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The figure in the bed groaned as they retracted their arm from the alarm clock. Curling into themselves the figure tried gather all the warm they felt before they got out of bed. Reluctantly they pushed the covers off and swung their legs off the bed. Running a hand through their dark brown hair that was almost considered black they tried to focus their mind. Blinking their sky blue eyes open they were ready to start the day. Standing up they made their way to the bathroom to get dressed into their uniform and brush their hair into a semblance of order. Looking into the mirror the boy smiled slightly at his image.

Taking the stairs slowly since he still hadn't fully woken up yet he made his way to the kitchen. Grabbing some bread, butter and coffee grinds he prepared his breakfast. Looking in his cabinets he grabbed a plate and his coffee mug. Quickly getting a butter knife he set it next to the plate and the open container of butter. Leaning back against the table he tapped his fingers waiting idly for his breakfast to be made. Finally a few minutes later the toast popped up and the coffee only had a few more minutes before it was ready. Grabbing the toast he buttered it and waited for the butter to absorb into the bread from the heat and making it all the better. Biting a bit off he patiently waited until he heard a ding before he set down the toast in order to pour his coffee. Not bothering to add sugar he set it in the refrigerator and finished off the toast before bringing the coffee right out. Taking a sip he nodded to himself that it was the perfect temperature. Not too hot, but certainly not cold. Throwing his head back he downed the coffee in a matter of seconds. Going back into the bathroom he quickly brushed his teeth and was out the door grabbing his bag that hung next to the front door.

As usual standing in front of his fence was his childhood friend waiting for him. "Good morning Ran," he called out giving a short wave.

"Shinichi, do you know how long I had to wait for you? Geez hurry up!" the girl named Ran replied. She brushed her long black hair out of her royal purple eyes with an annoyed expression on. Although she was annoyed you could tell she didn't mind the wait as much as she complained she did.

"We'll be fine," Shinichi replied rolling his eyes. Adjusting his bag so it was over his shoulder he strolled over to Ran. "But since you keep thinking we'll be late let's go," he told her walking ahead of her.

"Not fair!" Ran said stomping her foot before catching up. They continued their banter for a couple blocks before Ran paused for a minute. In the newspaper stand you could see Shinichi's face plastered saying The Genius Detective Does it Again! The newspaper then went into details about the latest case he had solved and showed a picture of the victim and murderer. Ran looked it over a minute before sighing. "Trouble just seems to follow you doesn't it?"

"It's not my fault!" Shinichi said throwing up his hands halfway. "It's not like I like to just walk down the street and be pulled into a murder case." Ran giggled a bit at that even though it was true. Shinichi was like a magnet for murder and death. Everywhere he went someone just happened to die. He tended not to give it to much thought though.

"You're bound to have good luck eventually. Besides as a detective isn't it good for business?" Ran teased lightly. Shinichi smiled. They were getting closer to school and there were tons of people walking in crowds with their friends. Ran looked like she wanted to say something else when someone called out to her.

"Ran!" a cheerful female voice called. Looking in the direction of the voice they saw a girl their age with short blond hair pulled slightly back with a blue headband and green eyes.

"Sonoko!" Ran exclaimed rushing to greet her friend.

"What took you so long to get here?" Sonoko asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh Shinichi was just taking forever to wake up," Ran replied casually.

"Again! My god he's lazy," Sonoko said exasperatedly.

"The person who you're talking about is right here," Shinichi said raising an eyebrow. Sonoko just shrugged her shoulders and continued talking to Ran. This happened a lot between the girls. It wasn't like Sonoko hated him but she just had a lot of fun annoying him and when it came down to it they were friends. Not like either of them would ever admit it.


The warning bell rang clear though out the courtyard and students scrambled to get to classes. "You know if you two girls hadn't been chatting at the entrance we probably wouldn't be rushing right now," Shinichi remarked as they sprinted to classes.

"Oh Suuuure blame it on us," Sonoko said rolling her eyes.

"Stop it you two or we will be late," Ran said. The three of them chuckled lightly as they made their way to the main building, and split up to go to their separate homerooms. Since homerooms were based on last names they all were in separate rooms. Slipping into his assigned seat Shinichi had barely made it before the bell rang clear throughout the school. Putting his head on his palm he waited while the teacher took roll call. When his name was finally called, he raised his hand before searching through his bag for one of his many Sherlock Holmes books. It's not like the teacher taught them anything during homeroom. All homeroom was, was basically a time when teens could finish their homework or fully start to wake up before going to their other classes. Keeping his ears on alert he started to delve into the world of Sherlock Holmes. Shinichi may have looked like he wasn't paying attention but he always was alert due to his hero Holmes always saying 'Observation is the key' and things like that.

The fifteen minutes that homeroom lasted went by relatively quickly as he turned to page 45 in his book. When the bell rang it was a welcome relief and he was glad to be in the company of Ran again. Chatting about random subjects the two of them made their way to their first class which was P.E or gym. Exercise in the morning wasn't exactly what Shinichi wanted to do but he did have to hone his reflexes he would keep telling himself. Ran didn't really mind too much since she was in the karate club and when a major tournament would come up they'd train in the mornings.

Quickly changing into the required blue and white uniform Shinichi stepped out of the locker rooms and out into the field where they would be doing the mile test. Zoning out while the teacher explained what they would be doing if it wasn't already obvious Shinichi looked around the crowd. Many people were ignoring the teacher and some kids actually looked excited to run. When the teacher finally stopped talking everyone lined up on the track. To run a complete mile they'd have to go around 4 and a half times. Stretching a few muscles Shinichi got prepared to run. When the coach blew his whistle Shinichi launched into a run. He passed most of the kids in his classes but not all of them as he raced around the track. The coach used the scoreboard to see how long they took and when they were done he'd record it. Focusing only on running Shinichi blocked out anything else as he felt his breath become ragged, and a few of his muscles ache. As soon as he had run 4 laps Shinichi used as much energy as he could to run faster for the last half of a lap.

The teacher called out his name telling him he had finished in 5 minutes and 42 odd seconds. Breathing a sigh of relief at finally finishing the mile test Shinichi sat on one of the bleachers nearby and rested watching as some of the other kids struggled to finish. Resting his eyes Shinichi drifted off slightly, but only enough to day dream and not actually asleep, when the coach blew the whistle. Stretching his arms up Shinichi walked over to the coach. They still had half a class period to go and everyone was finally done. "It'll be free time but you have to be exercising," the coach said looking around the crowd. One of the students who went into the storage room rolled out a cart filled with different kind of sporting equipment.

Grabbing a soccer ball Shinichi began to dribble the ball between his legs and kick it into the air and bounce it on his knees. The rest of the period went the same way with everyone just splitting up and doing their own thing. The kids who didn't care about their grades or failing gym sat on the bleachers talking about random things. Shinichi was all to glad to change out of his gym uniform and into the school uniform so he could go to math. He had Pre-Calculus next and wasn't exactly looking forward to it.

Looking at the board he wrote down what problems the class would be doing and sat down in his seat with his head in his palm again. The school day just couldn't go by fast enough. There could be someone murdered, or needing a detective and he had to wait until after school before doing anything. When the teacher walked in Shinichi only half listened to her while writing down the notes on the board, and then working on the assignment when he knew enough to solve the problems. The assignment was only about thirty-two problems but it was pretty easy for Shinichi and soon he was finished.

Bored with the class he decided to take out his book, despite the fact that if the teacher caught him reading again he might get in trouble, he began to read. Thankfully the teacher didn't notice until near the end of class when Shinichi showed her his work was done and she nodded absently. She gave up telling him to put the book away when it wasn't harming his grades, and he had A's. The bell rang a few seconds later signaling the end of math and the start of English.

Most of the kids struggled in this subject since it was a foreign language and they were in Japan, but considering Shinichi's parents lived in America and he visited them multiple times he could speak it fluently. Which got really annoying when the teacher would ask him to read aloud to the class constantly. Shinichi didn't even bother to pay attention to the teacher in this class. All he did was the assignments given to him and that was it.

A lot of his classes passed by in a similar fashion as he already knew most of the stuff they taught pretty well. Lunch had been a blessing even if he had to eat cafeteria food since he forgot to go shopping earlier. Otherwise the day had passed by in a relatively similar manner. Walking out of school he waved goodbye to Ran. "I have to go shopping and pick up a few things. See you later," Shinichi called over his shoulder.

"See you tomorrow!" Ran called back waving before walking with Sonoko toward the shopping district. Shinichi made his way to a small convenience store that was close by to his house. Humming a random tune under his breath he decided to pick up a newspaper on the way. Carrying all the bags he made his way home enjoying the scenery and the tranquility it brought. It was late October on the 23 and Halloween would be coming up soon. It was only a matter of time before people started putting up decorations, and having parties. Pushing past the gate Shinichi made it to the door while producing his keys in a fluid motion and opening his front door. Going into the kitchen he set the foods that needed to be refrigerated in the refrigerator and then placed everything else into the cabinets.

Glancing at the newspaper which Ran had pointed out earlier he noticed two head stories. One being the case he'd solved awhile ago while the other showed a picture of the famous phantom thief KID. Apparently KID had stolen another jewel last night and by the time it was morning the jewel had been returned. Generally Shinichi would stick to murder cases but part of him wanted to chase the thief who managed to escape the police countless times. Shaking his head he made himself a microwavable dinner and ate in silence. The meal didn't take long to consume and it was only around 5pm. Deciding to take a walk he stepped out into the brisk weather. The wind was chilly but it had a fresh scent and the trees had started to lose their orange and gold leaves. Placing his hands in his pockets to keep them warm he decided to walk toward the park that he often visited with Ran.

It was a nice day and he got lost in his thoughts as he walked. The only thing that distracted him was that a little kid got lost from their parents so he had to use his reasoning and deduction skills to find the kid's parents who had been worried sick. He smiled slightly sadly at the scene of the couple hugging their son. Not like he was one to complain about his parents' whereabouts but on occasions like these he would actually miss his parents. Even if he knew they'd tease him or annoy him until he wished they'd leave him alone he still wanted to see them. Pushing that thought aside he continued walking until it became dark. Finally he decided to go home and get some sleep for the upcoming day.

Going through his nightly routine quickly Shinichi yawned as he slipped into bed. He remembered he'd accidentally stayed up late the previous night. As soon as his head hit the pillow he fell asleep. Shinichi hadn't bother to pull the covers up and vaguely he knew that would make him feel cold later.

Shinichi woke up to the sound of his alarm blaring in his ear again. Slamming the snooze button off he woke up with a yawn. Taking a quick shower he pulled on his uniform and made his way downstairs. Checking his refrigerator he noticed he needed to pick up something at the store today. Marking that down in his mental to do list, Shinichi made his morning coffee and toast. It was near time for him to leave so he quickly brushed his teeth and was out the door. Walking to the front gate as he expected no one was there…like usual.



Okay so that last part may not make sense right now but I promise you'll understand it better next chapter!