This is the previously posted Jacob outtake from Bella's visit to La Push in Chapter 5. It gives some insight into the conversation between them, which was skimmed over in the story itself. So for those who may have missed it on the thread or on the blog, here it is.

I remember very well…Bella. Though I must admit I'm surprised you do. What can I do for you?""Actually, I don't remember much about that night. And I was hoping that's where you could help me."

Jacob smiled even wider and nodded his head. "Sure sure. I'll catch up with you guys later," he said as he looked over to his friends, and then placed his hand on the small of my back and began walking me down the beach. "So what is it that you want to know?"

I wrapped my arms around myself, feeling a little chilled as a cool breeze blew in off the water. Or else I was just nervous about being in the company of this guy I knew nothing about. "Actually, I remember very little beyond the first beer or two, and no one will talk about that night. Edward is now avoiding me completely for some reason and I have no idea what it could be, but Emmett mentioned something about him going 'alpha male'? What is he talking about?"

"Just so you know and you can pass this along to Cullen, I wasn't hitting on you that night. Guess he thought I was moving in on another one of his girlfriends," Jacob started and my eyes widened.

"Oh… Edward and I aren't dating. We're just friends," I quickly corrected and shaking my head profusely. How anyone could ever perceive Edward and I as more than friends was beyond me, especially that night when he was so distant from me.

Jacob laughed lightly and looked over at me. "Coulda fooled me on that one and everyone else on the beach that night. Has anyone ever told you two that you bicker like an old married couple?"

I bit my lip and chuckled, looking down at the ground. Actually, that was not an uncommon observation, but only because of how close we were as friends. "We just don't pull any punches with each other. Well, at least that's the way we used to be," I heard my own voice drift off somewhere, but I quickly snapped my attention back to Jacob. "So, what did happen that night?"

Jacob gestured his hand to a large piece of driftwood that had obviously used frequently as a bench. Since this was a popular place for beach parties and bonfires, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. "Well, I'm sure you can deduct for yourself that you were pretty wasted that night," he started and my face heated rapidly as I stared at my lap and nodded. "Well, my friends and I were keeping an eye on you because you had obviously had too much to drink since you were stumbling everywhere."

"Don't need alcohol for that," I interjected without thinking, glancing over at him to catch a surprised look on his face. "Sorry, I'm just pretty klutzy on my best days."

Jacob nodded with an amused smile and then continued. "Well, you kinda took a tumble toward the bonfire, and I happened to catch you before you fed the flames."

"And naturally Edward overreacted," I replied in an annoyed tone, rolling my eyes. Leave it to Edward to blow everything out of proportion.

"Actually," Jacob winced slightly, folding his hands in front of him and then glanced back over to me. "I wouldn't go so far as to say that. Exactly how much do you know about the history between me and Cullen?"

I furrowed my brow as I looked at him, shaking my head and shrugging. "Not much at all, actually. No one will talk about it much, other than to say that he was trying to 'protect me'."

Jacob laughed aloud, throwing his head back slightly. "Well there's the pot calling kettle black," he chuckled and then as he looked at my confused expression, he placed his hand over mine on my knee. "Honestly, I have far less problems with Cullen than he has with me. He's just a damn good grudge holder. You see, a few years back, right after the Cullens moved down here from Alaska, he started dating this girl named Kelly Rush. And I mean this girl was hot; tall, blonde, huge…" he held his hands in front of his chest. I rolled my eyes and sighed, and he cut his description short. "Sorry, I'm sure you really don't need to know that, huh? So anyway, Kelly happened to be friends with one of the girls out here on the rez, Emily.

"Now before you make any quick judgments, because I know he's your friend and all. Living out here in La Push, we really don't pay much attention to the happenings and the who's who of Forks. So naturally, I'm a teenage guy. I see a good-looking girl that I'm attracted to, I'm going to try talking to her. She just happened to leave out the tiny bit of crucial information that she had a boyfriend. So one thing led to another, and…"

I watched Jacob's hands gesture, and I obviously didn't need him to continue. Jacob had slept with Kelly; but I was still confused. "So, he's mad at you because his ex-girlfriend is a hoe?"

Jacob laughed again. "You're so adorable, Bella," he said and I blushed in response, looking down at my feet. He nudged me gently with his elbow and I looked up to see his contagious smile beaming at me. "I meant that as a compliment but no, that's not entirely why he's mad at me. If he had just found out that I had slept with Kelly once, that would have been one thing. But it wasn't only once, and he didn't exactly hear about it."

My eye shot up to Jacob and I gasped, covering my face with my hands and leaving only my eyes uncovered. "No," I exclaimed in shock, shaking my head slightly with wide eyes. I let my hands fall but my jaw was still slack. "He…"

Jacob nodded before I could finish, pressing his lips together. My hands returned to cover my lips and I leaned forward on my knees. "Yea, I went over her house one day after school, her parents were still at work and Cullen had stopped by to drop off the assignments she missed in school that day. Well, she kinda forgot to lock her door."

For a moment, I put myself in Edward's shoes and my heart literally ached. I could understand why he would feel the need to protect me but on the other hand, it didn't seem as if Jacob was at all boastful about the situation; on the contrary he seemed quite remorseful. And the fact that he didn't even know that she had in fact been dating someone else in effect should have alleviated the blame from him and placed it solely on this girl.

I felt torn now. I cared for Edward so much. I loved him with every fiber of my being and in that sense, felt an obligation to take his side in things. Yet I also felt a twinge of pity for the young man sitting next to me on the strip of driftwood. He really seemed genuinely friendly and someone I could be really good friends with. He honestly didn't seem like someone who would intentionally hurt anyone. I felt very calm and comfortable in his presence.

"Well, I can understand him being upset but that was years ago," I replied finally and then turned my eyes back to Jacob. "Don't you think he should have let it go by now?"

Jacob shrugged slightly. "I guess but at the same time, I can't blame him at all for what he did that night," he replied and I gazed at him curiously. He smiled more broadly and leaned toward me more. "Despite his actions earlier in the evening; a blind man could see how much Cullen cares about you. And in his eyes, I was the predator stalking prey on his turf. And if the way you two went at each other afterward is any indication, I can completely understand why my presence around you made him tense."

"What are you talking about? Remember me and why I am here?!" I retorted in an annoyed tone. I got enough cryptic messages from Edward at times; I didn't need them from an almost complete stranger who I didn't know even a fraction as well as I knew Edward. "Drunk girl at a party. Alcohol induced amnesia."

Jacob laughed and I found it hard to stay mad at him, even though I wanted to. "I mean the fact that some guys would have taken your proclamation of virginity and your desire to lose it as an invitation. Three quarters of the beach expected you to be Cullen's new conquest by morning. But you both remained on the beach until I was long gone, so I don't know much about what happened afterwards..."

"Nothing," I replied quickly, hiding behind my curtain of hair to hide my embarrassment from his description of my behavior that night. "He drove me to my friend Alice's house, and then left for Alaska the next morning."

"Then that proves my theory even more," Jacob said softly and I looked over to him to view the first serious expression on his face all afternoon. "You're important to him. He cares about you and doesn't want to lose to me again. I was wondering why his brother and Whitlock joined in on that. And now it all makes sense."

"Well glad it makes sense to you," I retorted sarcastically and rolled my eyes.

"And as much as you may try to deny it, I think you feel just as strongly about him. Otherwise, you wouldn't be out here seeking answers," he said pointedly and I tensed slightly, avoiding his eyes. There was silence between us for what seemed like an eternity before he spoke again. "But that's between you and Cullen. Are you busy Saturday?"

I felt my forehead wrinkle in confusion, and turned to face him again at the sudden change in subject. "What?"

The look on my face must have been truly amusing since he chuckled before he could even speak. "A bunch of us are having a beach party here this weekend, and I was wondering if you would like to come."

I shook my head with a nervous laugh. "No, I think I've had quite enough beach parties to last me a lifetime."

Jacob reached over and gently took my hand, and again, I didn't feel nervous or awkward as I thought I probably should be. It was almost as natural as if Edward were the one sitting next to me. That is, before all this tension had come between us. "Come on, no alcohol required. Just come and have a good time, let loose. You seem like you're fifteen going on fifty. It's summertime, have some fun. And besides, I kinda liked hanging out with you today."

His statement took me off-guard for a moment. Many people had told me in the past that I was far more mature than my age, but never someone I had just met, who barely knew me. If it was becoming that transparent, then perhaps Jacob was right and I needed to kick back and be a teenager. "Okay, yea. I'll just clear it with my dad. But I'm sure it will be fine as long as there's no drinking."

"I'll come tell him myself and ask him personally. And even pick you up on Saturday, how about that?" Jacob replied with a huge smile that for the first time made me uncomfortable.

"Oh… uh... I don't know about that, Jacob. You see, my dad... he uhh… doesn't allow me to um," I was stammering like… like a nervous teenage girl. It shocked me how completely normal and ordinary I felt around Jacob. In a good way.

"He doesn't let you date, I know. I have heard the rumors," he chuckled and shook his head. "Nah, I just wanna meet him, gain his trust with his little girl. As a friend."

"Thanks, Jacob. I think I'd like that," I replied with a smile and then suddenly noticed the sky beginning to darken with clouds. A storm was rolling in and I was bound to get poured on. "I should call my dad. Looks like we're about to get hit."

"Come on, I'll take you home. Can meet Chief Swan while I'm there." He smiled again and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Call him Chief Swan, and you are golden," I replied with a soft chuckle and linked my arm with his. Maybe this summer wouldn't be so long after all.