The Unexpected

Chapter 1

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Edward POV

I creped through the night, stocking my prey. Their blood pumped through their veins, it called me to them.

Right now I was following a very chesty blond who was planning the murder of a plain, ordinary girl who her boyfriend dumped her for. Her thoughts were every where; even I had trouble understanding them. Basically she was only with this guy for sex. I really could not fathom why people went through all this trouble for a boyfriend, wife, and friend. I guess because I haven't experienced it yet I do not understand.

I closed in and clapped my hand over her mouth and dragged her into the abandoned ally. She was clawing at my arms and kicking her feet everywhere, it was quite amusing. Quickly I snapped her neck making sure her heart stopped beating before I indulged.

Opening my mouth I bit into her soft flesh. Her blood was sweet and so much better than a mountain lion. I cannot believe that Carlisle had lived so long and never indulged, sure he changed most of us but he never had a real taste of human blood. As I neared the end of her blood supply I took out a knife from my back pocket and slashed through the bit mark on her neck. I ran the knife over it a few more times making sure the mark was hidden. Wiping the knife on her shirt I placed it back into my pocket and headed out of the ally, leaving her body there.

Harry POV

The Dursley's were being horrible again. Vernon got piss drunk and beat me, this time I only got away with some bruises and cuts. He passed out before he could do any real damage. The order did not know about the beatings and they never would. I only found out last year that I have had a glamour on me, since I was a child I had unconsciously been hiding the bruises, cuts and scars.

What I really looked like shocked me. On the outside I was 5'8" It was an okay height not as tall as Ron's 6' height. Hermione and Ginny were not close behind at 5'6" and Ginny started another growth spurt at the end of the term. I guess when I visit the Weasley's I would get to see how much she grew. Under the glamour I was around 5'2" or 3" I really did not want to measure. I guess growing up in the cupboard under the stares really did affect my growth more than I thought.

Another thing that shocked my was my hair, It was down to my mid back and made my look very femmin (spelling). My features had yet to mature under the glamour I looked around the same when I did when I was 13 and a bit when I was 14.

The only thing that made me look at myself in disgust was all the scars that cover my whole body. I never knew I was this bad, but I should of figured with all the beatings I have received reminders of what I was, a Freak.

Since Vernon was passed out I decided to venture out into London. Catching a bus I sat down at the back and watch the lights pass by. Before I knew it my stop had come so I pulled the chord.

I got off at a quiet street, there were a few couples walking around but that was it. There was a cool breeze, sighing I pulled Dudley's old jacket from when he was 9 tighter around my body.

I walked down a bunch of streets gazing at the display's, watching the people who lived the night life.

I really wished I had a fake I.D. to get into the clubs. I loved to dance and just blend with a crowd. I did once before, I snuck in when I was 14 and it was one of the best experiences in my life, the bass of the song pumping through your body, the feeling of being free. Sadly I was not able to get in again which sucked.

A small smile appeared on my face remembering the night. Sighing again I looked up at the stars, it was a beautiful night.

Suddenly an arm grabbed me and practically threw me into the ally I was walking by. Before I could even look at my attacker they had me pinned against the brick wall of the building.

Edward POV

I was sitting on the roof top when the most delicious scent came upon me. Sitting up quickly I ran over to the edge and glanced down. There was a boy and a couple, quickly I crossed of the couple since they were to far away.

So it was the boy, I concentrated to hear his thoughts but I heard none. The only minds I heard were the couple on the street who were thinking lovey dovey thoughts which sickened me to know end. I was a bit worried now, I couldn't hear his thoughts. I tried harder but all I met was silence.

I watched the boy as he gazed in the shop windows. He was looking down as he walked probably in deep thought.

Suddenly he looked toward the sky and I saw the most beautiful eyes.

Pure emeralds.

I don't know why but I jumped down into the nearest ally and I grabbed him by the arm. I pushed him up against the wall and inhaled his scent it was intoxicating. I rubbed my nose up and down his neck trying to get more. I realised that I had no urge to bite him, I just wanted more of him.

I froze, something just happened that hasn't happened in over 75 years.

I got aroused.

This boy, out of everyone in the world made me excited. Was this a joke, I certainly was not gay.

I gripped his arms tighter and he let out a small whimper. I slowly moved my hands from his arms and moved them all over his back and sides. The boy let out a small gasp and moan, making my pants tighter.

I moved my hips forward and rubbed against his back side. The friction was amazing. I groaned and grinded harder.

"No please stop" The boy whimpered.

I placed my leg in between his thighs as reached in front of him and grabbed him, finding that he was also aroused. I ran my fingers up and down causing him to grow harder.

I could smell the salt tears running down his face and the whimpers that escaped his lips.

I knew that I needed more. I remembered Emmett's thoughts about when he was with Rosalie and when they tried other positions.

I reached down with my other had and started to undo his belt buckle.

His arms started flying around trying to stop me but I quickly grabbed them and held them above his head while the other worked on his pants.

He was crying freely now the whimpers came out as full blown sobs.

"Please, please" he whispered. But I heard none of it.

As soon as I undid his belt his pants flew straight to the floor. Strange, why was he wearing such big clothes I thought but quickly but dismissed it. I yanked down his boxers and was presented with a beautiful milky white behind. I ran my hand over it feeling the softness. I placed two of my fingers in my mouth and lavished them with tongue. I didn't think the venom would affect him in any way and at the moment I couldn't care less.

I spread his legs as far as they would go and I pushed my saliva covered finger into him. He tensed up and started struggling again, I reached down and grabbed his hard cock moving my hand up and down his length. He groaned and arched back on to me, he head resting on my shoulder.

I added another finger and started to stretch him.

"Na… Wha… No … Ahh" He said while gasping.

"Shhhh" I whispered into his ear as I added another finger. I started thrusting my fingers in and out of his hole enjoying the gasps and moans coming from the boy.

Taking my fingers out of him I reached of my pants and undid them. I forced my pants down with my boxers. Grapping my arousal I squeezed and pulled at it a few times before spitting in my hand trying to get my cock as wet as possible. After a few moments I positioned my length in line with the boys hole and pushed in slowly.

Harry POV

He started to enter me and I screamed. The pain was unbearable, he was pressing kisses along my neck and stroking my cock as he kept pushing in. In a sick twisted way I was enjoying this, my attacker was being so gentle. Plus didn't rapists just enter you and not care about preparing you. Who ever was raping me was being too nice, too kind. It was scaring me. He were doing everything to make me feel pleasure to.

As soon as he had his cock all the way up my ass he stopped. I could hear his breath coming out fast, it was just so confusing. Why was he letting me adjust, questions kept popping into my head and I new none of the answers.

"Move" I told him.

"Okay" he responded placing a kiss on my neck.

He slid all the way out and I hissed at the pain.

"Are you –" He started to ask a question but I cut him off.

"Just fucking do it already" I yelled at him.

His response was thrusting his cock back into me. After a few more thrusts he hit something that caused the most immense amount of burning hot pleasure made me scream out.

"Are you okay?" he asked me, but all I did in return was moan. I never knew sex felt this good, I mean if I knew I would have done it along time ago. I couldn't focus on anything other than the cock thrusting in and out of my ass.

He grabbed my length again and started stroking it, matching his rhythm with his thrusts. I felt a build up inside me, like I was about to explode.

"I, I " I couldn't even say a sentence.

With a loud cry I threw my head back and rode out my orgasm. My entire body had basically gone limp, my legs gave out but before I could fall the man snaked an arm around my middle. Soon after I, the man behind tensed and came inside me.

I was aware now that I was leaning back against the man. I tried to move but I was too weak, I felt so tired. I fought hard against my eyelids but eventually lost the battle and fell into a blissful darkness.

Edward POV

I tensed up and came. It was the best experience in my life so far, way better than human blood. The boy I was holding up with my arm had passed out I could tell from his breathing. I slowly pulled my limp cock from him and then I gently laid him down on the ground, pulled up his boxers and pants. After I did my own pants up I realised something.

I had just raped this boy, leaning back against the wall I stood in shock as I tried to figure out what I just did. I looked down at the boy. He looked so innocent.

Gasping I came to the horrible idea that I might of lost my virginity to another virgin. I just became the monster Carlisle never wanted us to be.

I just stole this boys innocence. I really wish I could cry, I wish I had tears that would leak out of my eyes. I looked closer and the boy and saw bruising. I did that, I can't believe I hurt him. Quickly I gathered the boy into my arms, ignoring the slight smell of blood coming from his rear. I walked back out into the street and followed his scent to where he lived.

I tracked his scent to a street called Privet Drive, I walked along the side walk and stopped at the fourth house. I saw that the room that was his, I knew that there was no way I could open his window so I brought him into the back yard. I placed him down on the grass and stared at him. I brushed some hair out of his eye and saw a strange scar on his forehead.

It was the shape of a lightning bolt.

I ran my thumb down the side of his face and across his lips. I slowly leant down and pressed my lips to his. His lips were warm compared to my ice cold ones and I wished that he would respond but I knew that it would never happen. I stood up and gazed at the beautiful boys face for the last time before turning and heading out in to the front.

I pulled out my cell phone and called the airlines. I booked the next flight from London to Seattle, Washington. (I think)