Okay. I don't know where this came from. I was disappointed with the season premiere( don't get me wrong it was alright but it had so much unfullfilled potential and Ben's sudden immaturity was too much for me) and since writing usually helps me, I sat down a started and writing and got this. Julie just showed up. I hope I got both of them down alright. I'm not sure if this is going to stay a one-shot or become a series of unrelated drabbles. I have a few other drabbles waiting to be finished. Anyway, tell me what you think.

Takes place before 'Good Copy, Bad Copy'

I don't own Ben 10 or any of its characters

Edit: READ THIS! I decided to change this into a series of drabbles since the title just planted so many plot bunnies in my head. I'll be putting the characters involved in the chapter head so if you don't like someone you can just skip it. I will NOT only focus on these two characters. I plan to use as many as my muses will allow. ;) I will also try and keep it so its not completely pairing drabbles

"Oh man!"

The night was windy to say the least. Trees swayed and groaned as the strong gusts pulled at their trunks. The dark storm clouds twirled in the upper atmosphere, indifferent to the trouble the rain and wind was causing the citizens of Bellwood. The bright headlights of cars carefully traveled along the slippery roads and highways. Mini tornados twisted across the desert surrounding the town, eventually dying as the wind changed direction. Needless to say, few people ventured into the stormy weather.

"Oh man. Oh man. She's going to kill me." The screechy voice could hardly be heard over the roaring wind and pounding rain. Gritting his sharp teeth, Jetray directed the few coherent parts of his mind into keeping airborne. A rather nasty gust pulled at the thin membrane of his wings, but he fought to move forward. Without any warning, the wind disappeared, and the alien shot through the air, his arm muscles screaming from the work.

Black spots flickered in front of his vision and all sensation left his body. His thin wings collapsed and the Aerophibian fell from the air. Bright lights and a loud horn brought Ben out of his stupor. Eyes shooting open, the creature twisted its lithe body and flapped its exhausted wings. The oncoming car skidded past, but managed to stay on the road. Gaining altitude so the next car didn't turn him into road-kill, Jetray winced.

Glancing down through the rain, he isn't surprised to see the gash across his chest had reopened. Green blood slowly dripped from the wound, each drop lost making him even more lightheaded. He had to land soon or he really would be road-kill. Willing his screaming arms and chest to shut up, the alien shot through the storm.

A sigh of relief escaped his mouth as the building he was searching for came into view. The relief was replaced with heavy guilt as his sharp eyes found a lone figure taking cover under the awning of the restaurant. Letting his wings carefully direct him toward the ground, green light surrounded the alien. A second later, Ben dropped the remaining five feet to the ground and bit back a groan as his wound protested the action.

"Ben!" The figure ran out from under the awning and stopped next to the brunette.

"Julie? I'm sorry. I tried to get back as soon as I could." The boy sighed and looked at the dark restaurant's windows. "I guess I totally ruined our date didn't I?" The black-haired girl sighed and shook her head.

"Don't worry about it. C'mon. We can still go back to my house and watchZombie Hunter." She extended her hand to help the boy to his feet. Ben gratefully excepted the help and was pulled to his feet. His chest throbbed, but he willed it to be quiet. He would take care of it when Julie wasn't around. The less she knew the better. "C'mon. I'm getting soaked."

The brunette laughed and nodded, following his girlfriend over to her moped. "Sorry."The engine puttered to life and small light illuminated the wet streets. The rain pounded on the teens as the small bike raced through the town. Ben leaned forward, warping his arms around the girl and resting his head against her shoulder. It seemed his energy was slowly seeping from him with every passing minute. Julie's house seemed like a shining beacon in the stormy night.

Cutting the power to the bike as they entered the garage, Julie smiled over her shoulder. "We're here. Let's get inside before we get sick. You can borrow some fo my dad's clothes."

"Thanks." The brunette's lips twitched as he tried to smile, but his body seemed to be shutting down.

"Ben? Ben, are you..." Her hand lightly touched his chest and he hissed in pain. The girl jumped back in surprise, eyebrows furrowed nervously. She glanced on her hand and hasped as she noticed the red tint. "Ben, you're bleeding!" Energy quickly dissipating, the Omnitrix-wielder couldn't come up with a response. "Here. I have a First-aid kit in the house." With his girlfriend's help, the boy made it into the bathroom, before his legs gave out on him. Dark eyes full of worry, Julie sat him down on the closed toilet.

The pain that shot through his torso as he removed his soaked jacket woke him enough for him to protest. "You don't have to do this, Julie. Gwen can do it later." His head gave a painful throb in protest. Waiting for Gwen probably wouldn't be the best idea. She and Kevin were still driving home and wouldn't get there until for another forty minutes at least. Every bit of logic he possessed told him to let Julie fix up the wound, but his heart clenched at the idea. He knew she had a vague idea of how often his secret job left him with injuries, but he didn't want to confirm it nor show her how bad it could and frequently did get. The less she knew the better.

But she was giving him the look he had thought that only his mom and Gwen had mastered. Apparently it was a talent that all girl's possessed. With a loud sigh that was more like an explosion of air then a gentle exhale, he nodded and prepared himself for her appalled reaction. Even the others had gotten queasy over some of his injuries and they had been exposed to as much as he had. He could tell by how fast he was fading and the amount of blood soaking his shirt that it was going to be one of those gut-wrenching wounds. Maybe he shouldn't be sitting on the toilet.

He slowly peeled the dark t-shirt off, wincing as it tugged at his injury. The girl across from him who had been silent until now gasped quietly and lightly brought her hands to her mouth inn surprise. Her deep eyes were wide and tears collected at the corners. His mouth twitched into a frown. He knew this hadn't been a good idea. "Forget it. I shouldn't have bothered you." Ben moved to pick up his discarded shirt when a firm hand touched his forearm. Green eyes looked up in surprised and met steady black.

"No. I'm alright. I just didn't.... I didn't think..." The girl frowned as her tongue betrayed her uneasiness. A weak smile tilted her lips and she shook her head. "Sorry. I just wasn't expecting it too be so bad." She pulled the stereotypical red box out of the cabinet and opened it, her nimble fingers tracing over the contents. She picked up a few pieces of gauze and a bottle of antibiotic. The boy felt a twinge of nostalgia. How long had it been since his first-aid kit had carried only the bare necessities?

Julie picked up a pad of sterile gauze and gently pressed it against the top of the wound. Ben hissed at the sudden pain and she jumped back, biting her lip in concern and uncertainty. "Sorry. Sorry. Just bear with me, okay?" He nodded sharply, gritting his teeth against the pain. She continued to put pressure on the bleeding parts of his wound, her hands cool against the irritated skin. A few other pieces of gauze were used to clean the jagged skin and add antibiotic to it. More gauze was stuck to the wound and secured with tape.

When she was done, she sighed heavily and sat back, leaning against the opposite wall. Ben blinked the sleep out of his eyes and looked at her, worry evident on his features. "Julie?" She waved away his concern and smiled meekly at him.

"I guess that was what Kevin meant when he said it was dangerous. I guess I just didn't believe him." She laughed but it held no amusement in it. The brunette slid off the seat and onto the ground, moving to sit next to his girlfriend. Silence passed between them and Ben fought to keep his eyes open.

"I'm sorry. I should have waited for Gwen." He frowned as he looked at the pile of bloody gauze on the floor. " You didn't need to do that. I shouldn't have gotten you involved." Julie snapped out of her stupor and stared at him. He jumped at the sudden movement and squirmed under her unreadable look. "Julie, what..."

"Don't ever say that." Her voice was low and threatening. "You didn't 'get me involved'. I was my decision, not yours. I want to help you." She huffed in annoyance and ran a hand through her hair. "I just... I worry about you. You hardly tell me about that you guys do. All I ever hear is that there was an alien and you beat it. I just get bits and pieces and am left to figure it out on my own. I can't just sit on the sidelines forever and you can't keep me there no matter how hard you 've been trying to. The boy blushed at the accusation. He hadn't expected her to realize he had been sheltering her. "I want to help, Ben, even if it's just cleaning the cuts and scrapes you get." She glanced at his chest and frowned. She knew there weren't just 'cuts and scrapes'. "I hate seeing you like this." Her voice dropped down to a whisper and she ducked her head.

Ben blinked owlishly as a loving grin pulled at his lips. He shook his head, ignoring how his vision dimmed temporarily. That was Julie for you. She was going to get involved whether he wanted her to or not. He sighed in defeat and smiled. "Alright. I'll explain everything I can." Julie perked up at his response but he stopped her from saying anything with a quick frown. "But not tonight. We're supposed to be on a date and I think my problems and mistakes have ruined it enough. You said something about Zombie Hunter?" It was her turn to smile and shake her head in exasperation.

"Deal." She jumped to her feet and offered him a hand. He gratefully took it, not sure he would be able to get up without it. "But I'm calling Gwen and Kevin and telling them to come pick you up. You're almost asleep on your feet." She laughed as he protested and rolled her eyes, muttering about idiot heros. He let her lead him to the couch and turned on the TV. She sat next to him, letting him rest his head on her lap as she flipped through the channels. "Go ahead and sleep. You can make it up to me tomorrow." The boy nodded wearily and felt his body finally relax. Sleep snuck up on him as the movie finished the beginning credits.