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Chapter 1

Blaze's POV

I worried my lip and paced back and forth along the carpeted floor of Gran's old living room. Sookie had went to Bill's earlier tonight to spend some time with Jessica. I wasn't exactly sure I liked her being alone with a newly made vampire but she assured me she'd be fine. I felt a little better that I would know if Sookie were in any real danger. Sookie and I were a like in more ways than the people of Bon Temps like to believe. Being that Sookie was my older sister we both shared I kind of physic bond with one another. If one of us were in danger or hurt the other would know almost instantly. It still didn't ease all the anxiety that I had of where she was. I was also a telepath like Sookie, but unlike her I chose to try and get more out of my gift. In result, if I concentrated I could hear people's thoughts for miles and miles. Also, I was telekinetic which was a result of me practicing my telepathy. Even though I tried to tell Sookie to expand on her gift she wouldn't hear any of it. She like being "normal." Well, as normal as she could be when she's dating a vampire.

At around 3 in the morning, as I was laying on the couch tapping my foot repeatedly against the floor, I felt an extremely sharp pang in my gut. I yelped in pain and surprised while clutching my stomach. Sookie! I thought immediately. I had never felt strong distress signal from my sister in my life. She must be in real trouble. If that young little vampire hurt her I was going to kill her with my bare hands. I quickly reigned in my anger and focused on where the signal Sookie was sending was coming from. My eyes darken to frighteningly dark shade while I zeroed in on Sookie. It was moving, towards Shreveport it seemed like. I sprinted to my gray Honda and spun in the direction of Sookie.


I ended up at some sleazy vampire bar called Fangstasia. Why in the world Sookie would be stuck in such a disgusting place I didn't know. All I really knew was that she was in there, she was alive and she was hurting anymore. The front entrance was unguarded but locked which didn't stop me in the slightest. Without missing a beat I sent a burst of energy to the door and it slammed out. I stormed into the room, my eyes dark with anger, I was ready to take down anyone that got in my way to Sookie. What I saw was actually very surprising. Sookie was laying on her stomach on a cot in the middle of the room with Bill kneeling by her side. No one else seemed to be around so I quickly ran over to Bill kneeling beside Sookie as well.

"Blaze! What are you doing here?" Bill asked in shock and looked around nervously.

"I had a feeling." I replied flatly looking over at my sister and smoothed her hair back lightly.

"What happened to her?" I whispered keeping my eyes on Sookie's sleeping form.

"I will explain later. You must leave at once." Bill said hurriedly pulling me towards the door. I wretched my arm from his hold and spun around to glare at him.

"I'm not leaving my sister." I all but growled at Bill.

"Blaze, you must-" Bill started until a tall imposing blonde man came into view.

"What do you have here Bill?" the man asked with an arrogant smirk. I didn't like him already. He was too cocky, even if he was insanely gorgeous it didn't give him reason to be an asshole, like I assumed he would be.

"Eric-" Bill started before I cut him off.

"I'm Sookie's sister." I replied staring him down, daring him to say something to me.

Suddenly he was right in my face boring his eyes right into mine, trying to glamour me.

"I wasn't aware Sookie had a sister, or that Bill had called you." he murmured almost seductively.

"Bill didn't call me." I answered back unaffected by his fail glamour attempt. He tilted his head slightly in confusion and then grinned.

"Who informed you that Sookie was here then?" he questioned. I glanced at Bill and he shook his head ever so slightly. I would have, should have, listened to him if this guy wasn't so damn cocky. He got under my skin and made me want to show him up in ever way I could think of.

"No one. I just knew." I answered still holding his glaze.

Eric hummed in consideration leaning back from my face slightly and I felt smug that I had shown him up. My feeling of self pride was short lived when he fired his next question at me.

"How did get in?" he asked examining the now broken lock of the door.

"I opened the door." I hedged. I was very hesitant of telling people about my advanced abilities, especially this cocky asshole of a vampire.

"Impossible. This door was locked. How did you break the lock?" he questioned.

"I didn't." I blurted out. I mentally kicked myself for my stupid mouth. Then for the second time Eric was in my face trying to glamour me.

"How did you break the lock?" he questioned again this time in a soft soothing tone.

"Glamouring won't work on me." I stated.

"What about threats?" he growled, extending his fangs with his eyes trained on my throat. My face remained impassive.

"Nope." I said looking him directly in the eye.

"Are you sure?" he whispered lowering his head to my throat, lips just barely brushing my skin. I gulped and he snickered slightly moving closer.

"Eric stop!" Bill yelled moving towards Eric.

"Don't even think about it Bill. I can kill you and both humans in a matter of minutes." Eric said not moving from my throat. Bill looked tore between wanting to protect me and not want to die. I sighed and closed my eyes while gritting my teeth. God damn stupid vampire. I cursed mentally.

"I opened the door with my mind. I'm telekinetic." I grounded out.

"Prove it." He whispered still poised against my neck.

I grinned slightly. Oh I'd prove it alright. I slid my hands up Eric's chest slowly being as seductively as possible. I turned my head to Bill and winked. Then I felt as rush of power release from my hands and Eric was thrown against the opposite wall. He looked absoultely stunned and I smiled.

I walked over to him with a smirk and whispered in his ear. "That enough proof for you or do you want more?"

He raised an eyebrow at me in slight amusement and stood. "What if I did want more?" he purred in my ear with a grin.

"Not going to happen." I smirked back him walking over to a chuckling Bill.

"It seems the Stackhouse family is full of surpising humans." Eric said. "Bill may I see you in my office please?" Eric more demanded than asked and walked away. Bill soon followed him and I was left with Sookie.

Bill's POV

I followed Eric to his office not quite knowing what he'd say about Blaze. She had showed Eric that she was powerful which I knew Eric would want to take full advantage of. I would do everything in my power though to keep Blaze out of the vampire world, and out of Eric's grasp. She was like a daughter to me and I felt very protective over her, almost as much as I was about Sookie.

"What do you want Eric?" I asked as soon as we entered the office.

"That girl. What is her name?" he asked sitting down at his desk.

"Blaze." I answered shortly.

"Blaze," he mused. "I like it." he grinned.

"You cannot have her." I replied fiercely.

"Have you claimed her?" Eric asked.

"No." I growled.

"She owes me. She broke into my establishment." Eric said.

"I will pay for her debt." I offered shamelessly.

"No. She will. I want her to go to Dallas, along with Sookie." Eric continued.

"Never!" I spat.

"Your human owes me as does her delicious sister, remember Bill that I am only asking out of respect." Eric growled at me. I clenched my fists in anger.

"I will talk to Sookie once she awakens." I stated simply turning to leave.

"Oh and Bill?" Eric called. I turned to look at him in exasperation.

"Blaze is mine." he grinned. I clenched my teeth and walked out of the room.

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