Chapter 2: Ignorance

You treat me just like another stranger

Well it's nice to meet you sir
I guess I'll go
I best be on my way out

Ignorance is your new best friend

Ignorance is your new best friend

We continued walking for about 10 minutes when my cell phone started ringing and 'Automatic' by Tokio Hotel started playing. How ironic? I looked over and saw Bill raise his eye brow and smirk

'Nice' he said. I responded a quick thanks and answered the phone


'Hey little sis, nice greeting by the way' said a very familiar and annoying voice on the other line

'What is it Derek?' sighing I motioned Bill to continue walking and he did.

'Now what kind of way of greeting your big brother is that?

'Derek I'm busy get on with that you want'

'Just calling to chit chat. How was the concert?'

'Just dandy. Bye now Derek' before hanging up I heard him say 'what? Wait!' I hurried over and caught up with Bill.

'Boyfriend?' he asked

I snorted. Bet that sounded attractive?

'Hell no! He's my step brother' I replied

'Ahh' he said. We continued walking when some drunk couple came out of the nearest bar singing 'You're the one I want' from grease, bill and I looked at each other and laughed before we continued walking in silence. It was getting very awkward and annoying. I was about to say something when Bill abruptly stops and points to a hotel. It was Ivy, one of the most expensive and notorious hotel in the twin cities.

He walking in making sure I was following. As soon as I walking in I stopped

'Holy shit. This is amazing' I thought not realizing I spoke out loud. I saw that the floors were al black and white tiles; the walls had painting of gods, and on the ceiling was the biggest chandelier I have ever seen.

'Yea it's decent. Come on I'll show you the guys.'

'Umm. You know, maybe its best if you didn't. I just need to get home'

Only he didn't wait for my answer. He once again grabbed my arm and dragged me to the elevator. Once inside he pressed number 45 and up we went. The only annoying thing was the elevator music. You know the kind that goes like 'da la la la la ding?' yes that kind. I had the sudden urge to rip out the speakers and throw them out the elevator window and scream like and angry ape. I bet Bill would loooove that, and just picturing that made me laugh. Bill looked over and raised his pierced eye brow

'What's funny?' he asked

'Picturing me ripping the speakers from the elevator and throwing them out the window' I put my hand over my mouth accidentally letting the words out.

'Ahh yes, I will never get American girls sense of humor' he said chuckling to himself which made me blush.

'I have a question' I asked suddenly

'Yes?' he asked looking amused

'How long did it take you to learn English?' he looked surprised at my question, but then he just laughed.

He replied saying 'Years' and left it at that.

Umm okay I thought. The elevator ride finally came to a stop with a ding, ahhh there's that damn ding again! Bill stepped out the elevator with me following closely behind. Not paying attention to when he stopped I ran into him and got a whiff of his cologne mixed with sweat, and it smelled yummy.

'Whoa there, watch were your going missy' he said laughing. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his room key. Once we took it out and swiped it on the lock thing that I will never figure out how it works. When the light turned green he turned the knob and was instantly greeted with water and a person laughing hysterically on the other side.

'Tom you idiot!' Bill yelled at his twin brother who was still laughing, but once he saw me he perked up.

'Well hello pretty lady. I am tom and the best looking one in the group' tom said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me inside the room.

'That over there is Gustav and then there's Georg sitting in the corner' he laughed as if what he said was the most hilarious thing in the world. I could smell the alcohol on him which explained his actions

'Tom stop scaring her' Bill said whacking tom across the head

'Ouch' Tom said rubbing his head.

'As the Americans say. Karma's a bitch my older brother' Bill said. I couldn't help but laugh and how cheesy that sounded. Bill looked over at me and smiled

'Come on. I'll get you your sweater' he said and walked into a room with me following.

'That was weird' I said

'Yes well when you live with them for many months, ignorance becomes your new best friend' he said smiling. I smiled back as he walked to his luggage and rampaged threw it

'Where is it- Ah Ha! I found it' he said pulling out a sweater with a- oh god you've got to be kidding me

'A Christmas tree?' I asked

'Ah yes it was a Christmas present from tom and I take it with me everywhere' I took it out of his hands and put it over my top

'Ehh this will do. Thanks' I said

'Your welcome. Although I request payment' he said smiling

'And how's that?' I asked walking closer to him

'With this' he says stepping closer so there was no more space between us, takes my face in his hands and kissed me


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