curse. And I feel like I'm one of the people who know you the best." He pouted.

Maddie shrugged with a small smile, laughing, "Yeah, well, I'm just full of surprises, aren't I?" She didn't originally plan for that to have a double meaning, but as soon as the words left her mouth she realized what she just implied.

Cody gulped as he managed to ask, "Did you mean it? What you were going to say before?"

"Maybe... that depends," Maddie said coyly stepping closer to Cody, eyes trained on his face, surprisingly confident.

"Depends on what?" Cody asked tilting his head slightly to the side, "If you're worried about my reaction then you don't have to worry anymore because it doesn't bother me, Maddie. You're my best friend and I'll love you no matter what so you don't have to be scared that I'll stop being friends with you after today. I couldn't do that Maddie. I like hanging out with you and talking with you and being with you and I don't think I'd be able to-"

"Cody!" Maddie interrupted, chuckling, "You think to much. That wasn't," she paused, sighing and took another step forward, "what I was going to say." Maddie smirked as Cody widened his eyes, which had been gazing into Maddie's brown ones the entire time. He bit his lip sheepishly, his cheeks turning pink.

"Wh-what were you gong to say? What d-depends?" said Cody, noticing how close they were now standing.

Maddie stepped even closer so they each felt the heat off of their bodies. She smiled with her eyes.

"It depends on," started Maddie, keeping her eyes on Cody, as she leaned her face into his, "th-"

"Hideous-Hair Maddie! Come have ice cream with us!" London's voice exclaimed as she burst the door open oblivious to what the two were doing, or about to be doing, as their heads separated.

Maddie sighed as she rolled her eyes. Some things never change. "London, we're kind of busy right now." Cody let an amused smirk show.

Oblivious, London contorted her face, "Busy? Doing wha-?" She never got to finish her question for a strong, farm-girl's arm grabbed her and pulled her away before shutting the door once again.

Maddie and Cody shared a short laugh at London's expense, eyes never leaving the others'. A comfortable silence hung between them before Cody spoke, his amused smirk back on his face,

"You li-ike me, you wanna da-ate me, you wanna ho-old me, you wanna ki-iss m-" Maddie cut him off mid-taunt as she placed her hands on each of his cheeks and covered his lips with her own. He responded quickly and they stayed together, embracing the new connection that they now shared.

Maddie pulled away with a content smile on her face, "Seriously, Cody? Quoting Miss Congeniality?" She shook her head playfully.

Cody shrugged, "Hey, it got you to kiss me, didn't it?" Maddie hit his shoulder, her smile still on her face, shaking her head lightly. I was going to kiss you anyway, idiot.

Cody wrapped his arms around her in a tighter hug and warmed his smile, "You're the most congenial girl I know," He pressed her closer as Maddie started to lean her head towards him again. Touching foreheads, they shared in the comfort of knowing they will always be there for one another; even as everything changes, nothing has changed at all.

"You're my Miss Congeniality," and with Cody's closing words, Maddie tilted her head to the right and finally closed the gap between their lips again. They deepened the embrace, full of passion and love for the other, even if they didn't verbally know it... yet.

An hour or so later when they returned to the room after viewing the planetarium (at 19 hundred hours, of course), they held each other contently in their arms, sharing a smile and connecting their thoughts as one; they always did know the other better than any one else.

Cody and Maddie never did join London for ice cream.

- Fin -

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