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Harry smiled when Apollo said he would spend the night on the mortal plane with him. He said good bye to his father. It had been good to talk to him and it had given him much to think over. He knew that Dumbledore had manipulated him throughout his life. However he had not been aware with how deeply or how far back those manipulations went. He shook his head and turned his attention back to the dark skinned god who caused his skin to tingle with warmth…that had nothing to do with his power over the sun.

Apollo shifted uncomfortably when he saw the warmth in Harry's eyes directed at him and said "We can return to your dwelling for the night or one of my nearby temples if you wish…" He saw the small smile on Harry's lips and wondered if any of that love directed at him was real. His temple was closer so he led the way, hoping that Harry could be back to normal before things became any more entangled.

Harry noticed Apollo being distant with him. He understood the fact that some god's were aloof and from his reading in Greek mythology he knew that Apollo had a history with mortals in love with him. Harry tried to resist the potion's pull but he couldn't help leaning against Apollo as they walked. He sighed… he was so tired of all of this. The Headmaster has stolen his family and his life from him, and now he had stolen his chance at love. He pulled away as they approached the temple; suddenly the god's warmth did not soothe him enough to forget his anger at the Headmaster.

Apollo noticed the distancing and could not fault Harry for doing so. They were both waging a war against themselves. Harry didn't know what emotions were his and which were from the potion. While Apollo fought what he wanted against what he knew was right. He summoned beds for them, putting a good distance between them. God's didn't need to rest as much as normal humans. However with all the traveling he had been doing he knew that he should at least rest for the night. He saw that Harry had gotten into his own bed without a word and seemed to already be asleep.

Harry noticed Apollo's distraction and quickly got into the bed, there was nothing they needed to talk about but the need to talk to the god was almost overwhelming. He slipped into the bed and slowed his breathing. It wasn't the bravest tactic he had ever used, but then again he had been sorted into Slytherin, it was more about cleverness than bravery there.

Zeus was watching from above and smiled to himself about the almost hopeless situation. They were both so close to getting what they wanted, but their own stubbornness continued to get in their way. He shook his head and returned to his own room. He would need rest as well for the days that were to come ahead.

Meanwhile Pain and Panic had followed the Headmaster back to his realm. Since they had technically been invited by the Headmaster they weren't breaking any of the rules enforced on them about messing with different realms. Dumbledore had appealed to a god for assistance and the god had responded by sending his minions. Though of course there was more at work than simply that. Hades had made it explicitly clear that he was tired of the old man hounding him and he wanted him gone. They were the minions of the God of Death and they knew very well what he wanted from them.

Dumbledore returned from the decrepit shrine once again without a response. He fisted his hand angrily as he once again thought over what he could do. The Wizarding public was getting impatient about their Savior. He had gotten time when he told them he was away from intense training. Now the question was raised about how much more training was needed…it had been two years by now and people wanted to see results. He was lost in thought and since he had no warrior training himself he did not notice the shadows that were following him.

Pain turned to Panic wand whispered "How are we supposed to do this? Just kill him?"

Panic rolled his eyes at his partner and wondered why he had to put up with such stupidity "No we can't just kill him…no one can see what happened and he can't get away!"

Pain just shrugged off Panic's concerns "We'll just do it quick… make it look like an accident…"

Panic wasn't so sure about that answer… but it was more than he had planned and Hades wouldn't want them to be gone for too long. "Alright…quickly then."

Two large snakes struck the Headmaster before he was even aware of their movement. Their poisoned fangs slid easily into his old flesh and his spirit was relieved of his physical form in a matter of seconds. His soul went to the Underworld where Hades was waiting expectantly. The next morning when his body was found covered in snake bites it was assumed that Voldemort had attacked using his familiar. This caused the Order of the Phoenix to intensify their actions against the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters.

Voldemort had mixed feelings about the Headmaster's death. After all he had hated the old man and he had wanted him dead for a long time. However he had always dreamed that it was him who had put an end to the old man's life. He toyed with the vial of potion in his hands. He had not trusted Malfoy's word on the potion and hand run some primary tests himself. They had confirmed Malfoy's words. The potion was very powerful, but gave him no details over its properties. He narrowed his eyes and drank from the vial; anything that improved his power would be welcome.

He felt no sudden changes over him and growled in frustration as he threw the vial against the wall, shattering it into millions of pieces. He hissed as he summoned an elf to clean up the mess. The poor elf's name was Squeaky and had no idea what fate would befall it thanks to the Love Potion.

The sun rose in the Realm of the Gods Apollo returned from the Sunrise to find that Harry was already prepared for the day. He paused, wondering what words could be spoken. "How are you feeling?" He asked, wondering if the potion would ever fade away, and free Harry from its influence.

Harry looked up at the God, dark circles under his eyes "I still love you." He said softly before turning to look at Mount Olympus "but I realize now that you don't love me…"

Apollo stepped forward "Severus Snape is running tests on the potion as we speak…perhaps he has found an antidote. I will go and find out his progress." The Sun God paused before looking at Harry with somber amber eyes "Please do not leave the temple…there are still many people who would wish you harm."

Harry narrowed his eyes, he was in love with the God yes, but he would not be treated like a child and said darkly "I am quite able to take care of myself thank you very much."

Apollo nodded and disappeared, Harry was not the weak willed love doll that Hades had been aiming for, and perhaps there was still hope for him after all.

Severus was reading over the test results when he noticed the arrival of Apollo's portrait form. He looked grimly up at the handsome god "You activated the potion before it was too late…any longer and it would have turned to poison in his system. Though I was correct in assuming there would be changes in the property of the potion…it seems that the original potion was to create a mad form of love…however with time to adjust to his system the love potion gained less control of his mind than originally it was supposed to, and its effects on his emotions was limited as well…" He finished murmuring to himself before handing a vial to Apollo "This should work as an antidote…the potion was powerful, but simply made."

Apollo took the vial gratefully "Thank you Severus Snape." He said graciously and added solemnly "The sun will always watch over you." Before vanishing, he wanted to get the potion to Harry as soon as possible. It was time to free them both of the potion's grip.

Harry waited impatiently at the temple his foot tapped in annoyance wondering how long he would be kept waiting like a pet. He narrowed his eyes when he felt a god arriving however it was not the one he was expecting.

Hades smiled darkly from his arrival of black smoke "Hey how ya doin' kid…" He said slowly, he would not be able to step into Apollo's temple…but if he could get the kid to step out that would be a different story all together.

Harry recognized Hades and immediately went on the defensive "What do you want?" He asked darkly, this was the god who had worked with Dumbledore to manipulate his life, if he ever had a chance to take his revenge on the god he would.

Hades held up his hands and said "Hey calm down kid…I'm just here to help…though of course if you want I can get out of your hair…I just thought you would be interested in the antidote was all… But hey forget I said anything you're obviously not interested."

Harry paused considering the god's words. They were most likely more manipulations, but if the god did have the antidote, then it was worth at least listening to his demands. Harry didn't have a chance to consider Hades offer though as another god arrived.

Apollo appeared in his temple and he glared darkly at Hades "You were banished to your underworld for quite some time…I would not recommend Zeus finding you in this situation."

He turned away sharply from the God of Death and held the vial out to Harry "Severus says that this should free you from the Potion's influence…" He kept himself between Harry and Hades watching the shifty god out of the corner of his eye as he spoke. He would not be surprised if Hades had one last trick.

Hades fumed at the arrival of Apollo and said "He yeah kid just trust whatever's in the vial…it's not like that's what got you into this mess in the first place." Hades had no more time to taunt however as a voice growled darkly from Olympus "HADES!" Hades's flame diminished noticeably "Well if you ever need me kid…you know where to find me." He said before quickly vanishing. He had no interest in a show down with Zeus…at least not while he was unprepared.

Apollo rolled his eyes at Hade's manipulations "Please Harry…This will help you." He held out the vial again and watched as Harry timidly took it... and raised it too his lips. There was silence as he drank the potion and thoughtfully pulled it away. Apollo was pleased to see that the almost feverish heat in Harry's eyes had vanished and he asked softly "How do you feel?"

Harry could feel that the burning impatient heat inside had vanished; but something else hadn't changed. He looked up at Apollo… the god had worked so hard to protect him, even at his own cost of time and effort. He put the vial in his pocket and said softly "It worked…"

Apollo visibly relaxed, though he did feel a pang of loss… Harry was no longer in love with him, just as he had always wanted. Harry was free to make his own choices and neither would be bound to the Fate's vision.

Harry noticed the look in Apollo's eye and finished "It worked…but I still love you." and then leaned up to kiss the speechless god on the lips. Harry smiled into the kiss, the heat radiating from the God's body made him shiver in pleasure and he thought to himself 'at least I'll never need a heater while he's around.'

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