Yeah, so I kind of vanished? Oops. I have writers block and even though I'm posting this, I still do. Is my first Ouran fanfic though. Not the story I originally planned to debut in Ouran with, but it'll do.

(In unrelated news, I'm creating an Ouran dating sim. I'll let you guys know when it's finished, if you're interested~)

Cinderella did not mean to fall for the prince. She only wanted to attend the ball.

Was it really her fault that the prince was so entranced by her beauty that he occupied her until the stroke of midnight at which her dress turned to rags and her coach to a pumpkin, while he turned away (princes do not marry maids, m'dear)?

That poor pumpkin, crushed beneath the hooves of the lords' horses.

What did that pumpkin ever do to you, Cinderella, Cinderella?

Cinderella broke the pumpkin.

Poor pumpkin, your spell was broken and now you're nothing.

I'm sorry, pumpkin.

So very sorry.



I did not want our pumpkin to stop, the spell to break. I wanted it to drive on forever, for the clock to stop at 11:59 and stay there evermore. For the night to continue until the end of time while our pumpkin-carriage drove through the night, the spell never breaking, always holding.

I did not want to say goodbye.

Time.... Does not stop, the spell does not last.

The clock always strikes midnight, and Cinderella's dress turns back to rags, the horses to mice and the coach to a rotting pumpkin.

Cinderella never drops her slipper and lives her life as a maid.

Mori-sempai and Hani-sempai climbed out of the coach first. They graduated and left the club and though they visited often, it wasn't the same.

Tamaki left next (not of his own choice, the evil stepmother forced Cinderella to lock herself in the kitchen and not to come out when the prince came a-callin'), but he came back after we saved him. (That makes Haruhi the prince, oddly enough but she always did make a good boy.)

He ended up leaving again, when Grandmother no longer controlled him but the family business was booming and he needed to go to France to find his mother, and he didn't come back for a couple years, and then he was different, and still Tamaki, but you can't run a kingdom while the king is absent. The club was disbanded in his absence.

Kyouya (fairy godmother, fairy godmother, granted Cinderella's greatest wish but never thought Cinderella wouldn't follow her instructions)went his own way, to prove to his father he deserved to be an heir.

It was Hikaru, Haruhi and myself.

The prince and the stepsisters.

The prince didn't love the stepsisters, he had eyes only for the beautiful woman who's name he never knew, but then the clock hits midnight and the woman he loved is a daughter turned scullery maid.

The prince left to practice law as he'd always dreamed, and only the stepsisters were left.

We sat inside our rotting pumpkin for awhile, but eventually even we had to leave the spell behind.

Eventually, even Hikaru and I split apart, and allowed our world to expand.

Some days, the prince and Cinderella come to visit the stepsisters, bringing the others behind them.

They never bring the pumpkin.


Cinderella, Cinderella

Dressed in yella

Went upstairs to kiss a fella

Made a mistake, kissed a snake

How many pumpkins did she break?