Lucky*Star: Truth or Dare! Chapter 1: Event Setup

The Game started at autumn, on their last high school year. Unlike some of my other stories involving this game, this story is T-rated and not nearly as random.

I don't own Lucky Star and the characters. This story might contain some spoilers for Lucky Star.

"I'm bored," Konata said, and put the Pla***ation controller down, stretched her arms, and made a huge yawn.

"Hey! Don't give up, just when I was winning for once!" Kagami complained. She quickly disposed of Konata's combatant, sighed, and put the controller down herself.

All the four girls were in Kagami's bedroom at Hiiragi residence. They were supposed to study this entire Sunday, but Konata insisted of taking a break and somehow convinced Kagami to play some games.

Tsukasa had slumped down onto the table among her papers and books, sound asleep. Miyuki had not even noticed what the others were doing; she was completely absorbed into the schoolbooks.

"But I am bored with all these games," Konata said.

"What? You? Bored with games? All of them?" Kagami gasped. "I thought I would never hear you say anything like that!"

"Yeah, well, I have played all of these so much…"

"How do you have so much time to play? – Bah, never mind. I already know: you don't study and you don't do your homework."

Ignoring Kagami's accusations, Konata said, while scanning through Kagami's box of PS games, "So we must play something else. Unless – you really don't you have any new games?"

"No, I rarely buy new ones. Besides, we were supposed to study!"

"Not now, we are taking a break. Can't you remember what Yuki-chan said; focus on taking a break when you are taking a break!"

"Miyuki never said that!"

"Oh. I guess it was Kurosawa-sensei."

"Who? There's no teacher named Kurosawa in our school."

"It's from this hilarious anime …"

"Why do you talk like anime characters are living people!"

"Some anime characters are alive!"

"No, they aren't!"

"Kagami, never mind that now. We should be concentrating on leisure since we are having a break!"

"We should be studying! – Oh, damn. It's hopeless," Kagami sighed. "So let's continue our break then."

Konata looked around in the room. "You don't happen to have Lod*ss tabletop, do you?"

"I have absolutely no idea what that even is!"

"It's like an online RPG, but it's played without a computer."

"That didn't make any sense."

Konata stopped and stared into space. Then she turned towards the others. There was an almost audible ping, when Konata's expression brightened. Kagami knew that she had watched too many anime because of Konata, because she imagined and almost saw a lightbulb appearing over Konata's head.

"Oh no, I know that expression. What did you got into your head now?" Kagami said. She felt the familiar burn on her cheeks. She realized the reason why she was blushing: she knew Konata too well, having been looking at Konata and her expressions for so long.

Konata bounced up excitedly.

"There's this American party game I know from the net. I just remembered it. I never had a chance to play it. We must play it! I want to play it! Tsukasa, Yuki-chan! Wake up!"

Tsukasa flinched and raised her head. "What? What? Is there a fire?"

Miyuki looked up as well, "But Izumi-san, I am already awake."

"Girls, this is the age of American party games!" Konata announced.

"Oh, is it?" Tsukasa said.

"American party games? Are we going to play in English? That would be very good practice," Miyuki said.

"No, no! Not in English. Definitely not! This is for fun!" Konata said, and dramatically spread her arms, stretching the panda on her favorite shirt so that it seemed to smile.

"This game is …"

Tsukasa and Miyuki looked at her intensely, while Kagami sighed and turned her gaze towards the floor.

"… it is called …" Konata continued, in even more dramatic voice.

"What, what?" Tsukasa asked.

"… drum roll …", Konata said.

"You don't have to narrate sound effects," Kagami muttered.

"… TRUTH OR DARE!" Konata shouted in plain English.

"Oooh!" Tsukasa exclaimed. "… what?" she continued.

Miyuki stared at Konata with her mouth open, and then she suddenly flustered, turned bright red, and placed her palms on the sides of her cheeks. "Oh, oh …" she mumbled.

Kagami took a look at Miyuki and said, "What? What? Miyuki, what kind of game is this? Konata! What is this! Why does Miyuki look like that?"

"Dunno. Maybe she is so excited because we are going to play this game?" Konata suggested.

"No, I don't think that's it. Miyuki, why do you look upset?"

"I … err … it's just … uh …" Miyuki stuttered.

"Konata …" Kagami hissed. "You'd better tell me what this is."

"I-i-it's nothing! Really!" Miyki said, recovering her ability to speak. "I was just surfing the net in English for practice, and I accidentally got into a page called 'truth or dare', but it had some, ahem … pictures. But I don't think … I hope … Izumi-san doesn't mean it like that."

"Like what?" Konata immediately asked.

"Uhh … never mind! Konata-san, please just tell us about this game of yours."

"What kind of pictures did they have, Yuki-chan?" Tsukasa asked innocently.

"Yuki-chan is right, never mind that, because our valuable fun time is ticking away! So, truth or dare is played this way: we take a bottle, spin it, and whomever it points at, has to choose either truth or dare. As simple as that," Konata explained.

"What's the point in that?" Kagami asked.

"Well, the person who spun the bottle then asks a question, if she chose truth, or declare a dare that she must do, if she chose dare."

"This sounds like fun! Are the questions difficult?" Miyuki asked.

"No, no, it is not a quiz. We will ask really personal questions. Like, hmm … what animal you would like to be and why?"

"And the dare?" Kagami asked.

"You make up some funny task which the other has to do. Like, … lick the floor!"

"Eww, gross!" Tsukasa said, pouting.

"Konata, I don't think this …" Kagami started, but was interrupted by the blue-haired midget, "Come on, Kagamin! It will be super fun!"

"I'm not so sure about that …" Kagami muttered.

"I don't know if I am any good at this game, but since Izumi-san said it will be funny …" Miyuki said.

"I have an empty bottle in my bag. It's Ath***ic Sw**t, is that okay?" Tsukasa said, pulling the said bottle out from her bag.

"Sure, any bottle will do," Konata said, taking the bottle and sitting down again. "Gather around the table. Tsukasa, Miyuki, could you remove your books and pens, so that we can start."

The girls sat down. Clockwise, their order was Konata, Miyuki, Tsukasa, and Kagami.

"Do we need pen and paper for this?" Miyuki asked.

"We might, so you can keep those at hand," Konata said. "Since I suggested the game, I will spin first!" she declared.

Konata grasped the bottle, but stopped, and said, "Oh, one more thing. If you are asked a truth, you must answer it. Truthfully. And you can't back out from a dare, no matter what it is!"

"Konata! Don't change the rules –"

"I didn't! These are the rules in this game! Check from the net if you don't believe me!" Konata interrupted Kagami.

"No thanks, I don't want to see what Miyuki saw …" Kagami muttered.

"Okay, here it goes!" Konata said, and gave the bottle a spin. It spun around for a long time, until slowly stopping – pointing at Miyuki.

"Truth or dare?" Konata asked.

"Oh … well … umm … truth," Miyuki said.

"What's your cup size?" Konata immediately asked.

"75D in local sizes, that is 34C as an American bra size," Miyuki answered right away.

"Aww, Yuki-chan, you didn't even get embarrassed," Konata whined.

"Is there something embarrassing in that?" Miyuki asked.

"That's what I hoped. Ah well. Yuki-chan, it's your turn to spin the bottle."

Slightly awkwardly, Miyuki spun the bottle … which ended up pointing at Kagami.

Grinning slyly, Kagami said, "Dare."

"Oh, oh. I can't think of anything!" Miyuki moaned.

"May I suggest …" Konata started, but Kagami quickly shouted, "No! You may not suggest!"

"But I …" – "No!" – "What if …" – "NO!" – "M…" – "NO!!!"

"S-stand on your head, Kagami-san!" Miyuki yelled, because her normal voice was not getting heard.

There was a moment of silence. Then, Kagami's face turned red.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't think … I withdraw …" Miyuki started, realizing why Kagami was blushing.

"No, Yuki-chan! You can't do that! The dare was given. Kagami has to do it."

Konata eyed both Kagami and Miyuki, looking a bit puzzled. "What's the matter, anyway? Stand on your head, big deal. So what?"

Tsukasa looked equally clueless.

Very, very slowly, Konata caught on. A huge grin appeared on her face. She laughed, raised a thumb, and said, "Good job, Yuki-chan!"

Kagami was wearing a skirt.

"Well, Kagamin? You can't back out. Do it!" Konata commanded.

"Shut up," Kagami said, stood up, twisted her skirt around her legs and pushed them together. Nimbly, she bent over, put her head onto the floor, and, supporting herself with her hands, made a graceful headstand. Since she held her knees together, her skirt did not fall down – and so the color and shape of Kagami's panties still remained a mystery to the others. Konata sighed.

Tsukasa and Miyuki applauded at the performance, while Konata sulked. "Yeah, all right. Well done," Konata muttered. Smiling, Kagami flipped back onto her feet and sat down.

"You guys are too good at this game. You just wait until it's my turn!" Konata proclaimed.

"But it's my turn now, and I hope this bottle points at you," Kagami said, giving it a spin.

But it pointed at Miyuki again.

"Hmm, so … truth or dare, Miyuki?"

"… truth, I think."

"Questions, questions. I got to think up something …" Kagami muttered, but, fairly quickly, she said, "Got it! Who do you think is the most beautiful person in this room?"

This one was not quite as easy for Miyuki as the first question had been.

"Uh … well … sorry, don't take me wrong, I think all of you are pretty in your own way, and, I don't want to upset any of you, and I hope this will be okay, and …"

"Go on, Yuki-chan," Konata encouraged her.

"Hiiragi-san!" Miyuki said.

Kagami and Tsukasa looked at each other.

"Yuki-chan …"


Miyuki looked at the twin sisters for a while, before she understood what the problem was.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Kagami-san … I meant Tsukasa-san."

Miyuki had turned as red as a tomato. Tsukasa smiled happily and made an "Aww" sound.

Kagami looked a bit gloomy, and glared at Konata, who was laughing aloud.

"That was hilarious! And so moe!" Konata said.

"Thank you, Yuki-chan, and I think you are very pretty too!" Tsukasa said.

"See, Kagami! This is a fun game! Yuki-chan, spin the bottle," Konata said after recovering from her amusement.

The bottle pointed at Kagami, who roared, "NO!" at Konata, before she had a chance to even open her mouth. Konata sulked again.

"Truth," Kagami said to Miyuki.

"I'm sorry, Kagami-san, but there's something I have kind of wanted, in a way, to ask you, if you don't mind. I hope you are not upset wh – "

"Miyuki. Just ask it. I won't be upset," Kagami interrupted her.

"H-have you been dating any boys?"

It was Kagami's turn to blush brightly. Everyone looked at her and awaited for an answer.

"… no …" Kagami whispered, very quietly.

Konata started to giggle. Kagami glared at her.

Kagami gave the bottle a vigorous spin. It spun around for a long while, until stopping at Tsukasa.

"Truth or dare, Tsukasa?"

"Umm … dare," Tsukasa said.

"NO!" Kagami shouted at Konata. "What? What? I was not going to say anything!" Konata complained.

"You'd better not even try," Kagami said. "So, Tsukasa … a dare for you. Hmm …"

"Kagami, I bet you won't dare to choose dare when it's my turn! Even Tsukasa is braver than you," Konata said.

"Shut up … I'm getting tired of saying shut up all the time, so please, stop it!"

"Chicken Kagami, you don't dare to choose dare! Nyah nyah!"

"If you promise to shut up right now and not open your mouth, you can dare me when it's your turn! Okay?" Kagami shouted.

"It's a deal!" Konata answered, and – shut up.

"Anyway, Tsukasa, I dare you to do your own homework yourself for next week," Kagami said.

"Sis!" Tsukasa gasped.

"How boring," Konata complained. "Those kinds of dares are not fun at all!"

"At least we get something good out of this game," Kagami said, sticking her nose into air.

Looking subdued, Tsukasa said, "All right, I guess I have to," and then spun the bottle. It pointed at Kagami.

"Truth," Kagami said, hoping that her sister would not think up something too embarrassing.

"Umm … ah! Sis, who do you think is the most beautiful person in this room?" Tsukasa asked.

Everyone was silenced. Looking at Kagami, they noticed that this was not an easy question for her at all. She was not blushing, in fact, she had turned pale.

After a few awkward seconds, Kagami said, "What, I – I don't know! I have no idea!"

"Kagami, you have to answer it, and truthfully!" Konata declared.

For some reason, Kagami found that she did have an idea. In fact, the answer was too obvious to her. And that's what made her rather upset.

Kagami sighed, bridled herself up, and said, "It's Konata."

Konata opened her mouth, but no sound came out. This was a real surprise; Konata would have sworn that Miyuki had to be the best-looking of all the girls.

Konata let out a nervous giggle and asked, "Why, Kagamin?"

"I already answered, so just let it go!" Kagami snapped at her, and spun the bottle – which ended up pointing at Konata.

"Finally!" Kagami said, smirking.

"Dare," Konata said, confident that Kagami would not come up with anything too bad. But then it dawned to her. "Oh, no! Wait! Wait! I take truth inst–" she tried to say.

"No, you can't change!" Kagami interrupted her. "I dare you to …"

"Oh no! Oh no! Anything but that!" Konata shouted.

Kagami was grinning widely. "I dare you to …"

Konata was tearing her hair.

"… drum roll …"

"Kagami! That's just cruel!" Konata moaned.

"I dare you to do your own homework for the next week!" Kagami concluded.

Konata spluttered some incomprehensible words and pretended to faint, falling onto her back.

Kagami laughed at her mercilessly, and said, "Well, Konata? Are you giving up? It would have been your turn."

Recovering surprisingly quickly, Konata sprung up and gave the bottle a vigorous spin. It took a long time to stop. At the last moments, it was pointing at Tsukasa. Konata stared intensely at the bottle, wishing that she had telekinesis powers.

At the end, the bottle pointed more at Kagami than at Tsukasa, by a very small margin.

"A twist of fate," Kagami said. "I guess you got that dare you so much wanted, Konata. Hit me."

Before Konata had time to say anything, she added, "But! You can't change the fact that you are doing your own homework next week!"

"Okay, Kagami. I was thinking of something else anyway. I dare you to go to school tomorrow dressed as a boy," Konata said casually, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

The silence that followed lasted several seconds, as the other girls' brains tried to comprehend what had just been said.

Then Kagami exploded.

"What the HELL are you saying! That's completely crazy! I will NEVER do anything like that! Have you gone totally insane! I want to strangle you DEAD right now!"

Kagami jumped up and approached Konata, actually clutching towards her throat.

Konata crawled backwards and shouted, "Kagami! You can't back out from a dare! It's the rules!"

Kagami slumped back onto the floor. "But that's impossible!"

"It's okay, Kagami. I have our school boy's uniform here in my bag. It's about your size too."

Another moment of complete silence.

Quietly, Kagami said, "And why do you have a boy's uniform? – never mind. I don't want to hear it."

Konata was handing Kagami a paper bag, which indeed contained clothes.

"Come on, Kagami. It will be hilarious!"

"Neither 'okay' nor 'hilarious' are the words I would like to describe this with!" Kagami groaned.

"Aren't you going to try it on?" Konata asked.

"Not in front of you," Kagami said, looking at the floor, subdued.

Tsukasa and Miyuki had been struck completely speechless. Kagami didn't move at all. She just stared at the floor.

Konata gulped. She felt a little sting of pain in her heart. Maybe she had gone a bit too far.

"I … guess the game is over for tonight. I'd better start heading home …" Konata said, getting up.

"See you tomorrow!" she said, before slipping out of the door.

"So, an epic event scene has been set up. But it was not as fun to do as I had thought. I wish I could reload that scene and do it a bit differently. Anyway, tomorrow is a day when lots of flags will be triggered…", Konata thought on the way home.

It took some effort, but finally she was able to enjoy it again. Because it was the best prank she had ever pulled off so far. She giggled as she imagined what kinds of events would take place at school tomorrow.

Useless trivia:

Konata is referring to Azumanga Daioh, one of the greatest anime ever made, and the "Japanese D&D", on which Record of Lodoss War series was based upon. It's mentioned once in Lucky Star anime as well.

I had to look up bra sizes, I had absolutely no idea what they are and how they are measured :P