In a world called Pangaea, there are things you may not find anymore to this current day. Imagine as if there was a world where everything looks medieval, renaissance, Age of Enlightenment, western, and Victorian. Upon this world, there is only one continent that was greener than the grass on the other side and the water couldn't be any more bluer. The continent government was controlled by two different elements, light and darkness. It may seem like each sides were enemies, but there is peace between these two elements. Or shall I say "was".

Six years ago, everyone was living without any harm or trouble. In the kingdom of Dacia, there was a loving family who were the rulers of the all the dark area of Pangaea. There live King Asakura, her queen, and there twin children, Ryoko & Ryota. All was bliss and there were no wars to worry about. That was until something tragic happened.

The Queen Asakura of Darkness had been fighting her illness she had for a while. The day grew cloudy and dark. As the twin children were preparing a feast for the Autumn Equinox, they found that their mother had collapsed on the grand stairs. They called for the servants to bring her to her bedroom. When the doctor came, he pronounced that she was dead.

After the funeral, the King began to drift away from the children and only paid attention to his own work. Ryota didn't mind and began to practice his teleportation skills. As for Ryoko, she couldn't deal with it all. The loss of her mother, the ignorance of her father, she felt as if she had been abandoned.

One day, she found a book hidden away in the castle's library. It had been covered with dust as if nobody used it. As she took a look, she realized that it was a book that possessed spells for the forbidden black craft. As the years went by, Ryoko began to practice all these spells whenever she was alone.

Two years later, after perfecting the forbidden black craft, Ryoko possessed her servants to turn into dark creatures and commanded them to kill her father. Afterwards, Ryoko took over the dark side of Pangaea and had made most of the innocent villagers become part of her army.

As for Ryota, he is on a mission to find someone eligible enough to find the lost book of spells, would hopefully cure all the infected people, and return them to normal.