My eyes fluttered open to my dark room. I shot up into a sitting position making my head spin. Dark? I looked at my clock to see it was 6am.

After a few minutes of tossing and turning, I gave up and made my way to the kitchen to start making breakfast.

Then I got an idea. I called up Rosalie and Jasper immediately.

Bacon, eggs, French toast, fresh coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. All that was left was the Pancakes.

I thought about what type of pancakes everyone would love. Being the easiest, I made Emmett's first which was seven giant double chocolate chip pancakes and Charlie's which was Original. I was stumped after that.

A chuckle from the kitchen door way made me almost leap out of my skin. I spun around to see Edward in a white wife beater and gym pants.

"Gosh you scared me!" I said, putting my hand over my heart.

"I didn't mean to," came his gentle voice. "Need help?"

I bit my lip. "What do you and your family like in your pancakes?"

He smiled. "Our family, Bella."

I blushed. "Alice?"

He chuckled. "Chocolate chip."



"Just like me," we both said at the same time.

I blushed and looked down as he laughed. "Can I help?"

I shook my head. "I'm treating you to breakfast, not the other way around."

Edward smiled, "Soot yourself."

It was surprisingly hard to make breakfast while he was watching me intently but it was doable.

Soon enough Emmett came trampling down the stairs. It literally sounded like a stampede.

"DO I SMELL GIANT DOUBLE CHOCOLATE PANCAKES!!!?!?!?!" he yelled, more than waking everyone in the house.

I flinched and was pulled out of the way by Edward as Emmett stalked over the food. Elizabeth, Charlie and Alice walked in PJ or robes.

"Emmett…could you--" she started scowling before she looked up to see my breakfast. A touched smile graced her perfect lips as she looked at me. "Bella, darling this is…amazing…"

I blushed and ducked my head. "Thank you, Mom."

Elizabeth almost glowed at the title. Charlie chuckled and ruffled my already messed up hair. "Thanks, kiddo."

"What's breakfast without fruit and whipped cream?" came a voice form the front room.

Emmett's head snapped up from his fully over loaded plate. "Babe!?!"

Rosalie walked in wearing a white wife beater with loose metallic belts and black jeans with converse. That's the most casual Rose has ever looked.

Jasper followed in a plaid shirt with the buttons undone over a plain white top and acid washed jeans with loafers. He held a basket with some muffins Rose had freshly baked.

Alice's eyes bulged when she saw Jasper and the widest grin I ever saw spread over her face.

Charlie smiled and engulfed Rose in a daughterly hug before he sat down with everyone (well, except Emmett).

"ROSIE!!!!" he yelled before running to pick up a surprised Rosalie.

Rosalie laughed before smacking his bulk arm. "Put me down you goof!"

He gave her his dimpled grin before pulling her into his lap at the table. Elizabeth gave him a scolding look. "Emmett…."

He pouted and sat Rose - it was as if she were the lightest thing on earth- on a seat beside him.

The feast began - by head if Emmett naturally and soon enough the dishes were washed and leftovers put up.

Emmett dragged Rosalie upstairs to his room and Jasper and Alice cuddled on the couch not really paying attention to the TV. Charlie left for work, kissing Elizabeth goodbye before leaving; she was now gardening.

Claire De Lune began to play from the west room of the house. Enchanted by the music, my feet directed me to the source.


He played the familiar tune with such ease and clarity. A smile on his lips, eyes half closed as he fingers glided with the grace of a swan across the ivory keys, his back erect. He looked like Adonis, so gorgeous…

All of a sudden, his mouth turned up at the sides even more as he scooted over on the bench, never breaking the melody.

I hesitated but walked over to him and sat down. He turned his head to me, still playing, the smile still there.

"I'm sorry for invading--" I started before he cut me off.

"It's alright, Bella," he assured me with a half smile at me.

He played on. The melody was sweet, almost as sweet as the person playing it. We smiled at each other as the sweet song ended the last bridge.