The first time I shared a bed with Sirius Black was in second year. Quidditch practice had run late and I ended up getting back to the dorm late. Everyone else was already fast asleep, or so I thought. They must have all gone to bed hours ago. I could hear Peter's telltale snores as I entered our dorm and tried to change for bed as quietly as possible. It was only when I was about to get into my bed that I heard it, an odd sniffling sound coming from Sirius' bed. I stopped, stretching. My body protested. I was cold and wet and exhausted from Quidditch but there was something in the quality of those sniffles that called to me.

I crossed to Sirius' bed and said his name, quietly so as not to wake the others. The sniffles stopped suddenly. I sighed and, hoping I was doing the right thing, pulled the curtains back. Sirius had his back to me but was shaking, obviously with barely masked sobs. I put a hand on his back, aching with the desire to hug him, to do something to make him feel better. He turned then, looking at me with big, tear filled eyes, begging me not to ask questions, to just be there for him. I nodded, silently accepting his terms before crawling into the bed next to him. We lay next to each other in silence, but his tears had stopped. Eventually we must have fallen asleep. The next morning we woke before the rest of the room and so avoided awkward questions. We didn't speak of what had happened the previous night. I had promised.