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Kaito and Ran wanted to stay longer with Shinichi but unfortunately visiting hours were over and the doctor had to ask Shinichi a few questions. Despite their protests the doctor was very serious and wouldn't give in to their pleads to stay longer. He told them they could always come back tomorrow to see Shinichi. Reluctantly they left but not before they each gave Shinichi a hug which he gladly returned. Once they left the doctor checked his vitals, and took an x-ray of his head. "We can't determine why you fell into the coma, but according to Ms. Mouri you have been tired lately," the doctor told Shinichi.

"Yes I have been," Shinichi replied. "I was sleeping but found myself getting more and more exhausted. I even tried to stay up longer since I know you can feel tired if you oversleep but apparently that wasn't the case."

"Have you been overly stressed out or in any sort of depression?" the doctor asked. Shinichi wanted to snort at the second part thinking back to how both Kaitos said he seemed depressed.

"I haven't been depressed and there has been minimum stress in my life. If I was stressed I wouldn't have been able to sleep," Shinichi replied honestly. He hadn't felt stressed when he started passing out. In fact he had felt fine for the most part and curious to the mysteries that had developed in his two lives.

"Well then I am unable to explain how you could possibly end up in a coma. There were no wounds to the head, drugs in your system, and you say you haven't been stressed or depressed..." the doctor muttered mostly to himself. "We will be watching you for a few more days before releasing you to make sure you don't go through a relapse," he said turning his attention back to Shinichi. Shinichi figured something like this would happen. It was the hospital's policy to release you only when they were sure you were one-hundred percent better. After going over the results they had of Shinichi the doctor left in order to check his other patients.

Luckily his insurance would cover all of the hospital expenses that must have built up. It surprised him that his parents weren't there but unless no one called to inform them then they probably did know. With no one there he was left without anything to do but watch television. No one had left him any books or magazines to read either. Eventually with nothing else to do Shinichi fell asleep after making sure to turn off the television. Waking up in his bed in Reika Shinichi worried about if he would wake up again in Beika when he went back to sleep. Considering it was a Sunday and no school Shinichi decided to look around town to see if anything would catch his interest.

Going through his morning routine Shinichi debated about where he would go and what he would do. He didn't want to hang out with Hakuba, Heiji, or Kaito since they would distract him from his thoughts. There was one market he hadn't been to that he considered going but wasn't to sure about it. The market was based off of myths and mystical items. He eventually figured it would be interesting even if he didn't really believe in half of what they sold. Besides just walking around would help his thoughts immensely. Locking his door behind him he decided to go. It was only a twenty minute walk from his house and would give him plenty of exercise.

Nothing in the market caught Shinichi's attention when he first arrived. A lot of the vendors seemed false and he could easily see through all of their tricks. One shop caught his attention though as he walked through the market. It was not overly done and there were no big signs announcing their goods. Compared to the other vendors it was remarkably humble and didn't stand out as well. The simplicity of it made Shinichi want to investigate the shop. There was only one elderly lady in the shop at the counter waiting for customers. Giving a polite nod and smile Shinichi looked through their stock. A lot of their items consisted of charms or miniature statues of the gods from every culture.

On one side of the store were a whole bunch of ancient looking books. They looked to be well kept and in good condition though despite their weathered look. Shinichi gravitated toward the books and examined them all. A book about artifacts stood out to him. Normally he didn't collect artifacts but this book held his attention. Picking it up gently Shinichi opened it and looked through the table of contents. Shinichi nearly dropped the book in shock as he read the title of one of the items. It was called "Soul Saver" with a note about it helping those whose soul is attached to more than one body. He did not want to believe it would be this easy to find out how to help his soul. Part of him wondered if it would even work or if it was all a lie.

Flipping to the page that described the artifact more Shinichi hoped it would have the answer. 'Souls who have been known to have more than one body generally deteriorate quicker than those whose souls have only one body to inhabit. It is often difficult for one of the bodies that the soul uses after long periods of time. Having the soul cut ties with one of the bodies is the easiest plan and is less risky than a temporary solution.' Shinichi rolled his eyes as he read since he already knew most of that form previous books. He continued to read though since there was more information that would hopefully help him. 'For those who are unsure of how to cut of ties with one body or if they don't know which one they should cut off it can be hard. The "Soul Saver" gives you the option to either cut off the connection or make it strong enough to last as the soul transfers back and forth.'

A picture of the artifact was shown enlarged so everyone could see the intricate details of the piece. Two versions were shown. Both were necklaces that had old runes carved into the sides, and made of pure silver. Only the center of the necklace was different for the two versions while one was a deep red jewel the other had a light blue jewel. According to the book the one with the deep red could sever the connection while the light blue would enhance it. Shinichi read a little more of the text to get a better idea of where to find one of them. 'The necklaces were common place in earlier times when more people claimed their souls went to another dimension, or time. Now it is unknown where all of the necklaces are, however if you want to sever or enhance the connection you need to find the necklace in the other dimension or time. The necklaces are timeless and should be found in the other dimension or time. Only finding one may give a little help but not enough to help in the long run.'

Shinichi wondered if the necklaces would really work at all. It seemed too simple to him and way to easy to actually work. He was still willing to try though so the same thing didn't happen again in either world. Mentally memorizing the design of both necklaces Shinichi decided to see if he could order one through the shop or somewhere else. Despite his reluctance he decided trying it would be better than the alternative. Asking about the necklace to the shop keeper he pretended to be interested in ancient artifacts that seemed obscure. Surprisingly she had a few of both necklaces in shop. He asked for both although he only planned to use one. Waving politely to the shop keeper Shinichi left with both purchases in hand.

Even though Shinichi had hung out with Kaito and Heiji the day before both called and asked if he wanted to hang out again. He told them that he had to drop off his groceries at his house first. They told him to meet them at the park near his house when he was done. Agreeing to meet them after he dropped off his groceries Shinichi hung up the phone. He figured that spending the rest of the day with them would keep his mind off of the necklaces. It wasn't even five yet and he wanted to go to bed and find the other necklace in Beika and see if it would work. Shinichi did realize that it would be awhile before he could tell perhaps even a year but he still wanted to try.

Meeting Kaito and Heiji at the park had been interesting. Both of them were drawing a crowd and making money by putting on performances. Shinichi chuckled at the two and their antics. When Kaito noticed him though he was pulled into the show and displayed his sleigh of hands much to his friends' surprise. The crowd loved it though and clapped as the performance came to an end. Some people tipped them rather largely for their display. Dividing up the money between them they left the park. After awhile Kaito couldn't contain his surprise. "How come you never told us you could do any of that? I had to teach Heiji before the show how to do some of those tricks and you could do some of the stuff I could!"

"I practiced a bit when I was younger," Shinichi replied. "Nothing major and I always kept my reflexes because you never know when they could be helpful."

"We should so do this again," Kaito stated cheerfully.

"Next time we should plan it better," Heiji pointed out. "The crowd only laughed at me since they thought that my klutzy attempts were supposed to be like that."

"Don't worry I'll plan it better next time," Kaito assured him. "I don't want to disappoint my fans with a bad performance!"

"Fans?" Shinichi snorted. "They were random people in the park."

"That will one day come and watch my shows," Kaito insisted.

"If you say so," Shinichi teased. Kaito then pouted and proceeded to chase Shinichi around before snapping his fingers and tripping Shinichi up. Heiji laughed from the side lines until Kaito turned his smirk toward him. That caused Heiji to run but he couldn't escape Kaito's pranks. Most of the afternoon was spent joking around like this until it was time to go home for dinner. Kaito didn't want to go home yet though so Shinichi offered to make him some dinner which Kaito happily agreed to. It wasn't until late that Kaito went home and Shinichi could finally get some rest. He was happy to be able to wake up even if it was in the hospital.

Looking at the clock it was a reasonable time to since it was only ten in the morning. He knew it would take a few hours before Kaito or Ran showed up. Waiting for them felt longer than it was because after his happiness to be awake wore away he became bored pretty quickly. The doctor still wouldn't let him leave yet since he wanted to run a few more scans to make sure everything was really okay. When Kaito and Ran arrived Shinichi was so glad for a distraction from the boredom. Ran immediately scolded him for worrying them and not taking better care of himself. He tried to explain that he had been taking care of himself but she wouldn't hear of it. Kaito looked amused at the situation and seemingly uncaring. If Shinichi hadn't heard his worried voice when he was in a 'coma' or seen his happiness when he woke he would have thought Kaito didn't care. Once Ran had stopped ranting she went to go get some snacks for Shinichi. "She makes it sound like I planned to worry you two like that," Shinichi commented.

"You were passed out, unresponsive in your bed. Of course that was worrying even if you didn't plan it," Kaito told him.

"I didn't realize it was that bad," Shinichi commented apologetically.

"You're awake now and that's what's important," Kaito said. Shinichi smiled slightly at Kaito's attitude knowing that it was a cover for all the worrying he did. Glancing at Kaito out of the corner of his eyes Shinichi decided to tell him he heard the magician in his 'sleep'.

"While I was in the coma I nearly woke up a few times," Shinichi told him. Kaito looked at him surprised. "I could hear everything going on around me and I wanted to respond but my body wouldn't move except that one time my hand twitched. The whole situation was quite annoying, although I did hear your worried voice telling me to wake up a few times." Kaito blushed.

"So I was worried. Like I said we found you unresponsive in your bed. If it wasn't for your breathing we would have thought you were dead," Kaito told him.

"I'm sorry you two had to find me like that and that I broke my promise to meet you two," Shinichi said sadly smiling. He remembered promising to go to Tropical Land with them. It seemed so long ago even if it was just a few weeks. They continued to sit in silence until Ran came back with the snacks. Shinichi politely thanked her and ate his food content with how everything was. If the scans turned out good then he would be able to leave the hospital tomorrow and Ran and Kaito would finally stop worrying about him. Ran and Kaito talked with Shinichi until a nurse reminded them that visiting hours were over and that they had to go home. Reluctantly the two left promising to come tomorrow to see him. He told them of his possible release which cheered them up.

Shinichi sighed after they left since he now had nothing to do. Nothing interesting was on the news or any other channel for that matter and he still didn't have anything to read. Even though he was awake neither Kaito or Ran thought to bring him anything to read. It gave him plenty of time to think though and plan out how he would find the necklaces in this world. By the time it was lights out in the hospital Shinichi was bored and just wanted it to be the next day already. The doctor had come in while he was watching some horror show depicting it in his mind and told him that Shinichi would be able to go home tomorrow. That brightened up his mood a bit and he used the hospital's phone to call Kaito and Ran the news. Both were enthused and told them they would either be there to help him out if it wasn't during school or would meet him at his house afterward.

His friends in Reika noticed his eagerness to get through the day quickly and it puzzled them. Shinichi only told them how he was expecting something the next day. They all shrugged it off and didn't ask when he wouldn't reveal any more although all of them were curious. After school they all hung out at the arcade that Kaito had dragged Shinichi to when they first met. Kaito happily told Heiji and Hakuba about that day with Shinichi rolling his eyes and correcting him every few sentences. It was a pleasant afternoon. They also told Hakuba about their antics in the park the other day which amused him greatly. When it was finally time to go home Shinichi debated whether he should go to bed now or wait awhile but decided he should wait so he doesn't mess up his sleep schedule in this world.

Shinichi woke up earlier than the day before which left him a lot of time before the doctor released him at noon. He was surprised to see Kaito waiting outside the hospital when he was finally released. The hours had gone by slowly and he was eager to get out of the hospital. Kaito wore normal street clothes instead of a school uniform. "Did you skip the whole day?" Shinichi asked looking at him.

"No I left after a few class periods," Kaito replied. "I figured you'd like someone to be out here when you were released. I would have gone inside if the doctors and nurses didn't know I was a student."

"Thanks I suppose," Shinichi told him not sure what to say. He hadn't expected anyone to be out here since he found out his parents hadn't found out and that Kaito and Ran had school. "Did you have any plans I should be aware of?"

"Maybe," Kaito replied smirking. Shinichi rolled his eyes at the reply.

"If you don't I'm just going to head home," Shinichi bluntly told him.

"Geez I was kidding. I do have some plans," Kaito said pouting.

"What are they?" Shinichi asked.

"Nope. I'm not going to tell you. You'll just have to wait and see," Kaito told him. He then grabbed Shinichi's wrist and led him to an unknown location. Shinichi let him take him where ever since he knew Kaito's plans were probably going to be interesting. He just wanted to do something besides sitting in a hospital room all day.

The first place Kaito dragged him to was a cafe telling him that he needed to get some real food in his system and not that hospital crap. Kaito ordered a chocolate cake much to Shinichi's amusement while he got a few blueberry tartlets. Even though Kaito didn't go overboard with the chocolate like Reika Kaito would, it still amused Shinichi that he adored the stuff in this world. He noticed a lot of similarities between the two Kaitos however he also noticed all of the differences. Unless you really knew this Kaito you wouldn't notice them at all. Both seemed immature and childish but Beika Kaito was mature although he didn't always show it. Also the pranks that Beika Kaito pulled were more intricate while Reika Kaito's while good still didn't have the depth of skill Beika Kaito had.

Next Kaito forced him to go bowling with him. It wasn't so bad and the place was mostly deserted since it was during the middle of a school day with most adults at work. They played three rounds with Kaito as the overall winner Shinichi just barely losing. Shinichi then challenged him to a game of pool. He had noticed the pool tables when they first arrived at the bowling alley and decided it would be the perfect game to have a rematch with. Kaito eagerly agreed not knowing that Shinichi had practiced pool against his father ever since he was little. Shinichi ended up defeating Kaito in all except for one game. Both had fun taunting the other and trading witty remarks. After five games they finally decided to take a break. "So what do you want to do now?" Kaito asked Shinichi curiously.

"Nothing in particular," Shinichi replied. "I don't want to go home yet though. I think I've been asleep long enough and there's probably nothing interesting there anyways." They were silent for a few moments thinking about possible places they could go. Kaito suddenly lit up and turned to face Shinichi.

"I know where we can go," Kaito told him a few minutes later. He was grinning and wouldn't say anything more as he pulled him towards their next destination. All Shinichi could do was follow behind and wonder where they could possibly be going.

It wasn't long before Shinichi found himself in front of the amusement park Tropical Land. Kaito paid for both of their tickets and led him to the roller coasters first. Like the bowling alley not many people were there and they were able to get on rides quicker. Shinichi enjoyed his time there with Kaito. They got cotton candy and went on pretty much ever ride they could. Ran had called to ask where he was once school was out so Kaito took the phone from Shinichi and told her he kidnapped Shinichi to have a nice day out. She forgave Kaito of course saying that Shinichi really did need to get out more. When Shinichi heard that he rolled his eyes at her remark. Kaito laughed at him after he hung up the phone.

Around sunset they finally left the amusement park in order to go get dinner. This time Shinichi insisted on paying since Kaito had paid for most of the day. Kaito pouted and told Shinichi he would be a bad date if he did that which caused Shinichi to blush. Shinichi pointed out that the rest of the day cost so much that he'd feel bad if he didn't pay for something. Rolling his eyes Kaito allowed him to pay. They ate at a small restaurant of Kaito's choice though to appease him. It was nice and both enjoyed themselves. "Today's been great," Shinichi said after he was done with dinner. "We should do this again some time."

"Next time I'll pay for dinner though," Kaito insisted.

"If it's that important to you..." Shinichi said rolling his eyes.

"Of course! What kind of gentleman would I be if I let my date pay for anything?" Kaito said theatrically.

"I'm not some girl I can pay for my own meals," Shinichi grumbled.

"Just because you can doesn't mean I will let you," Kaito replied winking.

"Your insufferable."

"You love me anyways!" Kaito said cheerfully.

"Keep dreaming," Shinichi replied blandly. Shinichi then paid for the meal and they left the restaurant. "Is there any last minute places you want to drag me before we go home?" he asked since it was getting darker by the minute. The day had been very eventful without another destination however Shinichi figured it would be better to ask just in case. Kaito seemed to be thinking about it.

"Just one more place and then I'll take you home," Kaito told him. "I don't want you getting so tired that you collapse or something." He said teasingly with a hint of worry.

"Don't worry I'm pretty sure that I won't randomly collapse anytime soon," Shinichi assured him. That did nothing to relieve Kaito since he had said similar words before Shinichi collapsed the first time.

Kaito led them to the park where they had first met each other. By now it was dark and the street lights were on. Very few people were in the park and the ones that were there were mostly couples. A half moon was visible in the sky with very few stars. Shinichi wondered why they were there but did not complain since he liked this park a lot. He had liked this park ever since he was little and had first started walking to clear his head. "Shinichi..." Kaito trailed off looking serious for once. "Never worry Ran or I like that ever again. Neither of us would be able to take it."

"Kaito...I'm a detective," Shinichi stated. "I can promise not to worry either of you but with my line of work it's natural. I solve murders. They may come back and try to take me out for solving their crimes. Also I can not say I'll never get into an accident or that I can't get hurt doing everyday things. I can't make that promise since I cannot promise the future. What I can do is promise to try not to worry either of you like that. All I can do is try."

"I suppose that's all I can really ask for, right?" Kaito sighed. "I won't tell you to find a new job but I've seen how reckless you can be...Just try." Shinichi smiled sadly at his worry. He really hated worrying everyone when he got hurt but it wasn't something he could always prevent.

"I'm pretty sure this isn't the only reason you brought me out here," Shinichi said after awhile.

"As usual your deduction is correct," Kaito teased before turning serious again. It was rare for him to be serious so Shinichi knew it was important. "I like you a lot. It's to early to say it's love and I hadn't planned on telling you...but when you fainted it gave me a start. Like you said we can't guarantee the future. Would you be my boyfriend?" Shinichi was honestly surprised. He then remembered clues that Kaito had given him that he had missed. Ran always said he was oblivious to others affections to him.

"A second date wouldn't be bad. This date ended up going pretty well," Shinichi replied. Kaito's expression changed from serious to happy within seconds. He jumped on Shinichi and hugged him tightly to his chest. Shinichi off balance from the sudden hug fell backwards onto the ground. "Get off me," he grunted as pain blossomed in his lower back.

"No can do," Kaito replied.

"You're starting to make me regret saying yes," Shinichi told him.

"Well there's no going back now you already agreed to a second date," Kaito replied with a grin. "Besides I'm fine where I'm at." Shinichi was about to scold him some more and demand Kaito get off him when Kaito kissed him. The kiss wasn't long or very deep but it made Shinichi blush. Kaito grinned at him and kissed him again this time keeping their lips together longer as Shinichi responded. "It is getting late so we should get home. I'm sure you have plenty of messages on your answering machine from Ran asking where you are." Shinichi had forgotten all about Ran and internally winced knowing the yelling he would hear over the phone.

"Thanks for reminding me," Shinichi said with a faint blush on his cheeks.

"No problem!" Kaito said clearly in a good mood.

Kaito walked Shinichi home stealing another kiss before leaving for his own home. As expected Ran left a couple voice mails for Shinichi asking where he was and what he was doing. Quickly he called her back and informed her of the day he had with Kaito. She was annoyed that he hadn't thought to call her sooner and tell her but was glad he had a good time. He also told her about Kaito and him dating which had only just happened. At first she was silent but she then congratulated him. The crush she had on him had been obvious he just didn't want to break her heart but he didn't want her to find out about them from someone else. Shinichi knew it was better to tell her right away. They talked for awhile more before Ran had to go.

Setting the phone back down Shinichi was glad everything had gone alright with Ran. He knew she would be sad for awhile and be distant with him but eventually would start to get over it. Everything seemed alright with the world. For awhile now he had liked Kaito and now they were dating and he was finally awake. Nothing seemed like it could be better.


Months later Kaito told Shinichi that he was Kaitou Kid and the reasons behind it. Shinichi helped connect Kaito's dad's murder to the black organization that Ai had been apart of. Shinichi then told him about the second world and how he had suspected he was Kaitou Kid when they first met on the heist. Kaito was a bit skeptical until Shinichi described the world and everything about it. Having something like that happen made Kaito start to wonder if the rumors about Pandora were true. Other than these issues their lives were going very well. Both had grown closer over the months as their relationship developed even more.

Ran and Sonoko had gotten used to them being a couple even if Sonoko had yelled at Shinichi for cheating on his wife. It took both of them pointing out that they weren't married before Sonoko would let it go. At first Ran was awkward around them but now she supported them both and had started to date some guy that was in their class. Shinichi encouraged her while threatening the guy if he ever broke Ran's heart when she wasn't around. Their classmates had taken it pretty well also. Although if anyone made fun of either of them they either had to deal with Kaito's pranks, Ran's karate, or Shinichi's psychological attacks. Sonoko even stood up for them ever once and awhile by starting bad rumors about the people cruel to them.

Currently Shinichi and Kaito were outside on a picnic. Both of them brought some snacks and various food items. Kaito insisted on making each date different from the last one. He wanted each one to be memorable and would get souvenirs and pictures. Shinichi was leaning back onto Kaito's chest sitting right next to him. He gave a slight sigh of contentment. "I'm glad things have turned out the way the have," he stated smiling happily.

"So am I," Kaito replied messing with Shinichi's hair. "I'm glad you decided to consider the day you got out of the hospital our first date to."

"You were the one who kept saying it was a date. Besides I doubt we could have topped that day anytime soon to make another first date," Shinichi said.

"After the second dates disaster I was sure you wouldn't say yes to another date," Kaito told him.

"It was just my bad luck catching up with me again," Shinichi replied. "Neither of us could have predicted I would have run into a case."

"That's true. You seem to run into a lot," Kaito agreed.

"Heiji doesn't even run into as many cases as I do," Shinichi grumbled.

"Oh well the cases at least get solved," Kaito replied. "Besides you wouldn't be you if you didn't run into a case."

"Thanks," Shinichi said sarcastically.

"You're welcome," Kaito teased. Shinichi rolled his eyes then sighed again. This time it was Shinichi who leaned up and gave Kaito a kiss.

"I love you."

"I love you to."



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