Maya was dreaming that she was back in Phoenix's apartment, and they were watching their Friday Night Movie. She snuggled up next to Phoenix, hugging him under the blanket.

"You're so soft, Nick," she said. "You make a perfect pillow."

"And you make the perfect blanky," Phoenix said. "Soft, cute little Maya..."

Phoenix tickled her side, and she giggled.

"Cut that out, Nick!" she protested.

"Sorry," he said. "I just like seeing you smile."

"I always smile when I'm with you. I love you, Nick."

"I love you, too, Maya."

And Phoenix brought his face down to hers and kissed her gently.

And she kissed him back, and he kissed her back, and she kissed him back, and it wasn't long until the two of them completely forgot about the movie.

It was a perfect night, until...

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" a voice sneered.

Maya sat up suddenly. Standing inside the apartment was Dahlia Hawthorne.

"You two are looking far too alive for my tastes," Dahlia said.

"No! I won't let you hurt Maya!" Phoenix said bravely.

"Nick!" Maya cried.

Dahlia reached out and twisted Phoenix's arm around. It broke with a loud Snap!, and he collapsed to the ground.

Dahlia pulled out a knife and bent down to slit Phoenix's throat.

"No!" Pearl cried, appearing from out of nowhere and jumping at Dahlia.

Without even looking at Pearl, Dahlia threw her arm out and plunged the knife deep into her chest. She staggered backwards and collapsed.

"No!" Maya screamed. "No!"

"You don't deserve to be happy," Dahlia said. "You weak, pathetic, useless girl. No one will ever love you."

"That's not true!" Maya said. "Nick—!"

Dahlia brought her foot down on Phoenix's body, crushing his lungs. "He's dead...and you're next!"

Dahlia grinned evilly as she approached Maya, her hands ready to choke her neck, and...

Maya awoke with a start.

Unfortunately, real life was not much better than her nightmare.

"You're awake," Morgan said. "It's about time. It's nearly noon. Time for a delicious lunch."

Maya glared angrily at her aunt. It was all she could do. Morgan had tied Maya's arms down to her sides to prevent her from escaping over the night.

"No lunch, then? Suit yourself," Morgan said.

Maya's stomach grumbled in protest against not being fed in over a day.

"So that's it?" she demanded. "That's your evil plan? Tease me with food as you let me starve to death?"

"No," Morgan Fey said. "You'll get food as soon as you agree to leave Kurain and never come back."

"I'd rather starve."

"Fine. Either way, I'll get what I want."

"People are going to come looking for me, you know," Maya said.

"No, they won't," Morgan said. "Everyone thinks you're dead. They saw you lying on the road, covered in blood."

"Nick won't believe it," Maya said. "He'll come looking for me."

"Ah, yes, your young lawyer friend," Morgan said. "As I understand it, you spend most of your time with him, anyway. Why can't you be like your sister and move to LA permanently? I'm sure he'd let you move in with him. A shoddy lawyer like him needs all the help he can get."

"Don't you dare talk about Nick like that!" Maya said.

"Touchy..." Morgan Fey said. The truth was, she didn't like Phoenix Wright at all because he landed her in jail, but she didn't actively dislike him enough to want to get revenge.

Morgan was a careful criminal. There were some things she would not do, like get petty revenge or directly commit murder. Sure, she had been arrested on conspiracy of murder charges, but in both of her plots, someone else was the one who actually did the deed.

That was why she had merely kidnapped Maya. Morgan couldn't see herself killing her niece outright. Letting Maya starve to death was another matter. It wasn't technically Morgan's fault if Maya chose to starve. She would get food the moment she agreed to leave Kurain forever.

"Nick will save me..." Maya muttered to herself. "He has to..."

Phoenix also had a dream about Maya. The two of them were working together at a very strange trial.

"The prosecution claims that the defense is in love with Maya Fey," the Judge said. "How does the defense plead?"

Maya looked strangely at Phoenix from the co-council seat.

"Not guilty, Your Honor."

"Objection!" Pearl cried. Somehow, she was the prosecutor for the case. "The two of them are special someones! He told me so!"

"Do you have any proof?"

"I don't need proof! I'm a Prosecutor!"

"Of course," the Judge nodded. "You may now kiss the bride."

So Phoenix and Maya kissed, and somehow they got married, and it was three years later, and Maya was pregnant.

"I'll be the best mommy ever!" she said. "Mommy Maya! Mommy Maya! Mommy Maya!"

"We're having a baby?"

"Maybe even twins! We'll name them Mia and Maya Junior," she said happily.

"Can't we name a baby after me?" Phoenix protested.

"Fine, Mia, Maya Junior and Nicky. Now it's triplets!"

"Edgeworth is going to be so jealous!" Phoenix said. "Let's go skydiving!"

"Not while I'm pregnant!" Maya said. "You become pregnant. Then we'll go skydiving!"

"I'd rather get a puppy," Phoenix pouted.

I know it sounds odd, but Phoenix's dreams usually skipped around randomly like that. Eventually, however, Phoenix woke up when Pearl shook him awake.

"Maya? Did we get the puppy?" he asked.

"No, it's me, Pearl," Pearl said. "I'm back!"

Phoenix yawned and sat up. He had fallen asleep at a desk he was sitting at, instead of falling asleep in a bed.

"Woah!" Pearl said. "No offense, but you look awful, Nick! Did you get any sleep last night?"

"No," Phoenix said. "I've been up the whole time."

"That explains why you're sleeping in the afternoon," Pearl said. "What's this about a puppy?"

"I dreamed that Maya and I had a puppy and..." Phoenix shook his head. "Never mind."

"You were dreaming about her?" Pearl said. "That's so cute! See, I told you she's your special someone!"

Phoenix rubbed his eyes. "I'm going to go freshen up," he said. "See you in a bit."

Maya had no way to fight her aunt except through the power of words (or possibly summoning an angry sumo wrestler).

"You're so evil," Maya said. "It's amazing that Pearl ended up being a decent person."

"I'm good at raising children," Morgan said. "I raised you, after all, you ungrateful brat. Why can't you show some gratitude and do what I ask?"

"Good at raising children, huh? What happened to Dahlia and Iris?"

"They weren't useful to me, so I let them go. Just like your own precious mother did. How old were you when she abandoned you? Two?"

Maya ignored the jab at her mother. "Anyone could tell that Dahlia's your daughter," Maya said. "She's evil, just like you."

"I am...not responsible for how Dahlia turned out," Morgan said. "If anyone is, it's the Hawthornes."

Maya didn't miss the brief pause in Morgan's sentence. Was her aunt afraid of Dahlia? Maybe she could use that to her advantage. Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.

Maya closed her eyes and summoned Dahlia's spirit once more.

Phoenix called up the file he wrote on his computer.

"Morgan Fey," he read. "Evil, manipulative, schemer with a vested interest in killing Maya."

"And my mom," Pearl said. "Go easy on the insults."

"Will do," Phoenix conceded. "According to the email Gumshoe sent me, she was let out of jail last month when her sentence ended. Apparently, assisting with a murder gets you less jail time than committing murder."

"That's why Sister Iris was let out of jail, right?" Pearl asked.

"Right," Phoenix said. "That and I, uh, kind of helped speed up the process a bit."

Pearl frowned. "Forget Iris, Nick! Maya is the one you love!"

"And she's probably going to die if we don't find her soon..." Phoenix said, gloomily. "Did anything like this happen in your timeline?"

Pearl thought for a moment. "No. By the time my mom came back to Kurain, Maya was having major depression problems."


"Why? Because you totally abandoned her to become a drunken hobo, that's why! Anyway, Maya wasn't suited to run a village while she was dealing with those problems, so they asked Mom to resume control over Kurain."

"That doesn't help us much," Phoenix said. "Do you have any idea where your mom would have taken Maya?"

"No," Pearl said. "But even if I did, they probably wouldn't be there, right? If you kidnap someone, you take her where no one would think to look."

"Great," Phoenix said, dejectedly. "So we have no idea where they could be, not to mention no solid proof that Morgan Fey did kidnap Maya. It could be someone else."

"Don't feel bad! Mia said she'd help!"

"But...Mia is...dead."

"Exactly! If Maya summons Mia, Mia will be able to tell us where she is!"

Phoenix scratched his head. "It's a long shot, but it's probably our best chance right now. Summon Mia, and I'll see."

The ropes on Maya's arms fell off when she summoned Dahlia.

Dahlia was confused. She didn't like being confused (or pretty much anything else, actually).

"What? I—you," Dahlia said. "What is it? You want me to help with another one of your ridiculous schemes? Forget it."

Morgan was shocked. What the hell was Maya thinking? Summoning Dahlia for no reason?

"I...I didn't..."

"I told you before, I don't care about putting your daughter in charge of your stupid podunk village," Dahlia said. "Besides, your last plan was a total failure. Why don't you just give up?"


Morgan was more flustered than she should have been. Almost as if...

"Something's wrong," Dahlia realized. "You didn't want to talk to me. Then why did you—who summoned me?"

"Maya Fey," Morgan said.

"Liar," Dahlia said. "She'd never summon me again. What are you hiding? What are you up to?"

"Nothing! Nothing that concerns you, spirit. Go back to where you came from."

Dahlia picked up one of the ropes from the ground. "Tried to tie me up, huh? Too bad that didn't work. Did you want to torture me or something?"

"I was holding Maya Fey captive!"

"Whatever. I'm out of here. Hopefully, I'll never have to see you again," Dahlia said, walking towards the cave's exit.

"I cannot let you go," Morgan said, stepping in her way. "Not as long as you're in Maya's body."

"Nobody can tell me what to do," Dahlia said. "Move."

I need my Spirit Severing Stick, Morgan thought.

Dahlia punched Morgan hard enough to make her fall over. Morgan scrambled over to her makeshift fireplace and grabbed a large tree branch. It wasn't a Spirit Severing Stick, but it would have to do.

"You're going to fight me?" Dahlia asked. "You're crazy! You can't kill someone who's already dead!"

Morgan began chanting the appropriate incantations under her breath.

Dahlia ran out of the cave. Morgan followed, swinging the branch wildly.

"Leave me alone, you crazy—!"


The branch smashed against Dahlia's head.

Dahlia rolled her head around her neck and shot Morgan a Death Glare. "That does it. You're dead."

Dahlia lunged at her mother, but the Spirit Severing took effect. Against her will, Dahlia left Maya's body.

"What? Nooooo!"

The first thing Maya felt was pain coming from the side of her head. Then she noticed she was outside in the forest. Did she escape?

"You're coming back with me," Morgan Fey said, brandishing her makeshift weapon.

No. She didn't escape. Darn.

Morgan led Maya back to the cave. This time, Maya was able to see where they were, and she gasped.

They were at the caves in the National Park. The ones that everyone said to never, ever, ever go near, because the maze inside was impossible to navigate. Even Park Rangers never went inside without trailing a string behind them so they could find the entrance again.

They used to give tours of the cave mazes until two years ago, when some kids got lost on the tour. Their bodies were found a month later.

Not a very nice place to be kidnapped. If she tried escaping, the odds were 1 to 1000 that she'd get lost and die in the caves.

Then again, if she didn't try escaping, the odds were 1 to 1 that she'd starve to death anyway.

Maya made a split-second decision and ran to the back of the cave.

"Catch me if you can!" she called.

"Fool!" Morgan said, giving chase.

If I only take right turns, I should be able to find my way out again...right? Maya thought. She quickly plunged into the maze and made three turns.

"I don't have to follow you! This is the only exit!" Morgan called after her. "They blocked off all the others to prevent people from accidentally wandering in the maze!"

They did?

...Crap. I guess that means I should go back. Good thing I didn't get far. I just need to turn around and...

Wait, I take a left here...right? Left?

She was already lost.

Maya wandered through the caves for about fifteen minutes before deciding to give up. She'd just get more lost.

Plus, the caves were starting to get dark and scary.

It was then that Maya made the decision that ended up saving her life.

She wrote a description of what had happened in the dirt on the ground, then summoned her sister Mia.

Mia relayed the message to Phoenix and Pearl. Phoenix immediately wanted to go to the caves to find Maya, but Pearl was more sensible. She made Phoenix wait until Gumshoe could go with them so they could catch Morgan Fey red-handed.

Needless to say, Morgan was not expecting a police raid in the cave entrance, and she did not have time to get rid of any of the incriminating evidence, like the large fake blood stains. She was arrested on the spot.

"You're coming with me, Pal," Gumshoe said angrily.

Morgan went quietly, comforting herself with the fact that her plan to secure Pearl's position as Kurain Master worked. With Maya in the caves, she was as good as dead.

Phoenix disagreed. "Now that we know where she is, we'll find Maya easily," he said confidently.

Two days later, Phoenix was much less confident.

"Are you sure she only wandered through the caves for fifteen minutes?" he asked Mia for the fifth time.

"That's what she wrote," Mia said.

"And you don't recognize any of these caves?"

"They all look the same," Mia said. "If it wasn't for the string, we'd be lost, too."

Phoenix was, of course, trailing a string behind him so he could make his way back to the entrance.

He sighed and made a large X over one of the caves on the map. "Come on, let's go back. She's not here."

"I'm sorry, Phoenix," Mia said. "I'll go and see if she has anything new to say. She hasn't summoned me in a while."

Mia left, and Pearl regained control of her body.

"Did you find—?"


"Don't feel bad, Nick! You'll find Maya! Love always wins!"

"I'm not sure loving Maya will be enough..."

"Aw, see! You admitted it! You love her!"

"No, I'm wasting all my time trying to find someone I hate," Phoenix said sarcastically. "Of course I love her!"

"You're a real jerk when you're grumpy, but that's okay, because it's true love!!!" Pearl said. "You just need to use it to help you find Maya!"

"How is love going to help me find Maya?" Phoenix asked.

"Duh, you're her special someone, so you know more about her than anyone else. What does she like?"

"She likes...eating hamburgers and watching children's shows. A lot. That's not going to help us find her."

"Maybe it can!"

"What?" Phoenix asked. "I haven't slept in two days because Maya's missing, and you had an idea of how to find her all along?!"

"Woah! Calm down! I don't have any ideas!" Pearl said, a little scared at how angry Phoenix was.

"Oh," Phoenix said. "I guess thinking the Steel Samurai could help us find Maya was a dead end, anyway. What we need is about a hundred more people to search every cave. Either that, or figure out some way to get Maya to come to us instead of us looking for her."

"We can't get her to come to us," Pearl said. "We don't know where she is."

"Yes, but maybe we could...never mind."


Phoenix rubbed his forehead. "Okay, this is a stupid idea but what if we got a really huge speaker system set up at the first cave and started playing the Steel Samurai theme song as loudly as possible? Maya would be sure to hear it, and she could find the entrance by following where the music is loudest."

"You're right!"

"I am? You think it'd work?"

"No, I mean, you're right—that's a stupid idea. I mean, unless you have a speaker system nearby that doesn't run on electricity. And a CD of nothing but Steel Samurai music."

"It was just an idea," Phoenix said. "Unless..."

"Unless what?"

"It doesn't have to be a CD, right?" Phoenix said, pulling out his cell phone. "I think it's time for me to get a new ringtone."

Maya shivered on the ground. She hadn't summoned Mia in over half a day because she was too tired.

What is this? Day Four without any food?

I wonder how much longer it'll be until I die.

I hope it's soon. I'm tired of waiting. And besides, once I'm dead, Pearl can summon me, and I'll be able to see Nick again...

Maya missed a lot of things—sunlight, food, her family, but she missed Phoenix the most. Moving back to Kurain without him was a bad idea, and knowing he was so close but not being able to see him was probably killing her faster than the starvation was.

I can practically hear the angels coming to take my soul away. It sounds like they're singing the Steel Samurai theme song...

Maya's eyes opened.

Wait, that was the Steel Samurai theme song.

What the—?

Maya somehow found the strength to get up. She stumbled towards the music...

"I'm getting sick of hearing that song," Pearl complained.

"Shouting into the caves in order to get her attention didn't work," Phoenix said. "This might work."

Phoenix and Pearl were still searching the caves one by one, but now he had his cell phone connected to a megaphone. The Steel Samurai theme song was constantly playing.

Maya quickened her pace. The music was closer.

"We should have stolen some heat-tracking equipment from the police and tried using it instead," Pearl said. "That song will be stuck in my head for weeks now."

"They don't have any heat-tracking devices at the police department. The most high-tech thing they have there is a fishing pole."

Maya could hear voices now. Pearl and...


There was a flash of purple as Maya ran straight into Phoenix like a guided missile and shoved her mouth against his.

"Mmmmph!" Phoenix said.

"I knew you'd find me! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" Maya said. "Oh, I love you, I love you, I love you!"

Then she shoved her mouth against Phoenix's again.

Phoenix broke off the kiss. "Maya, you're alive! You—you—I love—!"

He brought his mouth against hers in a manner oddly similar to the Deep Kiss Training taught at Hazakura.

Pearl fainted.

Two Days Later
Wright & Fey Law Offices
Big Party

"Do these fools have to throw a party every time they win in court?" Franziska asked Edgeworth. "More importantly, do they have to invite us?"

"You don't have to come if you don't want to," Edgeworth said.

"And miss celebrating your defeat? Never."

"It's not a defeat," Edgeworth said. "The defendant was genuinely innocent. It's no surprise that her old sel—sister was able to get a not guilty verdict."

Pearl had told Edgeworth the truth about where she came from shortly after the trial ended. It was safer to have Edgeworth in on the secret than it was to have him snooping around in her life.

"Fool," Franziska said. "Had I been the prosecutor, she would be in jail right now."

"Then I suppose it's a good thing you weren't the prosecutor, then."

In another part of the office, Sister Iris was talking with the two Pearls.

"I'm very glad for both of you," Sister Iris said. "I know we haven't talked a lot, and we kind of got off on the wrong foot, but I have a feeling we're going to be great friends."

"Me too!" Little Pearl said.

Pearl nodded. "You're our half-sister," she said. "Welcome to the Fey Family!"

"And now that I'm moving to Kurain to take over for Maya, we can get to know each other a lot better," Iris said. "I can't believe she gave up the leadership of Kurain to me!"

Pearl shrugged. "You're the oldest Fey besides Maya, so you were next in line anyway."

"It was still a real honor," Iris said. "I should thank her again. Where is she, anyway?"

Little Pearl smiled. "She's with Mister Nick! They're special someones!"

"They're over by the TV," Pearl said. "They've been spending a lot of time there lately."

Iris looked and saw that Phoenix and Maya were watching the Steel Samurai together. They kissed every time the theme music played.

"They do make a sweet couple," Iris admitted.

Pearl smiled. Nick wasn't a hobo, and now he was dating Maya. She really had saved the future.

The End