Lucky*Star: Truth or Dare!: Epilogue

I don't own Lucky Star and the characters. This story might contain some spoilers for Lucky Star.

"Sheesh, she's heavy!" Misao complained.

"How could she pass out after just one beer?" Ayano wondered.

"No, we got several before we came here …" Yui noted.

They were carrying semi-unconscious Kuroi along the street.

"Hey … where are we trying to carry her to, anyway? Which way is the train station?" Misao asked.

"Oh. Not this way, as far as I know. I thought you knew where we were going?" Ayano said.

"How should I know? You seemed to know the direction, I just tagged along!" Yui yelled.

"Can we please stop, then?" Misao yelled.

They found a bench and lowered Kuroi onto it.

"What now? Taxi?" Misao asked.

"It's really expensive …" Ayano said.

"Look at that sign! That hotel looks cheap. Maybe we should put her there," Yui said.

"Umm … Narumi-san … that's a love hotel," Ayano said. "We can't leave her alone in that state. Who's going to stay with her?"

They looked at each other.

Yeah, I was really running out of ideas at the end, so that's why it probably didn't come up that well. If this wasn't just fanfic, I would rewrite the entire story, but since it's not going to be sold, I probably won't have the energy to do that. I might try writing some actual commercial fiction next, and if I do, it will mean a long break from fanfic.

To those who were disappointed about Ayano and Misao not getting together, well, that's mostly because there's another person for Ayano. It's practically canonical! The moment I read about it, Ayano+Misao pairing became impossible (~_o).

Next, the short author notes! (n_n)

"The chapter system is not to be used as placeholder for non-story content such as author notes. You can add short author notes to the beginning or at the end of stories but never as individual chapters."

I started to collect this stuff, bit like a "comment track" which they have on DVD extras. Maybe when the million words story is complete and this has became the greatest and most favorite Lucky Star fanfic ever, and KyoAni has hired me to write their scripts, etc. (yeah, right :), someone might be interested in this.

About Transliteration

I used 'senpai' instead of 'sempai', 'kanpai' instead of 'kampai', and so on (might have made a few mistakes though). That's 'revised Hepburn' transliteration as far as I know. I didn't bother to do much research on it, and I don't know what should be used or whether that is even correct. Hope it doesn't bother people. Anyway, I tried to avoid using Japanese.

About Romance

If there is romance, I think it will be mostly just Konami. For most of the story, Konata thinks Kagami already has a boyfriend or fancies only boys, and Kagami thinks Konata doesn't even like her that way. Both are mistaken, but they don't fully realize it until the very end.

Yutaka+Minami are definitely a pair. That's practically canon.

Patricia+Hiyori "experiment" and enjoy each other (they probably even sleep together, and I don't meant just to 'sleep' :), but they might not become an actual pair. They are just having a bit of fun. (Despite of what I thought at this point, they did end up as a pair.)

Tsukasa+Miyuki are not really a pair. They like each other a lot and experiment.

Misao+Ayano are just very good friends.

Kuroi-sensei won't be paired with anyone, neither will Yui.

Then there is Sōjirō's mysterious 'companion'… originally I thought it was Akira, but since that could be considered child porn (¬_¬), it had to be Miyuki's mother, Yukari Takara. This is a bit problematic too, since she is married. I think her husband works in another town (or perhaps even in another country), but they still stay married. This is fairly common in Japan, as far as I know. Yukari ended up divorcing her husband at the end, and she is likely to marry Sōjirō!

For realism's sake, I am not going to pair everyone. I think there's more than enough stories to fulfill those needs; such as the excellent "All of them" by ZanyMonkey, and several nice fanfics by Arker.


Maybe I should make the story 24 chapters long! It would be 'as long as Lucky Star' itself! Not all chapters are long enough to make an episode of anime series, but some would not fit into one 25-minute episode.

Chapter 1

The game started at autumn, on their last high school year. Unlike some of my other stories involving this game, this story is T-rated and not nearly as random.

Useless trivia:

Konata is referring to Azumanga Daioh, one of the greatest anime ever made, and the "Japanese D&D", on which Record of Lodoss War series was based upon. It's mentioned once in Lucky Star anime as well.

I had to look up bra sizes, I had absolutely no idea what they are and how they are measured :P

Chapter 2

There was a slight logical error in the first chapter. I'll just leave it for now. The error was that Konata had the boy's uniform with her – why had she brought it? Because it is implied Konata just decided suddenly to play truth or dare.

Actually, they have at least one recess before lunchtime. But who cares.

Pretty boy = bishōnen. I have tried to cut Japanese words from this story.

Chapter 3

If there's going to be romance, it will be much later. But this is leading that way.

There was slight logical error in this chapter as well. Can't have been very bad, because I have completely forgotten what it was!

Chapter 4

Whenever kanji letters are involved, I actually look at the dictionaries and try to verify them as well as I can. I know just a little Japanese, I have never really studied it. Konata wrote 姜 when she was supposed to write 美.

Chapter 5

No worries, there won't be any OC's around! Never! I hate OC's.

While trains in Japan are precisely in schedule, I assume school bus might not be. Konata (like the others) needs both a train and a bus to get into school.

I haven't read/seen Case Closed (Detective Conan); I have no idea what it's like. So there aren't any actual references to it, other than Konata's nickname for herself.

Useless trivia:

チョココロネ [CHOKO KORONE] is 'Choko Coronet' in the English manga, not 'Cornet'.

At the time Lucky Star came out, Japanese got 'mail' in their cell phones, not 'text messages', and there was a difference.

Kagami wears suspenders and a tie in the manga (and, as I later noticed, in the anime as well). It's very cute.

Chapter 6

Asuka – well, you all know who it is, I don't need to say. Konata means Kagami should have a similar body, not quite the same personality.

Ginger pork is shogayaki (生姜焼き[しょうがやき]), "pork fried with ginger". Delicious! One of my favorite foods.

Yeah. I know. I make mistakes with prepositions. Obscure native language is not an excuse.

The Cell Phone and Love Letter Plot (chapters 2 to 6 and beyond)

The cell phone and letter incidents were far from over [when I was writing chapter 6].

So, Konata forgot to read her dere-dere mail in the phone. It goes something like this: 'Are you okay, Kona-chan? I'm worried about you and I miss you. I hope you aren't upset about what happened? Do your homework! Love, Kagami'

Yes, Konata originally stole one letter from Kagami's drawer – her own letter, that is. It's all lovey-dovey, mushy, and teeth-rotting sweet. Konata meant it as a joke, but deep in her heart, of course, there was something more to it. "To my tsundere", she started it, and while she didn't sign it under her real name (instead, she used the nickname 'Kitsune' (changed to just Fox later)), the start was a giveaway. Nobody else would probably think of calling Kagami that. That's why Konata stole it back, until Kagami found it and took it to herself. [I am currently writing chapter 7, and Konata's letter has not yet been written, just planned, and of course, at this point, Kagami has not yet even opened the letter. And it might still change hands a few times. :)]

When these incidents are eventually resolved, they make Kagami and Konata closer, but it's not quite a romance yet. That will happen later.

Planning Chapter 7

So, should all ten girls play the game, as I intended? Ten is not really that much. My Azumanga Daioh M-rated had nine players, and I think it worked.

So, we have: Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki, Misao, Ayano, Hiyori, Patricia, Yutaka, and Minami.

Nanako Kuroi, Yui Kobayakawa, Sōjirō Izumi, Miki Hiiragi, Tadao Hiiragi, Matsuri Hiiragi, Inori Hiiragi, Yukari Takara, Minoru "Sebastian" Shiraishi, and Akira Kogami are not playing the game.

There is a slight problem – this is a rather large crowd for playing this at Hiiragi house.

Solutions: the rest of Hiiragi family is away for the weekend (not a very good excuse), they play at Izumi house (Sōjirō on a business trip, more believable scenario), or they play at Takara or Iwasaki (parents away on a trip; their houses are large).

Yeah! So Minami-chan's house it is. Presence of a Cherry (the dog) allows one classic dare: eat some dog food. And, guess what, I FORGOT TO USE IT!!! (≥x≤!)

Patricia brings a list of truths and dares with her – they are in English, so most of the others can't read it.

Chapter 7

Whoops, a slight omission in last chapter: Yutaka wasn't home, because she was staying at Minami's house that weekend (they had a study group and a sleepover).

I'm a bit unsure whether this will work out, but we'll see. A bit shorter chapter this time, but the next two might become very long.

Along the way, I started to think about names of a noodle bar. Like, 'Woking Good' :)

Planning Chapter 8

Kagami couldn't bring herself to talk about the issues until the very end of the day.

They decide to read each other's messages at the same time – Konata's cell phone battery was not in fact empty, Kagami just didn't know how to turn the thing on properly.

Both are embarrassed about the messages, and blush brightly …

… but that's that. Nothing more happens. Kagami's message was just sent accidentally before she finished it, and Konata's letter was a 'joke' – or that's what both of them claim.

After they have eaten and talked things through, Kagami orders ice tea (Konata regular tea)

But it's a Western-style restaurant, so Kagami actually gets Long Island Ice Tea – and becomes very drunk.

At first, Konata doesn't even realize what's going on.

Chapter 8

People have used almost every possibility in fanfic & doujin: amusement parks, karaoke, making Kagami cosplay … so, got to make up something new, or at least make it different. That I can manage. I hope…

Was the last chapter (prior to this) just a filler? Well, maybe. But it was necessary.

Masaharu Morimoto, the Iron Chef, doesn't have a restaurant in Japan at all (AFAIK), I made that up as a tribute.

Long Island Iced Tea, amazingly enough, tastes almost exactly like ice tea. I bought all the components and made it the last time I was drinking heavily (and writing sick fanfic). (#^_^#)

Chapter 9

The 'complimentary balloon' is VampireCabbit's idea! (^O^)\/

This one proved a bit difficult, since I still want to keep this T-rated – meaning, 13-year olds (and their parents) might be reading it. (o_O)

So, guess who was staying with Sōjirō at the love hotel? At first, you might think there's only one possibility, but… (#~_^#)

Tournament sitting order, clockwise, and the final score: Patricia 6, Kagami 9, Konata 8, Tsukasa 4, Miyuki 4, Ayano 4, Misao 6, Yutaka 2, Minami 2, and Hiyori 0.

Since I included a Finnish sauna in this story, Miyuki had to explain what it actually is and how it is used. She has also visited Finland, I guess. (^-^)V

Chapter 10

I hope it stayed T-rated... ('_') "Minor suggestive adult themes."

The name is actually "Katri, Girl of the Meadows". Very obscure children's anime from 1984. I haven't seen it, don't know whether there actually was a sauna in it. Since it's about Finnish country life, it should have. (I have found out that the anime did have a sauna, but it was all wrong! :)

There's this little scene in the anime: Konata is lying on her bed and slapping her bare little feet together… (*¬*) Uhh…

Useless trivia: Tate-Shiho-Gatame is a judo hold, but Konata's grapple wasn't that. (~ω~)

A classic prank; tell someone who has never been into a Finnish sauna: "If you feel cold, throw hot water onto the stones. But if it gets too hot, throw lots of cold water!" (x_x)

Chapter 11

I FORGOT TO USE A DARE in chapter 9! Aww, it was one of the reasons for HAVING it at Minami's house in the first place! It was, 'Eat some dog food.' And can you imagine what all kinds of dares I could have had if this was M-rated? ('Get peanut butter and …', I'd better stop now! :) Revising that chapter would be a pain because of the scoring…

Leek and potato soup is originally served cold, and it's called Vichyssoise – recipes are easy to find in the net. Konata's prawn recipe is from the net, I'll include it here. I haven't tried it. As far as I know, neither leek pie nor leek sorbet exist, I made them up.

So, their contest went like this:

Kagami's main dish: leek and potato soup (wins Konata's dish by a small margin)

Konata's main dish: leek chicken curry and rice (loses by a small margin)

Konata's dessert: leek pie with whipped cream (wins)

Kagami's dessert: leek sorbet (everyone tries to be polite and eat it; except Patricia and Misao, who like it (Misao really likes it!) – Yutaka takes a taste and is completely unable to eat any)

It was a tie; four judges give each the better score. Konata won by three point margin.

Kagami got more points from Ayano, Misao, Miyuki, and Patricia.

Konata got more points from Tsukasa, Yutaka, Minami, and Hiyori.

Chinese Stir-Fried Prawns with Leeks

800 g green king prawns (in shells)

2 young leeks (use only white part & shred fine)

1 fresh red chili (seeded & cut fine)

2 tsp light soya sauce

3 tbsp vegetable oil

1 piece fresh ginger (shred fine)

1 tbsp ginger wine or Japanese mirin

1/3 cup water

1 tsp corn flour

1/2 tsp chicken stock powder

Seafood is a specialty of eastern costal region of China. The short, sharp stir-fry method of cooking suits lots of shellfish and firm-fleshed fish dishes in Chinese cuisine. By adding lots of spring onions and ginger, you can achieve more flavors in the dishes.

Peel the prawns, leave the last section of shell and tail intact

Slit open the centre back and remove veins

Set aside

Heat oil in wok and stir-fry shredded leeks, chili and ginger over high heat for 40 seconds

Push mixture to one side, add in prawns and stir-fry till prawns just cooked through

Add soya sauce and ginger wine or mirin

Mix water, chicken stock powder and corn flour together in a bowl and pour in

Cook on high heat, stirring till thickened

Serve at once, garnish with either chopped spring onions or coriander leaves

Leeks look like large scallions or spring onions. They produce a sweet mild garlic and onion flavor. When cooking with leeks, look for ones that have lots of white color and wash the layers carefully to remove all traces of dirt.

Chapter 12

VampireCabbit's list about "how each of the LS characters addresses each other" was VERY helpful! Thank you! There's a list on the forums somewhere, but her list was more comprehensive.

I researched some more and included advanced rules for the game. I developed the point system myself; here's a recap. Feel free to use this if you are playing it (or writing a fic). (n_n)

Truth: 1 point, but people can vote for more points.

Easy dare: 2 points.

Average dare: 4 points.

Hard dare: 6 points.

Kiss: 1 to 6 points; depends on … umm … circumstances.

Double dare: 2 to 6 points for both. The one who spun the bottle decides what kind of dare it is, and he or she has to do it too; both get the points, amount voted by other players.

Torture: 1 to 6 points, player chooses for how many points he or she wants it to be.

Promise: 1 to 6 points, player chooses the promise herself, others vote for how many points it is worth.

The list of truths and dares, except the M-rated ones, is included at the end of this.

Sitting order, clockwise: Patricia, Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki, Hiyori, Misao, Ayano, Minami, and Yutaka. Patricia is at the end of the table; Konata faces Hiyori, Kagami faces Misao, etc. and Yutaka is at the other end of the table, facing Patricia.

Midge = mosquito, or a shorter Midget. (Pun intended.)

Oh yes, Kagami loves Konata! Completely, hopelessly. No doubt about it. But Konata, on the other hand … not quite sure about it, yet. That's why nothing happens. Yet. It makes the story longer too! (~ω~)

Earlier, I wrote "Lucky Panic", and I am considering rewriting it as a continuation to this story. But, then again, I might rather write something else. We'll see. Chapter 13, about their sleepover and the night, is coming up first. (Nope, Lucky Panic will remain completely unrelated to this. I'm tempted to use some of the gags in that story, but I try not to. I have not reused anything in any story, I hope.)

Chapter 13

Sleeping arrangements:

Konata & Kagami: in Konata's room and in her bed

Patricia & Hiyori: floor in Konata's room, Patricia to the left, Hiyori to the right

Minami & Yutaka: in Yutaka's room and in her bed

Misao & Ayano: floor in Yutaka's room, Misao to the left, Ayano to the right

Tsukasa & Miyuki: in the living room

Planning Chapter 14

The "great idea" (truth or dare at school) comes from someone else this time, probably Misao or Konata, because Patricia is currently a bit distracted.

Patricia – Hiyori situation needs to be resolved somehow. Patricia has to prove Hiyori that she is not just a "comfort girl", or they must break up. Not that they were really together anyway. But this can be postponed or even left unresolved.

Misao, Konata, and – slightly reluctantly this time – Patricia arrange the game at school. The game uses the full advanced rules and point system. Game time: one week. Of course, the game is much slower when played this way.

And Kuroi-sensei enters the game! (n_n) BUT, she makes the game somehow more "productive". Something that teaches the girls things. How to accomplish this, AND to keep the game fun and exciting – well, that's a challenge.

Some dares Kuroi-sensei could give to the girls:

Give a lesson instead of Kuroi


??? (couldn't really come up with any others, but fortunately she didn't get another turn)

(Scene idea: at some point Konata starts to blather on about how she keeps touching Kagami's thighs and whatnot. Kagami thinks the weird talk is meant to embarrass her, when Konata actually tries to tell her that she likes her, in a silly and roundabout way. This is used now; it didn't come out quite that weird, though.)

I couldn't come up with more "Kuroi style dares".

Chapters 14 to 15 (Skool Daze)

I made it "too educational" at first – this was supposed to be humor, not "Great Teacher Onizuka". So I changed the subject from Meiji Restoration to Boshin War, and Konata will not "learn" nearly as much – she teaches the subject by playing a miniature battle game with the class :)

Boys are playing government troops, girls play the samurai. And history gets rewritten, because the samurai win.

The rest of the lunchtime games, and winner … well, I don't know the winner yet or what she would dare the others to do. It might be Kagami; she puts the game on hold for a few weeks at least.

Sebastian = Minoru Shiraishi's nickname, given by Konata in episode 7 of the anime.

I haven't tried to snort sugar or wasabi and didn't know how that feels, so I checked if it's seen in YouTube. And, as you may guess: there were plenty of videos where people snort sugar and many other things. Snorting wasabi powder looked very nasty (it's concentrated stuff, to be mixed into water!).

Karaoke box = a room with karaoke equipment.

Had this been a PaniPoni Dash fic, Konata would have said, "… had to censor it with beeps, 'cause this story is T-rated." (*-*)

Useless trivia: Japanese cup is 200 milliliters, exactly. What comes to "Mother's Milk" … I'm not going to explain that. (o_O) You can play google seppuku on it…

Next Chapter: Satyrday(I tried to write something with the word 'Saturday', but made a mistake – and now I'm considering using that title (-_o)) There will be Patricia's and Hiyori's date, and the others actually do rent a karaoke box (~ω~). Oh, and by the way, 'Lucky Star Ending Theme Collection: One Day Karaoke Box' album is a riot!

Chapter 16

Patricia and Hiyori go on a date, possibly to Akihabara. They try on cosplay costumes, browse through manga and anime shops, and do whatever else two "Akiba types" usually do together.

Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki rent a karaoke box.

Useful trivia: I made important research of what the different words for 'panties' are and their Japanese use. (~ω~) Knickers = nikkaazu, and it usually means shorts. In British English, panties are called knickers, though. If you need to ask, "are you wearing panties?" a short way to ask is apparently "pantsu garu?"

Konata is singing "Dokkoi Foods'" (どっこい食品) "The Song of Hello Soybeans" (ハロー大豆の歌) which also appears in Kannagi, Episode 10, where Lucky Star girls also make a cameo appearance (~ω~). I didn't find any original commercial, so the song might have been made up just for the anime.

Watashi no tamagoyaki (私の
卵焼), "My Omelette", is, as told, the closing theme of the Dragon Half (ドラゴンハーフ) anime.

Kagami/Konata duet is "High Touch", Pokémon Diamond and Pearl third opening. Kagami is Satomi/Ash and Konata is Dawn/Hikari. (Or vice versa, I'm not quite sure.)

You might guess what site Hiyori is talking about. (~_o)

Patricia's and Hiyori's scene in the cosplay shop is partially borrowed from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, episode 9.

And so I had to learn English baby talk.

The chapter ends in a cliffhanger, where Hiyori has knelt in front of Patricia, and is about to ask a very important question… :D

Chapter 17

Saturday evening, Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki are having a sleepover at Izumi's. Sōjirō is away – Konata notes that he's been away a lot, especially at weekends. Not that she minds. Yutaka is also away, staying at Minami's house.

Besides hide-and-seek, another idea was dancing. Konata teaches Kagami to dance. Tsukasa has two left feet, while Miyuki is the best of them all. (I used the dance idea, with some modifications, in the next chapter.)

Tsukasa and Miyuki are put into the darkened living room to watch (probably) Ringu, while Kagami and Konata play games in Konata's room.

Until there's a blackout just when the two airheads were near the scariest part of the movie.

Stumbling around in the dark follows. Only Kagami's cell phone provides some light. Kagami finds herself alone (and lonely) in the kitchen and makes a discovery.

The question was not quite what everyone (and Patricia) expected, but she says yes.

Chapter 18

The senior class goes camping (even when it's winter; it's called a survival camp).

Good point in Solarius Scorch's review; I forgot to describe the tent. It was a scout or army type tent without a floor or an outer layer. They used sleeping pads. That's why it could be blown away. When I still went camping, I used self-made tents (and an army tent when I was in the army (_)) so I didn't even think of how modern tents are different. (-_-;)

Konata makes another Get Smart reference. I think there were a few somewhere in the earlier chapters.

"Did you think roasted partridges would fly at you on silver plates" is a Finnish saying. "Luuletko, että paistetut peltopyyt lentävät eteesi hopealautasilla?" It means you can't expect things to be done for you but you will have to work for them yourself.

"A hot rock placed in your sleeping bag will keep your feet warm. A hot enchilada works almost as well, but the cheese sticks between your toes." I couldn't devise a Japanese version of this pun. They don't use melted cheese on anything. (¬_¬)

Happōsai is the old lingerie-stealing geezer from Ranma½.

Konata is thinking of Sachiko and Yumi in Marimite – like almost all characters in that anime, they are not gay (AFAIK).

I've had my tent blown away exactly like that while camping (.-.) … twice in the same night. So that part came from personal experience. Fortunately it was deep in the forest, and the tent couldn't be blown far away. Unfortunately, I did not have five scantily clad girls camping with me at the time. Just two other boys and I don't fancy boys.

Chapter 19

Konata falls ill after the camp. She has infectious mononucleosis, also known as "kissing disease". Kagami visits, Konata is delirious. Kagami finds out a few things.

And Kagami catches it, of course. Afterwards, Misao wonders how the "kissing disease" got transferred from Konata to Kagami.

I think this chapter is going to be almost entirely Konami – but nothing still happens. Kagami isn't going to take advantage of sick Konata!

While writing, I got the idea of including some nightmares. Konata doesn't have any – she's so weird that nightmares probably have nightmares about her…

"… in sickness or in health …" Kagami is already quoting wedding vows, but they are not quite at that stage yet. :D

So, nothing did happen, except Kagami dealing with her insecurities. (~_o)

I have seen lots of layered dreams like that. And I have had measles, rubella, scarlet fever, mumps, influenza, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, chickenpox – and mononucleosis, to name a few, so I know how it feels to be delirious. Measles was the worst in that regard. Or the best – some of the stuff I saw was quite entertaining.

Oops. A slight timing error; they are outside the school at the end of the day, yet, Kagami's dad comes to pick her daughter up, which should probably have happened before the end of the school day. This is such a minor thing that most won't probably even notice it. So I'll just leave it.

Chapter 20

I checked that "main stream novels" are usually 100,000+ words long. And this story is reaching that limit now. So, basically, I have written an entire book.

Miyuki calls Patricia "Martin-san", and I'm sure it was not how she referred to her earlier. Like the timing in the last chapter, this is just one example of things I may or may not notice. Most of it doesn't matter, and I know I can't ever make this perfect.

All the girls, maybe even including Yui and Kuroi-sensei, have a Christmas party a bit like the one they had in K-On! It's held at Iwasaki residence, because it's the largest. Individual performances, gift exchange, cosplay. During the evening, snow starts to fall – white Christmas! Snow fight! Bathing and sauna, a little truth or dare in the whirlpool bath or elsewhere.

Patricia explains their Christmas traditions partly because I myself didn't know the half of it. Finnish traditions are very different. For some reason there isn't a Finnish exchange student in Lucky Star!

Sitting order at the living room table, clockwise: Patricia, Minami, Yutaka, Ayano, Misao, Miyuki, Tsukasa, Kagami, Konata, Kuroi, Yui, and Hiyori.

I skipped the food fight, because they got a snow fight already. Konata shoots a spoonful of whipped cream at Misao, and she launches a missile of leek sorbet, etc.

Some of those magic tricks are my favorites – because I can do them. (n_n)

Tsukasa's stuffed animal is Otōsan from Azumanga Daioh. Konata says "omega cute", quoting Himeko Katagiri. She's also a blue-haired airhead with ahoge, from PaniPoni Dash!

Hm, is it okay to say the word 'twincest' in a T-rated story? …or maybe the kitchen (cling) film was worse (#~ω~#)

So what the heck is 'siskonpeti' in English?

The gifts they bought and who got each one at the exchange:

- Minami: a winter scarf - Yutaka
- Yutaka
: a pair of mittens - Minami
- Ayano
: a Christmas cookbook - Yui, but she exchanges with Miyuki
- Misao
: jack-in-a-box - Ayano
- Miyuki
: Father Christmas Letters by J.R.*. T*lkien - Kuroi (she likes it, she's a Tolkien fan … sort of :)
- Tsukasa
: a stuffed animal (otōsan from Azumanga Daioh!) - Misao (Tsukasa fears it got a bad home)
- Kagami
: a box of Belgian chocolate - Konata
- Konata
: nurse outfit - Tsukasa
- Kuroi
: a six-pack of beer - Miyuki, but she exchanges with Yui
- Yui
: Handcuffs - Hiyori
- Hiyori
: one of her own doujins - Patricia
- Patricia
: F*ll M**al P*nic yaoi doujin - Kagami

Since they are back at Iwasaki residence, I can finally use that 'eat some dog food' dare! That means … yeah. They have to play truth or dare. Again. Not all of them. Maybe just a little game in the kitchen at the little hours. A few of them have trouble sleeping and come to get a snack, and that's how they end up playing a bit.

They saw things because of 'moonlight'. And it was actually full moon at 24th of December, 2007. Lucky! I didn't check it beforehand.

Chapter 21

Kagura from Azumanga Daioh makes an appearance.

There's a hilarious blog called 'Gaijin Smash', about a foreigner's life in Japan. It's a fact that there are Japanese who can't understand perfectly good Japan – if a foreigner speaks it. This, and thousands of other amusing facts I learned from Azrael's blog. Highly recommended! (It recently had to change the site, but it's back now. Az is now actually appearing in Japanese TV!)

If you have heard the song Miko Miko Nurse – Theme of Love (巫女みこナース), you'll understand why Konata exploded. Google/wiki 'miko miko nurse' if you don't know. Oh, and I didn't plan this gag! It just happened, so I laughed as hard as Konata.

Konata's clothing is from episode 9, around half-way. She quotes Terentius; Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto – "I am a human being, so nothing human is strange to me".

Many people come to New Year prayers at midnight, that's why Hiiragi family (sans the "hard-studying" sisters :) is at work all night.

I listened to Hiyori's character album while writing this chapter (デフォルト女子高生にゃん,, Deforuto Joshikōsei Nyan (#n_n#)!), her seiyū (Kaori Shimizu) has one of the prettiest singing voices of all the characters. Misao's seiyū Kaoru Mizuhara is the worst singer, but funniest, and she's got the funniest voice in the series, on par with Aya Hirano (and her thousand voices).

Chapter 22

It's some time after New Year. Kagami is distressed, because Konata has not been able to come to a sleepover for three weekends. They do call each other a lot, and many times Kagami wants to confess … but just can't do it over the phone. Doesn't Konata want to see her? Oh yes, she does. But she's preparing a huge surprise.

Using the money she earned with her Comiket investments, Konata has secretly obtained a practicing driver's license and surprises her friends by taking them to a ride! She probably borrows Yui's car… and, as a driver, turns out to be as terrifying as Yui, or Yukari-sensei from Azumanga Daioh.

Of course, they would have shot Japanese slang terms for … ahem … that. Haamonica (ハーモニカ) is one of them… (#n_n#)

There's a little tribute to "Level Up! Love!" ("Why would you kiss me and then ignore me for a week?")

If you didn't get 'Allergic to nuts', think about what other thing 'nuts' might mean, and which kind of person (female) would be allergic…

Chapter 23

Konata borrows Baldrick from the Black Adder. In last chapter, she quoted Blues Brothers. In character, she probably wouldn't use these lines – however, quotes from famous movies and TV series may well have ended up in anime and manga.

I have some idea what happened, in canon, after they graduated. The manga is still going on. It's unbelievable they are not already making second season of the anime! (Or … maybe they are?! (OwO))

Last Chapter (looks like it will be the 24th)

Sleepover at Hiiragi residence; Konata and Kagami play the final truth or dare together, taking turns, and a few misunderstandings are resolved.

And that's it! A few things were more or less resolved, some were not. It was never the intention to pair up everyone. So it ended up with, hmm … Konami, Patty+Hiyori, Yutaka+Minami, and, well, Sōjirō+Yukari. And Konata got a new big sister (#n_n#) (I didn't even realize that would happen until this chapter!)

I tried to keep the entire story fairly realistic and not make it a crack fic or a drama.

Hope it also made someone laugh at some point.

Maybe I'll revise this later, maybe I'll write a second season, or something. But first, I'll take a few weeks break from writing fanfic!


WARNING: possible spoilers ahead! Skip the next few lines if you don't want to know.

****** --- Possible spoilers --- ******

As far as I know, this is what happened after they graduated. I mean, canonically.

Misao ends up in the same place as Konata.

Not sure, but Ayano might be at the same college as Tsukasa. In any case, they become very close friends! So, Ayano forgets about the fanged girls and enjoys the sweet scent of lilac.

Evidently, Kagami Yoshimizu, the author of the manga, stated that the pairing (Konata – Kagami) was at least one-sided. I bet it's Kagami who loves Konata, but there are six volumes of Lucky Star manga I haven't read yet. And, of course, it will never actually happen… (;_;)

***** --- Spoilers end here --- ******

The Truths and Dares List

Here, I will list most of the Truths or Dares I had in my list, except the M-rated ones (some are on the borderline). The story might have a few more that aren't listed here, I can't remember. These are approximately in order from the 'easiest' to 'worst', but I never really finished the order and it's rather subjective anyway.


What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

What's the strangest or most disgusting attempt made in purpose to hit on you?

Which person in this room you like the most, and why?

Are you a virgin? (Ask boys! :)

Have you ever wet your bed?

What's the nastiest rumor you have spread about someone? If you never did, then what's the nastiest rumor spread about yourself?

In a big accident only you and two members of the opposite sex survive. Who would you like those to be and why? (Variation: the same question with sex survivors)

What's the thing you dislike about the person sitting to your right? (Or left)

What's the thing you like the most about the person sitting to your left? (Or right)

Have you had wet dreams or fantasies about someone in this room? Tell us about them?

Tell a funny story about your ex (or one of them).

Have you ever stuffed your bra?

Have you ever had to wet or soil your pants – at school age or later? Tell us about it.

What's the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

Have you ever been skinny-dipping? Tell us about it.

Have you ever stolen something from a shop? What was it? Did you get caught?

Have you had a crush on a teacher? Tell us about it.

What's the most annoying characteristic of your girl- or boyfriend? Or would-be girl- or boyfriend?

Are you going to marry your girl/boyfriend?

Have you embarrassed yourself in front of someone you like? What happened?

What's the stupidest thing you have ever done because someone encouraged you?

What's the stupidest thing you have ever done?

When did you last kiss someone? Tell us about it.

If you could be someone you know, of the opposite sex, for one day, who would it be and what you would do on that day?

What's the most embarrassing nickname you have been given? Why?

Who in this room you definitely would not want with you on a deserted island? Why not?

Who in this room you would like to have with you on a deserted island? Why?

If there was a fire and you could only save either the person on your right or left, which one you would save? Why?

How was your first kiss and who it was with?

What's your darkest secret? Or, tell us three lesser secrets.

What's the worst punishment you got from your parents? Why?

Who in this room is dressed the worst – not including you?

Who in this room has the best hair? Why?

Who in this room will succeed in life in your opinion? Why?

Who in this room you think is most likely to drop out of school? Why?

Who in this room is the most likely to flirt with her/his image in the mirror? Why?

When did you brush your teeth last?

When did you take a shower or bath last?

Have you ever been two days without a bath or a shower? Why?

What's the most embarrassing thing your parents saw you doing?

Do you ever wear strings? Are you wearing them now?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how good-looking you think you are? Why?

How many persons you have made out with? Who was your favorite of them, and why?

If you had two wishes, which would be in effect only 24 hours, what would they be?

Tell us about your worst date ever.

Tell us about your last dream you remember.

Who's the most beautiful/handsome person you know? Why?

If you could make out with someone in this room, who would it be?

What's the naughtiest thing you have ever done – or tought about?

Have you been without underwear for a day or more? Why? What did you do on that day?

If you would have to marry someone tomorrow, who would you marry and why?

What is the biggest turn off a person can have?

If you could read people's thoughts, what would you like to know?

What's the first thing you take note when you meet a person of opposite sex?

If you could only take one CD record, one book, and one other object to a deserted island, what would they be? We assume you also have a solar-powered CD player, no need to choose that.

Who's the cutest person in this room, and why?

Is there something abnormal in you? What is it?

How many piercings do you have? Describe them.

What's your best physical quality?

What's the nastiest thing you have ever eaten?

What thing you would like to change in yourself?

What superpower you would like to have, if you could get one?

Have you ever been arrested? Tell us about it.

What's the worst problem with law you ever got? Tell us about it.

What's your worst habit or vice?

Describe yourself with five words.

If you were invisible, what would you do first?

If you could be of the opposite sex for an hour, what would you do?

Have you ever hit anyone? Tell us about it.

When did you cry the last, and why?

What's the worst memory of your childhood?

Have you ever been in a fight?

What's the best prank you have ever pulled?

Tell your most embarrassing wedgie story.

When did you throw up last? Why?

What will you become when you grow up?

Do you have a secret skill? What is it?

What's the skill you would like to have? Why?

How often do you change to clean underwear?

If you could only get one person with you on a deserted island, who would it be, and why?

Have you ever used drugs? What drugs? Tell us about it.

Have you ever smoked tobacco?

Name three film stars or celebrities you would like to have a date with.

What's the strangest combination of food you have eaten?

What's the strangest thing you have fantasized or dreamed about?

What's your most romantic memory?

If you could kiss anyone in the world, who would that be?

What's your most difficult subject at school? Why?

Of who film star or celebrity you would like to look like? Why?

If you changed your first name, what would your new name be? Why?

Tell us about your last nightmare you remember.

Who TV/Movie/Anime/Manga/Game/whatever character you think is like you, and why?

What's your most important possession or asset? Why?

If your home was burning, and you could only rescue four things, what would they be? Why?

If you could know one thing about the future, what would it be and why?

What's the thing you like to lick the most? Why?

What's your pet peeve? Why?

If someone wrote a book about you, what would be the title and why? Your name is not applicaple.

What animal you would like to be and why?

What prize you would like to win? Why?

Of what you usually daydream about? Why?

What you would like to advertise in a TV commercial? Why?

Who in this room you would like to have as your slave for one day? Why? What would you do with him/her?

Tell us one thing in your body you especially like, and why?


Draw your self portrait and show it to us.

Draw a funny face onto a paper bag and wear it on your head for now.

Dance with a broomstick.

Dance Macarena.

Stand on your head.


Lick the floor.

Hug someone.

Wear your underpants/panties on your head.

Make an obscene phone call to someone.

Drink half a cup of syrup.



Dance like a ballerina.

Bark like a dog.

Jump around the room on one foot.

Drink half a cup of ketchup.

Sing a lullaby.

Sing your national anthem.

Wear your shirt and pants/skirt backwards.

Paint a bunny on your face with a lipstick or a pen – you can't use a mirror.

Grunt like a pig.

Wear a toilet paper turban on your head. (A harder dare: use used toilet paper.)

Wet your pants.

Lick the bottom of your foot.

Eat some dog or cat food.

Lick someone else's cell phone clean.

Scratch your armpit with your toe (or at least try).

Call a classmate/mother/someone and pant heavily into the phone until they hang up.

Kiss a stuffed animal like it was your lover.

Hug every member of the opposite sex in the room.

Spread peanut butter on a banana and lick it off.

Kiss someone on the cheek.

Suck your thumb and cry like a baby.

Jump around the room like a rabbit.

Do 5 (or more) pushups.

Do 10 (or more) sit-ups.

Drink a shot of alcohol.

Act a death scene.

Receive a wedgie.

Yell something obscene or funny out of the window.

Go into a closet with someone else for five minutes.

Look someone in the eyes and say: "I love you" loud and clear.

Smear your face and hair with jam or other foodstuff.

Take two slices of bread and stuff them inside your underwear (panties or bra). Breads can be also buttered first. Later, someone will be dared to eat the bread.

Run on the street wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

Put on someone's bra.

Suck someone's fingers (or lick someone's palm) for two minutes.

Call someone and try to have phone sex with him/her.

You are to be wrapped in cling film from shoulders to feet. Others might let you out of it later.

Someone has to spank your butt 10 times. (Clothed, or, extreme version, bare.)

Someone will sit on your lap for next two rounds. (If you are selected, the same truth or dare will apply to both of you.)

Eat a piece of food, candy, or whatever off of someone's tongue.

If someone's eating gum, take it directly from his/her mouth into yours and chew it until further notice.

Change your top to one made of toilet paper (mostly given to girls).

Take off your underwear for the rest of the game.

Let someone draw a moustache on your face.

Sit on someone's lap, facing him/her.

Someone lies down on his/her stomach, you must sit on top of his/her bum.

Rub someone else's behind with your body.

Eat a raw egg.

Snort a spoonful of sugar into your nose.

Eat a chili, tablespoonful of black pepper, or some super-hot sauce.

Drink a liter of milk.

Go into the toilet and wash your hands in the toilet bowl.

Rub someone else's shoulders for one minute.

Put a scoop of ice cream or lots of ice or snow down your neckline.

Put a large piece of soap inside your mouth and keep it there for the next round.

Pick your nose and eat whatever you find.

Do the splits – or at least show how far you can go.

Put your head into the toilet bowl, the others will flush.

Go to other room and exchange all your clothes with someone else.

Suck someone else's toes for a minute.

Make a hickey on someone's neck.

French kiss someone.

Make out heavily with someone for a minute.

Wet your pants.

Take off all your clothes and only wear spray cream or whipped cream.

Lick the seat of the toilet bowl.

Run outside in your underwear only.

Let the others shave off your eyebrows.

Let the others cut your hair.

And that's all, folks.