Challenge from: coffee shoppe
Fandom: Lux-Pain
Characters: Liu Yee and Atsuki
Prompt: "You ever get that feeling you were being watched?"
Setting: AU.
Rating: T
Words: 361
Other Notes: AU, as is obvious; Liu Yee and Atsuki are having coffee at a local cafe some afternoon seven years in the future. The AU part is that there is no such thing as Silent or Signum Anima; they work at a company that deals with transporting dangerous criminals from one facility to another. Drabble oneshot. usual. ^_^;;
A/N: wow, this took freakin' forEVER to get out, and then I had it done in less than a day... My writing style makes me angry sometimes... :sighs and shrugs:
Enjoy, ne?

They hadn't realized it yet so they left it hanging there between them, one of those long poetic silences- for that is what it was- that goes way beyond just saying more than any words you might be tempted to fill it with, therein simply latening their departure from your mind to theirs. It hung there compliantly, like a favorite blanket dragged up through the branches into a tree house where its loving owner huddled with it, until Atsuki went ahead and said something that had been nipping at his heels for a while now.

"Do you ever feel like you're being watched?"

Liu Yee raised an eyebrow. "Is there something in my manner that suggests I am anything but a paranoid bastard? Because you know you can tell me if there is." His tone dripped with sarcasm so thick it could be cut with a pair of blunt scissors.

Atsuki, as usual, as expected, carried on as if he had not said a word, mostly because that was just how it went, mostly because he knew he'd said it not really meaning anything. "Sometimes I'll be alone at home, not making much noise, and it'll be too quiet, like if I looked away someone'd jump out of the closet." The last few words were spoken with a heavy emphasis as he leaned across the table threateningly, glaring at Liu Yee like he had personally insulted his mother.

Liu Yee chuckled amicably, stirring his iced coffee in an absent gesture as he strained to remember something that'd happened a long time ago, not made any easier by what he called, jokingly, 'senior moments'. He was, in fact, only 31. "Ah yes. I remember that. Your face was absolutely priceless, Atsuki-chan."

Atsuki glowered. "Don't you dare talk to me like I'm five."

"You were, once."

"That's not the point. …And anyway, so is everyone."

"Oh, but I'm sure nobody did five quite as cutely as you did, Atsuki-chan."

Atsuki took a deep breath, a muscle in his jaw jumping erratically as he tried to calm himself down, and only succeeded in appearing to pout adorably. Liu Yee cooed, teasing him, and smirked.