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Year 2452

When 12 years had gone by, surprisingly little had changed in such a lengthy amount of time considering the constant advances of mankind. What kind of mankind you ask? The kind stuck in the middle of a cold war that had lasted for approximately 47 years.

On the planet of Chiron, orbiting it's way around Alpha Centuari B, the world had it's share of continents. The central continent lay exactly centered in the map of Chiron. To the east lay the eastern continent, to the west the western continent, and to the north the northern continent. In the Lazarus Ocean which lay between the eastern and the western continents, was the island of Dexamenus.

In this strange alien world, mankind was split into three groups with a single sub-group. The first of the groups was the University. The University was led by Academician Provost Zakharov. The man had been an aging Russian scientist in his heyday on Earth, before Earth's inevitable destruction by man. The University wielded a powerful air force and a striking navy which commanded it's forces on the northern continent and the northern portions of the eastern and central continents. They had an underground tunnel system to ferry their land troops between the three landmasses with great haste in order to respond to any attack. Their major weapon was the tachyon gun, and their defenses were mostly probability sheaths. They also had a vast tunnel network which had connected them to the planet's mantle and in doing so they tended to not stray any more than 9km beneath Chiron's surface. They had a total population of 210,000. Their capital being University HQ.

Then there was the alliance, formerly made up of three nations, it now only had two members. The Peacekeepers and the Gaians. The alliance's de facto leader was Lal, who sat at the head of the Alliance Council, formerly the World Council, while Lady Deidre Skye acted as Regent in her land. The alliance had an all powerful land army, but was stretched to the bone with it's navy and traditional air force. The alliance was focused on the southern portions of the central and eastern continent. It had several air bases which actually floated in the air. These were mostly used as "sky cities" as they were called within the alliance. They didn't actually wield anything other than a police force and an automatic defense system. The alliance as the least technologically advance faction only used chaos guns and silk steel as it's main armory. The total population accounted for 360,000 people. Their capital being UN Headquarters.

Last, but certainly not least were the Spartans. The Spartans had a long history on Chiron as the most powerful faction around. To this date, that remained true. The cold war was actually born out of the Spartan's original leader's assassination. When Colonel Corazon Santiago Brianbacks was assassinated by a Hive spy, the Spartans pronounced vendetta and eradicated the Hive within 18 hours. Corazon Brianback's successor had been Mogul Brianbacks, her husband. However this only lasted until Eric Brianbacks, the two's son had ousted his father in fear that the people would rebel against his father. Now, Eric was married to Lal's daughter, Alia Hamed Brianbacks, and Mogul had later been placed as Director of Space Programs, headquartered on Alpha Rhea, the primary moon of Chiron. The Spartan's had three central bases that accounted for a vast majority of the Spartan power. One was Dragon Brigade, which made up the entirety of the isle of Dexamenus. The second was Dragon's Heart, which stood equally large at the northern head of the western continent. The final one was Dragon's Nest, formerly Morgan Industries, standing right in the middle of alliance territory. It was a constant thorn in alliance and university sides. The Spartans employed the use of plasma shards as their main unit of weapon, but did resort to the energy expensive singularity gun on occasion to defend the walls of their major cities, including the capital, Spartan HQ. They also employed antimatter plates as a standard but did resort to stasis generators or singularity shields, on an even rarer and much smaller occasions. Unlike the other two factions, the Spartans also employed the use of singularity engines hidden deep beneath their territories to power all of their work. They wielded a powerful variety of forces, but their main driving force was their discipline, skill, and advanced state of warfare. They too wielded flying bases, "sky cities", but used them for more military like purposes. They had a total population of around 310,000.

The sub-group was actually a part of the Spartan faction, but they had relatively little use in the cold war. The Space Program. Centered at Alpha Rhea, they only made up 30,000 of the total Spartan population. They were directed by the once Director of Militant Constructions, once Supreme Leader, and once Governor of Dragon's Nest, Mogul Brianbacks. His assistant and protégé, Marie Cothran, was considered to be his other half even though they weren't really together. They were considered to be the true parents of the current Supreme Leader, Eric Brianbacks due to Corazon's death when Eric was only days old. The sub-group was considered as much because they actively did not participate in the war at all. The other two factions, the University, and the Alliance had no means to even start up a space program, and thus the space territories were considered in a neutral zone or at least a relatively little-danger zone.

The main focus of the space territories was to expand the capabilities of the Spartan faction while it was otherwise focused elsewhere. The official document did not express the private urgings of Eric to his father that he should make just enough missile satellites in order to add an additional defense and threat to the other two factions. However besides these missile satellites, Eric had given Mogul full use of resources he may need in order to produce many many food production satellites as well as energy producing and mineral producing satellites. A good 25,000 of the 30,000 under Mogul's command were already working the 49 food producing, 113 energy producing, and 30 mineral producing satellites. That of course that included the 1,500 of the 25,000 which were employed to man the 25 missile satellites and keep a very close watchful eye over their targets. Needless to say, space was beginning to get a little crowded. Because to add to that, over 300 unmanned satellites were already in use to just observe the ground.

The other 5,000 were stationed on Alpha Rhea, either terraforming the moon in order to have it support mankind without the need of space suits, or directing the collective 500 some satellites. These satellites used to be commanded and directed by agencies set up beneath Dragon Brigade and Bunker 118, but that was redirected in the face of a much more self-sufficient Space Program. Now those agencies were used as espionage centers which calculated the total amount of information that the satellites received.

Needless to say, the world was in a bit of a complex state. The rather complacent mood of the world, despite it's tensions, would drastically shift within the year.

Year 2453

It started in a way that came as something that was expected, and yet...unexpected. The true story would never come to be known, but a fight broke out in a missile launch site. The soldiers wanted their pay, but the University was running low on funds. The soldiers broke out into a riot, and in the subsequent actions during the riot caused a silo to open up and launch. The riot broke immediately with the blaring warnings of, "Planet buster on route to UN Headquarters. Planet buster on route to UN Headquarters. Planet buster on route to UN Headquarters."

Within five minutes, the unmanned imagery satellites had noted the drastic change in temperature, crust structure, and radiation in the vicinity of UN Headquarters. It was immediately recognized as a planet buster. While orders were still blaring down Alliance comm channels as the initial report that the UN Headquarters had been eradicated, a Spartan automated message was blaring across an entire continent, several islands, and out into space. "Cold gone Hot, man your stations. Cold gone Hot, man your stations. Cold gone Hot, man your stations."The reaction of which had been drilled into every Spartan's mind since the tense cold war had begun. With this searing burst of heat in the coldness, the like of which hadn't been felt since they had pushed the University back from their forward island bases in the northern ocean.

The University reaction was twofold. Part of the faction didn't realize they'd started this searing burst of war, and thus were a little trigger happy in shooting down a Spartan scout plane that was flying along the border. The other reaction was one trying to reign in the other part that was trigger happy.

By this time, an estimated half an hour had passed and the alliance had begun it's retaliatory action against the University, using it's superior land forces to drive forward across the border while thrusting volley after volley of initial ballistics into known congregation points for the University army.

Meanwhile the Spartans getting another account of action retaliated by using their "sky cities" to drive forward over eastern and western University sea territory, bombarding from very long range several volleys towards the northern continent and known sea bases that acted as the forward bases in case of war.

The University's reaction to this twofold attack was a third portion that was not only trigger happy but very eager to get moving. Several attack tunnels had been drilled right beneath alliance territory. Several elite squads broke out from beneath their hiding places and emerged in rural areas outside the major defense posts on the Alliance/University borders, infiltrating and causing much confusion in the Alliance retaliation effort.

Fearful of an ultimate switch around, and seeing the beauty of the moment, Dragon Brigade and Dragon's Heart launched over 3,000 planes, all aimed to bombing the Alliance automatic defenses. In the meantime Dragon's Nest would bring itself up to full alert and destroy anything with the sheer volume of defenses it held in it's spiraling presence.

The Alliance after a good three hours after UN Headquarters had been eradicated, came to the realization that the University and the Spartans were finally teaming against them in an alliance of their own and aimed to destroy them. Deidre's reaction, as the newly appointed de facto leader of the Alliance was to make a major thrust towards Dragon's Nest as well as diverting several reserve troops to manning the automatic defenses to improve their efficiency.

The University under the two-sided attack opened another silo and fired a planet buster towards Dragon's Nest. It was shot down almost immediately when recognized as a planet buster by a missile satellite. The reaction caused tons of radiation to spray down all over the eastern continent Alliance major defense point. The resulting loss of life was observed by several tens of thousands. All stopping from their spot, in space, in the areas around, to watch as the huge explosion rained down on the land and killed around 25,000 men, women, and children.

It is at this point that something awoke. Mogul awoke from his cyrogenesis that helped elongate all of their lives. Mogul awoke to the loud demands of his son to awaken. Mogul swung himself from the gurney and detached himself from the machine that had helped him for over 1,000 years and looked blearily towards the visage of his son. "Hmm?" Mogul asked out. He had been woken early, that much he could tell.

The bleary face moved in time to the sounds Mogul could hear. "Father, you must awaken." That had a hint of fear in it. Something that Mogul had not heard for quite some time.

Eyes snapping open with a sharp intensity to their depths, Mogul looked out at the visage of his only son. It wasn't hard to process that Eric looked even the slightest bit scared. If anything of the silent red lights streaming around the sides of the metallic room said anything, Eric was sitting on a hot plate right about now.

Moving his way to sit up and face his son more directly Mogul smiled in a way only an ancient man such as he could. After 1,000 years, death becomes a constant companion. Sometimes strategy was not always brilliant enough to move around pure brute strength. Sometimes technology not able to succeed where the primitive could. These were things he knew well by now.

Speaking in his aging gruff manner, Mogul felt old. Hell, he was old! "Eric..." he paused unsure of how to word this. "I want you to drive for the heart. The head may control the snake during it's rational moments, but these are irrational times. Strike the heart, master of the irrational moments. Understand?"

The two stood there in time, staring at one another. This would be a major shift in power. It would signal that though Mogul was still needed as an advisor, he was most definitely not in the hot seat anymore. In way, he couldn't be any more happy about that.

Their moment lasted until Eric nodded his head and closed the channel. It would be war then. A war to destroy the heart of what the alliance and university essentially were. All Mogul could do was hum loudly in annoyance at the peeping toms looking at him from the medical ward. He smirked though, Marie would have their heads if she noticed.

Year 2454

When the hot flash was over, the world stood in absolute awe of the shift. Much of the University navy had gone down trying to position themselves in between the central and eastern continent. Subsequently, the University air force had suffered as well. UN Headquarters was gone, nothing remained but a crater and a sensor array which was still forever torn by the explosion. The top half had blown away, several kilometers. It became a monument to what the U.N. had tried to avoid in moving man to another planet.

The Alliance "sky cities" were damaged beyond repair. Four lay floating on the surface of the ocean, their interior crews having barely maneuvered them into the water rather than the land. The other three had become like meteors, blowing up in the sky and raining down a giant mess of fire onto the land.

The obvious major shift in power came from the fact that the battlefield had not been on Spartan territory and thus, the Spartans retained much of their power. The University and Alliance however, had lost much.

The University had lost 50,000 men, bringing them down to 160,000. The Alliance, being the main part of the battleground had lost 110,000, bringing them down to 250,000. While the Spartans had lost 20,000, bringing them down to 290,000. The total loss of life had been estimated around 180,000, just a little over twenty percent of the world's population.

In the after math of the events, Eric struck forth to end the feuding mankind. He proposed an idea that man be united, like the Alliance, and yet at the same time more like the World Council of old. Eric wanted to remain mostly independent while a council oversaw an international affairs with more power than the World Council had wielded.

The response hadn't been very proper. To Eric's frustrations, while he may have cut off the head of the snakes, he hadn't been quite able to reach their hearts. Deidre in the after math sanctioned the annexation of Peacekeeping land, thus making her the sole leader of what was formerly the Alliance. Now, it was merely Gaia's Stepdaughters once more. The Gaian faction had dwindled in size, having lost it's control of the central continent, but it had gained the northern section of the eastern continent.

The University likewise had a shift in power. Provost Zakharov was deemed to mentally unstable and shipped away to Spartan HQ in order to be detained in the prison which already held three other former faction leaders. With two of the original faction leaders also dead, this left Lady Deidre Skye as the last and oldest faction leader.

The University, sick of supreme leadership and how it had won and then lost them significant power, set up the Academician Council, which would rule from it's only remaining territory, the northern continent.

The cold war was officially over however. The Spartans were the uncontested winners, controlling two thirds of the planet's surface, having the largest population, being able to restore what it had lost the fastest, and being the only ones capable of having a space program.

In the wake of this vast Spartan territory, some sort of amiability sprouted between the three factions. Trade began to start up quite actively. An effort was made, and accomplished, to remove the radiation that the planet busters had caused. What had once been ways of transporting troops around the northern, central, and eastern continents were now used for trade and transportation of civilians.

All in all, sprouting for the very intense hot flash was a wave of prosperity and the beginning buds of friendship once more.


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