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Author's Note: This was written in my livejournal before I knew the category on this website was born. Episode 6 spoilers.


By: Higasa

She didn't know why she cared.

So why? Why did it bother her so much whenever she saw Rihito attending to Shiori – no, Lucia-sama?

Like now how he stood next to her, flipping the page when she was done with one.

Damn, the butler-lady exchange.

She could hardly pay attention to the dance steps, as Kento led her on the floor.

Since when did the forbidden feeling of love grew?

"Oi, Udon Glasses Girl," Kento said, trying to snap Mei out of her reverie.

She hardly paid attention, as the word love sunk into her mind. Her in love with her butler, Rihito, was preposterous. It was utterly impossible. Still though, it didn't explain why every time she looked at him she could feel butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

There was just no way.

And yet…she was in love with him. Was that why Lucia-sama got on her nerves or that there was something about her that bugged her?

She was in love with him.

Suddenly she found herself too close to Kento, as he pulled her close to him hoping that would snap her out of her thoughts. She felt self-conscious then, realizing that their lips were almost touching.

In love with Rihito…

She jerked back and her footing…

"Be careful," Rihito said gently, as she felt his arms around her shoulder catching her before she fell.

Her heart thumped fast.

"Rihito-sama, you shouldn't interfere those two practicing," Lucia-sama said. "Come, let's go back to the dorm."

As Mei watched them, she couldn't help, but cared.

Because she was falling in love with him.