Chapter 5: Deepest red

Remilia sipped her tea in absolute silence, sitting under the shade she had gotten over the balcony.

She had, of course, noticed the Hong vs. Peter battle, and heard the sounds of the Arthur vs. Sakuya battle, but found them a great source of entertainment, not doing anything to stop them. Now, she figured that they were getting ready to fight her…then Flandre. Either way, they'd not get out alive, especially if it was Flandre they were preparing to fight…no matter how much talent they had.

Remilia pulled out a card, and glanced at the room as the trio walked in.

"Peoples…meet Remilia Scarlet, a real vampire!" Cirno grinned.

"Charmed, I'm sure." Remilia said. "I don't really care for introductions, seeing as I know what you're here for…a battle. Mind you, this one will not be as easy as Hong and Sakuya's battles were…given that they aren't the best fighters…and even if you do reach Flandre, you won't be able to kill her anyway."

"F-flandre….what do you think we are here for, Remilia, 9?! Remilia , 9?!" Cirno backed away, horrified. "…We don't want to fight, 9! Ah!"

The ice fairy was quickly struck with a danmaku, and held her arm, it shaking back and forth from the magical attack. "…Ah….9…." She said, clenching her teeth.

"Hey, if it's us you want to fight…then fight us." Peter said, pulling out his spellcards. "Or are you afraid of us?!"

Remilia smirked, her fangs beginning to show at the creases of her mouth. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this." She muttered, taking out her own deck. "You will pay for insulting the young descendant of Tepes! Divine Punishment: Young Demon Lord!" Lasers and bubble waves shot off at Peter, Remilia giggling like a child, but that only made it more terrifying. He was shot by one of the lasers, and yelped in pain, but reeled back into attacking position.

"Star Sign: Jumping Crossing Scale!" Peter shot off several lines of danmaku, stopping in midair and pointing towards Remilia, as a taunt. The lines twisted, hit, and made a giant laser as Remilia yelped, getting blown back. But this only made her grin wider.

"Idiotic group…you really thought that that was going to stop me?" She held up another spellcard. "God Devil: Remilia Stoker!" She giggled as many lines of lasers and danmaku to go with them got shot at Peter, who was blown back, but managed to get through most of them. The battle was now outside, Remilia clutching her parasol and flying, with Peter floating…somehow.

"…Cherry Blossom Sign:…Perfect Cherry Blossom of Sumizome -Bloom-." Peter glanced up as the spellcard took effect. "Goodbye."

"What?! Ah!" Remilia was struck down by the powerful card, and fell to the ground, where she laid unconscious, covered by her parasol.

Peter floated back inside, and blinked, not really believing what he did.

"Uh…what happened?" Peter asked.

Cirno merely giggled and hugged him again. "You cast off a really powerful spell, Sea-kun!" She said. "Usually, that spell's not really…easy to cast, but you cast it!"

"…Huh." Peter said. "Well….can we get out of here? I'm not really eager to meet this…Flandre, whoever she is. "

A ghoulish wail escaped from the basement. "I am…U.N. OWEN." The wail sounded, and a thump was heard.

"Oh…dang…it…" Cirno said, jumping into Peter's arms. "Save me, Sea-kunnn!" She frowned.

"Honestly, I don't see what could be so bad about this Flandre." Arthur stated. "If Peter can cast off such a high-level spell, then I can probably cast a lot better than him, given that I have more experience." He said, nodding. "She shouldn't be that tough."

"You--you'd be surprised, JE, 9…" Cirno said. "Flandre is..even worse than the Scarlet Devil…and she's terrifying….don't fight her, 9! I don't want to die, 9!" She screamed, causing the wailing voice to giggle…in a even more childlike voice.

"Oh, boys…come out and play....Kiiirkklaaannndsss~….Peeeetteeerr……Arrrrthhuuurrr…" The voice said, stretching out each part and ending it in a giggle. "I'll find you and kill you if you don't come ouuuttt…"

"Come and get us!" Arthur yelled, grinning smugly. "It's not like she'd really hurt us that badly, I mean…"

"Ah, there you are." Flandre grinned, flying over. "Hello, Arthur…Peter…"

"How…how do you know our names?" Peter asked. Flandre giggled at this question.

"Idiot. I know most everything…except some things, but I go to see Patchouli for those." Flandre said. "Like I know that you're nation-tans from another world. And that your friend, Alfred F. Jones is here. " She smirked at Arthur's shocked expression. "Oh, looks like I've hit a sweetspot. Perfect. I'll begin, now." She held up a spellcard. "Taboo: Maze of love!" She shot off a maze of bullets, Arthur having to dodge them quickly.

"Be careful now…" Flandre warned. "One touch, and you'll hurt…mentally, by images that can never be…and physically by the impact." She giggled again, hoping one would hit.

Arthur avoided them as best he could, countering once he could escape. "Five elements sign: Philosopher's Stone!" Bullets soared off, some of earth, some of wind, some of water, some of fire, and some of metal. Flandre got scorched by the fire ones a bit, and hit with a few metal ones.

"Excellent, that one seems like something Patchouli would use in a crisis. Too bad that she's one of my friends, and hates you by default." Flandre snickered. "Oh well~ Secret Barrage: And then there will be none." Danmaku poured out, shooting at Arthur and some of them hitting heavily.

"Fine then…if you want to do that…Mystical Sign: Light of Avalon!" Arthur cast off the spellcard, danmaku lining up in a sword-esque shape, and firing off, each filled with light powers.

"Ooh. I've never seen that one before…~" Flandre said, before getting pelted by the danmaku. "Ah! It must have something to do with your nation-tan status." She grinned, firing off her last spellcard. "QED: Ripples of 495 years…" Of course, the danmaku lined up into a line in front, and lines off to the side.

Arthur smirked. Another spell should do it. "Mystical Sign: Twelve Thousand Arrows of Nottingham!" This sent the danmaku into a arrow-esque pattern, and lasers shot off at Flandre, causing her to yelp in pain.

"Oh, okay…you win, you win…" Flandre grinned. "As your prize…I guess I can tell you one thing." She smirked. "To get home, you'll have to either fall in love (and you've got a well chance with that Alfred of yours, Arthur) or beat Yukari…the strongest person in all of Gensokyo…good luck." She fluttered away, leaving Arthur a bit at a loss.

"Falling in love…or beating the strongest…those don't seem to be either of a good thing…" He frowned.

"Hey, JE. What was that about having a good chance with Al?" Peter grinned smugly.

"Shut it, Peter." Arthur snapped, crossing his arms. "It's enough that we're stuck here for a bit…until we can fulfill either of those things."

Peter decided not to say any more.