The deamon in the darkness

Welcome to the great lightning city,were day is night and night is day for the people here.

Crime is a big part of this city and the only people you can trust is yourself,hey here come's are hero Yesuke Toriyama. "Hey who the hell are you" Im the narrator "Oh keep talking" Yesuke Toriyama is 23 years old,He is a assassin for the UGOTPWNED company, he 's got short black hair he's eyes are like,how do i explain this, Have you ever watched yu yu hakusho ok he's got Yesukes eyes and the and kind of a face like vegeta from dragonball. "Stop breaking the 4th wall"

Dang ok ill stop, We call him the [Deamon in the darkness] "Bang" Why did you shoot me?

"Because you revealed my identity to every one on ,fucking loser" Help

'' Now go and start writing you crappy Rin Savage story again"

Its not crappy [Crying]

Later that day

"Bamm Bamm, i love killing people with my trusty machine gun and my plasma rifle and dont for get my fallout 3 armor, God i love killing noobs"

Later in a little town near lighting city.

Sorry were having some difficultys stay tune for chapter 2