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"Demons 'Thinking' and Talking"

"Monsters 'Thinking' and Talking"

"Regular People Talking"

'Regular People Thinking'


The way you separate Pink haired Moka and Vampire Moka

"Moka's true self or vampire self talking"

'Moka's true self or vampire self thinking'

Alright this story is a bridge of sorts it is going to be a short story no more than two chapters covering most of what Naruto does on his summer vacation, even though it is mostly about Naruto, Gaara and the others will be making appearances as well.

Another thing if you didn't read my Rosario + Vampire x Naruto then this probably won't make any since to you I'm sorry it just wont. Finally I have wanted to write a Naruto and Hinata story to show everyone that when its has nothing to do with crossovers my loyalty runs with Hinata being with Naruto as for those of you who like it Sakura will be bashed in this story and dont worry I have seen the way KingKakashi bashes Sakura with in the flow of his story that is the same way I am going to write mine.

Naruto waved to Pa who waved back in response before dispelling himself back to the world of the toads with a sigh Naruto cursed Pa who told him that during the summer break he needed to go back to Konoha and visit Tsunade and Hinata who were worried sick about him.

Looking up at the sky Naruto saw it was already dark so he chose to take his time as he made his way to Konoha so he jumped into the trees before casually starting toward Konoha by jumping from branch to branch.

Forty-five minutes later Naruto was hiding in a tree which was right in front of the village gates, deciding he didn't want anyone but Tsunade and Hinata to know he was back home until the next day so he ran up the wall while using his demonic power to cast an illusion on the guards.

Once inside Naruto jumped on top of the buildings then made his way to Tsunade's office, knowing that the ninja and villagers would just think of him as another ninja as long as he could stay out of the view of other ninja who may be traveling by rooftop.

As he came upon Tsunade's window Naruto was happy to see that it was open as though Tsunade was waiting for Jiraiya to come jumping through it like he use to.

Remembering the old pervert made Naruto stop and think if he did the right thing when he learned that he was able to come back to the village only to stay at the academy.

Shaking off his thoughts Naruto jumped into Tsunade's office to see the Hokage asleep with an empty bottle of sake in each hand, sighing Naruto made his way over to wake Tsunade up only to see her breasts had made their way from out of her shirt which would have sent him flying back with a nosebleed instead of just a couple of drips if he wasn't so use to seeing Moka and Kurumu's naked.

Naruto smirked as he thought about the vampire and succubus while adjusting Tsunade's shirt so she wouldn't wake up calling him a pervert like his sensei even if he was.

Once he'd put Tsunade's goodies away Naruto shook the older woman who didn't budge causing Naruto to tug slightly on her pig tails which she responded to by throw a punch at his face.

Tsunade woke up as she felt her fist collide with something she began praying it wasn't Shizune but Sakura instead until she saw familiar spiky blond hair with blue eyes and whiskers though they were faded.

Tsunade was tempted to slap herself as she looked at the young man who had a scary amount of power radiating off of him.

"Naruto is that you." Tsunade asked as he put his hands behind his head and smiled at her leaving no doubt in her made that this was the real Naruto.

"Of course it is granny who else would it be?" Naruto asked causing Tsunade to run around her desk then wrap him in a bone crushing hug that would have killed most people instead Naruto chuckled at Tsunade's actions and at the fact that neither her punch or hug didn't hurt him.

"Naruto your back I didn't think you would come back." Tsunade said with her face buried in his chest.

"What do you mean I've been back before how else would I have paid my respects to that old pervert on the anniversary of his death." Naruto answered while Tsunade laughed.

Naruto explained to Tsunade that he wasn't going to stay rather he was just visiting for a couple of months which put a frown on Tsunade's face.

"What do you mean you're not back for good?" Tsuande yelled at him.

"Just like I said look Tsunade I love you Hinata, Hitomi, and everyone else who saw I was a person from the beginning but this just isn't my home anymore and you know it." Naruto said as Tsunade sat back in her chair.

"So if you've been in the village do you know how Hinata and Hitomi are doing?"

"Not exactly it's not like I've been living in the village."

"So you haven't seen Hinata in a while right?"

"It's been about six months why doesn't she have someone in her life now."

"No but its late why don't you go home and I'll announce to the village your back tomorrow."

Naruto nodded as he took off toward his parent's old home a place he told Tsunade and Hinata they could have before he was banished.

Tsunade smiled as he jumped out the window reminding her of Jiraiya especially with how tall he'd gotten if she was correct he was as tall as Sasuke.

Tsunade stopped as she thought of the Uchiha boy the civilian council had been petitioning to get his chakra unsealed since Naruto defeated him good thing for her that they had no say over ninja business, many of the ninja council wanted Sasuke dead but Tsunade realized that keeping him alive without the ability to revive his clan would be torture for the insane Uchiha.

'Cant wait for him to meet my new apprentice who could've made Jiraiya stop peeping for just on look at her in a bikini.' Tsunade thought with a smirk as she watched Naruto disappear into the distance.

Summer Vacation: Naruto versus Dracula

Our World: A Mile Outside of Israel

Three figures made their way through Sinai desert as they searched for the creature that could give them a shot at revenge.

"Why are we out here again?" One figure asked while taking the hood of his cloak off to reveal a lizard man.

"Because we want revenge on the fox that killed our brothers," The second figure said as he slapped the first figure in the head causing his own hood to fall off revealing another lizard man.

"Enough." The third said to his brothers while signaling them to keep walk.

"So what are we looking for anyway and if our brother's messages were right how are we going to beat a fox as powerful as this Naruto?" The first one asked causing the third to laugh.

"We aren't going to do anything no we will let him take care of the fox." The third answered as they came upon a tomb that was almost completely covered with sand.

The three entered the tomb only to find a long corridor which caused the three to hiss in anger, as they made their way down it the three noticed the further they went down the corridor the hard it become to breathe.

Once they made it to the end they saw nothing but a room with sand on the floor, growling the first lizard man stepped on the floor to try and find something on the walls that might help them find what they were looking for only to be sucked into the sand.

"Stay back its quick sand!" The third yelled to the second who nodded before jerking forward slightly then looking down to see a hand sticking out of his chest.

The third lizard watched in horror as his brother had his head ripped off by what looked to be a creature with rough red skin, horns, jagged teeth, and appeared to be nine foot which happen to be snarling at him.

The third lizard turned then ran out of the out of the tomb only to be pulled back in by the creature, moments pasted as screaming could be heard until their was nothing but silence.

Five minutes pasted until a man that looked to be twenty-six years old, six foot six, shoulder blade length blue hair, and medium build walked out of the tomb with a frown on his face.

"Fools should never have woken me no matter there is work to be done and revenge to be had." The man said as he made his way through the desert, occasionally looking up at the sky which had black lightning bolts running across it.

'I see my powers haven't waned after centuries of sleep." The man thought.


Moka sat in her family's living room with her other self and Kokoa who was trying to show Moka all kinds of different things but soon found herself in the wall when she tried to hug Moka.

Glancing over at her other self who was standing at the window looking out of it Moka walked over and stood next to her.

"Something wrong with you," Moka asked.

"Its nothing I mean your probably going through the same thing." Moka said causing Moka to frown back at her.

"Meaning what?"

"Well I know it's only been two weeks but I miss Tsukune just as I'm sure you feel the same way about Naruto."

Moka was glad that her other self didn't see her face when she mentioned her mate's name because in all honest she did miss her powerful fox demon, as a vampire most beings were scared of her but not Naruto no he actually relished being near her in her true form while everyone else except other vampires were terrified of her including Moka's love interest Tsukune though it didn't mean that she would let her other self know that.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Come on I know I'm not nearly as strong as you but I am a vampire as well which means I know you've chosen Naruto to be yours."

Moka decided not to answer instead she cursed her other self for having as much knowledge about their race as she did.

Seeing she'd angered her other self Moka started to tell her she wouldn't tell anyone until they looked up and saw black lightning bolts running across the sky.

"What in the world?" Moka started only to be interrupted.

"So it begins again I see." Lord Akashiya said walking up behind his daughters.

"What do you mean father?" Moka asked as she turned to look at him only to see him walking away faster than she'd ever seen.

"Something seems to be coming something bad." Moka said as she grabbed an unconscious Kokoa out of the wall then followed her father leaving her other self to wonder what was happening.

Mizore's world

Mizore sighed contently for what seemed to be the hundredth time in the past two weeks it seemed when they weren't hanging out with Satsuki and her mother they were having sex which Mizore now knew she could never get enough of as long as it was with Gaara.

As Mizore ran her hands over Gaara's muscular chest a feeling of death felt for not only her but her family, friends, and most importantly to her Gaara came over her.

Mizore got up slowly so as not to wake Gaara then through on a robe before walking out of the room to see Satsuki and her mother sitting on the couch with worried looks on both their faces.

"So I see you felt it as well didn't you dear?" Tsurara asked.

"Mother what is that." Mizore asked while Satsuki frowned.

"Something I prayed you would never have to face in your lifetime." Tsurara answered.

Mizore frowned slightly before turning to Satsuki hoping she would give her a straight answer, "Do you know what it was?"

"It can't be who I'm thinking of since I haven't heard of him in centuries." Satsuki answered.

Flustered that she wasn't getting any straight answer Mizore went back into her room only to find Gaara sitting up while leaning back against the head of her new king bed Tsurara had gotten her when she first came home.

"Did I wake you because…" Mizore started but stopped when Gaara shook his head.

"No you didn't wake me but whoever's power that was sure did I didn't believe that there were any beings as powerful as Naruto and me but whatever this thing is can stand up to the two of us." Gaara said as Mizore took off her robe and climbed back into bed with him.

"Are you sure?"

Gaara didn't answer instead he wrapped his arms around Mizore who snuggled into him while he silently tried to pinpoint the source of the power only to have Tsurara coming running in.

"Sorry you two but I need you to pack your clothes because we are going on a little trip." Tsurara said with a small sack over her shoulder.

Mizore sighed as she got out two suckers before putting one in her mouth then stick the other one in Gaara's before she got up.

Kurumu's world

Kurumu lay down in her bed then smiled at Boota who nuzzled her cheek before lying down next to her ear.

Kurumu was glad she was able to sneak the little mole pig into her mother's home since said mother wasn't a fan of creatures that couldn't be seduced.

With a content sigh Kurumu stared up at the ceiling while wandering what Naruto was doing right now.

"Kurumu are you asleep yet?" A voice called from downstairs.

"No mother wer… I'm not." Kurumu said almost mentioning Naruto's little pet before hearing the stomps of someone heading up the stairs.

Hearing her mother coming Kurumu quickly grabbed Boota and then put him on her shoulder which was being hidden by her hair that she'd let down before laying down.

"Good your still awake I need you to get up and get dressed we've got a big problem." Ageha said before rushing out of the room.

Wanting to find out what her mother was hiding Kurumu quickly put on a green dress which came to her knees while the top showed off a respectable amount of cleavage.

Kurumu decided to leave her hair down so Boota had some place to hide other than between her breasts as she took off down the stairs to her mother's room to find her packing.

"Mom what's the rush?" Kurumu asked seeing the panic in her mother's movements along her eyes.

Ignoring her daughter Ageha continued to pack some things until Kurumu grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Mom please what is going on?" Kurumu asked again only to watch her mother fall to the ground.

"He's come back."

"Who mom who has come back,"

"Dracula he's something I wished you would never have to find out about but I guess that was just wishful thinking."

"Dracula the vampire,"

"Oh he's much more than just any normal vampire not only was he the first vampire he was more than strong enough to challenge all of the legendary biju it was even said he almost fought the great Kyuubi to a draw."

Hearing this caused Kurumu to gasp since she knew Naruto and the Kyuubi were now one being and prayed that Dracula didn't want a rematch with the new Kyuubi.

"So do you think he would want to challenge the Kyuubi again?" Kurumu asked quietly hoping her mother would say no.

"Are you kidding legend has it that Dracula is the reason the vampires were banished from hell?" Ageha explained.

"How what did he do that was so bad?"

"He was planning to overthrow the Kyuubi along with the other great biju to become the ruler of hell but the Nibi got wind of this and informed the Kyuubi who put Dracula in a tomb then banished the vampires from hell for all eternity."

Hearing that story confused Kurumu greatly, 'Why would Moka want to mate with the being responsible for getting her race kicked out of hell?'

"So where are we going?" Kurumu asked.

"My mother told me that should Dracula ever arise that every monster race would come together including the vampires who insist that had nothing to do with Dracula's plan to come up with a plan to stop him." Ageha answered as she grabbed Kurumu by the hand and drug her out the door.

Back with Naruto

Naruto opened the door to his parent's house then walked right to the master bedroom and lay down without ever turning the light on.

The next mourning Naruto woke with a yawn as he tried to sit up only to find a weight on his chest, looking down Naruto saw his lover Hinata Hyuuga lying on his chest.

Knowing she might be upset that he'd gotten her pregnant before he left Naruto lifted her head slightly then laid it down on the pillow before getting up.

Naruto quickly tiptoed out of the room while wandering why Hinata was sleeping in his father's old house true he left everything the Uzumaki and Namikaze owned to her when he found out she was pregnant from Tsunade but he just assumed she would be the perfect heir to the Hyuuga clan now that she had an heir of her own.

Deciding he would wait until Hinata woke up he headed toward the stairs only to have the sound of crying redirect him to a room, once he got to the room he opened the door to find a crying baby girl lying in a crib.

Naruto rushed over and picked her up before rocking her slowly as he looked at her Naruto noticed that she resembled Hinata a great deal except for the fact she his blue eyes and blonde hair although her hair was completely straight like Hinata's.

Noticing the girl was looking up at him owlishly reminded Naruto that she didn't know who he was, since they hadn't seen each other.

Naruto quickly moved to a chair he assumed Hinata used when Hitomi got fussy in her room so Naruto sat down while keeping his eyes locked with the girl's.

"Hi Hitomi-chan I'm your daddy." Naruto said with a smile causing his daughter to return the action.

Naruto laughed as the girl when she reached up for his bangs which were hanging right over her face.

"You look just like your mommy." Naruto said only to feel someone place what he made out as two fingers against the back of his neck but wasn't able to tell since the killer intent that was being let off was slightly blocking his senses.

"Stand up, walk over to the crib slowly then place my daughter down." A voice Naruto assumed to be Hinata said.

"Hinata listen…" Naruto said only to feel more pressure on the back of his throat.

Deciding it wouldn't be a good idea to cross this new mama bear Hinata, Naruto stood up then walked to the crib before putting Hitomi down like he was told and then turned around to face Hinata.

"I don't know who you are but taking on the disguise of Naruto was a stupid move." Hinata said as moved herself between the person and Hitomi.

"Look Hinata you're a Hyuuga which means you have the Byakugan use it to see if this is any type of disguise." Naruto suggested hoping the mother of his child wouldn't kill him just because she was a little too hasty although he now knew that if anyone wanted to cross his daughter they would have to deal with her mother.

Hinata scanned the person standing in front of her with her Byakugan, after five minutes of staring intently at the man in front of her Hinata deactivate then jumped into the arms of Naruto with tears flowing down her cheeks.

"I'm so sorry Naruto-kun I didn't know it was you I thought you were trying to hurt Hitomi-chan." Hinata said as Naruto wrapped his arms around her attempting to calm her down.

A few minutes later Hinata calmed down enough for Naruto to talk to her so they grabbed Hitomi then headed for the living room.

When they got there Naruto sat on the couch holding Hitomi while Hinata sat next to them while glancing at them.

"So Hinata why are you living in my dad's old house I mean don't get me wrong I don't mind since I left all my things to the two of you but I thought you would be with your family." Naruto said as he bounced the girl on of his knee.

"Well I was going to but then my father and the clan elders found out that I was pregnant with your child they said that if Hitomi didn't have the Byakugan she would be kicked out of the clan along with me." Hinata said as she reached over and stroked Hitomi's hair.

"So besides your family leaving you how have you been?"

"Pretty good I'm no longer a ninja I quit so I could take care of Hitomi full time though Tsunade-sama still wanted to train me especially after I told her you were Hitomi's father. She also dropped Sakura as her student when Sakura started going around telling people she was just using you to get Sasuke back and if he'd never left she wouldn't have even talked to you."

Hinata noticed Naruto drop his head at that last bit of information even if he swore to her before they made love that he was over Sakura she knew he at least considered her a friend, so to hear he was nothing more than a puppet to her was hard to swallow.

"Oh and I know you told me to find someone else to be with once you left but I couldn't I always loved you and only you." Hinata finished before turning Naruto's head toward her and kissing him on the lips.

Stunned Naruto had to think of what he was going to say in his head before he clumsily said the first thing that came out of his mouth, "Hinata I have to be honest with you I went to this academy for monsters and a vampire marked me as her mate and I had sex with a succubus but I need you to promise not to tell anyone."

Hinata stared at Naruto for a moment before putting her hand to his forehand, "Are you okay Naruto-kun because you don't feel hot?"

Naruto chuckled at the irony of this scene since it was usually the other way around with him checking her for a fever.

Naruto explained ever thing that happened between himself, Moka, and Kurumu once he was finished Hinata was staring at her lap intensely.

Seeing Hinata refusing to look at him made Naruto feel bad about what he'd done until Hinata turned back to him with what he thought was a look of understanding on her face.

"Even though I don't like it I understand we did tell agree even though we thought we were never going to see each other again to try and move on." Hinata said taking Hitomi from Naruto.

Naruto continued with the conversation even after he saw the sadness saw in Hinata's eyes.

"Hinata what happened with me and those girls doesn't change the way I feel about you, while I was at that school a parasite jumped on me and put me in a dream world and this is what I dreamt about along with the village excepting me with the added fact of my parents being alive." Naruto explained as Hinata opened her robe revealing her left breast to her daughter who began sucking on the nipple.

"That means a lot to me Naruto and I know you wouldn't lie about something like." Hinata said as she looked up at Naruto who was staring at her chest.

Hinata cleared her throat then giggled when Naruto tried to sputter out an excuse for eyeing her, truth be told Hinata wasn't mad at all when she found the man she'd loved since he helped her father save her from the Kumo ninja that tried to kidnap her when she was younger checking her out, plus she knew her chest size was going to get pretty large as her mother once told her that the Hyuuga women had another bloodline that blessed them all with large chests and if she was right she had the second largest chest in the village with a ways to go.

Naruto on the other hand had a lot of things going through his mind, 'Wow I can't believe no one is after her she has to be turning them all down with looks and a body like that.'

Deciding to take a chance Naruto leaned over to and kissed Hinata who desperately wanted to put her arms around his neck but couldn't since she was holding Hitomi, once Naruto was finished Hinata blushed slightly before sending out a shadow clone which she learned from the Yondaime's jutsu library to find her sister.

"Since when can you use shadow clones and where is yours going?" Naruto asked as Hinata who used her free arm to pull him back in for another kiss while both were mindful of the baby that was between them.

Our world – Ireland

Dracula made his through the fields of Ireland while looking straight ahead as though he could see something the rest of humanity couldn't.

When he arrived in a certain spot he smirked showing his fangs before thrusting his fist into the ground, after pulling his fist out of the ground Dracula looked at what he created or rather what he'd unleashed.

In the hole Dracula created were thousands of creatures which were all seven feet tall with black skin human like bodies with the heads of jackals.


Seeing his army standing in front of him Dracula knew he needed to go after the vampires first since they were the strongest then he would make the other monsters fall before finding the Kyuubi to settle this rivalry with the demon fox once and for all.

Dracula ordered his army to form a circle which he walked in the middle of before transforming into his regular form and then used his powers to take himself along with his army to the world the vampires inhabited.

When Dracula arrived he was surprised to find the same amount of vampires that were in his army save a few waiting for him while his own army began snarling at the vampires.

"Well, well where is that fool Akashiya not willing to challenge me I see." Dracula said with a smirk which resulted in the vampires starting their attack, thus forcing Dracula's army to do the same.

Dracula watched as the vampires clashed with his army who surprised him by fighting on an even level with the vampires but he attributed that to being rusty since they hadn't fought in over a millennia.

Dracula began smirking as he watched the vampires kill his warriors thus causing them to turn into sand, surprised by how quickly his race killed off his warriors Dracula smirk turned into a chuckle as he watched the vampires begin to move toward him.

In what Dracula would refer to as small scuffle only one or two vampires were even injured will the rest were closing in on Dracula only to watch the entire army they'd just killed reform in front of the vampires before began their attack again.

As his army reformed stronger then before they were killed, Dracula did his best to sense the four strongest vampires who took over for Dracula when he was imprisoned by the Kyuubi.

Dracula located one of them and laughed while breaking the neck of a vampire who'd come at him, apparently the vampires who'd taken over had become a good deal stronger since his incarceration though not powerful enough to stop him.

Dracula noticed that more vampires were dodging his army and instead coming to fight him head on which of course he didn't mind if someone wanted to rush to their death who was he to stop them were his thoughts as he effortlessly disposed of the vermin that challenged him.

Thirty minutes later the vampires were all defeated and Dracula began to go around killing off the ones that remained alive except for a choice few they were the ones that would get to be made an example of.

Turning toward his general Dracula commanded the all gold wearing creature to bring surviving vampires to him nodding the commander grabbed two vampires by the neck while commanding his brethren to pick up the other six that were still alive.

Once they were brought to Dracula they were thrown to his feet then had their heads held down forcefully when they tried to look up.

"Did you really think you could fight me I was the first vampire and you attack me?" Dracula said with a look of disappointment on his face.

"Because of you vampires have become outcasts with other monsters and we've had to grow in power so that those same monsters wouldn't attack us." One of the downed vampires explained only to have her hair roughly pulled.

"If you would have simply followed me our race would have ruled over all worlds and you wouldn't have had to worry about other monsters since they would be bowing before you."

Dracula explained before slapping the female vampire in the face knocking her out cold.

"Bring her and the other survivors they'll be a great statement to one of those upstarts." Dracula explained as they along their prisoners vanished leaving the vampire world in ruins.

Summit of Monsters

In an unknown world monsters gathered from various different races met in a large room with surprisingly a gnome of all things running the summit.

"Alright I think we all know why we're here?" The gnome said as he looked around to receive nods from everyone.

"Of course we know why we're the vampires released their master so he can take his vengeance out on us." A Minotaur said causing many to agree with it.

"We did no such thing!" Mai yelled back only to have her father put his hand on her shoulder.

The gnome saw things were beginning to spiral out of control so he decided to stop the arguing before it got out of hand, "Enough the vampires have shown proof that they had nothing to do with Dracula's plans and it is to my belief that the great Kyuubi made a hasty decision in banishing them from hell."

Hearing this caused the foxes which held the Kyuubi in high regards stood up with their eyes blazing literally.

"How dare you gnome if it wasn't for the great lord those filthy vampires would rule everything." The aid to the old Kyuubi said with the other foxes backing her up.

"Well let's just say that the vampires didn't have anything to do with Dracula's resurrection then we are alienating a potential ally for no reason." Tsurara said.

"Please it's clear what's happened here the vampires were tired of being alienated already so they released their lord to make us all fall in line." A lizardwoman said earning some murmurs about her being stupid.

"As of this moment we don't know if the vampires have anything to do with Dracula so we must treat them as our allies." Ageha said.

The gnome smiled at the ice woman and Succubus it seemed as though they'd grown up since the last time he'd seen the two of them.

"Ageha and Tsurara are right you must get over your fear of the vampires they like us have a mutual enemy in Dracula and this summit was called to stop him." The gnome explained using his great knowledge to make the monsters see things his way.

Just as the races seem to be calming down from the gnome's speech a centaur decided to make his presence known.

"Hey foxes where is your great lord shouldn't he be here to finish Dracula off or has he gone into hiding to afraid of the wrath of a vampire." The centaur said enraging the foxes.

"Centaur you know as well as I do that the great tailed beasts are gone." The gnome said while Moka gave a glare to Mizore, Kurumu, Yukari, Mai, Kokoa, and her other self to keep the information about Naruto being the new Kyuubi to themselves.

"Maybe we can find a magical solution to the problem?" Yukari's father suggested only to be laughed at by the foxes.

"Please only the great Kyuubi could stop Dracula not even Akashiya or his race combined could put a dent in him." A fox said.

"Do you wish to try my power to find out?" Akashiya asked causing the fox to move back slightly.

The gnome sighed as he rubbed his head while feeling he was to old for this kind of foolishness, but with his age came great wisdom and the ability to sense great power something he'd felt awhile back he'd felt a power source that had the potential to be far greater than the Kyuubi he just wasn't able to locate it before it vanished.

The gnome silently hoped that this new power was on their side and would introduce itself to stop Dracula since he knew that for all of their great abilities these monsters not even the seven vampires that were currently here had nearly enough to challenge Dracula.

With Naruto

Naruto smiled as he stared at what was now Hinata's room while said girl lay on his chest with a content look on her face, he knew she was up to something when her clone brought her sister back while she was already pushing him toward her bedroom.

Looking down at Hinata, Naruto cursed himself for being so blind when he was younger if he hadn't been so focused on Sakura he would have saw that Hinata loved him and wanted him for who he was.

As he ran his fingers through Hinata's hair he thought back to why he wanted Sakura in the first place heck he'd always known, it was because in his mind if he got Sakura then that would make him somehow better than Sasuke or at least that was what he believed leading him to think back to when he began to realize that he had feelings for Hinata if only subconsciously.


Naruto had just gotten back from the mission to retrieve Sasuke only to find out that Sasuke had killed his older brother, but what made Naruto mad was he still didn't want to come back to Konoha, lost in thought Naruto found himself standing in front of his prisoner.

"Fur ball what do you want?" Naruto asked causing the fox to growl at him.

"You little half monkey do you know how lucky you are that I'm in here." Kyuubi asked as Naruto sighed indicating that he was bored with the great demon.

"You want to hurry this along fox I need to find Sakura-chan to ask her out on a date."

"I want you to stop chasing after the Uchiha for some stupid reason the humans in your life encourage this reckless behavior and therefore allow the Uchiha to nearly kill you time and time again I on the other hand will not allow that Uchiha to kill you."

Naruto shook his head having had this conversation with the fox before it should have realized that he didn't listen then and he wasn't going to listen now.

"That is alright I have a plan to make you see from now on as long as it isn't a killing or life threatening blow I will not heal you which means when the Uchiha stabs up as long as it won't kill you I'm not going to help especially when your Sakura-chan beats the hell out of you."

"Sakura-chan isn't like that anymore she doesn't hurt me now that she's become mature after training with granny."

"Really is that why the first thing she did was knock you through a building when you came back with the pervert or here's a good one she comes into your room trips then beats you up for not cleaning your room, have you ever asked yourself when she hitting you through trees would she ever do that to the Uchiha."

Naruto growled and wanted to give the fox a strong 'yes she would,' when he remembered that Sasuke had started fights with him many times but he was the one that got hit never Sasuke.

"All it means is that Sakura is more comfortable with me than she is Sasuke."

"I'd be comfortable with you to if I could beat you're your face in."

The Kyuubi roared with laughter as Naruto left, knowing he'd gotten one over on his jailer.

After leaving his mind Naruto searched for Sakura wanting to prove to the fox that his love interested had changed and her abuse of him was just a cry for help that granny had worked out of her.

Two minutes of searching lead Naruto to a training ground where he saw Sakura punching a tree.

"Hey Sakura-chan what are you doing!" Naruto yelled to the pink haired girl.

"What does it look like idiot I'm training to get Sasuke back?" Sakura answered.

"So do you want to take a break and go with me to get some ramen?" Naruto asked while rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.

"How many times do I have to tell you no," Sakura responded.

"Come on I'm sure you'd have more fun with me than you would with Sasuke."

Hearing this caused Sakura to give Naruto the strongest right hook she'd ever unleashed since gaining the ability knocking Naruto out cold since the fox was no longer helping him then Sakura kicked him in the ass sending him through a couple of trees.

"The two dates I went with you on I had an awful time I know Sasuke-kun would at least take me somewhere romantic." Sakura said with a huff then left Naruto laying unconscious with large cuts on his body and face.

As Sakura walked away she never noticed Hinata who jumped out of the tree the moment she left then ran over to Naruto before healing the cuts on his face.

'Why isn't the Kyuubi healing you Naruto-kun?' Hinata thought as she put him on her shoulder than shunshined him back to his apartment.

Hinata put him down on his bed while ignoring the trashy room since he'd lived by himself for all his life it wasn't her business to tell him how to live.

While Hinata went over his injuries she healed the ones she could but was unable to heal a head wound she'd found causing her to break down and cry on his chest.

Hinata wondered why she couldn't tell him she loved him at least he might not have to go through this abuse trying to find love from someone who would NEVER give it to him.

Pulling up a chair Hinata sat down and then held Naruto's hand in hers as a few tears escaped her eyes.

"No matter what Sakura or anyone does to you Naruto-kun I'll always be here."

Flashback over

Naruto found that out from Hinata herself who told him the week they spent together before he was forced to leave the village.

Thinking back to the week he had with Hinata made him hard again she definitely wasn't shy when she was in the sack in fact she was pretty aggressive but he attributed that to working off years of chasing a idiot like him.

Naruto leaned down then kissed Hinata deeply causing the girl to moan as she opened her eyes.

"Do you know how much I miss having you make love to me Naruto?" Hinata asked as she through her arms around him.

"Hopefully a lot because that means I'm doing a good job." Naruto answered with a smile while Hinata giggled.

The two began to kiss which soon turned into a full blown make out session until they heard Hinata's name being called from outside.

Hinata told him to stay down while she got on her knees then looked out the window which was directly over her bed about five and a half feet off the floor which allowed her to use the wall to hide her nudity.

When Hinata looked out the window she saw Kiba smirking back at her while giving a wave, sighing Hinata knew she would have to go through the task of rejecting her old teammate again.

"Hey Hinata it's a great day why don't you, me and Hitomi go for a walk." Kiba suggested while mentally giving himself a pat on the back.

"Oh well Hitomi hasn't really been feeling all that great but thanks for the offer it was very sweet of you." Hinata said hoping he would leave so she could get back to her activities with Naruto.

Hearing Hinata refer to him as sweet added more fuel to Kiba's fire, "Do you need any help?"

"No thank you I've got it covered plus my sister is helping me as well." Hinata said as she tried to keep the boredom out of her voice.

While the two talked Naruto had to force the urge down to yell to Kiba to leave so they could get back to what he was doing.

Naruto decided to go spend more time with his daughter and begin to leave the room only to see Hinata's ass being shown to him by the way she was looking out of the window, realizing he could still have some fun Naruto snuck back to the bed before making sure his body was hid by Hinata's so that Kiba couldn't see him.

As she listened to Kiba talk Hinata felt her bed shift alerting her that Naruto had gotten up, knowing her lover must have been board out of his mind listening to Kiba talk she made another attempt to end the conversation only to see it fail.

Hinata thought that Naruto was going to leave now that he'd gotten up until she felt the bed shift again signaling that he'd decided to stay, determined now more than ever Hinata began to think of a surefire why to get Kiba to leave only to have a hand lift her right breast while another rubbed her lower lips.

Hinata slowly began to lose all train of thought as Naruto put a finger in her while kneading a breast before lightly pinching her nipple while tracing her lower lips, as Kiba talked Hinata leaned back against Naruto who was able to keep himself close enough to her allowing him to keep out of Kiba's line of sight while Hinata had a faraway look on her face from being teased by Naruto.

Frustrated that Kiba wouldn't leave Hinata told him to knock on the door and her sister should let him in before letting her juices out over the pillow Naruto had been sleeping on.

"Guess we can't use that pillow anymore huh?" Naruto asked as Hinata caught her breath Naruto allowed her to continue to lean against him until she turned on him with her Byakugan on then jumped him.

Downstairs Hanabi sat on the lap of Konohamaru as she shoved her tongue down his throat while he felt up her breasts until they were interrupted by the doorbell.

Standing up Hanabi adjusted her shirt before slapping Konohamaru's hand off her ass which he'd left there as she stood up then gave him a playful glare.

"You're so hot Hanabi-chan." Konohamaru said causing the Hyuuga heiress to blush.

"Be quiet if you don't remember my big sister doesn't know you're here and my niece is asleep right over there." Hanabi said as she scolded her boyfriend.

Hanabi answered the door to find Kiba staring back at her, once he explained what happened Hanabi reluctantly let him in upset that he was interrupting her time with Konohamaru while said boy gave a wave while muttering something under his breath.

"So Kiba why are you here?" Hanabi asked even though she knew the answer.

"To spend time with your sister even though she's not a ninja anymore I want to let her know she still has friends." Kiba said while Konohamaru chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?" Hanabi asked.

"Kiba when are you going to give it up Hinata loves bro always has your just embarrassing yourself." Konohamaru said causing Kiba to growl.

"Naruto took advantage of Hinata he knew she cared from him so he used her then through her away." Kiba said causing Konohamaru to stand up.

"Don't talk about bro like that!" Konohamaru said as Hanabi pulled him back down before turning to Kiba.

"If I'm right Kiba you made fun of Naruto when he left the village right in front of big sister causing her to slap you." Hanabi said calming Konohamaru down when he remembered that.

Kiba growled at Hanabi who smirked as she went to check on a now awake Hitomi.

"Where is Hinata?" Kiba asked.

"I thought you knew since she told you to come in." Konohamaru answered while Kiba ignored him.

"I hate to burst your bubble but big sister was heading to her room pretty quickly if you ask me she probably has a guy up there and you got in the way so she told you to come in so they could get back to it that's how I would do it anyway." Hanabi said causing both Konohamaru and Kiba's eyes to widen in shock and anger respectively.

Kiba stood up then ran up the stairs before opening every door until he came upon one that had seals on it preventing him from getting in.

"Hinata are you in there?" Kiba yelled only to receive no response.

"Hey who the hell do you think you are trying to bust in on my sister's privacy like that?" Hanabi said while carrying Hitomi with Konohamaru following.

Kiba opened his mouth to speak only to have Hanabi push him back downstairs while Konohamaru glared at the door before following.

Inside the room Hinata lay on top of Naruto with a smile on her face before she got up and put on a tank top, panties, and a robe while beckoning Naruto to put on some clothes as well.

Following her orders Naruto put on his boxers along with a shirt before the two headed downstairs.

"So are you ready to show yourself to everyone?" Hinata asked which Naruto gave a nod to.

"Because everyone already knows you're Hitomi's father Tsunade-sama announced it with my permission a little while back after she announced that you are the son of the fourth Hokage, that's of course when my father and the clan wanted me and Hitomi to come back but I didn't since being out of the clan allowed me to name Hitomi Uzumaki." Hinata finished as they walked down the stairs.

The moment Kiba saw Naruto he glared in anger as he realized what they were doing up there.

"Hey everybody how's it going?" Naruto said before bracing himself for a charging Konohamaru who was a good deal tall than he was when he was fifteen.

While Konohamaru tackled Naruto and wrapped him in a bear hug Kiba strolled over to Naruto then grabbed him by his shirt.

"What are you doing here you were banished?" Kiba said as Naruto stared at him.

"You didn't hear when Tsunade disbanded the civilian council she had enough power to reinstate me if I wanted but I decided to come back to visit my daughter and Hinata of course." Naruto answered as Hinata slapped Kiba's hands off of Naruto.

"Well if you haven't noticed Hinata's moved on."

Naruto slightly raised an eyebrow at Hinata who shook her head no but Naruto didn't need her to do that since the way she acted in the bedroom proved to him that she hadn't moved on.

"Well she didn't tell me that and she had a lot of chances to."

Hearing that made Hinata's face turn completely red out of embarrassment especially when Hanabi elbowed her in the side while smirking.

"Hinata is this true?" Kiba asked.

"I'm sorry Kiba you're my friend and I care for you but I'm in love with Naruto you've known that since before we were on a team." Hinata explained.

"But I want to be with you."

Hinata smiled as she looked over to Naruto who was holding Hitomi, "I know you do but I have a family Kiba that I love and I've always wanted I thought you would be happy for me."

"I can't not when I want to be the one you had that family with."

Hinata tried to stop Kiba before he got to the door but only saw the boy's back as he left the house.

"Good riddance he shouldn't be trying to get with bro's girl anyway especially when they have a child together." Konohamaru said as Naruto eyed him.

"Why are you looking at me like that bro?" Konohamaru asked while Naruto looked at Hanabi who flinched.

"You two are together aren't you?" Naruto asked the two causing Hinata to stare at her sister blankly while said sister was blushing up a storm.

"Is this true Hanabi?" Hinata asked while Hanabi conversed with her boyfriend.

The two decided that she could trust their siblings with such sensitive information, "Yes we have been since before Naruto left."

"You sure got me into a 180 I always thought that you and Moegi would end up together." Naruto said with Hinata agreeing with him.

"We were heading that way before she started to study under Sakura which caused her to act like her, you know she almost broke my neck on a mission when a client flirted with me and said I was being perverted." Konohamaru explained.

"I have an idea how about Hanabi and I make us all some food and we can go on a picnic that way we can catch Naruto up on everything that's been happening around here while you two tell us everything." Hinata said as the three agreed it was a good idea the two sisters went into the kitchen and began making different dishes.

Summit of Monsters

"So it is agreed all of our races will come together in order to rid ourselves of Dracula hopefully once and for all." The gnome said as the other monsters agreed with him.

"So since we must fight when are we going to launch this attack?" Yukari's mother asked.

"I believe we should go back to our worlds get our races together then attack him and his army as soon as possible." Akashiya said while everyone else gasped.

"Army what army are you talking about vampire?" A fox asked while wondering why it didn't hear anything about it.

"It's said that Dracula has an army that can rival the number of foxes but with all the races aligned against him we will surely have the advantage." The gnome said as everyone talked amongst themselves.

As the meeting ended everyone began to exit the room only to have the gnome stop them, everyone looked back at him to see what he wanted only to find the gnome's eyes glowing bright white.

"What's with him mother?" Kurumu asked.

"The gnome's wisdom and age allows him to see the past and future." Ageha answered.

"Akashiya, Dracula has destroyed a good deal of your race and now he's headed here." The gnome said just as Dracula arrived outside the building.

"Vampire elder I know you're here come out face your lord and master." Dracula yelled out.

Lord Akashiya moved toward the door despite the protests of his wife and daughters.

The gnome quickly moved next to him then explained that he needed help and although the vampire knew he was powerful he also understood he would need all the help he could get in a fight against the legend that was Dracula.

The pair walked out of the building to see Dracula holding a female vampire by the neck while the other five surviving vampires were being held by various members of his army.

Smirking at the pair Dracula raised the now struggling female vampire out in front of him before snapping her neck with the same hand before throwing her body in front of Akashiya.

"Is this you're back up a gnome I must say I am a little disappointed I thought you'd have more than this." Dracula said while the gnome ignored the taunts you didn't get to be his age by jumping into battle just from being taunted.

Dracula waved his army off explaining he would handle these two alone then turned to the pair but not before looking to the tower entrance to see different kinds of monsters staying back like his army.

Paying them no mind Dracula glanced at Lord Akashiya before moving speedily toward the gnome who stood his ground even as Dracula reached him.

Dracula attacked the gnome with a punch toward the jaw only to have his fist caught, the problem was Dracula had such a good deal amount of power behind his punch that it not only caused the gnome skid back a couple of inches but it left his whole arm numb.

Slightly surprised that the gnome caught his punch Dracula smirked believing that he would be able to get a decent fight before starting his search for the Kyuubi only to find himself face down on the ground after receiving a combined shot from both the gnome and Lord Akashiya.

As he lay on the ground Dracula smirked discreetly, 'This could be a lot of fun.'

I will probably write one or two more chapters then this will be done like I said early think of this like the movies between the episodes of the shows.