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'Regular People Thinking'


I just wanted everyone to know that writing this story gave me the chance to write a Hinata, Naruto story now I am going to repeat this for some people who continue to say they don't understand this story, you had to have read the Naruto and Gaara at the Monster Academy to understand this story so read that first then read this.

Another thing I wanted to say is the stories where Naruto gets banished if he gets taken by somebody stop having Tsunade or someone from the leaf village trying to track him down he's banished and in most stories people don't have Tsunade stick up for Naruto so don't have her all of a sudden care.

Finally, by the time I put out this story I will have probably gotten done with my finals which means I will put out the sequel to the first Naruto Rosario crossover, my Inuyasha story, and the daughter of Naruto Uzumaki all on the same day so be on the look out.

Summit of Monsters

Dracula grabbed Lord Akashiya by the neck then lifted him off the ground while his army roared in encouragement behind him.

"What's wrong boy don't have enough power to defeat me?"

With a smirk Dracula grabbed a sword then raised it to cut off Lord Akashiya's head only to feel a burning on the hand holding the sword which caused him to drop the sword.

Turning toward to find out what happened Dracula saw a small fireball hit the arm that was holding Lord Akashiya forcing him to release the younger vampire. Dracula frowned when he noticed the gnome using magic that was actually able to hurt him and decided the pesky old timer needed to be dealt with before he could do anything else.

Closing his eyes the gnome said another spell but an incredible pressure on his throat stopped him in mid word.

"I should have known you'd be here but I don't have time to deal with you unlike last time."

The gnome tried using more magic to get himself out of Dracula's grip but stopped struggling when he felt his power leaving him, looking down he saw Dracula drinking from him. With a gasp the gnome felt his life leaving him with every drop of blood Dracula took from him, it was at this time the gnome accepted what was happening and accepted his death.

As Dracula was about to take the last bit of blood the gnome need to live he felt his fangs ripped out of the gnome's neck, he then found himself hitting the ground roughly. Growling Dracula bared his larger than normal fangs at the ground as he get up expecting to see Lord Akashiya standing over him instead it was a red with black circles around his eyes.

"How dare you touch me worm."

Enraged by how calm the seemingly young man was staring at him caused the legendary vampire to launch an attack with his sword at the youth only to be sent flying back ten feet before coming to a stop.

Rubbing his chin the vampire admitted that while this man wasn't as powerful as himself he could hurt him which intrigued him greatly.

"Boy who or maybe I should say what are you?"

"My name is Gaara that is all you need to know at the moment."

Impressed Dracula stood and faced Gaara who he could see wasn't scared of him which lead him to wonder if the boy was really that powerful or he was just over estimating his own abilities, the great vampire was currently leaning toward the latter.

Gaara turned his attention back toward the other monsters including Lord Akashiya, "This is my fight now no matter what happens stay out of it, this includes you Mizore."

Understanding that Gaara meant whatever happened between him and Dracula the other monsters silently agreed but kept ready for an attack from Dracula's army.

Dracula cleared his throat before flaring his power as he made a dash toward Gaara.

In Konoha

Konohamaru stared at the sky as movement on his chest caused him to direct his intension downward to see his girlfriend Hanabi resting contently, with a smile Konohamaru wiped a stray hair away from her face.

"You really love my little sister don't you?" A voice asked from behind Konohamaru who simply nodded his head.

"Yeah I do and thanks for leading her to me without you Hinata I don't think we would have ever gotten together."

Hinata smiled as she looked up from Konohamaru and out to the field where Naruto was holding Hitomi over his head while spinning slowly causing the girl to laugh while reaching for his face.

"Luckily for Hanabi our mother could tell that the elders and my father wanted her to be the perfect clan head seeing as how mother made sure I wouldn't be, so she asked me to treat Hanabi like a normal little sister to keep her head from getting to big." Hinata explained as she moved forward to take a seat next to Konohamaru before handing him a sandwich out of a picnic basket she'd brought with her.

"Here, Hanabi made this for you before we left."

Konohamaru took the sandwich as Naruto came over with a smiling Hitomi who was wiggling happily in her father's arms.

"I can't believe a twerp like you bagged the Hyuuga Heiress." Naruto explained to Konohamaru whose cheeks turned red with anger.

Konohamaru opened his mouth to respond but stopped when he saw Naruto glaring at something behind him. Turning to see what his big brother was looking at he found Kiba only this time he'd brought reinforcements in the form of Kakashi, Sakura, Moegi, and last though certainly not least Sasuke.

"It's been a long time dobe." Sasuke said with his usual smirk.

"Not long enough Sasuke."

While Naruto and Sasuke went back and forth with their banter Hinata scowled at Kiba and more importantly Sakura who'd been talking about her lover the moment he left Konoha.

"Now Naruto you should know better than to talk to Sasuke like that." Kakashi said as Konohamaru got Hanabi up who took her place next to her big sister who'd long since made her way next to Naruto.

"Why shouldn't I its not like he's a threat to me anymore he isn't a threat to anyone anymore." Naruto responded while Sasuke scowled after hearing that.

"You idiot don't ever talk bad about Sasuke-kun again." Sakura yelled while shaking her fist in Naruto's direction warning him that if he didn't again she'd beat him to within an inch of his life.

Naruto smiled as he handed Hitomi to Hinata before turning his attention toward Kiba.

"So what's the plan Kiba hopefully they distract me enough so you can try to make a move on Hinata?"

Kiba didn't answer instead he turned toward Sasuke then nodded.

"No the reason I'm here is to challenge you since Sasuke wants a shot at you I want to make a deal with you. If Sasuke beats you then you leave and never return for any reason and if I win I'll leave Hinata and your daughter alone."

"Do you really think Sasuke stands a chance against me especially without his precious Sharingan?" Naruto asked while Hinata could have sworn she saw a gleam in Sasuke's eyes when Naruto asked that question.

"That's the thing dobe you unseal my chakra then we find out who the best is."

Seeing that Sasuke was challenging him Naruto went to answer only to have Hinata stepped in front of him effectively cutting him off.

"I know what your planning Kiba by playing on Naruto's emotions you get him to unseal Sasuke's chakra and in return Sasuke kills Naruto for you so you can try to romance me without have to worry about Naruto."

Kiba's eyes widened in shock as he listened to Hinata put the plan he and Sasuke had come up with out in the open.

Sakura scowled at Hinata knowing that if she hadn't said that they could have tricked Naruto into unsealing Sasuke's power.

Kakashi like Sakura was also scowling under his mask at Hinata until an idea came to him he only prayed Naruto was still as stupid as he'd always thought he was since the moment he found out he was going to be on his team.

"Naruto I want you to know it was wrong of me to focus solely on Sasuke and leave you without a sensei and I would like to make up for that but I need to know if I should be teaching you or continue to train Sasuke and by releasing his chakra you will be able to prove once and for all whose better."

Naruto smirked at Kakashi's speech five years ago he would have jumped on the chance to not only show Sasuke up but to earn Kakashi training and praise though what Kakashi had forgotten was Naruto already had a sensei who'd taught more that Kakashi ever could have.

"No thanks you actually helped me get a better sensei so stop trying to trick me into unsealing Sasuke's chakra."

With that said Naruto folded the blanket Hinata had brought then grabbed the basket before leading his family past the stunned group and the fuming Sasuke.

"I know dobe your scared of my great power you always have been and always will be!"

"Yet I'm the one with all my power, plus if you have noticed my clan will live while yours."

That was the response Naruto gave Sasuke while giving him a throat slash at the end as he waved at his old rival for what he hoped would be the last time.

As the group watched Naruto leave the field the same thought ran through the minds of Sasuke and Kiba.

'This isn't over dobe I will have my chakra/Hinata'

Thirty minutes later the five had arrived back at Hinata's home which you had to go through the village to get to and from, so most everyone knew Naruto was back.

Surprisingly, to Naruto he received a great deal of praise when he walked through the village which confused him leading Hinata to explain that a good deal of the village saw him as a hero for what he did against Pein.

She also reminded him that the villagers knew of his parentage then add onto the fact that he now had a legacy excited everyone as well.

Naruto simply lowered his head as he made his way upstairs with Hitomi in his arms while Hinata followed but not before telling Hanabi and Konohamaru to stay downstairs.

When Hinata found Naruto he was putting Hitomi down for her nap since she was getting fussy, this allowed Hinata to slowly rest her head on Naruto's back while wrapping her arms around his strong body.

"Naruto this is what you've always wanted aren't you happy now that the villagers care about you?"

"This is what I wanted and even though I could tell they were treating me differently before I left I still can't help but think it's because of who my dad is that they're treating me better instead of for who I am."

Hinata smiled as she led him out of Hitomi's room and to her bedroom, no matter what he thought about the villagers she wanted him to know that his family would always love him.

Summit of Monsters

The feeling out period between Gaara and Dracula was over and the fight had become so intense that every single creature had to move a good distance away from them.

Dracula leapt behind Gaara then landed a blow to his back sending the powerful biju stumbling forward he before putting him on his back by kicking Gaara's legs out from under him.

Looking to capitalize Dracula got to his feet and threw a punch at Gaara's head only to have stop his fist then slid up Dracula's arm.

Gaara's sand stopped at Dracula's elbow it then crushed everything before the elbow, the sand then tossed Dracula into the building this gave it time to move up his arm. Once Gaara's sand covered over half Dracula's body it crushed the rest of his arm and upper chest before retreating back to Gaara who slowly moved toward the downed vampire.

When Gaara reached halfway to where Dracula was laying he heard laughter from where the disfigured body was.

Dracula slowly rose to his feet then turned to Gaara who was slightly shocked to see Dracula healing at a rate that could easily rival Naruto's own.

"Are you done because I'm done playing with you now I admit I'll actually have to use some power to destroy though it won't be much?"

Gaara moved to attack Dracula again only to have his sand jump up and form a shield in front of him, Dracula reappeared behind Gaara using his superior speed only to be forced to dodge sand bullets. Gaara ducked down when he felt one of Dracula's strikes get through his defense he was then forced to roll to the side to avoid another strike from Dracula whose attacks became fiercer when he realized that Gaara was on defense.

Dracula smirked as he landed three blows out of every nine he threw which wasn't all that good unless you were someone like him then you could live with it since he could fight for a long periods of time without rest if he was forced to.

As Dracula fought Gaara back, Mizore watched in horror as she saw the battle start to become onside with Gaara doing his best just to block and dodge the vampire.

"I need to help him."

Tsurara heard her daughter then looked over and saw the look on her face that let the mother know her daughter was willing to put her life in danger if it came to that point.

"Mizore you cant Dracula would kill you before you could make a move to help Gaara."

Mizore simply ignored her mother's advice before turning to the battered Lord Akashiya, "What about you cant you help Gaara."

Looking down at Mizore Lord Akashiya turned back to the as voiced his answer, "That boy is strong but he is about as strong as me which would allow him to out live you should Dracula have attacked everyone at once but since he decided to play hero he'll die quicker."

Mizore frowned at the vampire before turning back to the fight to find that Gaara had some cuts on him while trying to draw out more power, noticing that Mizore watched as Dracula knocked Gaara to the ground before kicking him in the face sending him skidding back across the ground.

Deciding she couldn't just sit and watch Gaara die Mizore ran toward the now downed sand then jumped on his prone body while turning to see Dracula stalking them both.

Dracula smirked as he watched a purple haired girl jump on top of his prey as though he would stop just because she was there, shame though such a rare beauty she was.

Gaara meanwhile tried to shake the cobwebs from his head before trying to get up only to find Mizore lying on his stomach.

"Mizore what are you doing get out here."

Mizore adamantly shook her head as her mother came running in front of her and Gaara.

"It would pain me to break up such a family so I'll kill you all at the same time that way you all will get to the afterlife." Dracula explained before punching Tsurara in the ribs sending her down.

Dracula turned back to his army who were rooting in approval, when he turned back though he found Kurumu, Ageha, both Moka's, Yukari, and her parents standing in front of him.

"We won't let you hurt our friends." Yukari said as Dracula shook his head with a look of pity on his face.

"Well you've all decided to interfere so."

Dracula turned to his army and waved them toward the group which caused them to attack all the monsters. Dracula laughed as his army engaged and starting killing the monster before turning back to Gaara and Mizore who were still on the ground.

"Even though it's painfully obvious who the stronger warrior is between the two of us I encourage you to stand up and fight with me some more."

Frowning at being mocked Gaara moved Mizore off of him though not with a slight fight before attacking Dracula who simply laughed as he fought.

Mizore who was still worried about Gaara went to stop him again only to be cut off by a solider in Dracula's army.

The Youkai Academy

The Headmaster sat in a circle of candles that had black flames while doing something that looked like praying before stopping and calling for his assistant.

"Ruby send the messenger toad to Naruto immediately it seems we have a grave problem that only he can fix."

Hearing her boss over the intercom Ruby quickly grabbed the toad then went into the Headmaster's office got the message before sending it off with the toad. After doing as the Headmaster asked Ruby went back to his office to hopefully get some answers as to why he wanted Naruto all of a sudden.

"Sir may I ask why you need Naruto."

"Nothing I just need him to take care of something that's all."

Ruby stared at the Headmaster until a wave of his hand dismissed her.

'I wonder if you know about Dracula, Naruto." The Headmaster thought as he went back to whatever it was he was doing before.


Naruto looked at the stars in the night sky before turning back to a sleeping and naked Hinata who had a content look on her face. Naruto figured out well into their love making session of what she was trying to do this brought a smile to his face as it made him love her even more than he already did.

Turning around Naruto made his way back to the bed and laid down to get some sleep until he saw a pair of eyes he knew didn't belong to Hinata staring at him from his chest.

"Naruto-sama the Headmaster wanted me to give this to you."

The toad that the eyes were connected to gave his master the message while Naruto read the note over then sighed when he realized what the Headmaster wanted.

"Are you sure he wants me to go now?"

"I'm sorry sir but it did seem quite urgent."

Nodding Naruto got up and put his clothes on then instructed the toad to relax here and to tell Hinata that he would be back sometime after she woke up.

"Of course but what should I tell her?"

"That I had to take care of some important business for a friend."

The toad bowed to Naruto as he walked out the room then made itself comfortable by Hinata's side before nodding off.

Meanwhile, Naruto made his way downstairs he made sure Konohamaru and Hanabi were gone before transforming into his demon fox form though he did keep his power down to a minimum so as not to scare anyone in the village then teleported to the destination that was on the paper.

When he arrived he noticed mountains, ground that had no dirt, but what stood out was the molten lava that was all over the place it looked as though there was more lava than ground, surprisingly Naruto didn't need to ask what this place was. Apparently, the Kyuubi made this world to punish monsters and demons alike that had the nerve to disrespect him.

Looking around Naruto felt a relative small power surge compared to his own from behind from him, he turned to see the Headmaster standing in front of him.

"So you know this place right?" The Headmaster asked as Naruto responded, "We should we made it but the real question is why did you interrupt our time with our mate?"

"Dracula he's returned and we need you to stop him for good this time."

"That weakling of a vampire has returned has he fine where is he?"

"I'm going to use the same spell that brought me here to bring him here then hopefully with his demise his army will disappear."

Once Naruto gave his approval the Headmaster used the spell to take him to whereverDracula was.

Summit of Monsters

Dracula smirked at Gaara who had good sizes cuts on him since Dracula had realized that the sand Gaara kept protected him and used his abilities to breakthrough to get to Gaara's flesh. Dracula found out soon after Gaara had gotten back up that he was not someone he could take lightly and the proof was a decent sized gash running from the top of his forehead to the tip of his nose along with numerous other small cuts.

Gaara balanced himself on one knee as he looked up at Dracula whose smirk slowly disappeared when he realized exactly who Gaara was even though he had his suspicions he knew now how Gaara was able to cause him such damage when only the fox before him could.

"Your one of them just like the fox, a biju but your obviously one of the weaker ones, though still powerful enough to actually threat me."

Ignoring Dracula, Gaara got back to his before making a sword out of harden sand which he started to attack Dracula with it until a figure got in his way.

"Who is this backup biju?" Dracula asked while Gaara turned to the figure, "Headmaster what are you doing here?"

Keeping his eyes on Dracula the Headmaster put his plan into action, "You want the fox well I know where he's at."

Once that was said Dracula's army immediately stopped fighting and turned their attention to their master while everyone that knew who the fox was stared disbelievingly at the Headmaster except for Moka who looked like she wanted to kill the Headmaster.

"Really where is he?" Dracula asked while the Headmaster responded while walking away, "Just follow me."

Frowning when he saw this man appear give him a little information on the fox then disappear he quickly teleported after the man. When Dracula arrived he saw a world made almost entirely of lava until his eyes landed on a blonde haired man with nine tails.

"YOU" Dracula growled while barring his fangs at the fox, "I hear you've been looking for me to take your so called revenge, that's some nerve you have since we recall putting you in that tomb because we became board with you."

Enraged Dracula moved so quickly toward Naruto that the Headmaster could only take one step out of the way before an explosion of dirt erupted from behind him. As the dust cleared the Headmaster could see that Dracula's skin had transformed and he'd grown taller though all of this didn't matter as Naruto had caught the vampire's fist in his hand.

The Headmaster watched as the demonic power the two were letting off crushed the tops of the mountains that were around them and actually pushed and trapped his body against the ground.

"How dare you make light of me you know as well as I do that you didn't have the power to kill me back then so why would you all of a sudden?" Dracula asked as Naruto began to force him back.

Hearing enough Naruto threw a punch at Dracula only to have Dracula catch his forearm, before landing a blow on the side of Naruto's head using the arm Naruto had caught earlier. Seeing that he had the advantage Dracula pulled out his sword then sliced at Naruto's chest only to find his sword hadn't slice through as he expected it to instead the tip stop at Naruto's chest as though Dracula hadn't put enough force into it.

Dracula continued to apply pressure but the sword wouldn't move from its spot Naruto's chest. With a smile Naruto gave Dracula a kick to the midsection which sent the vampire lord skidding back five feet, once he'd regained control Dracula launched himself back toward Naruto with increased speed knocking the demon lord off his feet and to the edge of a pool of lava.

Seeing he had the advantage Dracula jumped on top of Naruto and pushed his head into the lava with a loud laugh which was short lived when he was grabbed by the shoulders and thrown head first into the lava.

Naruto brought his head back above the lava before moving back from the edge when he saw the surface of the lava being disturbed only to receive a foot to the side of his face which sent him back to the ground.

"What's this I thought you let me survive because you were bored with me I hope that's not happening again or do you just a short attention spanned?" Dracula asked as he stomped his foot on Naruto's midsection then grind it as deep as it would go, "Or maybe this shows you where you shouldn't have been from the start which is under my heel."

Naruto didn't answer instead he called upon five tails of his power which began to burn Dracula's foot once it touched it. The moment Dracula moved his foot Naruto grabbed Dracula's foot then twisted in attempt to break it but Dracula simply rolled with the pressure then heeled kicked Naruto in the arm holding his foot forcing him to let go.

Taking a step back Naruto stared at the vampire in aw at how he could have learned so much after being imprisoned for so long, especially since Naruto had made sure that he couldn't move while in the tomb until now every since move Naruto did were things that worked on Dracula in the last fight but now it was as though he'd been practicing. Seeing that the same fighting style from last time wouldn't work the demon lord smirked as he decided to fight using shinobi techniques with demon lord power behind them.

While Naruto gave Dracula a once over the vampire smirked he knew that his photographic memory would help him while he was trapped in that horrid tomb and now the fox understood that he wouldn't win the same way as last time. Dracula knew from his experience of fighting with the fox that he wasn't on for games and would want to finish this fight as soon as he possibly could, so he decided to take the initiative and attack first.

Dracula moved to attack Naruto but was stopped in his tracks when a ball of fire hit him full force sending him into a mountain, stunned the vampire got back to his feet bearing his fangs at Naruto at him with such a powerful attack. Again Dracula attacked Naruto but this time he moved to sink his fangs into Naruto's neck so he could take some of the demon fox's power which would give him the edge over his opponent but this time when Dracula made his move he found himself trapped by four walls of earth.

"You couldn't do any of this the last time we met!" Dracula yelled out as Naruto smirked, "Fool a lot has changed since we last fought as I am not the same Kyuubi you remember."

Dracula's eyes flashed yellow as he watched the small window that had been in the earth that had him trapped close up.

Summit of Monsters

The moment Dracula left his army had become confused and lost thereby losing their edge against the monsters at the summit forcing them to slowly retreat. Once they'd got the army to a comfortable distance they went back to the summit to find the Headmaster waiting for them, immediately Moka went up to the man and grabbed him by his robes then lifted him off the ground.

"Why did you tell him where Nar… the fox was?" Moka asked while everyone else ran over.

"What did you mean when you said the fox?" The fox monsters asked excitedly.

The Headmaster's glowing eyes looked at all the monsters that had gathered around wait for an explanation, while the thought that was in his head was simply if Naruto found out that he was the one to let everyone know the Kyuubi was back and active then there might be hell to pay. "I just said that to get him to leave that's all."

Everyone that had no idea what the Headmaster was talking about simply dismissed what he'd said except the foxes but since they to didn't know what fox the Headmaster spoke they had to let it drop though that didn't mean that it was over for them.

Gaara on the other hand simply stayed away from the group as did Lord Akashiya who eyed Gaara as well as the Headmaster since none of what happened on this day added up and he would found out what. Gaara watched the group's conversation before noticing Lord Akashiya staring at him but as he started to direct his full attention to the vampire Mizore made her way over to him to fuss over his wounds.

Back with Naruto

Dracula had somehow gotten out of Naruto's earth prison but had lost a good deal of power trying to avoid the demon fox's techniques using the elements around him, luckily he'd been able to get some of Naruto's blood which not only reenergized him but felt as though it made him stronger. The bad part for him was that even if it did make him stronger Naruto was still a good deal strong since he'd begun to use all nine tails of his power.

Last time they fought the speed of Dracula had given the demon fox problems but now not only did it seem as though Naruto was faster as Dracula was finding out, he really did seem to be stronger when he put all his power out in the open. Dracula decided at that moment that the only way he would beat the fox would be to catch him off guard then suck him completely dry.

Ducking behind a mountain Dracula waited for Naruto to move grab him, once he did he used what remained of his power to slash Naruto's arm causing him to yell out this opening allowed Dracula to grab Naruto and begin to suck his blood. Halfway into his feeding Dracula noticed something strange about Naruto's blood and the Naruto he was feeding from, suddenly it dawned on him when the Naruto he was holding turned into a puddle of blood.

Realizing his mistake Dracula moved to defend himself for an attack only to catch a glimpse of yellow flash by him, looking up just in time Dracula saw Naruto standing in front of him with blood on his left arm before he collapsed.

"Such a shame I thought you would be better after all this time and yet to me you've grown weaker." Naruto said as he looked Dracula whose head was detached from his body.

Deciding it would be a good idea that all the evidence of the great vampire was gone for ever Naruto through the body and the head into a river of lava and watched as it burnt up once that was done Naruto vanished.

Summit of Monsters

The Headmaster was going to try to explain what he meant again when a howl of pain turned them to where the army of Dracula was, when they turned toward them they saw the army members turning into ash.

"What happened to them?" Kurumu asked.

"Dracula's been destroyed and they can't survive without him." Lord Akashiya explained as he began to gather his family.

"Where are you going vampire?" One of the foxes asked, "Home with Dracula gone there's no reason for us to have this summit."

With that said everyone turned back to the Headmaster who'd run off to avoid facing anymore of Naruto's friends.

Monster Academy

The Headmaster arrived back at his office to find Ruby waiting for him, "Did everything go according to plan sir?"

"Yes Naruto killed Dracula there by saving everything."

Ruby nodded then left the room leaving the Headmaster alone or so she thought for when she left the room a figure stepped out from behind the Headmaster and grabbed him by the neck.

"Naruto there you are I was hoping you stop by so I could thank and congratulate you for beating Dracula."

"Old man don't ever interrupt time between us and our mate again or I guarantee you won't like the result."

With that Naruto vanished leaving a stunned Headmaster in his wake.


Almost one day had past from when Naruto left and Hinata had put Hitomi to sleep for the night, when she went into her room to go to bed she saw something that caught her off guard at the foot of bed was Naruto except for the fact he had claws, fangs, fox ears, and last though not certain not least where the nine tail swaying behind him.

"Naruto-kun is that you?"

Smirking at the nervous in her voice Naruto immediately felt the need to calm her, "Yes it is we Hinata-chan."

Hinata relaxed slightly as Naruto approached her then rubbed his hands on her shoulders before taking her mouth with his. Hinata leaned against Naruto as she wrapped her arms around his neck which allowed her to rub his fox ears with her gentle caress which caused the demon lord to moan out at having his lover manipulate his ears.

"Hinata need you."

Adhering to his request Hinata broke the kiss to take her shirt and pants off then kissed him wantonly while rubbing him through his pants. Breaking the Naruto moved her to the bed then used his claws to rip through her bra allowing him complete access to her breasts which he squeezed earning a moan from Hinata which encouraged him to give her more by taking her nipple into his mouth while flicking it with his tongue.

Hinata arched further into mouth while holding the back of his head so he couldn't leave until she'd gotten what she wanted, moving his hand down further he slipped his hand into her thong then rubbed her lower lips softly. Deciding she'd had enough of being on the receiving end Hinata rolled them over so she was on top then moved down Naruto chest to his midsection before taking his pants off revealing him to be quite hard and she might be imaging this but a little bigger than before.

Hinata slowly took it into her mouth though not before teasing to tip causing Naruto shudder ever so slightly, as she took him into her mouth she cupped his sack. As Hinata worked on him Naruto rest his clawed hands on her scalp rubbing her beautiful purple hair lovely as he began to feel all Hinata's work start to come to the surface. Feeling that he was about to come Naruto focused his energy to his tail then moved it to the back of Hinata's thong before slipping it off before putting his tail in her causing her to moan.

Unable to hold back anymore Naruto let loose in Hinata's mouth then moved his tail just a little further hitting her spot causing her to come as well. Coming down from his high first Naruto flipped them over so he was on top then thrust into her softly and slowly until she responded to him then he began to pick up speed while using his tails to caress her breasts and ass.

Hinata moaned then brought Naruto down for a heated kiss as he continued to thrust into her. "Naruto please go faster?"

Doing as his lover asked Naruto began to move faster causing Hinata to moan and scream until she came, Naruto continued to thrust into he came himself. Feeling that Naruto was still inside her Hinata flipped them over once more and started to rock back and forward on his cock.

Seeing that she wanted more Naruto reached pulled her down while she continued to move her midsection causing him to gasp which gave her the opening to slip her tongue down throat. Once she was finished she pushed herself back up then squeezed her muscles around him causing him to twitch inside her in which muscles naturally squeezed tighter causing them both to come together.

Completely exhausted Hinata fell on top of Naruto then stared into his eyes before falling asleep on his chest with him still in her.

Three weeks later

Naruto stood at the village gates with Iruka, Kurenai, Anko, Tsunade, Yamato, Hanabi, Konohamaru, Udon, and all the members of the Konoha 12 except for Sakura, Sasuke, Kiba, and Kakashi. Naruto said his individual goodbyes to everyone who were there before coming to his lover and his daughter who gave a kiss on the forehead then told her to be good for her mom.

Once he was finished with her he looked to the girl holding her gave her a kiss, a hug then whispered in her in ear, "I love you both and I left you a present I know you love it."

"Naruto before you go I want to know is their any chance of you coming back to Konoha for good?" Tsunade asked causing Naruto smile, "There's a chance I might granny just keep the invite open."