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Hercules smiled down at the small form of his son. He shook his head as he gently picked him up from Meg's arms "He's so tiny…"

Meg smirked and said "Watch his head; he probably doesn't have your strength wonder boy."

Hercules smiled with a faint blush on his cheek as he looked down at the blinking eyes of his son. "Is…isn't he supposed to have blue eyes?" He asked slowly, thinking over the knowledge of babies that had been stuffed into his head over the past nine months.

Meg sat up and looked down into the bright green eyes of her son. "I guess…odd runs in the family." She said slowly looking up at him. Hercules furrowed his brow in concern "Maybe we should take him to my father earlier than planned, just in case."

Meg nodded, she knew that life would be interesting when she had married the Demi God; she only hoped that she was prepared for it. "What should we name him?" She asked almost afraid to hear the answer Hercules smiled as the perfect name came to mind "Hadriaus"

Meg looked up at him with a skeptical glance and he said with his most charming smile "We can call him Harry for short."

Meg sighed and looked down at her son and said "Your daddy's hopeless Harry."

Zeus smiled when he awoke in his statue and looked down at the form of his son with his wife and child. He turned into his normal god form and looked down at his laughing grandson. "Reminds me of you when you were a baby…" A momentary sorrow flashed in his eyes as he remembered the time he was not able to spend with his son because of his brother, Hades.

Hercules laughed and held out Harry for Zeus to hold, Zeus the mighty ruler of Mount Olympus looked as nervous holding Harry as he did when he held Hercules for the first time. He smiled down as the baby tried to reach for his grandfather's lightning bolts. Like father like son. "What's his name?"

Meg rolled her eyes and said "Wonder boy went and named him Hadriaus, but we'll call him Harry." Zeus laughed and tickled the infant in his grasp "Aw it's not a bad name right Harry?"

Meg decided to get to the point, the reason they had traveled to the temple earlier than planned. "He was only born a few weeks ago…but his eyes are already a bright green, and considering his family history we were wondering what this might mean." Her tone was as sarcastic as ever, but her eyes were still nervous when they landed on the form of her young son.

Zeus frowned as he took a closer look at his grandson and watched in amazement as green eyes looked up at him "Well…I don't know..." Smoke appeared in the corner of the temple drawing the family's attention as the Fates stood there smiling as they began their foretelling

"Your eyes are bright and green that's true,

The better to see the path ahead of you,

When nightfall comes an evil will wake,

And your son from you it will take,

Like his father before him came,

His family he will strive to regain,

Another world another time,

But there is hope in this rhyme,

If the God Apollo's love he can tame,

His home he will see once again."

The fates cackled as they vanished, Meg looked down at her son with fearful eyes and clutched him close as she turned and saw that sunset was approaching "No! I won't let them take him from me!" She shivered as she held her son close, as if to defy the fates with her very will.

Hercules looked up at his father Zeus desperately "Is there anything we can do?" Zeus looked down at the small family and shook his head.

"Once the fates say their rhymes nothing can be done…" He trailed off thinking of what the foretelling said about Apollo. He looked down at his grandson, Apollo was as fiery and untouchable as the sun he commanded, he wondered if his grandson could capture the aloof God's heart, if only for their own happiness.

Hades growled as he finally managed to crawl out of the river Styx he hissed in disgust as he wiped one last soul off of him and shouted "Pain! Panic! Get over here, I need to maim something!" He went over to his observation room and while waiting for his minions to come he turned on the screen and saw Hercules in Zeus's temple with his wife and son. He hissed as he looked down at the baby in Meg's arms "Another brat." He growled darkly, feeling spike of dread run up his spine when he realized that the baby was staring directly at him through the monitor "Sheesh what a creepy kid." He turned it off and gave a gasp of surprise when he saw one of his less savory acquaintances. "Dumbledore…what are you doing here?"

The cheery old wizard smiled and summoned a cup of tea "Sorry to drop in my boy, but the Wizarding world is in a bit of a pinch…"

Hades narrowed his eyes at the Headmaster and said "What can I do for you?" The Wizard was a strange one, but his bargains were worth the trouble.

Dumbledore eyes twinkled as he said "The Wizarding world is in need of a savior, someone who has a little extra to them if you get my meaning my boy…and it seems that you just happen to have a child around that is causing you difficulties." Dumbledore gave a pointed glance to the boy on Hades's monitor which he had taken the liberty of turning back on. "I would of course be happy to deal with the issue myself for you, but you know the rules, a being from one world cannot purposefully take action to affect another."

Hades sneered "Yeah grandson of Zeus… the sunspot's brat."

Dumbledore gave a shallow smile that made even Hades's skin crawl "If you were to get the boy for me, we could use him in our world and get him out of your way."

Hades raised a brow and, as he was always on the lookout for a deal said "What's in it for me? I could always just deal with him permanently myself if he gets in the way like his daddy and granddaddy."He didn't mention that he had tried to remove both of the formally mentioned permanently and had failed.

Dumbledore laughed and said "Get me the boy, and think of the despair it will cause not only Hercules, but Zeus as well and when I've molded the boy into the perfect weapon…I'll lend him to you to use when you take over Olympus."

Hades gave a cruel smile as his flames grew in pleasure "You have yourself a deal." He turned and shouted again "Pain! Panic! Where are you?" his two minions came in slowly Pain managing to hurt himself by walking across the level floor and Panic was trembling so hard one thought he would break. Panic turned and gave Pain a dark glare "I told you he would get out!" They were silenced as Hades came over to them smiling devilishly "Boys…I have a little job for you to do.

Meg held Harry close to her chest as the sun slowly dipped below the horizon, the shadows overtook the night sky and she pushed Harry's dark hair out of his face "I won't let them take you from me Harry." She whispered as she watched the shadows of the temple quietly.

Hercules stood with his sword drawn, poised for attack, and even Zeus had remained to see if they could stop the foretelling from happening, though as a God he could take no action himself, bound as he was to the power of fate. All at once the lights went out into the temple, Hercules could be heard fighting against forms in the darkness it all ended suddenly when Meg's scream echoed in the temple.

The lights were restored Hercules looked down in horror at Meg's lifeless body "Meg…MEG!" He cried, her hands still poised as if holding the baby to her chest. Zeus looked down at the broken form of his son; he had tried to warn them but that did little to ease the sorrow he felt for his precious boy. He turned and left for Olympus his eyes darkening in rage; he knew who could be behind this, and he would do all in his power to help his son.

"We got him! I can't believe we actually have him!" The rain started to pour with Zeus's tears and lightning flashed at his rage. Panic looked around in fear "Hurry!" They went down to Hades's lair and presented the crying babe to him.

Hades smiled cruelly and said "Hey kid is that any way to greet your great uncle?" The baby stopped crying to give Hades a rather impressive glare. Hades rubbed the back of his neck "Really what a creepy kid."

Dumbledore came out from behind Hades and took the boy from him. He looked at Pain and Panic and said "Does he have a name?" Pain spoke up slowly "His…his mom called him Harry."

Dumbledore smirked "Harry…a fine name for a savior." He chuckled as he gave Hades a small bow "Pleasure doing business with you."

Hades merely smirked and said "Just don't forget your side of the bargain old man, when he's ready, I'll come for him." he paused before summoning a silver bracelet "You were the one who mentioned earlier, but this bracelet will allow him to do what you need him to in your world. Make sure he doesn't take it off or he'll be right back here." Dumbledore nodded and vanished with the baby. Hades let out a shout of joy and began to plan how he would use Harry against his Father and Grandfather to help Hades take over Olympus really it was turning out to be such a nice day.

Apollo was summoned along with the other Gods; they looked around wondering what could have caused Zeus's fury. They all remembered a night long ago that was similar to this, when Hercules was taken from Olympus and turned mortal. Zeus stood before the gathered Gods and Goddesses. The lighting flashing and thunder rolling told them of the strength of his rage even as he told them all what had passed since Hercules brought his son to him.

When he finished the foretelling that the Fates had given Apollo's eyes widened realizing that now all the ones gathered were looking at him. "But…he is mortal…and male." He added as an afterthought.

Zeus nodded gravely and came before Apollo and placed a heavy hand on his dark shoulder "Even I cannot command a heart…but please, if he crosses your path remember that the fates foretold he could bring you happiness."

Apollo looked at Zeus with haunted eyes, "I make no promises." In his mind Apollo knew it was useless, he loved nymphs because they were fleeting and meaningless affairs, he had fallen for a mortal woman once and then caused her death. He had vowed he would never love so deeply again and had closed his heart forever.

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