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After John ending his call with Bobby he close his phone, he sat there for a long time looking out the window. His eyes were moist with tears and he didn't wipe them away, he lowered his head to his hands and cried. He couldn't blame Sammy for not seeing him anymore, what he did to his son drove Sam away from him. Not only did he loose Sammy he lost Dean to, he knew where Sammy went Dean would follow. In on month he destroyed the love and respect from his sons, and the only person to blame is himself and no one else. John didn't hear the door open when Joe walk in, he was so lost in his own thoughts and grief. He jump when Joe put his hand on his shoulder, he look up to see Joe's worried face looking at him.

Joe left to give John some a lone time to talk with Sam, he went to get some lunch for him and John. He was gone for a good hour or so, they restaurant was down the street from the hotel. When he got there he notice it was busy with the lunch crowd, it took him almost 20 minutes to get his food order. It took another 15 minutes to get the food to go, then getting out of the parking lot was a chore in itself. When he pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, he stayed in the car for a little while longer. He didn't want to walk in if John was still talking with Sam, he wanted to give John some privacy to talk with his son. He finally got out of the car and walk up to the door, he thought he heard John crying as he open the door. He look at his friend and frowned, he never saw John cried before in the twenty years he known him. He walk up to his friend and put an hand on his shoulder, he felt bad when he saw the devastating look in John's eyes. He put the food on the table and sat next to John, he wanted to comfort his friend so he sat next to him. He waited until John said something to him, he didn't want to pry into John's business when it came to his sons.

"I called Bobby when you were out Joe, I ask him if I could talk with Sam on his terms. Bobby said he would talk with Sam and see what he wants, he called me back and said that Sam doesn't want to see me. I can't blame him one bit Joe for not seeing me, I put this on myself for Sammy to hate me this much. I lost both of my sons to my stupidity, just because Sam said some things about his mother that I didn't like." John look down in shame.

"John you're right about one thing about this matter, it is your fault that you lost both of your boys. You were mad at Sam for not feeling the lost like you and Dean, he was only a baby at the time of her death. How is Sam suppose to remember his mother when he was 6 months old, you never once told him anything about her. The only thing he's ever heard is how she died in his room, you never once said anything else about her to him. How is he suppose to fight for something he doesn't know about, to him she is a bad memory that you created for him." Joe was hoping that John wouldn't be offended about what he said.

"You're right Joe I never once told Sammy about her, he only heard bad things about her never good things. I should've told him how much she loved him, how she smile when he was in her arms. Her eyes got so bright when she look at Sammy, her face lit right up when she saw him every morning. Now I'm never going to have that chance to tell him, I lost my baby for good just be…." John heart broke knowing he would never see Sammy again, he sat there next to Joe and cried.

"John I'm really sorry for what happen between you and the boys, I'll stay with you as long as you need me. We can stay here until you feel it's time to move on, we can hunt together for awhile then part ways." Joe sat there next to John, trying to give him some comfort to his old friend.

Jim stayed with Bobby and the boys for a week, he wanted to make sure that everything between them was ok. When it came time for him to go back to the church, he had one more talk with the brothers and Bobby.

"Are you sure that everything is fine between you two, if not I can stay a little longer to help out." Jim wanted to make sure the boys will be fine.

"We'll be fine Pastor Jim and thanks for coming, you've help me a lot to over come on what happen." Sam felt a lot better since he talk with Jim.

"I'm glad that we got this out in the open now, that we can leave this behind us and move on. I know there will be some effects from it for both of us, now we can talk about and help each other to heal from this." Dean put his arm over Sam's shoulders.

"I'll make sure they'll call ya for their sessions ever week, or sooner if they're having a hard time between each call." Bobby was going to make sure they call Jim regularly.

"That's fine Bobby give me a call at anytime ok boys, I don't care what time it is call me. I don't want you two hiding anything from each other, talk things out don't hold anything in let it out." Jim wanted them to know it's better to talk then keeping it inside.

After Jim said that to the boys he hug them both and shook Bobby's hand, he got into his car and headed back home. Dean, Sam and Bobby watch as Jim drove away, they wave to him as he pulled out of the drive way. They all went back inside and headed for the kitchen, Bobby was getting things ready to make dinner. Sam help by setting the table and helping Bobby cook, Dean grab two beers out of the fridge and gave one to Bobby. He poured Sammy a glass of milk and set it next to his plate, when dinner was ready Dean help set it on the table. They all sat down and dug into the meal Bobby made, when they were all done they clean the dishes and table. They all went into the living room to watch some T.V., Bobby brought him and Dean another beer and Sam a soda. Sam took his soda from Bobby and sigh, he really wanted a beer to drink instead.

"Why can't I have a beer instead of a soda, I'm old enough to drink a beer." Sam knew what Dean was going to say, so he was ready for his brother's out burst.

"Hell no Sammy no beer for you kiddo, it's soda or lemon aid and that's it." Dean said in a stern voice to let Sam know what his answer was.

"Come on Dean you drank beer when you were 18, so why can't I have a beer I'm 18 so why not." Sam really wanted to have one beer.

"When I drank the beer at that age I got the rights read to me by dad, he chewed my ass for a week after I drank one beer." Dean cringe when he mention his dad, he knew it was a touchy subject with Sam.

"Well dad is not here Dean so I can have one if I want to, isn't that right Bobby you'll let me have one." Sam look over at Bobby hoping he would say yes.

Dean knew that he mess up by bringing up their father, he could tell by the way Sam talk to Bobby. Bobby look at Sam for a moment before looking over at Dean, he would see that older brother was glaring at him. Sam hated to bring Bobby into this matter with him and Dean, it's that Sam was mad at Dean for bringing up their father.

"Sam, Dean is right tiger you're to young to have a beer, and besides Dean's beer was half water at the time." Bobby did put more water then beer in Dean's drink.

"That is why it tasted so differently when I tried another one behind your back, I spit it out right away and poured the rest of it away." Dean couldn't believe that Bobby did that.

"Dean yer a damn idjit ya know that, if your daddy found out he would of beat my ass." Bobby didn't even think before he said it, he knew how Sam felt about there dad.

Sam glared at Bobby and Dean for bringing up their father again, he was upset with the both of them and got up and left. Sam walk out of the house and headed for the junk yard, he found a place to be by himself inside of a truck. He laid on the back seat so no one would find him, he could feel the anger inside of him towards Bobby and Dean. He wasn't sure on how long he's been inside the truck, when he look out the window it was dark outside. He got out of the truck and headed back inside, Bobby and Dean was still sitting on the couch. Sam didn't even look at them when he went up stairs, the two hunter just look at each other and sigh.

"I better go talk to him Bobby and say we are sorry, I don't want him this way that he can't talk with us. I should've never brought up dad in the first place, knowing how much he hates him right now." Dean gave Bobby a sad smile then went to talk with Sammy.

"Tell tiger that I'm sorry for bringing up his daddy to, I didn't mean to get him so upset Dean." Bobby could kick himself for bringing up John's name.

When Dean got to the bedroom the door was close, he was nervous that maybe Sammy lock him out. When he turn the handle he sigh a breath of relief, he open the door and step inside and closed the door behind him. Sam was sitting on his bed looking at the picture of him and mom, he didn't even look up when Dean sat on the bed.

"Sammy, Bobby and I are sorry for bringing him up, we didn't mean to upset you like this. I just wanted you to know what happen to me when I drank my first beer, I got punish big time by him he made me wash the Impala for a week." Dean look at Sammy hoping to get something out of him.

"Yeah that is really a big punishment washing the Impala, that is a piece of cake washing that car." Sam still had his eyes looking at the picture.

"That wasn't all of it Sammy that was the beginning, he had me run two miles ever day for a week. During that week he had me do 100 push ups and sit ups, he then made me do a course that he made. That was my punishment for drinking one beer of Bobby's, and come to realize it was really beer I got punish for." Dean shook his head and smile about it.

"Well dad is not here to punish me for drinking one beer, so if I drink just one I'll get the same punishment as you did." Sam look up at Dean to see the look on his face.

"That is something you've got to talk to Bobby about, that is his beer that you want to drink. Don't even think of buying any for yourself young man, if you do I'll make a course for you to run for a week." Dean smile when he saw Sam smiling.

"I wouldn't have to worry about your courses any way Dean, yours will be to easy for me cause you won't make them hard." Sam smile at Dean's face.

"Yeah well I don't want you to get to tired to fast kiddo, anyway I would never do that to you little brother. Bobby on the other hand just might do that, knowing him he would have me run it to for letting you drink." Dean laugh when Sam giggle at that.

"Do you think I'm doing the right thing about dad Dean, I know how much you respect him and all. I just can't see him right now it's to soon, I need some time to figure things out when it comes to him." Sam knows he's doing the right thing when it comes to dad, he wanted Dean's opinion on this to he's his dad to.

"Sammy I'm right beside you on this when it comes to dad, I lost all respect for him when he beat you. I can't see dad right now or in the near future, I need sometime myself to get over this. When we are both ready to see him we will, but right now I can't do it I just might end up hurting him." Dean feels the same way as Sammy does.

"So then it just me and you together as a family and Bobby, that is fine with me right now until I can get pass this. I just wanted to know how you feel about all of this, it's going to be the three of us for a long time." Sam knew with Dean and Bobby by his side he'll be safe and loved.

"Now that this chick flick is over with lets get ready for bed, why don't you go and take a shower first. I'm going down to talk with Bobby, he's feeling a little sorry for what he said." Dean ruffle Sam's hair before he got off the bed.

"Yes mom what ever you say ma'am, I'll be a good boy and wash behind my ears to." Sam said in a very sarcastic voice, then dodge from Dean's hand.

"You're a smartass Sammy, I wonder where you get that from kiddo." Dean knew he gets it from him.

After Dean came back from talking with Bobby, Sam was out of the shower and in bed. He took his shower and got his sleeping cloths on, he said good night to Bobby and went to bed.

When the fall came around it was time to get Sam registered for school, Bobby went to the school with Sammy and got him all taken care of. Bobby told the counselor that Sam was a year behind from all the moving, their dad at the time moved them a lot with his jobs. Sam was glad that he was going to finish school in the same one, he knew that Bobby wouldn't move him around like his dad did.

When school started Dean took Sam to and from school, even though Sam could take the bus Dean felt better if he took him. Sam made some friends during his school year, two of his friends really like Dean and his car. They would ask Dean if he could take them home, so they could ride in the car that was so cool. Dean like Sam two friends Jose and Kent, they treated his little brother with respect. Sam's other three friends Katie, Kelly and George, weren't so impress with Dean or his car like Jose and Kent. Sam ask Bobby if his friends could come over after school, they wanted to see where Sam lives and met his Uncle he talks about. Bobby told Sam that he could bring his friends over, just as long they don't mess up his book collection.

"Bobby can my friends come over on Friday to see your house, I told them so much about you they want to meet you." Sam was hoping he would say yes.

"That's fine Sam just as long they don't mess with my books, I got them all in order and don't want them messed up." Bobby laugh at Sam's look as he look around.

When Friday came around Sam's friends came over, Kelly's mom let her use the car to go over. They follow Dean over to Bobby's house, when they got there Kelly and Katie didn't like the look of Bobby's house. They didn't say anything cause that would hurt Sam's feelings, so they kept it to themselves for the time being. Jose, Kent and George loved Bobby's house with the books, they couldn't stop looking at all the books. Kelly and Katie just stood there looking really disgusted, Sam offered them the couch to seat on so they don't have to stand.

"Katie and Kelly why don't you two sit here on the couch, you'll be more comfortable then standing there." Sam could see they weren't having fun.

"No that is ok Sam we'll walk around for a bit, then we'll go sit out in the car." Katie said in a snotty way.

"What are you ashamed of my Uncle's house, you wanted to come and met my Uncle and see his house. So now you don't like it because?" Sam was questioning his friends attitude.

"We sorry Sam his house isn't the best clean house around, why don't we go over to my house instead. We have less stuff laying around and more room, my house if a little more cleaner then this one." Kelly said not caring if Bobby heard her.

"Why don't you two just leave now and don't come back, I don't like it when someone disrespects my Uncle. If you guys want to go with Kelly and Katie be my guess, I don't want them here right now." Sam didn't like it what they said about Bobby's house.

"No way Sam we love your Uncle's house look at all these cool books, we'll stay with you and look at them more." Jose said for all three of them.

"Fine lets go now Katie and go to my house, leave these four boys here in this filth." Kelly turn on her heals and left with Katie on her heals.

"We're sorry mister Singer for our friends rudeness, we're not like them at all we love the books." Kent said as he went back into the Library.

"That's ok son and call me Bobby ok, Sam you got some good friends in those three." Bobby wanted Sam not to feel so bad.

Sam's friends stayed for dinner after they called their parents, the Dean and Sam took them home after they look at more books. Sam was happy that his three friends excepted Bobby for who he is, and liking Dean gave them extra points in Sam's book to.

One year later

Sam was getting ready to graduate High School with honors, Bobby and Dean were really proud of him. Sam ask if Caleb and Joshua could come to his graduation, when he didn't bring up his dad they didn't say anything. Bobby called Caleb and Joshua and ask them if they would come, they said that they will be there to see their nephew. They were all proud of what Sam accomplish in one year, he got a scholarship to go to any college he wanted. When the day came for him to graduate Sam was excited, he couldn't stop talking about the ceremony. When they arrived at the High School Caleb and Joshua was waiting for them, they wanted to get pictures of Sam in his gown with Bobby and Dean. Bobby took a picture of Caleb and Joshua and Sam together, then one of the teachers took a picture of the whole family.

After graduation they all went out to celebrate Sam's big moment, they took Sam to a nice restaurant to congratulate him. They all pitch in to get Sam a present for this moment, Bobby, Caleb and Joshua gave Sam a watch with his name engraved on the back. Dean's presents was more personal to Sam, it was a picture with his mom, Dean and baby Sammy. The frame around it had all their names on it, Sam had tears in his eyes when he look at it.

During the summer Sam got together with his friends, he went to see a movie or just hung out with them. They even had cook outs at one of the houses, they all invited everyone over for a gathering. Two of Sam's friends where going to Harvard, his other friend hasn't decided which college he was going to. Jose and Kent ask Sam where he was going, he told them that he needed to tell his family first. Sam knew it would be hard to tell them where he was going, since it was so far away from Bobby's house. He was going to tell them tonight on where he is going, when everyone was there Sam walk into the living room to tell them.

"I've made my mind up on where I'm going to college." Sam stop and look at everyone.

"Which college are you going to Sammy, are you ok you look a little pale." Dean could see Sam was going to have a hard time saying where he was going.

"I-I'm going to Stanford in California, I've got a scholarship to go there." Sam look away from Dean, he couldn't see the hurt on his face.

"That's great Sam I'm happy for you tiger, when do you have to leave. I mean if you need some help just call us, we'll come and help you if it needs to be." Caleb said as he got up and hug Sam.

"Good for you Sam I'm really proud of you kiddo, like Caleb said let us knew and we'll be there." Joshua got up and hug Sam to.

Caleb and Joshua saw that Sam wanted to talk with Bobby and Dean, so they both left to go back to the hotel. Sam stood there looking at his Uncle and brother, he wanted them to say something.

"Stanford that is where you're going to attend, that is so far away Sammy I don't know. I rather have you around here so I can keep an eye on you, but of course that is what I want not what you want. I-I'm going to have a hard time with this kiddo, I got to do what best for you and not for me." That was the hardest thing that Dean had to say, he didn't want Sammy so far away from him.

"I don't like it either Sam for the same reason as Dean's, but we do have to let you make your own decision. But there is one thing I want you to do tiger, is to call us every two weeks to tell us how things are. We'll make arrangements on what time and day, I know I might be an over bearing Uncle I just want to know you're safe." Bobby already had tears in his eyes.

"I'm fine with that Bobby we'll talk with each other every two weeks, we've got three weeks before I leave for college. We'll make all the arrangements before I leave, thanks for letting me go to Stanford I know how hard it is for you to." Sam could feel the tears coming up in his eyes.

"Well then we got some shopping to do before you leave, I want to make sure you have everything you need for college. Just one thing Sammy you let me and Bobby take you there, if Caleb and Joshua wants to come they can." Dean wanted to make sure he got there safe.

"That is a deal Dean I wanted you and Bobby to take me there, we'll get my stuff that I need and leave in two weeks." Sam was glad that Dean and Bobby would go with him.

Three weeks later

Bobby, Dean, Caleb and Joshua help Sam move everything into his dorm, they look around the campus with Sam to check it out. They couldn't believe on how big the campus was, it was a really nice college with it's red bricks. When it was time for them to leave Caleb and Joshua said their good byes, they walk back to the cars to give Bobby and Dean some alone time.

"Remember to call us every two week tiger, we pick Thursdays nights at 9:00 pm right." Bobby said to Sam just making sure.

"Yes I know Bobby Thursday nights at 9:00 pm I got it, you just make sure you two are home." Sam said with a smile.

"You know sometimes you can be a damn idgit tiger, well I guess it's time to go now you take care of yourself now." Bobby could feel a lump in his throat when he hug Sam.

Bobby walk over to Caleb and Joshua to give Dean and Sam some alone time, he could see that the older brother was having a hard time.

"You be careful little brother and remember everything I taught you, are you sure about staying here we can leave now." Dean was holding back the tears.

"Yea this is something I want to do Dean I need to do this, I'm going to be fine big brother and you can call me anytime." Sam wanted Dean to call him at anytime, so he could hear his brother's voice.

"I had to try ok just be alert on what's going around you, in two weeks we'll be waiting for your phone called." Dean could feel the tears coming.

Sam look at his brother with tears in his eyes, he saw the tears in Dean's eyes. He step up to his brother and hug him tight, Dean hug him right back in a tighter hug. Dean rub his back gently like he did when they were kids, Sam wasn't just ready to let go of his brother just yet. When they finally let each other go they were both crying, Dean wipe Sam's tears away with his thumbs. Just as Dean turn to leave a pretty blonde walk by Sam and smile at him, Dean saw the look Sam gave her and the look she gave him.

"Go get her tiger, don't do anything I would do." Dean wink at his brother, and smile when he got embarrass.

Sam watch as the small group climb in the cars and drove off, he wave them good bye and stood there until he couldn't see the cars. Sam sigh and had a pain in his heart, he was already missing his brother.

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