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Not really desiring to talk with either group, Grub began to pour a sim-coffee into his over-sized mug. The side proclaimed him to the "The Best Sun In The Lower Elements." Mummy had thought that one hilarious, but the smiling sun next to the text was beginning to get on Grub's nerves. Too perky.

The motive for the women's self-segregation was made readily apparent when Chix barked out, loud enough for the entire room to hear, perhaps the most offensive sentence Grub had heard all month. "Nah, boy-ohs. I like my women like I like my coffee: sweet, ready at a moment's notice, and easy going down."

Grub and the girls left off their tasks to stare at the guffawing quartet. Both Holly and Lili were clenching their fists, though VinyƔya looked bored at the entire exchange. She had at least twenty times as many years on the force as her female companions, coming to view these sorts of exchanges with a sort of amused detachment

"Ah, Chix, you've got your priorities all wrong." Trouble said, running a hand over his tightly bound hair, taking a moment to make sure there were no tangles in his "stallion tail." He glanced over at Holly, winking as he spoke. "Horrible things to admire in a lady. Now, I like my women like I like my coffee: Dark, strong, and with one hell of a kick."

Holly glared, as if he had personally offended her. Which perhaps he had.


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