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Title: I'm No Angel

It had been Gabriel's first mission out in the field and a young BPRD agent-in-training had done well. True, there had been almost no use for his flight ability inside the old hotel, but he had still managed to contribute by creating a distracting so the other members of the team could neutralize the 'threat'. Now that the mission was over Gabriel stretched his dove grey wings with a sigh.

Angel, he thought to himself running his hands through his long dark hair slightly embarrassed. That was the code name they had given him: Angel.

Gabriel smiled at the thought and was almost immediately startled by Hellboy thumping him on the back. The young winged teenager stumbled forward a little and looked up to see a smile on the red demons face.

"You did good, kid."

Gabriel beamed at Hellboy's receding back as the other agent continued on his way, meeting up with the pyro, Liz, just down the hall. The teenager was loving his decision to join the BPRD more and more every day. He felt comfortable around these people. They had accepted him as one of their own and that meant more to him then he could ever possibly hope to explain.

"Don't take that for granted."

Gabriel glanced over to find the quiet voice came from another of the BPRD's top agents: Abraham Sapien. The Icthyo sapien was standing nearby scanning the wall with some machine that Gabriel was sure did something important but he had no clue what.

Gabriel must have looked confused because Abe went on to explain with a soft smile. "Red doesn't complement people often."

Gabriel looked back to see Hellboy and Liz turn a corner and disappear out of sight. He stared is awe at the space the two famous field agents had occupied seconds before. "Yeah, I know."


It was time to pack up and leave. The hotel had been thoroughly secured and checked over for any lingering supernatural presences, of which there were none.

Gabriel grabbed his stuff and scurried after Hellboy, Liz and Abraham in the hope that he would be able to ride back with them to headquarters. He reached the door seconds after the other agents, but cried out as bright lights flashed in his face blinding him

The media was there and not just one or two station either. Every type of paparazzi worth their salt was there at the steps flashing pictures and shoving cameras, tape recorders and microphones in Gabriel's face. Someone had tipped them off and it wasn't just the media either. Crazed fans were also there, scrambling to get an autograph or touch their idols so they could boast about it to their friends later.

Gabriel was scared. The lights and noise were overwhelming his senses. He didn't know how to deal with a situation like this. He tried to stay close to the other agents, but the paparazzi swarmed around him attracted by the sight of his wings. The others on the team had become old news a while ago, but this winged boy was something new. He was fresh meat. The crowd quickly cut Gabriel off from the rest of the group despite his best efforts and forced him back into a corner.

Gabriel started to panic as the people pressed in closer bringing to surface memories of old horrors. The noise was claustrophobic. Gabriel couldn't breath. He couldn't think. He tried to call out for help, but the words were lost in the clamor. Help, please. Someone help me! he thought desperately.

The crowd was pushing in even closer, crushing Gabriel in the corner, touching him, grasping at his feathers, assaulting him with questions, it was just too much.

"No. Stop! Don't touch me. Get off me. No. Leave me alone. LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Gabriel's wings burst open, pushing his assailants back before draping themselves around his shoulders in a protective covering. The crowd almost instantly started to press in again, but were suddenly halted by the sight of the shivering boy huddled on the ground. He sat on the filthy sidewalk with both his arms and wings hugging his body tightly. His eyes were squeezed tightly shut, but it was not enough to stem the flood of tears flowing down his young face. "Please… stop."

The swarm of people surrounding Gabriel suddenly felt extremely ashamed of themselves. They had made an angel cry.

At that moment Liz managed to push her way through the thick mass of people to Gabriel position. Abe had noticed something was wrong halfway to the van, but none of the team had been able to get through the frenzied crowd until them.

"Oh god Gabriel." Liz caught sight of the traumatized teen on the ground and quickly forced her way through the rest of the crowd and to Gabriel's side. He cowered away as he heard her approach, hiding his head in his arms. "Shh honey, it's okay. It's just me, Liz." But the pyro's words weren't getting through. She was too human and he was too scared.

Abe elbowed his way right through the crowd behind Liz and immediately crouched beside the stricken teenager. "Gabriel," the Icthyo sapien whispered sadly placing a hand on the trainees shoulder. The teen jumped at the touch and tired to pull away, but then he relaxed as Abe gently projected a promise to protect him to the teenager, a promise that he would be safe.

Gabriel's fearful blue eyes drag themselves open to stare vaguely up at the Icthyo sapien, the dirty tracks of tears shining wetly on his face. "I'm sorry," the teenager whispered brokenly in a voice that sounded hollow like all his hope was gone. Then he looked away and curled himself up into a ball, but the words continued. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry…"

The sound of those broken words sent chills through Abe's blood. He knew then that Gabriel's reaction stemmed from something deeper, some hidden horror in his past. Simply being cornered by the media wouldn't have this effect unless there was already some kind of fear that lay already in the teenager. Dammit, Abe cursed silently to himself. How could I have missed something so important?!

"Shhhh Gabriel shhhh," Abe said softly, gathering the winged teenager in his arms. "It's okay. It's not your fault."

Gabriel clung to the Icthyo sapien desperately as he was gently lifted off the ground. The boy was still trembling and had buried his face in Abe's chest. The Icthyo sapien knew they had to get Gabriel out of their fast, the sooner the better.

Abe looked up then to see both Hellboy and Liz watching him and the trainee gather in his arms. Somehow Hellboy knew what Abe was thinking. The demon nodded once to the Icthyo sapien before turned to the crowd. "Okay people, move it." Liz also took the hint and both she and Red proceeded to push back the crowd so Abe could get Gabriel away.

In no time the group had made it back to their transportation safely, but Gabriel wasn't looking much better then he had before. He still clutched at Abe as if the Icthyo sapien was his only protection against the horrors of the world. Abe sensing this, didn't even try to detach the teenager from his and instead just sat down with the child still held within his arms.

"I'm sorry." The small trembling voice issued feebly from Gabriel. "I messed up. I'm so sorry."

"Shh Gabriel," Abe cooed, softly caressing the teenagers long dark hair trying to calm him. "It's okay. We all mess up sometimes, angel."

A bitter sob escaped Gabriel at that. "I'm no angel. I'm just a screw up…"

Abe was horrified. Who had done this to the poor kid? "No!" the Icthyo sapien found himself yelling in outrage and almost immediately regretted the action as Gabriel cringed at the sound. Abe felt a righteous anger flare up in him then at the sight of the poor boy in his arms. Oh, whoever was to blame for this… If Abe ever found out, he felt this one time, just this once he might be inclined to murder.

"Gabriel," the Icthyo sapien continued in a softer, but firm tone reaching to gently turn the teenager's face so the trainee's eyes met his own. "Don't ever talk like that. Don't even think like that, you hear? You're no screw up."

"Yes I am…" The teenager was crying again, fresh tears silently pouring down his cheeks.

Right then and there Abe wanted to demand to know who had hurt Gabriel so and then directly go to track that person or persons down so he could personally throttle them. Instead he held his anger in check knowing that the teenager needed something else from him right now.

"Listen, Gabriel," Abe whispered gently holding the boy close. "Monsters come in ever shape and form." The teenager looked up at Abe confused at that. Of course monsters looked different. There where some many kinds, it was impossible for them to look the same.

"Some," Abe continued softly meeting Gabriel's eyes. "Even hide in human form. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Gabriel looked away for a second, thinking, and then nodded and huddled in closer to Abe.

"Good," the Icthyo sapien breathed tiredly, stroking Gabriel's hair as the teenager relaxed fully into his arms. "Sleep now. I promise nothing bad will happen to you."

Gabriel nodded again, pulling his wings around him tiredly as he lay in Abe's embrace. He was so exhausted, so utterly physically and emotionally exhausted. He closed his eyes and relaxed back, rapidly falling into a deep sleep. He felt so safe in Abe's arms and he snuggled in just a bit closer to the Icthyo sapien, reveling in the feeling. He couldn't remember the last time he had felt this way.

And sometimes people who look like monster's aren't. The thought flowed across Gabriel's tired mind and he felt a gentle smile spread across his features for a second before he fell fully asleep. And, for the first time in years, Gabriel slept without nightmares.

FIN… ?

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