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Sam is 18 and Dean is 22 in this story.


Alan and Rena Schneider always wanted to go to see Bryce Canyon in Utah, they heard great things about the park and it's rocks. They decided to go on their next vacation in the spring, they have been saving up the money to drive there. They live in the out skirts of Las Vegas, and knew it would only take two to three days to get there. They've always wanted to see the state of Utah and it's rocks, so they decided to drive to and take their time getting there. They left early in the morning and by the third day they were there, they rented a cabin and got settle in for the night. They were going to go to the west side of the park, that's the place that had all the rocks formation. Utah was the only state that had this kind of rocks formation, that was the state was famous for it's unusually rocks. Bryce Canyon was the park that had the most of these rocks, they headed out early the next morning packing a lunch. They weren't sure what time they will be back, they wanted to take their time and look at the rocks and scenery. When they reach the west side of the park it was almost lunch time, so they decided to eat and then set out to look around.

They were so involved in the shapes of the rocks they lost track of time, before they knew it the sun was setting. They headed back to their car before it got to dark, on the way there they talk about coming back again.

"That was so beautiful Alan wasn't it, we need to come back after the baby is born." Rena look at her husband.

"We will definitely come back here again sweetie, we will wait until he gets a little older though." Alan said placing his hand on the baby bump.

"Alright we will wait for him to get older before we come back here, we can then get a family picture of us being here." Rena smile rubbing her bump.

"Yes lets plan on coming back when he…." Alan stop looking around, he thought he heard something.

"Honey what's the matter why……" Rena stop when Alan put his finger to his lips.

"I thought I heard something from behind us, it could be just a critter coming out." Alan was hoping that was the case.

Just as he turn to get his wife going again, he notice a big black wolf standing in the path. It was the biggest wolf he has ever seen, it was all black except for the white patch on it's chest. The wolf's eyes were a golden yellow and very piercing, it's fangs are as white as snow making the wolf look more menacing. The wolf stood it's ground to them and raise his hackles, he could tell the wolf was anger and ready to attack. He stood between the wolf and his wife, telling her to move slowly to the car. She started to walk to the car slowly, then she trip on one of the rocks and fell. Alan went to pick her up that is when the wolf attack, he attack Alan first and tore him to shreds. Then the wolf lock it's eyes on Rena and attack her, after the attack the wolf ran off and disappear.

The next morning two rangers were called out to the scene, two hikers found the bodies and called it in.

When the Rangers arrived at the scene, they were not ready for what they found. They attack was so savage there was not much left of them, they followed the paw prints down the path. When they went around the bend the prints disappear, they was not more signs of the prints anywhere.

"This is the tenth attack in two weeks in this area, and it's all with animal attacks." Ranger Michael said.

"Yeah I know this is really weird with the attacks, 4 Bears, 3 cougars, 3 wolves, attack ten people. The only thing is those animals don't live here, I haven't seen any tracks of this three animals since I've been here." Ranger Steve said.

"The other strange thing is they disappear after going around a bend, what do you make of that one." Ranger Michael said.

"I don't know lets called the police out here, and get this clean up as soon as we can." Ranger Steve said.


The day was May 1 and Sam was getting excited, his four friends were throwing him a party. Saturday was his 18th birthday and he was happy to do something normal, his friends made plans to celebrate at David's house. David's parents met Sam and just adored him, they told Sam anytime he wants to come over he's welcome. So when they found out about his birthday coming up, they invited Sam and his family over to celebrate it. Sam was not so sure that if he's father would come or not, he knew that Dean would come to met his friends. He told his friend all about Dean how cool he is, they were all excited to met Sam's older brother. On Friday David, Alesha, Alice and Jeff talk about their plans, saying that they would met Sam at his place then go over to David's house. They all stood outside the school waiting for their rides to come, Alice was leaning into Sam with her arms wrap around him. Sam really like Alice a lot and she like him to, so he was happy that she was coming over for his party. He look up when he heard the Impala coming down the street, his friend Jeff loved the Impala saying it was so cool. Sam kiss Alice saying I'll see you tomorrow, then he got into the car with Dean and drove off.

"So lover boy how's the girlfriend, your at the kissing stage now." Dean smirk as he hit Sam in the shoulder.

"Dean stop it the kiss was on the check, and stop calling me lover boy." Sam said with his cheeks turning pink.

"Awe your blushing Sammy, that is a good color on you kiddo." Dean ruffle Sam's hair.

"My name is Sam Dean, Sammy is a little kids name. I'm almost an adult now, I can even drink if I want to." Sam said with a smile that brought out his dimples.

"I've better not catch you drinking any time soon Sammy, or I'll kick your ass from here to hell." Dean said in a stern voice, eyeing Sam with a death glare.

"Dean you were drinking when you turn 18, so what is the big deal if I drink now." Sam could not figure out what is wrong with Dean.

"That was different Sammy I was at Uncle Bobby's house at the time, and he had the beer watered down for me." Dean didn't want his brother to be drinking at all.

"I'm suppose to believe that one right, I think you are just pulling my leg." Sam smile then turn to a frown by Dean's look.

"I'm telling you the truth here Sam, I don't want you drinking at all. If I ever catch you drinking I'll whoop your ass, do I make myself clear on this." Dean eyed Sam daring him.

"Alright Dean I won't drink any beer I promise, any way I don't think David's parents would allow it." Sam could never disobey an order from Dean.

"What do you mean David parents won't allow it?" Dean said in confusion.

"Don't tell me you forgotten already Dean, they invited me to their house for my birthday." Sam saw the shock in Dean's eyes.

"Uh Sam I hate to tell you that we are leaving, Dad found another job in Utah. He said you are leaving tomorrow morning, he wants us up early to get out before day break." Dean heart sank at the look on Sam's face.

"Wh-what do you mean we are leaving tomorrow, Dad knew that they were throwing me a party. I even invited him to come with, so how could he do that to me again." Sam almost yelled at Dean.

"Sam I don't think Dad did it just to get you mad, I honestly think he just forgot about the party." Dean was not trying to make excuses for Dad.

"Dean I told him last night about the party, and he said he'll think about coming. So don't give me that crap that he forgot, cuz I really don't believe that shit right now." Sam was getting really angry at his father.

"Sam I don't want you swearing so stop it, Dad already has everything pack….." Is all the Dean could say before Sam went off.

"That man never listens to me know matter what I say, I don't think he even cares about my feeling what so ever. He only thinks about himself and not of us, he knew about this……" Sam stop at Dean's out burst.

"Sam Dad does care about us that is why he does this, so I don't even want to here you say that again. He is always looking out for us one way or another, he may not listen most of the time but he does care." Dean was yelling at Sam.

"That is right take his side like you always do, you never once take my side to Dad. You just fall right into line when he barks out an order, being the good little solders never disobeying an order." Sam snap at Dean.

"Sam I'm not having this discussion when I'm driving, so I want you to sit back and be quite. I don't want to hear another sound from you, do I make myself clear here Sam!" Dean said feeling a little guilty seeing the look on Sam's face.

When Dean says Sam's name like that he means business, so Sam just turn to look at the window. He never made any eye contact with his brother, he was really piss off with Dean right now for taking Dad's side again.

When they got back to the house they rented, their dad's truck was in the drive way. Sam open the door before the Impala stop, slamming the door shut and walk right into the house. He never not once look at his brother, Dean just sigh at Sam's attitude and walk in the house. As he entered the house he came into a war zone, John was yelling at Sam for being a spoil brat who wants his way.

"I'm sorry Sam I did forget about your party this Saturday, we have a job to do and I need you with us." John eyes were getting dark with anger.

"I told you last night about the party DAD! You just don't care about anything that I do, it's always about what you and Dean wants." Sam snap back at his father.

"That is not true Sam I do care about you, that is why I'm doing this to keep you and your brother safe." John anger was ragging now, he couldn't under stand why his youngest don't care about this.

"You are doing this to kill the thing that got mom, I don't even remember her at all Dad. You and Dean got to know her but I didn't, so this job of yours make no sense to me what so ever." Sam wishes he had one memory of his mother but he doesn't, only by what Dean tells him which isn't much.

"Sam I wish you could have met your mother, she was a beautiful person inside and out. You are so much like her Sam I see a lot of her in you, that is why I do what I need to get this bastard that killed her." John does wish Sam could have some memory of his mother.

"That is why you have to drag me out of school all the time, why can't we ever stay in one place. I'm tired of this life Dad I want something different, I want to keep my friends and go to the same school. But now we have to move around so much, that now I'm behind a year in school because of it." Sam saw the anger in his eyes, that matches the anger in Sam's eyes.

"Your one selfish bastard you know that, always thinking what's best for you. You want out of this family that bad don't you, well I hate to tell you this Sam your stuck with us. So get out of your own little world and get back to the real one, you are going to call your friend and tell him that you can't make it." John stood tall to his son, Sam is just about his dad's height

"Why can't we leave on Sunday instead of Saturday, what is one day going to make. You did that for Dean in the last town we were at, he had something he had to do and we stayed. So why can't we stay until Sunday and then leave, my friends had this plan for a week now." Sam tried to reason with his Dad.

"That was different Sam it was important for Dean to stay, this is not that important for us to stay. You will have other birthdays to celebrate, so stop being a spoil brat about it and get packing." John was about to loose his temper.

"I see now you are saying that Dean is more important to you, and what I'm just some worthless poor excuse of a son to you. Fine then maybe I'll leave and not come back, I'm not wanted around here anymore and don't count for nothing." Sam was shock when John hit him across the face.

"I don't ever what to hear you say that again, do I make myself clear here young man." John was breathing hard trying to control his temper.

Sam look at Dean to say something to their Dad, and when he just look down Sam felt betrayed. He thought he could always count on his brother, but now he sees that he is alone in this. He turn around and headed for the bedroom, before slamming the door shut he said he hated them.

Sam called David and told him that he could not make it, saying that they had to leave tomorrow morning. He then laid in bed rubbing his check, he could feel the heat coming from it now. He started to get tears in his eyes and wipe them away, he did not want to give them to see him cry. As he laid in bed he heard his dad and brother talking, he went to the door and put his ear to the door and listen.

"I wish your brother could be more like you Dean, someone who will listen and not talk back." John said.

"That's just it Dad Sam is nothing like me and he never will be, Sam is totally different then me in every way." Dean said heading to the room.

Sam went back to the bed and turn away from the door, he made no movement when Dean walk in. He did not even answer his brother when he talk to him, Dean sigh and left the room to take a shower.


When they finally made it to Utah they were all tired, Sam did not say anything to his dad or brother. The hole trip he just sat in the passenger seat looking out the window, he never acknowledge his brother or father when they talk to him.

Finally John had enough of Sam's brooding, he was going to get his youngest to talk to him. So he check the local records office to see what happen, then he went to the library to check into Supernatural creatures. He came across Nahuales which are a form of shape shifters, he will let Sam do the research so this way he has to talk with them. When he got back to the motel he handed Sam the lap top, and gave him the information he found. He ask Sam to look it up and let him know what he found, it took Sam almost two hours to find the lore about them.

"It says here that Nahuales they are shape shifters, and they take on forms of animals. They are known to the Aztec calendar , various days are name after animals that are on totem poles. The only thing is they are only found in Mexico, they were protectors and servants of Tezcatlipoca one of the gods of war and sacrifice." Sam said without looking at his Dad and Brother.

"Does it say if they are anything like werewolves, and how can we kill them." John said being annoyed with Sam attitude.

"They aren't like werewolves where they infect people with their bites, they'll kill you then bring your spirit up and put you to work. To kill them you stone them or use holy water, it's says you can use fire or hanging them." Sam said closing his lap top and turn his back on his dad.

"Alright then we leave in two hours and hunt this Nahuale, we will take the Impala to the place the killing happen." John said glaring at Sam, thinking that boy better turn his attitude around fast.

When they all got there the sun was setting, they still have about three hours of light left. So John handed Dean his back and Sam his, and told them to go down the trail to the left. John took the trail to the right, they would met about a mile down the path.

"So we all know what we are suppose to do right, Sam did you hear me boy. I want you to answer me when I'm talking to you, so I know you heard me SAM! I want an answer." John yelled at Sam.

"Yes I heard you alright just give me a chance to answer you, we go down the path and met you a mile in." Sam said with an attitude.

Before Sam know what happen John had him pin to a boulder, he smack his head hard against it. Fighting the black dots that form in his sight, he look into his Dad's dark anger eyes.

"I'll not take anymore of your attitude Sam, you better loose it now. You better be on your toes and watch your brothers back, nothing better go wrong or you will get your ass kick." John voice was full of venom.

John let Sam go and walk away in an anger stride, Sam just look at him as he walk away. Sam was anger right now at his brother and father, Dean went to grab Sam by the arm when he pulled it away. Sam push past Dean and walk down the path, Dean had to run to keep up with Sam long stride.

"Sam why can't you just not say anything, things will go better for you if you stay quite." Dean said trying to make his brother talk to him.

"That right Dean stick up for Dad once again, I'm the one who is always the failure. I don't do anything right in Dad's or your eyes, so why do you even want me around. Why don't you just go with Dad and leave me alone, I don't need you anymore so just go." Sam did not even look back at Dean at all, he never saw the hurt in Dean's eyes.

"Sam stop a minute, SAM! I said STOP!, would you please look at me." Dean waiting until Sam turn on him, he hurt him to see the hurt in Sam's eyes that he caused.

"WHAT! Well are you going to say something, or just stand there looking dumb." Sam turn and walk further down the path.

Dean ran after Sam and grab him and turn him around, he held Sam with both hands to his shoulders. One way he is going to have his little brother listen to him, Sam just look at Dean with anger eyes and pulled away from his brother. Just as he turn something big and powerful hit him from the front, it happen so fast he didn't see it coming. When his vision cleared he saw a big black wolf on top of him, the wolf sank it's fangs into Sam's shoulder and he cried out in pain. Dean came running to Sam's side and saw the wolf on his brother, he called out for his dad and charge the wolf. He took aim and hit the wolf in the shoulder, the wolf turn and went after Dean knocking him to the ground. The wolf's fangs sank into Dean's left side, and clawed Dean's chest open with it's sharp claws. Dean cried in pain when the wolf bit and clawed him, next thing he knew they wolf jump off of him and ran. Dean heard someone calling his name before he blacked out, they last thing that was on his mind was his little brother being hurt.

John heard Dean calling for him and started to run, by the sound of Dean's yell he knew he was in trouble. He ran as fast as he could and when he got to where his son was, and to his horror he saw the wolf sank it's fangs into Dean's side. John ran and pointed the gun and shot, he knew he hit the wolf form they way it flinch. The wolf look and ran off around the bend, John ran to Dean's side and held his sons face. He look around for Sam who was getting off the ground, John had hatred in his eyes thinking that Sam was slacking.

"SAM! Get your ass over here and help me with your brother, what have you've been doing the whole time resting." John said with ragging anger in his voice.

"No I was not sleeping or resting the wolf attack me first…." Is all the Sam got out before his dad grab him.

"I don't want to hear any of your lies Sam, just emit that you where sleeping on the job." John said to Sam.

"I wasn't sleep on the job Dad…." Sam was being grab by his dad, and shoved toward the Impala.

"Get your worthless ass to the car after you pick up the guns, and I don't want to hear another word from you. We need to get your brother to the hospital now, so get your ass moving and lets go." John pick up Dean and hurried to the car, he didn't even look to see if Sam was coming.

John was pacing the floor of the emergency room waiting for the doctor, he could see Sam sitting in the corner moving around. He told Sam to sit still and stop moving, he glared at Sam and his blood was boiling at his youngest. Finally the doctor came out and ask for Dean's family, John rush to the doctor and ask about Dean.

"The family for Dean Wilder, I need to talk to them." Doctor Frank said.

"I'm his father how is my son doing." John ask Frank.

"Why don't we go and sit down over here, and I'll let you know how your son is." Frank sat John on the chair. He look over at Sam and ask him to join them to.

"Dean will be fine in a couple of days, the bite and claw marks were not that deep. We clean them out real good and put him on an IV drip, it will help fight off any infection that might develop. We don't think that there will be any, we did give him some fluids to replenish his blood loss." Frank could see the relief in their eyes, when he saw Sam he notice how pale he was.

"Are you alright son? You don't look so good." Frank said going over to Sam.

"I'll be fine when I can see my brother, I'm fine thank you." Sam lied he was hurting like hell.

"Sir do you want me to look at your other son, he looks to pale for me." Frank ask John.

"No he fine just a little scared seeing his brother being attack." John said glaring at Sam.

"Dean will be moved into his room in about 30 minutes, she will come and get you both when he is ready." Frank said as he left the room.

John grab Sam by the arm and drag him out of the hospital, he push Sam against the wall with force. Sam hiss in pain when his shoulder hit the wall, he pale even further when he felt the wound bleeding again.

"You aren't going to see you brother at all Sam, you are going back to the hotel room and stay there." John hiss at Sam.

"I want to see my brother Dad, I want to make sure that Dean is fine. I already told you what happen out there, this is not my fault for what….." Sam didn't get to say much more then that.

John smack Sam right in the face with his fist, and push him back into the wall. This time Sam head hit the concrete wall hard, he saw black stops forming in his vision. He shook them away and tried to focus, at first everything was blurry then he saw his father anger eyes looking at him. John let him go and he slump to the ground, his body ache from being toss into the wall and the wolf jumping on him.

"I said go to the hotel and leave your brother alone, the only thing your going to do is get him killed." John spat at Sam.

"I said I want to see my brother, I need to make sure he is….." Next thing Sam knew his Dad kick him hard in the ribs, he did it the second time just for the pleasure of it.

Sam could feel two ribs cracking when his dad kick him, he laid there gasping for air that his lungs needed. He watch his father storm off not even looking back at him, he did not even care if he killed his son he just walk away. 'If that is what you think of your worthless son then be it, I'm getting out of here and not coming back.' Sam said to himself as he got up off the ground, his body protest each moved he made. He walk to the Impala and grab his bag and walk in the other direction, he headed for the park to killed the wolf.


I love John and I know he wouldn't do that to his son, it's just getting the story started for what's to come.

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