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BPOV, 9 Months Later

I've done of wrong in my life. I've lied, fought, and stolen. But I never thought that I would be the kind of woman who would cheat on the man that she is supposed to love. But when I kissed Edward that night and we got caught, it was what made me realize that I really didn't love Carlisle like I thought I had. The way he had shoved me out of his life without waiting for any kind of explanation showed me that he felt the exact same way. I was a broken mess when Edward had come by the hotel room the next day, and he had taken care of me better than anyone else could have. He told me that he had been fascinated by me when we first met, and that it killed him to know that I was seeing his father. And then he had kissed me again. And again, and again. It was perfect and beautiful and let me know that he really did care for me more than his father ever had.

Eventually, those kisses had escalated into a lot more than just kisses. And now here I was, lying in a hospital bed after giving birth to a seven pound, four ounce little boy.

When we had first discovered that I was pregnant, Edward and I had both panicked. We were in a very committed relationship and we loved each other, but what if this child wasn't Edward's? What if it were his father's child growing in my belly?

Neither of us had spoken to Carlisle since a week after the party. At that point, Edward and I had already professed our love for each other, and Edward had broken up with Victoria. We had gone to Carlisle's house and told him, no matter what he thought, we were now in a relationship and we were going to be together.

And we hadn't spoken to him since, seeing as he hadn't even seemed to care. Alice and Emmet and Rosalie and Jasper had, however, been wonderfully supportive. Alice and Rosalie had helped me decorate the nursery after I had found out I was pregnant, and Jasper had been the one to suggest having a prenatal DNA test done. So as soon as it was safe to do so, Edward and I had gone in together to the hospital. He had waited impatiently in the waiting room for me to be finished. It had been hell getting a DNA sample from Carlisle, but Emmet had managed to sneak a wad of chewed gum out of the house and it had been used as his sample.

By the time the results had come in, I was very, very pregnant. Edward was amazing, although we couldn't even be sure that it was his baby in my belly. The day we got the results back, Edward had proposed to me, and then we had discovered that it was indeed our little boy. It was his, and I couldn't be more ecstatic over that fact.

Our little boy.

He had been born after a grueling thirty hour labor, and Edward had been there every step of the way to hold my hand and calm me down and try his hardest to make me more comfortable. But we had yet to name him. I glanced down at my little boy and smiled just as Edward came back into the room with Alice and Emmet on his heels. Alice squealed immediately, rushing over to my side and smiling down at her new, adorable nephew.

"No name yet?" She asked, softly touching his forehead.

"Not yet." I murmured, and Edward came and sat on the foot of the bed. Emmet loomed behind him, crossing his arms across his chest as he surveyed us.

Alice continued to gaze at her nephew, running her hand over his dusting of light bronze hair. "He's so pretty, Bella. Congratulations." She said, leaning over and kissing my forehead and then walking over to Edward and giving him a big hug.

"Dad isn't making an appearance?" I heard Emmet ask Edward, and I glanced up, wondering the answer as well.

Edward grimaced and shook his head. "No. We didn't even tell dad when Bella went into labor. Did you?" He asked, and Alice nodded her head.

"I did. I left him a message when Bella went into labor and then another one telling him that the baby was born." She said. "I know the how situation is messed up, but I thought that maybe he deserved to know that he had a grandchild."

"That was our decision to make, Ali." Edward said softly, rubbing his forward absentmindedly. "But I doubt he'll even do anything about it. Neither of us have seen him for over eight months, I doubt that this will change anything. I doubt that he'll change at all." He sighed, and then his expression became more playful. "Who's he screwing around with these days, anyway? I liked the last girl." He said with a wink towards me, and I rolled my eyes, turning my attention back to my baby.

Emmet chuckled and Alice rolled her eyes but answered his question. "I don't really know- her name is Maria. She's like thirty something and she's an idiot." She informed us, and Emmet nodded in agreement.

"Jacob." I suddenly said, and the three of them turned their attention to me. "I want to name him Jacob. Do you like it?"

"It's perfect, love." Edward said with a smile, leaning over and kissing me chastely on the lips, and then kissing the top of our son's head. "Jacob…what?" He asked, inquiring about what the middle name would be.

"Anthony, after you." I murmured. "Jacob Anthony Cullen…it has a nice ring to it." I said proudly, cradling him closer to my chest and smiling contently. "He's beautiful."


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